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5:15 AM
@Benny Great! :)
4 hours later…
9:40 AM
Hi there
any user rep <10K here?
to check if this link is visible to them or not
in incognito mode, I still can see that
that's odd, which is a deleted question and should not be visible for <10K users
I assume the same would happen for a deleted answer that stayed in review queue
I'm not sure if this is a bug
because when click the question to open, it shows deleted
(still in incognito mode)
@αғsнιη visible for me.
I can see it and below 1 k
and it is my edit lol
thanks, so that's a bug, and I reported it meta.stackexchange.com/q/363151/703623
@David you did suggest for an edit before it gets deleted.
10:04 AM
@αғsнιη Why is it a bug?
i did
The edit was suggested while the question was not deleted, so it got into the queue. I guess deleting could bump it out, and maybe it will eventually (the process will not be instant, there will be caching involved).
10:15 AM
Did I do something wrong?
@terdon emm, why is not a bug? deleted posts are (were) supposed to be visible to >10K users but now showing that post in the review queue violated this, at least suggested edit review queue is accessible for I think >2K users. maybe my assumption is wrong. don't know
@David no, you didn't
is the timeline public?
10:31 AM
i get error
Page not found
We're sorry, we couldn't find the page you requested.
@αғsнιη If David is the one that proposed the edit, then it would seem normal that he can see what he proposed. You don't need greater than 10K to propose an edit.
@αғsнιη Because the post is not visible, only the review item is visible. That's a separate page.
1 hour later…
12:00 PM
@terdon we can see from this point too: when the post is visible in review queue, so the post is visible
I don't insist to say it's a bug, but if SE confirm it's not, so no issue on it for me either
@αғsнιη True, true, but deletion is more about removing from the site than about making it invisible. After all, >=10k users can still see it.
12:18 PM
Q: Are questions about the next version of Ubuntu (which are not bug reports) on topic?

Archisman PanigrahiUbuntu 21.04 will be released later this month. Are questions like "Will all Ubuntu 21.04 flavours also use Wayland by default?", or "Will Ubuntu 21.04 have GTK4?" on topic on this site? https://askubuntu.com/help/on-topic says that we should not ask about "Issues with the next version of Ubuntu"...

2 hours later…
2:00 PM
I know a little script basics but would like to learn bash any suggestions?
2:24 PM
@terdon love you, I give up :D
@David man bash?
@αғsнιη Hey, don't give up! You could well be right. It just happens to be the behavior I would have expected from the system so I don't see it as a bug but others might!
@Davud but, I myself, didn't read bash manual at least once in my life
was thinking more like a courses or tutorial
manual are for reference.
@terdon no, I given up because I really find you that I cannot use proper English keywords and you seems very sensitive for every meaning of words people use, so for me that my learned dictionary words are just maybe 2 or 3 hundred of words, so I would better give up :D
you see that hoe poor is my English above? : )
@αғsнιη Ah. That is my problem, not yours! I am really interested in language and I often take it to extremes. It's called being a pedant. Very much my problem and not yours!
2:33 PM
@David I think this is good, continuing lesson with videos linuxconfig.org/bash-scripting-tutorial-for-beginners
Plus, I have the unfair advantage that English is my native language.
eyes does spak the god anglish
saved the link thanks
its after 1600 here and I need to learn new things before 1400 after that my brain goes a bit wonky
@terdon no, you don't have to day that. it's OK for me, it's often happen to me that I cannot find a proper word to explain my answers 😂
less words
@David 1600? 1400?
@terdon I know you about 7years since I joined to stackexchange, you have a good personality and very kind
Aww, thanks. You're very nice and helpful too :)
in addition of excellent technical!
2:45 PM
yes times 1400 2 pm 16 00 4 pm
it's 7:15pm here
19 15 i always use what some call milatry time
that way you dont confuse day and night
have worked in lots of places that run 24 hopurs a day got used to it
I always use am/pm if I want say in 12 hours time
you seem want to save typing
: )
2:52 PM
here in Sweden if u say AM PM the locals do not know what you mean.
They are not taught that.
1 hour later…
3:54 PM
Hi everyone ☺️
I need some help to fix my system. Is this a right place to ask?(new to chat)
@Arunkp Hi! The best place to ask is on Ask Ubuntu. Post a question there, where you can explain in detail what is wrong, what version of Ubuntu you are using, what happened etc, and then if you still need help you can try here as well.
But it is always better to have a question on the main site that we can refer to.
4:11 PM
@terdon hi 😊. I've posted the issue in detail on Ask Ubuntu. haven't received any response yet. thing is I have couple of assignment submissions due, and my computer won't work 🙄
@Arunkp If you mean this question please edit and clarify it. What does virtual box have to do with it? Is your Ubuntu running in a virtual machine? Please don't post images of text. Instead, copy the text into your question so that it can be searchable, and can be useful to users with sight problems.
I mean, the image of the error is fine, that is very hard to get in any other way. But the list of steps you carried out doesn't need to be an image.
yes, that's the question.
Okay, I will rephrase those instructions in my words.
@Arunkp Or just copy/paste them.
It's just that you have posted a HUGE image from a telephone, including something that is blocking part of the text, it's just not very easy to read.
Also, try searching for your error message. I searched for "systemd-journald Failed to rewrite entry ignoring: Read-only file system" and found this, which could be relevant:
Q: Crash: systemd-journal Failed to write entry. Ignoring: read-only file system only

