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9:49 AM
I'm suprised ubuntu 20.10 is not eating my ram in live-session
Oh I nean double account
10:29 AM
@nobody You could custom-flag a question of the user and mention the second account for a mod to take action.
1 hour later…
11:34 AM
Q: The [groovy] tag became ambiguous

MelebiusAsk Ubuntu has a groovy tag that is dedicated to “a dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine”. However, Groovy (Gorilla) is the name of Ubuntu 20.10 and users started to (mis)use the tag for Ubuntu 20.10 – there are 3 such questions currently but I’d expect more to come. Should the original ...

cross fingers ubuntu 20.10 is starting
1 hour later…
12:41 PM
@nobody 1. How can you be sure that's the same person? 2. Multiple accounts are allowed as long as you don't use your many accounts to do things you cannot do with a single account (such as voting for your own posts etc).
1:40 PM
so i really need netplan.io ?
I have install groovy and I can not make network connection.
2:12 PM
oh, ok
2 hours later…
3:47 PM
ah I thinkI found a workaround.
2 hours later…
5:46 PM
Q: Thomas Ward is HARASSING me, and it's got to STOP!

heynnemaThomas Ward is shadowing me, down voting me within minutes of my posting an answer, and making inappropriate comments, and actions that are totally harassing me. It's got to STOP! Yeah, I'm pissed off. I voluntarily contribute my time to help out here on AskUbuntu, and all I get from him is ****....

1 hour later…
7:01 PM
Oh wait!!! I just realised Stefano is no longer a moderator. o.O
5 hours later…
11:48 PM
Huh, I don't see a meta post about that.

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