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4:32 AM
@Zanna yay
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7:24 AM
Q: Why not able to install ubuntu 20.04 desktop amd64 to usb flash?

turkishtunesKeep getting error message: no root filesystem defined. It's a new usb, formatted, partitioned. "Install ubuntu" is on my desktop as I use ubuntu-live from a dvd, and I click on it to install ubuntu. I get to the screen to decide where to install and I choose "sda" and "16gb usb". The partition t...

@Zanna huwraaa
2 hours later…
9:21 AM
@Zanna :)
Hey @Kulfy ! Is this idea being implemented? meta.askubuntu.com/a/19196/1103140
9:54 AM
Q: How to store usage and memory percentage that are shown after login in AWS EC2

nokanec2 stats when we ssh into our instance we can see these stats displaying. Is there any way to get the same percentage stats with a terminal command?

@technastic_tc Oh well that's just a question and anyone, even you (if you like), can post on meta. :)
Q: What's your Ubuntu story?

technastic_tcAsk Ubuntu is 10 years young now! And the community is always growing. It's time to celebrate, isn't it? We came to Ask Ubuntu to ask questions about Ubuntu because many of us were noobs at using it, or atleast I was. But the question which many of us don't ask ourselves is "What's your Ubuntu st...

@Kulfy I've made a post on something similar. but not exactly the same
Do check it and please answer the post if you can
Sure. :)
10:02 AM
@Zanna It would be great if the banner is also visible in the meta site!
@Kulfy :)
Thanks for the edit @Kulfy
10:19 AM
Q: Show cpu and memory utilisation of process visually

yungerI'm writing a script to monitor CPU and MEMORY utilization during a stability test that will run 24 hours, in the end, I want to present it in a graph or another visual tool. To do so I collect CPU/memory usage every 5 minutes the data file look like this: ----------------------------- CPU(%)...

11:04 AM
@technastic_tc yes, but I don't think I can ask for anything more haha. Anyway if you (as in any user) have found meta you've found the anniversary stuff, hopefully
@Zanna ok!
BTW, who made the banner?
11:34 AM
Q: Compare all Values from a column with a string

yungerI have the next txt file: ----------------------------- CPU(%) SWAP Memory(%) ----------------------------- 181.2 0kB 0.4 12.5 0kB 0.4 0.0 0kB 0.4 0.0 0kB 0.4 0.0 0kB 0.4 0.0 0kB ...

@technastic_tc I don't know who made it - I guess the branding department people? But Catija (one of the CMs) is the person to thank
12:37 PM
@Zanna ok..
12:55 PM
@technastic_tc I added a link to a screenshot with the banner in the meta post. Later we may want to inline that picture. But I think the banner will be reused for other sites having 10 year anniversaries
@Zanna one of the other mods was asking about it, but he wasn't comfortable with meta :D
So in that respect I'm merely a messenger :D
speak of the devil lurker and he shall appear speak :D
I have big floppy ears, and they were burning ;D
I wonder what other sites are planning to do
we can share our ideas etc
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3:19 PM
Q: Superimpose multiple images

ArzybekI have multiple pictures that are look alike, they're all black and differ only in the one dot of the screen, I want to combine them in one picture so I can see all the dots in one picture. How can I do this using something like ImageMagic? I don't want to use something with gui bc there are a lo...