ph3I'm on Ubuntu 18.04, Gnome 3.28.2 with no dual boot and no external USB devices. Once a while I get a black terminal screen: When I get this black screen the computer doesn't respond anymore and I have to reboot by pressing the power button. Hardware and OS info: (base) x@x:~$ df Filesystem ...

Does your problem continue if you reboot?
I had checked this answer, but is of not much use to me I guess.
yes, I am not able to enter the system.
Initially the error was related to /dev/sda5, asking to do a manual fsck, which I did
4:27 PM
Woah, if you have run fsck manually, you need to add that to your question. I still don't understand why you are talking about virtual box. Nothing you do in a virtual machine will affect the host operating system.
Then the usual login screen would show up
Once I enter password, the system will show the error:
Please edit your question and explain what you did with fsck. We need to know the command you ran and how you ran it (did you boot to a rescue system?)
systemd-journald[290]: Failed to rewrite entry(22 items, 735 bytes); ignoring: Read-only file system
Don't tell me here. Add all of this to your question. There are only 7 people in this room, but your question will be seen by many thousands, so you need to add it there.
the command was fsck /dev/sda5
It would ask y/n I press y for everything as per the Ubuntu answer I was referring to.
then in the end exit
this was the error in the beginning:
fsck exited with status code 4
4:32 PM
@Arunkp You can't run that command on a mounted filesystem. So you must have done something to allow you to run it. So, as I said, please don't tell me in here, add the details to your question but explain the whole story.
alright, will do that
Thanks. And sorry, it's not that I don't want to help you, it's that I don't know what the problem is, so your best way of getting help is making your question clearer.
5:24 PM
I have edited the issue.
5:37 PM
I have edited the issue again.
I guess what's causing the issue is during installation of SAS on virtual box, I selected Read-only (actual instruction is: Confirm Read-only not selected)!
the instructions had Read-only bold-phased instead of not in the instruction: confirm that Read-only is not selected.
@Arunkp Ah! That's exactly why posting an image of the instructions isn't helpful :)
yes, thanks for the suggestion
what do I do now? 🙄
I don't really know. It looks like you have probably damaged your file system. If you can recover, it will take someone else to help you :/. What I can say for next time is do NOT force shutdown your system! That should only be done as a last resort because it can cause filesystem errors. I suspect your issue has nothing at all to do with virtual box and everything to do with the fact that you "as usual I force shutdown the system" :(
I am feeling sad. the system at times hangs, especially after I upgraded unto 20.04. I was 16.04 before, and there were hardly any issues!
And I dunno any other work around than force shutdown!
I was planning for a 'downgrade' back to '16.04', and this happened!
Is it okay to reinstall everything. I had backed important files a week ago. I would still loose my current assignments, but that I can write again.
5:59 PM
The first thing you should try is to boot to a live system (use an Ubuntu installation usb for example) and try to access your files there.
@Arunkp Well there's nothing like "downgrading Ubuntu"
6:41 PM
Q: Policy Clarifications In Place on "End of Standard Support" and "End of Life"

Thomas WardPer the discussions yielded in Policy Change Proposal: "End of Standard Support" for ESM releases is effectively the "Not Supported" date for a release on Ask Ubuntu and 30 days of voting done, there was overwhelming support 39 to 8 to amend the Help Center and Close Vote reasons to include the m...

6:53 PM
@terdon, thanks, will do that.

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