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11:17 AM
Isn't this thread identical to this Q&A on AU? Seems they're scrapping threads without attribution after changing authors' names.
Seth's answer was hypothetically copied by Thurman Barton.
11:59 AM
@Kulfy What is that site? It isn't the official Ubuntu forums, right?
If any one cares royal.uk/…
12:17 PM
@terdon Link to the site appeared in one of the recent answers. Ironically, though author's name was modified, however, they forgot to redact pLumo's name and link to his corresponding answer while copying pomsky's answer.
And yeah it's not ubuntuforums.org in anyway.
I doubt if they are scrapping from Database Administrators for dba.forumming.com
@David o.O That's sad.
yes but was 100
99. He just missed making 100.
That has to be irritating if for whatever reason one finds oneself capable of being irritated after death.
@Kulfy Since you fixed that, we should also fix the link and attribution and link back to the original AU post and not the scraped one
oh well was wrong again just looked at the picture date
12:35 PM
I live in the UK so we get that number rammed into our consciousness. They are very fond of their monarchy here.
just a wee bit from me then
1:28 PM
Q: How to change Ubuntu installer

AhumanSo I want to make a Linux distro using this tool called cubic but you are limited to just a chroot terminal and I know how to change the splash screen so it doesn’t show the Ubuntu logo but do not know how to change the installer like change the images text and the text of a option so like when i...

is this not theft? open source or not.
Q: Can you legally sell modified versions of Linux distros?

GeorgeSuppose somebody downloaded a Linux distro, like Ubuntu. Suppose further modify one piece of it, say the Window Manager. Would it be perfectly legal for them to sell copies of this slightly modified version of Ubuntu (let's call it Mubuntu = Modified Ubuntu)? What if they made the new window ma...

This says no so should the question be closed?
@terdon Umm.. I wasn't sure since changing link might be considered as "attempt to reply" 🤔
1 hour later…
2:47 PM
@Kulfy huh, why? Attempt to reply is for cases where someone makes an edit to add something like "Thanks! I tried this but it didn't work. What should I do if my file is green instead of red?"
3:21 PM
@terdon I mean isn't changing source link, in general, considered as changing the answer (or author's intent)?
3:38 PM
@Kulfy Not necessarily at all. If you change a broken link to a working one, for example, that's fine. And here you are fixing a wrong attribution and replacing it with the right attribution.
I have edited the post and added "Fixed attribution and added link to the original post" in edit summary. I hope no further action is required as of now.
It's been already 4 hours since I contacted SE regarding that scrapping. I haven't received any confirmation mail, for example, "We have received your request and a ticket has been created. While we strive to respond to everyone within 24 hours, the nature of community tickets sometimes means longer wait times and we cannot guarantee any response time."
@Kulfy and its also the weekend
That's why
3:58 PM
It's been 4 hours! Have some patience, young SEowan!
IIRC last time I got confirmation mail within 30 mins (like a pizza :P).
Oh, oh, sorry, I misread. I thought you had gotten the automatic response.

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