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12:21 AM
@AbrahamVanHelpsing it still feels like cheating, even though I didn't ask you for the bounty... but I'll answer it if no one else does.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing haha... :)
has anyone tinkered with this? askubuntu.com/questions/140573/…
i have not...i imagine there is some good documentation on making custom apparmor profiles though
12:42 AM
Is considering moving to ArchLinux.
@Flabricorn if you are serious about interning with me, you need to use a real operating system, not a toy. ;P
@jrg :D
speaking of which, i should send you an email with more details about what I hope to accomplish.
Got it.
[email protected] is you, right?
that'd be why you hadn't replied to my latest email. :P
I don't care if these people have it, I doubt that I'm at risk.
Ah yes.
It would, however it should be forwarding to my new address.
ok, your card in my cyber rolodex is updated
I feel like Ubuntu has no learning curve right now, which is something I want...
its more like it doesn't have to
12:48 AM
Good point.
I haven't found something I want to do with a learning curve in Ubuntu. I learned much more when I was on PPC and I had to fend for myself for everything, because community releases weren't the most polished and I had no support for applications.
Maybe I need a Rasberry Pi.
@Flabricorn yup, that'd do it alright.
they do have a stack (as you're aware) in case you blow your self up :P
I am aware in fact.
I know.
Oh do you now?
@Flabricorn then don't do arch
do pure debian
arch = a pain in the rear, even for me.
12:54 AM
Arch is that much of a curve?
debian = a slightly enjoyable pain in the rear.
someone tried to easy-button arch as archbang
Q: Can someone give me a walktthrough in testdisk?

bob tahogI would really appreciate it if someone could give me a walkthrough in testdisk.I wouldn't ask for this, but i caused this problem by trying to fix things myself using testdisk so now I'm nervous to try anything. I was messing with it trying to fix another problem and now I only have 1 partition...

is that off-topic? it seems to be more than one question...
i'd be willing to try out archbang.
the lfs guys did a "adding a package manager to lfs" too if you're up for insanity learning curve
12:56 AM
look, @Flabricorn is slightly sane.
oh, that's right. nevermind that last bit then ;)
I have a little left I would like to hold on to.
ok, let me rephrase this: @Flabricorn, try ubuntu-server > desktop first.
i like my ubu-alt openbox setup
But... graphical user interfaces are nice too.
12:58 AM
something like that.
the terminal is a user interface
use ncurse-based programs.
That's how real men do it according to Linus Torvalds.
and misterx...notice there is only ncurses gui for aircrack on linux
i must not have aircrack-compatible hardware, i wasn't able to get it to work.
1:00 AM
? what card ? the one i dumped in ppa worked for intel and atheros
intel and realtek.
i should grab from your ppa then.
disable hardware crypto in modprobe
it works for intel, but channel locking can be a little finicky
Aircrack for me has no real world application as of yet.
well, that will change this summer if things work out.
(and yes,it will be a legal use)
Got it.
1:12 AM
downloading archbang now, thanks for the tip @AbrahamVanHelpsing.
You know what, let me know if you like it, it could be the official OS of Rainy Cat IT (Was that the name you came up with?)
i renamed to something a little more suitable to our latitude and the generic mission.
(which (the mission) is "Technology stuff")
I love it!
so once i pick up the december check, i'll have enough to file the papers and that will be it.
File papers?
What's going on here?
1:16 AM
i'm going to eliminate a ton of paperwork for underage IT workers in cleveland.
basically, i'll make it so once a year, my army of minions file their paperwork and minor wage permits with my company, and then we can go forth and make money.
(and be "we", i mean myself and @Flabricorn. mostly myself. no clue how much time he has for stuff. :P)
I would like to be paid in Brazilian Chimpanzees please.
precisely. uh, no.
Ah there are some more out there. We can find minions if need be.
I want a turtle.
1:19 AM
Join our cause.
@GeorgeEdison basically, the current workflow for a project I'm interested in getting paid for is: Get asked to do the work, ask when they need work done, find out they need it done in the next 2 weeks, and then have to say no because I'd need to file a minor work permit with the school board for 10 hours of work.
^--- Like that one.
don't let @RolandiXor-TheIceMan see that.
Wait until you watch it :)
1:20 AM
he'll melt.
@jrg Why not? I got it from him.
@Flabricorn this one is better, it's got epic music
It's not the music! That's not what makes it awesome :P
The house in New York I am staying in has a turtle in a tank that likes to bask in sunlight and have panic attacks every time it goes back into the water.
1:23 AM
Nice little guy, name's Tortilla.
Arch Bang looks pretty cool. Wouldn't mind that.