4:14 PM
@Zanna continuing from the classroom, I think that @technastic_tc does a pretty good job for that (reviving AUGR)!
4:25 PM
yes! :D
I wonder if people think the purpose of this room is to, like, catch Ubuntu-tagged U&L questions or something
because that feed is more active than any user
@Zanna exactly
@Zanna also posted that screenshot as a separate answer here just to tie that up
@αғsнιη haha should we disable it? I find it useful but if it's discouraging people from chatting then it's a problem
this room was pretty active when I joined the site
there used to be three rows in the userlist
at all times
if I remember rightly
@Zanna Maybe they do think that. I have never seen the room very active for about one year that I am an active AU user, so I don't know what people used to talk about here.
@Zanna If so, it fails miserably since 97.3% of all U&L questions tagged with Ubuntu have nothing to do with Ubuntu at all and have been mistagged. The OP simply wanted to say that they're using Ubuntu.
Pet peeve of mine, that.
Jun 7 '16 at 15:56, by terdon
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L Sometimes I feel the only thing you're good for is alerting me to mistagged questions on U&L.
Ah, that takes me back! :P
I think talking about the newer packaging formats here would be really useful. I used to get some Linux magazines (when I had spare money) and I heartily wish that this chat would on some level function to keep me in the same loop hahaha
@terdon hmm but for our purposes getting the feed that is not a problem I think... like questions where the OP is using Ubuntu makes it like an extension of Ask Ubuntu :D
anyway seems to me that it's hard to tell (especially with limited experience) what is specific to Ubuntu, so if the tag is supposed to be used for that purpose it seems doomed to be misused
@terdon that was before I started coming to chat I think
IIRC it was about a month later I barged in to make a noise about my declined spam flag
4:45 PM
I love this conversation! Especially the song!
@Zanna Apart from this one, have you ever had another flag declined?
@user3140225 :D
@user3140225 sure, loads of them... I'll show you
@Zanna Meh. The vast majority of answers apply to any distro, anyway. Especially since U&L is mostly command line stuff.
@Zanna Oh hey, and I declined it! Wow. Kinda feel better about that if it rsulted in making you a chat regular :)
Jul 5 '16 at 13:52, by terdon
@Zanna Yup. That was me, and I was wrong. I thought the first post was just nonsense, not spam. That it was someone who was confused as opposed to actual spam bait.
@terdon the nice apology, the joking around etc, was all very welcoming :D
4:54 PM
And here we are, bit more than 4 years later and our roles are reversed! You're an AU mod now and I'm not! :)
@Zanna That's a load of spam flags! How did you do that? Most of the time, when I catch a spam post it disappears right before I flag it!
@terdon hahaha yes, that gives me a smart idea... maybe I should start declining more flags as a strategy to bring people to chat
@user3140225 I think there are three totally separate reasons I have a lot of spam flags... firstly, when I joined the site, Smoke Detector wasn't autoflagging, so it took 6 users to kill obvious spam instead of 3
secondly, we have Smokey's posts in the Downboat and the answers take a long time to get flagged
and thirdly, now that I'm a mod spam flags get prominently brought to my attention
@Zanna emm, it's not good, I also remember since years ago chat room was busy but nowadays mostly Ubuntu tagged questions quantities are more than chats
Q: awk to do a sum of numbers from a .txt

blueStarhere is an example of the lines of the text file alternatives.log 13156 alternatives.log.1 3688 alternatives.log.2.gz 470 alternatives.log.3.gz 380 alternatives.log.4.gz 368 alternatives.log.5.gz 724 i want to know how can i use awk to sum the numbers of all the line (i have more than 5 lines) i ...

