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9:13 AM
Q: How to intstall Perl project on Ubuntu 18.04? install.pl: command not found

MikiBelavistaI never used Perl,now I need to install Zymbra Desktop :~/Downloads/zdesktop_7_3_1_ga_b13063_linux_i686$ sudo install.pl sudo: install.pl: command not found Perl is installed perl -v This is perl 5, version 26, subversion 1 (v5.26.1) built for x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi Also install.pl...

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10:25 AM
Only mod can managed flags?
@damadam Yes, flags are for mods only.
I was wondering about one link in an answer, I raised a flag but this one is still in pending
this is because of a link inside it (I'm pretty sure that this link wasn't like that at first)
answer posted in 2013
10:57 AM
@damadam link?
@damadam Depends on the type of flag, I believe. For example, when you flag a question as off-topic or duplicate or some answer as NAA, it goes in review queue but if the review outcome isn't what you thought, you flag would be marked as disputed.
@vidarlo hey, I saw you have an auto comment for Kali questions linking to the "Why is Kali hard" Q on U&L. But the U&L post has been moved to meta, so your link is broken. You might want to update the comment to use the new URL: unix.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5360/…
Also, thanks for that comment, I was sure I was going to read something just blindly sending Kali people over to U&L, but you did it perfectly!
the one in this answer : askubuntu.com/questions/266156/…
@damadam The link was always there (the answer had never been edited). I can't see or handle flags here any more, but I just edited the answer and fixed the link. A 2 second search found a hit for code.activestate.com/pypm/pywf
11:06 AM
@terdon I guess main link would redirect to meta?
@Kulfy I doubt it, the main one has been deleted.
I should try in incognito mode to be sure, but either way, pointing to the meta is simpler.
@terdon thanks for that :)
@terdon Yeah I believe low reputation users or non logged users would be redirected.
@damadam Next time, either try to fix the link yourself as I did, or flag as Rude Abusive or Spam since those are usually handled faster. Also, the mods are probably busy being on holiday at them moment :)
@Kulfy You're quite right, they are.
Still, may as well update the link.
Yeah being specific is always good.
11:09 AM
That was the first time that I read something about The Widget Factory, I'm still in learning
that's why I didn't try to correct it
@terdon I think unnecessarily flagging as spam or rude isn't a fair call just to get your flag handled faster. For example for the answer damadam mentioned. It would cost a penalty to the OP and might make a grumpy mod irritated. Just my thoughts.
@Kulfy That's a very good point.
Personally, I would dismiss the flag and just remove the link, but only if I was paying attention. It's easy to just see a clear porn link and just validate the flag, good point.
Yeah, I take that back @damadam. There's no reason to penalize the OP, I'm pretty sure the link was fine when the answer was posted, so a red flag (offensive or spam) would be unfair.
Give all your red flags to Smokey :D
When you read that link, you don't expect to go on a porn website
that's why I prefer custom flag instead of spam/rude flag
@terdon Based on a bit of testing I've just done, I believe the more specific answer is that a regular link redirects to the post on meta...
...but that a link with ?noredirect=1, such as one would get from the revision history on the migrated post, gives the generic "Page not found" page.
So old links to the post, such as in comments, which would not have ?noredirect=1, should still work. But I do agree with updating them where practical.
11:18 AM
@damadam I preserve custom flags for very serious situations that are not salvageable by regular users.
@Kulfy also, which type of flags do you raise when you encounter a dup answer?
@damadam NAA with a comment for reviewers.
Nice, I would do that next time
was always in doubt about which flag I must use, I've got my answer now ;)
If possible you can post a link to the downboat. users with 20k+ reputation which hangout there often might help you. :)
I think actual duplicate answers are uncommon. In my experience, what people usually comment on to call duplicate answers are most often thanks posts or success reports, which are NAA. Also common, but less common, are answers that are similar but significantly different in recommendation or presentation from other posts. Those aren't flaggable at all. This is followed by very similar posts that appeared within a short per of time of one another, which aren't flaggable at all.