@jrg no problem
archbang looked interesting, but i'm more of a "fix things on one distro altogether" type of guy
is ubuntu one note sync broken in tomboy for anyone else?
i don't use it...so no idea
o/ FEichinger. on the thing we talked about earlier, i decided to do a single keyboard poll and world maintenance inside one python file and have it poll every three game ticks (so at 60 fps that's 20 times per second)
1:37 AM
i wonder if i broke ubuntu one note sync.
yes @jrg - it's your fault. you're the only one on the wheel of blame now. we're taking satyha off ;)
no, i'm serious. i've added in 20-30 notes this weekend, and all of them are really, really really long.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Neat.
ah, that was it.
tomboy's .net thingy doesn't like ampersands in note titles.
soap requests on salesforce bork on ampersands too fyi
1:43 AM
That's why you either code a fallback for special characters, or at least give a friggin error ...
salesforce does throw an indiscriminate error, but it doesn't realize it's in parsing. it thinks it's an insert into other field a non-number into number exception. it doesn't even check right number of fields
[ERROR 20:39:48.926] Synchronization failed with the following exception: a name did not start with a legal character 32 ( ) Line 4, position 74.
at Mono.Xml2.XmlTextReader.ReadName (System.String& prefix, System.String& localName) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Mono.Xml2.XmlTextReader.ReadName () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Mono.Xml2.XmlTextReader.ReadEntityReference (Boolean ignoreEntityReferences) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Mono.Xml2.XmlTextReader.ReadReference (Boolean ignoreEntityReferences) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
so it does that. it's stupid though, it should escape those.
If it has a defined legal character set, why doesn't it do something as stupid as replacing a non-legal one with a dash or something? ...
maintain code you didn't write...just saying
how do i figure out my bugzilla username?
1:49 AM
Take two mirrors.
Align yourself in-between.
Read the number on your neck.
you mean you don't have one of these? heh
it's really an rfid tag they implant up your nasal passage total recall style
@AbrahamVanHelpsing See, if it wasn't about @jrg, I'd joke about reading the RFID tag in the wrist ... But that sounds a little too close to reality.
har har...was that a young buck joke? it might have been
nope, my rfid tag is in my pocket. it's called "the cell phone".
1:55 AM
we know, we know
that's why open hardware never gets funding. the off switch actually works if you build it yourself ;) and /thought
</ " ">
@AbrahamVanHelpsing true that. :P
Look, guys, it's the 24th in some parts already. Let's all just put our cute little conspiracies in a chest and leave them there for the rest of the year.
1:58 AM
okay end conspiracy and topical linux message:
user image
hey, my cute little conspiracies managed to stay in a chest all weekend around the extended family members who think i'm a insane maniac for reading the newspaper before i'm 30, so I'll rant if it's appropriate. :P
@AmithKK o/
I just had the weirdest dream.
I was sleeping in my dream and this happened and that happened
... You know ... the whole "-ception" thing doesn't work, when you're cepting the ception.
2:00 AM
it's a conversation within a conversation within a conversation
Obligatory Turducken:
Turducken is a dish consisting of a de-boned chicken stuffed into a de-boned duck, which is in turn stuffed into a de-boned turkey. The word turducken is a portmanteau of turkey, duck, and chicken. The dish is a form of engastration, which is a recipe method in which one animal is stuffed inside the gastric passage of another. The thoracic cavity of the chicken/game hen and the rest of the gaps are stuffed, sometimes with a highly seasoned breadcrumb mixture or sausage meat, although some versions have a different stuffing for each bird. The result is a fairly solid layered poultry dish...
You sir win one Internet.
Wish me luck
2:03 AM
I think that's half an internet.
@AmithKK What are you doing?
When I come back, I'll probably log on from amith-desktop-2
@Flabricorn That's 1*(1*(1*(1))) Internets.
Rebuilding my pc with a new motherboard and stuff
@AmithKK Okay, good luck then.
2:03 AM
@GeorgeEdison Thanks
That sounds like a difficult task.
Hope it all works out - don't forget to use thermal paste.
Not really
the CPU comes preassembled with the board
Oh, okay.
it's a core 2 duo
Not bad. I have one of those.
No wait - mine is a Centrino Duo.
2:04 AM
And Nvidia Onboard Graphics
it was the Geforce 7xx series I guess
A wild @Mochan!
Hey @Mochan :)
@iSeth I have been active in the reviews because the chatroom is too dead to be active in
Yo @FEichinger and @AmithKK!
@FEichinger Mochan uses Chat! It's very efffective!
@Mochan Don't worry, my holidays are back ;)
@Mochan We aren't dead. We're just ... sleepy.
2:06 AM
@AmithKK Woo! Yay~
Arch Linux + KDE = Beauty.
@FEichinger Lies. You're all dead.
And I'll go to an internet void place tommorrow
@Mochan We're not dead, we just think we're piglets.
@Flabricorn WTF? .__________.
