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12:27 AM
Q: SSH ChrootDirectory to a shareable folder

caiquearaujoI'm working with the following structure. I have a group to company and users associated with this company. I did as following: Create the group company; Create the users and added this group to users; Each user has your own home directory, incluing the .ssh folder with them public keys. Creat...

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2:59 AM
Q: when i try to install something in ubuntu

user6507246sudo pip install wine Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required: cuda-cublas-10-0 cuda-cublas-dev-10-0 cuda-cudart-10-0 cuda-cudart-dev-10-0 cuda-driver-dev-10-...

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4:15 AM
Q: UFW kills SSH access on reboot

soxx655I'm trying to block all connectivity except what's required for a SSH server to function using the following commands on a freshly installed ubuntu 18.04 server: sudo ufw allow ssh sudo ufw default deny incoming sudo ufw default deny outgoing sudo ufw enable && sudo ufw reload After executing the...

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5:28 AM
dupes: 1 2 3 4 Problem with MergeList E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.
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7:05 AM
quick question
the aim is the following: install a dual boot distro on my laptop
i've resized my partition install on windows
so far so good, got enough space
yet when I'm booting with my usb stick, the distro cannot see the free space
the distro is pop os
I know, I've seen that before but I forgot how I dealt with that previously
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11:26 AM
Q: Keep displayed workspace after gnome-shell restart (Alt-F2+r)

fearfoxI'm currently following a tutorial in Youtube on how to develop a gnome extension. My IDE is currently in workspace 2 and every time I restart my gnome-shell via Alt-F2+r I will be back in workspace 1. I've googled a a few keywords but I cannot find a helpful answer on how to customize the gnome-...

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1:07 PM
Q: is it possible to upgrade out dated ubuntu 19.10 now to 20.04?

user6507246I did not know that ubuntu has the outdated problem right now I can not do anything with outdated ubuntu 19.10 each time I try something I get the error with Err:21 http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu eoan Release 404 Not Found [IP: 80] I guess this site no m...

1:50 PM
Hey @AndyK ! I suggest you to ask this question in Unix & Linux or chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/dev-chat
Hey @Kulfy ! Please do check one of my questions.. It's kinda related to Python..
Q: Unable to install HPLIP Binary Plug-In

technastic_tcMy printer is HP LaserJet Pro MFP m126nw. After setting up my printer in Ubuntu 20.04 (using HPLIP 3.20.3), when I tried to scan, it was mentioned that driver plug-in installation is required. When I try to install the driver plug-in, it simply doesn't install. Then I used the terminal and typed ...

2:23 PM
@technastic_tc thank you. here it is
Q: how to make a partition seen after a resize by a linux distribution

Andy KI've resized my main partition on a Windows 10. I've used diskmgmt.msc So far, so good as you can on the picture below There is a free space, 224Gb almost, non-alloué means non allocated. However, as you can see, everything is on Disque 0 meaning Disk 0. When I'm trying to install a linux distri...

@AndyK You're welcome :)
I suggested you to ask this Unix & Linux not Super User
@technastic_tc should I delete my question and ask it again on Unix and Linux ?
2:38 PM
@AndyK Since I'm not much familiar with Super User's scope, I am not the right person to answer. Let the question stay in Super User as of now. Let the Super User community decide. If they feel it's out of the scope of the site, it will most probably be closed.
But you can ask a new question in Unix & Linux :)
@technastic_tc it will be the same question. Won't there duplication...?
@AndyK What do you mean by "Won't there duplication...?"?
@technastic_tc got you. I can a new question, not related to the currrent one
Unix & Linux and Super User are two different sites. It will be okay even if you post the same question in Unix & Linux. The only thing which you shouldn't do is reposting the same question in the same site.
BTW @AndyK , if you're good with Python please do look into my question in Ask Ubuntu.
Q: Unable to install HPLIP Binary Plug-In

technastic_tcMy printer is HP LaserJet Pro MFP m126nw. After setting up my printer in Ubuntu 20.04 (using HPLIP 3.20.3), when I tried to scan, it was mentioned that driver plug-in installation is required. When I try to install the driver plug-in, it simply doesn't install. Then I used the terminal and typed ...

