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6:53 AM
@Kulfy there was a discussion here about that a few days ago
3 hours later…
9:38 AM
@Seth about what?
@Kulfy Do look into this post:
Q: Did Stefano Palazzo♦ use the moderator vacation tool to inform regarding Stefano Palazzo's inactivity?

technastic_tcDid Stefano Palazzo♦ use the moderator vacation tool to inform regarding Stefano Palazzo's inactivity? According to the profile, last seen is August 29 (which is approximately a month ago). Did any other moderators get any information regarding Stefano Palazzo's inactivity in their dashboard? U...

1 hour later…
11:05 AM
what for is sssd.service ?
1 hour later…
12:10 PM
@technastic_tc thanks for the comments - I added the transcript links to that post and others. The asterisk was due to not correcting after copying and pasting my previous answer
@Zanna You're welcome.
@Zanna oh.. ok
Also I've flagged the question for moderator intervention
because of the pile of comments..
Please clean them
3 hours later…
3:01 PM
To reopen reviewers, I'm asking for help reopening this long standing question, because Marto already found a working solution:
Q: How do I write a Unity system indicator in Python?

user.dzBackground: This is NOT for application-indicators but system-indicators. Picture from: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators The objective is to show indicator-sysmonitor in Greeter/Lock/Ubiquity screens. There is a work around in: How to make indicator-sysmo...

2 hours later…
4:47 PM
Did you talk to fellow mods about this or not?
4:59 PM
@technastic_tc That seems like a strange flag. In general, you shouldn't use flags for things that don't require a moderator and moderators tend to avoid doing things that can be done by the community. Since adding the contents of a comment to a question can be done by anyone (at worst, you might need to suggest an edit), that doesn't seem like a valid use of flagging.
Just suggest an edit yourself, there's no need for a mod.
5:24 PM
@Zanna I totally missed that. Thanks for sharing.
@technastic_tc So there was an update. I missed that too.
5:46 PM
@terdon I actually suggested flagging posts with comments by the OP that contain multiline code for mod attention, because you can only access the original line breaks if you have a button to edit the comment.
@technastic_tc not all of them...
@Zanna Oh. OK, I guess that's a valid edge case. If so, I would also recommend suggesting to users who want to cast this flag to explain why they're flagging (there are newlines in the message) so that whichever mod handles it doesn't dismiss out of hand as something that any community member can handle.
@technastic_tc please do try to write more informative custom flags as suggested by terdon ^
I would personally not recommend such flags myself, especially not on AU which gets a significant amount of flags, but I don't mod here anymore so on your broad shoulders be it!
:) I would always be annoyed that I couldn't fix those myself so now I'm happy and want to share the good stuff
Eh, half the time you can see where the newlines are anyway, and these really don't happen very often so I never particularly minded. I also tend to leave comments asking the OP to include stuff in the question since that way the OP also learns how to use the site. But this is all a matter of personal preference, so if it works for you, great!
5:53 PM
yes, we can tell them to do it properly and sometimes they do that, which is a plus
@Kulfy did I unterstand right it has something to do with remote Authentication  over network.
but I'd be worried I'd forget to come back and check on it :/
@nobody I guess so.
I remember some types of things very well, but I'm terribly absent-minded
Story of my life. Apart from the bit where you remember some things well.
I am lucky enough to live with someone with a phenomenal memory (which is a pain when we get into arguments, she always remembers!), so I sometimes refer to my GF as my external hard drive.
5:59 PM
I do not need it but can not remove it because of dependencies seufz.
@terdon hahahaha
6:32 PM
@technastic_tc Zanna says please ping her for these cases in future.

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