2:07 AM
I have 2GB of 3G left on my phone
I want to be a piglet too T_T
@Mochan Precisely.
sudo pigletify 'mochan'
Join up.
2:08 AM
AskUbuntu Chat, assemble!
I only see bacon.
@GeorgeEdison I see fried turtle.
What video?
The turtle?
No, that was me.
Oh, I'm a bit sleep deprived. Forgive me.
yeah, that was george
who called the assembly?
2:10 AM
Now that is creepy.
I didn't know pigs had incisors.
...or lips.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing That's creepy... ._.
I liked it when there were like 800 review tasks. Now there are 0.
it's excellent. the rabid bunny is better
user image
2:11 AM
@AmithKK And that was awfully fast.
Early morning GIMP skills
Brb, lunchtime :3
cya @Mochan
That was my first bacon.
2:12 AM
I should have applied a perspective transform
The bacon plush toy! (Helpful if you still have some last minute shopping to do.)
okay, i'll stop with the images for a while


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There. Bookmarked for future generations.
They'll be honored to look upon our past.
2:14 AM
O                 O
We have used up our stars for the week by now.
@GeorgeEdison Noes, now it looks like I started this!
@FEichinger :P
@GeorgeEdison BackFire
superbly effective brakes
2:17 AM
I better stop.
This is getting out of control.
Making all of those snowmen would have been epic fun though.
reminds me of the calvin and hobbes yard of horrors
@jrg When do I use puts as opposed to prints?
2:33 AM
Nevermind, too tired for ruby learning tonight, did two sections just now so I'm going to sleep now. Goodnight everyone.
Oh, gots it.
puts automatically adds a carriage return to the end of the string.
you can also do this, but it's rather silly and lame.
I haven't been told to use echo yet, and it gets angry when I add unnecessary code.
echo is a unix command
they won't tell you to use echo.
Oh my mistake, well, that's good.
2:36 AM
get a pipe to stdout and write to it. that will be normal-ish joke
they won't let you use it either, since what happens is you can do rm -rf / and nutty stuff.
Something for tomorrow.
Goodnight everybody!
ok, stackexchange, I love you, but you really suck. GIVE ME THE MARKDOWN DIFFS BY DEFAULT FOR /REVIEW EDITS! grrr
Oh my God!
You called?
2:41 AM
Is this chatroom dead again? //cries
It was quite alive until you went "Oh my God!" out of the blue.
Wah ;__;
yeah, look at the recent stars...we were all talking about bacon and the holidays
I said "Oh my God!" because my laptop died. lolthatwasawkward
2:47 AM
I may have kept it there if I knew how to strikethrough
@AbrahamVanHelpsing LOL XD
three - is strikethrough
<s>why no this work</s>
Because markdown hates tags.
Yeh, markdown is mean like that.
2:49 AM
;__; (;,;)
Where is Web 3.0 when you need it? ... You know, automatically omitting such nonsense? :P
web 3.0 is a cli browser with grep -v....you know how this stuff goes in cycles
@AbrahamVanHelpsing XD
Hi @JorgeCastro :)
The Anime & Manga is up in beta for those of you who wish to participate :3
2 hours later…
4:35 AM
when will my motherboard arrive
I need to do packaging magic
@Mochan \o/
@Mochan The use of the spoiler tag is invietable
4:48 AM
@Mochan don't tell me its dead until you've raised your hand! you'll probably get a response :)
anyway, I'm off to bed
night all!
@iSeth Good Night :)
@AmithKK oh, BTW, why do you want my Google ID? Its mostly for family/close friend things
@iSeth ohkthen
That's just my online life contact list :P
ah, OK.
haha, look at this... lol
5:04 AM
@iSeth XD
@AbrahamVanHelpsing have his people talk to my people. You know the address :)
@AmithKK Hey.
Hello :P
I have stuff importing to LP from git.
you don't need nova. LP does them all
@jokerdino Yeah, reading the docs on my phon right now
5:14 AM
Oh on your phone.
24/12/2012 08:57	Out for delivery	Shipment Outscan	TRINITY
It's pretty near now
That's today.
I'm near Trinity Circle
Should I go with amith-desktop-2 or another name :P
5:16 AM
Amith Desktop 2 sounds good.
lol I forgot to backup ./home
it's 47GB
Ubuntu one?
nah, 1TB drive
I was wondering if you could recover any of it as a solution. I personally use a home FTP setup.
I didn't delete anything yet
5:21 AM
I though this was an afterthought, my bad.
lol np
@AmithKK the code is being imported to LP now - code.launchpad.net/mechanig
so, when you have the time, help us write a setup.py and another bzr branch with just the debianizing.
after that, we can create a packaging recipe.
5:39 AM
Yeah :)
Sad song :(
@jokerdino Autoimports right?
5:57 AM
Let me know if you need any help.
ok :)
Ah! No dead?
We are undead.
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