@technastic_tc I have a look
2:53 PM
@AndyK Thanks!
3:08 PM
@technastic_tc You seem to have rather a lot of issues after you messed up your Python installation. Isn't reinstalling an option for you?
Unfortunately, I am not in a position to reinstall right now :(
@user3140225 Can you help me figure out the issue?
I see. I have looked at it and at most (if not all) of your other questions, but I don't have something to add or instruct you.
@user3140225 :(
@technastic_tc I'm sorry. If I may, what keeps you from reinstalling?
@user3140225 I was actually a Windows user for a pretty long time.. and couple of months ago my PC stopped working (I guess it was a hard drive issue) and then I got a new SSD and installed Ubuntu in it..
Reinstall sounds way too complicated to me
And I can't afford to lose data..
And since I don't have any back up computer, I can't break the only one computer which I have right now
@user3140225 You don't need to be sorry :)
3:20 PM
@technastic_tc Well, if you have an external drive and copy your data there, there should be no fear of losing them.
@user3140225 I just have some pendrives lying around. No external HDD or SSD :(
Installing Ubuntu isn't as hard as it might seem, especially if you already have Ubuntu installed, since that means that your partitions are already set up, which - in my opinion - is the hardest part.
@user3140225 I didn't do manual partitioning.. I'm a noob at partitioning..
@user3140225 That's true.. Ubuntu is more simpler to install than compared to other Linux distros. Or am I wrong?
@technastic_tc There is also the option of uploading the data in the cloud. mega.nz for example gives you 50 GB for free.
@technastic_tc You don't have to. Your partitions are there in your current installation.
hmm.. You really make me feel to reinstall.. what are the steps for reinstalling?
I'll be getting a new device within couple of weeks and I'll be a bit more free next month.
So mostly, I can reinstall Ubuntu next month...
3:28 PM
@technastic_tc It's simple and similar to most other Linux distros, like Fedora, OpenSuse, etc.
@user3140225 ok..
Is there any question in Ask Ubuntu about reinstalling? If yes, please do share here.
@technastic_tc Don't just reinstall because I suggested that. You need to be sure about it and do some research first. If you decide to do it and before actually reinstalling, I strongly suggest that you try to install Ubuntu in VirtualBox a couple of times, just to get familiar with the installation procedure.
Of course there is. Let me look.
@user3140225 I'm not much familiar with Virtual Box.. any detailed tutorials in Ask Ubuntu?
In retrospect, I think messing my Python made me more active on Ask Ubuntu. Bad things can lead to good things.. haha
@technastic_tc This is the official Ubuntu installation guide
So, I should choose erase disk and install ubuntu?
3:38 PM
@technastic_tc This will let the installer decide how the disc will be partitioned.
@user3140225 ok..
If you need to be more specific you can go for "Something else" which lets you manually partition your drive and install Ubuntu in your preferred partition.
@user3140225 I don't think I'll do that..
Just play a bit with these options in VirtualBox, which is safe even if you make a mistake, and when you feel confident go for a proper installation.
1 hour later…
4:55 PM
@technastic_tc I don't know about HPLIP. I'd expect the default Python 3 in your system to be 3.8.2.
5:46 PM
@Zanna Good morning! I have a question about some possible mod stuff that you did on askubuntu.com/questions/1278032/…
@heynnema hi! yes I deleted some of the comments there
@Zanna Thanks for responding. I put those comments there because of the low rep of OP, and if I don't, then I do a lot of work, and new users don't know about accepting answer, and it all goes to waste, and leaves the question open.
@Zanna I always come back and delete the comment myself.
6:09 PM
oh ok... well personally I just don't like such comments, but we do have some stuff on meta sort of condoning them. In general commenting on the question asking OP to accept a particular answer I would consider inappropriate, but I guess it fits into the conversation there so I'll undelete it.
btw, the system considers a question answered if it has any answer that is accepted, or any answer that has a score of 1 or more, so since your answer was upvoted (also I upvoted it myself), the question was counted as "answered"
I was disinclined to upvote the question, as most of the useful information is in screenshots, making it not very useful
so OP can't upvote yet
I usually upvote questions I answer - very rare that I don't - usually I'm only motivated to answer questions that I think are useful
I know that you work with users on a lot of tough problems
I am really grateful for that @heynnema
so those tough questions are often not well asked and I might not want to upvote them... but... how do I put this... my way of giving my answer a boost, if I want to do that, is to try to make the question more attractive
I'm rambling, too sleepy
@Zanna I don't particularly like those comments myself, but if I don't use them, new OPs don't accept the answer. I always delete them later, to keep things clean.
back after IST night \o
@heynnema thanks :)
Good night!
thanks again! :)

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