@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L right on cue
5:00 PM
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L Ohh, God, just now one arrived :D
And a perfect example of a question that has no business being tagged with .
@αғsнιη but if we chatted more, the feed wouldn't be a problem would it?
@αғsнιη Chat pretty much died around the time of the Monica incident and deep distrust of SE by the community. I believe many of the old regulars now hang out in Byte's Ubuntu Discord channel.
@terdon hmm, I heard about that INC
5:04 PM
anyway we can totally disable the feed... I think @jokerdino stopped it a while ago, then someone suggested bringing it back
@Zanna Yeah, all reasons make sense.
@Zanna yes, I think so
@Zanna Could there be a separate feed for these posts?
@user3140225 you mean put them in a different room?
5:06 PM
definitely, if people prefer that
is there already a room that would be suitable?
I think that it would need a new room.
I think, not necessary to feed them here, so if they don't subject to be asked on U&L, they would migrate to AU? I think there is no option migrating from there to here, so what's the reason they feed here? just to informing? inform who? 10/20/30/... persons here in chat room?
yeah, I never really got why this existed
And no, there is no user-migration path, but mods can migrate. However, it is very, very rare that a question asked on U&L is so specific to Ubuntu that it's worth migrating.
Ubuntu is on topic on U&L as well, so unless the question is asking about something like snap or other ubuntu-specific tools, it won't be migrated. And even if it is about ubuntu-specific it will probably not be migrated.
But the original idea of the feed was that this was an active room with many people, many of whom were interested in answering Ubuntu-related stuff on U&L as well.
To be honest I personally always found it an annoyance, but hey, I don't really hang out here any more either.
@terdon Most of whom have already joined U&L.
@terdon yes, I understand friend, you were Mod on AU, but...
@user3140225 I doubt if there would be a specifc room for that, one can go to visit it at all
there is a favorite tag feature they can get to being informed about Ubuntu tagged questions and as well as you said they have already joined both mostly
5:25 PM
@αғsнιη I agree, I just suggested that as an option for not removing it completely.
hey, we have a tradition of bashing the U&L posting feed since the time it was introduced.. way back in 2011 or earlier.
I dont want to take that away from the new people joining the chat room.
It won't be fair, you know :D
true dat
Jul 5 '11 at 23:59, by Roland Taylor
@TuxMisplacedQuestions don't interrupt me bot!
Jul 15 '12 at 16:45, by Anwar Shah
@TheInterrupter. Thanks, You are doing your job nicely. good.
Jul 15 '12 at 16:50, by Anwar Shah
@TheInterrupter please interrupt more frequently.
Aug 15 '12 at 16:55, by Mahesh
@AskUbuntuMeta NO. and try not to interrupt with closed questions
Blasts from the Pasts!
5:32 PM
@user3140225 A'ight I will stop then lol
@jokerdino No please! Bring it on!
Zanna has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
@jokerdino 😂😂😂 yeah, seeing of that side, that won't 😝😝
a few days later maybe someone will open a question on meta with this subject "Why Ubuntu tagged questions doesn't feed in chat room?" 😂 😂 😂 😂
lol I can't imagine
There are probably children out there holding down spacebar to stay warm in the winter! YOUR UPDATE MURDERS CHILDREN.
maybe they have set their workflow like that
Oct 29 '12 at 10:04, by Mochan
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L Go away. Stop interrupting! >O<
100% accurate
5:37 PM
Jul 9 '13 at 3:06, by coding_corgi
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L is that what you do all day? that's a waste of a se account.... :P
When one person thought it was a real person.
@jokerdino 😂😂😂
Some were actually decent, apparently.
Oct 31 '17 at 19:44, by terdon
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L OMG!!! That's actually a question that is correctly tagged with and it is a valid, interesting and well written post.
@jokerdino Epic!!
@jokerdino Once, long time ago, I've also looking the poster who is posted this chat, then I realized it's a feed 😝
what can I say? we are not brave enough to admit it openly
5:41 PM
@terdon Only six years later!
Apr 29 '17 at 19:47, by Ubuntu Questions on U&L
Q: HEELP My pc is ffriickken crazy it's so fast!

helppppThe secconds are faster, my kkeyyboard arrre fffaaasteeer, firefox is faaster , what i shhhould do? Debian 8.5555

Apr 29 '17 at 19:48, by Zanna
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L chillax
@jokerdino Cool @Zanna being cool
Jul 4 '12 at 4:59, by Questions Feed
Meh, sorry for the interruption.
@Mateo XD
I think it was Nathan who edited that one
5:47 PM
@jokerdino O mygod, those were so funny and we lost them now, can we request to feed them again? 😜😜
@Mateo how are you doing!!
doing good, not very active on stack
@jokerdino heh, that one also got a funny comment when closing:
but trying to do a lot on the ubuntu touch front
Oh, hey @Mateo! Long time no see!
5:49 PM
@Mateo oh awesome, thanks for dropping by
@jokerdino I haven't heard from him in a while
he has recently visited the site, as per his profile
cool, good to see
unrelated, wonder if we can get some kind of an indicator on Ask Ubuntu for highlighting if someone is an Ubuntu member?
@jokerdino Sure. Just ask Nathan to do it. It'll only take him 5 minutes and... oh. Right :(
5:56 PM
ah, I think they were bringing the group back
so yeah, if anyone wanted to run for council discourse.ubuntu.com/t/…
yeah I think I got an email about it.
oh last month
as a member, I believe I get a vote?
didn't even read the email oops
> All Ubuntu Members are eligible to vote in this election.
@user3140225 hahaha
yeah, our very own Thomas Ward is in the nomination.
6:00 PM
6:11 PM
@Zanna oh.. ok..
@user3140225 😀
6:50 PM
@WilliamMartens hey, seriously, thank you for being gracious about that U&L answer. I'm glad you took my comment as it was intended: as constructive criticism. Don't worry, we ALL get stuff wrong, all the time!
@terdon I was just about to reply to you some way; (How - I don't know) I am very very, VERY happy we have people like you! It's heartwarming!
@terdon I didn't take it negativly, thanks for pointing out details like this; here info matters! :D No but seriously, thank you - Both for the constructive-Criticism but also for the sweet comment, made my year! So; I'll end this reply with a big thank you for existing! //Best wishes
Awww :)
7:23 PM
@terdon Now; Have a great continuing weekend! I'll go to sleep soon, but thanks again! //Will
1 hour later…
8:40 PM
Great job with the anniversary Zanna

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