Finally, there are some actual duplicate answers. They are rare enough that I don't think any general recommendation applies to how to handle them, but on the occasion that I've seen them, I've commented and flagged NAA. Technically the appropriate action on such an occasion might be a custom mod flag, but we tend to interpret the NAA flag as broad enough on Ask Ubuntu that I think it's okay to use it, so long as it is actually clear that the post contributes nothing and merits deletion.
To reiterate, though, I think that almost every time anyone has ever called something a duplicate answer on Ask Ubuntu, they have been wrong.
11:36 AM
@EliahKagan Not that uncommon at all, actually. You very often get answers that just repeat something already mentioned in existing answers.
@EliahKagan Not even close :)
@terdon Are you sure these are not attempts to state that a method given in a previous answer worked? And do you mean on Ask Ubuntu? I think I've looked at a high percentage of deleted answers on AU in recent months. My impression is that nearly every deleted answer with a comment on it saying it is a duplicate answer, that is clear enough that we can actually know that the method it is recommending is the same as a method already given, has been a thanks post or success report.
Sometimes it is hard to tell for sure because when someone says "This worked for me" and proceeds to show something that has already been shown, is that a success report, or is that a duplicate answer? So it may in part come down to how I interpret them. I guess.
I should be careful. I feel much less sure that duplicate answers are rare than that duplicate answers with comments on them saying they're duplicate answers are rare.
@EliahKagan I've seen a few times, yes. People posting a solution that's included in one of the other answers. We also get a lot of 100% identical answers posted to multiple questions.
Granted, I may be getting my stats mixed up with U&L but AU is far more busy, so I'm pretty sure I've seen it here too. It isn't particularly common on U&L either, but it does happen.
11:57 AM
We do definitely have duplicate answers here. I do not mean to suggest otherwise. I just think most of the time people say answer is a duplicate, of another answer on the same post, that this has not been correct. I have not kept count, so I must admit that my impression may be skewed. It may be that I remember the wrong cases better, because they bother me.
(The reason I feel this is bad is, when someone who doesn't know how to use the site correctly posts what they intend to be something that exists for the sole purpose of crediting an existing answer, and then they see a comment that they are likely to interpret as an accusation of passing an existing answer off as their own--and some dupe-answer comments that I have seen flat out are that accusation--they are likely to feel unwelcome and they still don't know how to use the site properly.)
Regarding the same user posting the same answer on different questions, though, yes, I should not have given the impression that I believe that to be rare. Unfortunately that seems fairly common.
@EliahKagan s/use the site correctly posts/use the site correctly, posts/
@EliahKagan Yeah, I get that. And my impression is just as likely to be wrong as yours, this is all completely subjective. But yes, for what it's worth, my impression is that I've often seen people call out duplicate answers and being right about it.
But then, I would tend to see these things through flags, rather than comments, so maybe the people flagging are better at identifying them than the people commenting.
That could be. OTOH, and without abandoning my underlying concern... if you've seen a large number of correct flags about duplicate answers, then I do regard that to disprove at least the strong version of the position that I articulated there. Based on that, you were definitely right to disagree with me.
12:58 PM
Q: Terminal says that Command 'python' not found even though Python was installed

ykpemreWhen the Terminal is started, it says that "Command 'python' not found" but Python is installed. I don't want to try installing it again not to lead to confusion in Python versions. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and it happened after I tried to install tensor-flow using Conda. I couldn't figure it ...

1:40 PM
Q: My computer says "/dev/sda2 contains a file system with error, check forced"

EkenaI have followed the instructions below but with no positive results in return : Fsck /dev/sda2 Fixed and blocked all the corrections done by running Reboot I rebooted my pc and then it still doesn't work. I can't run any app on my desktop (only put the password to enter), neither open my ter...

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4:19 PM
@terdon ack, that is indeed the problem with auto-replies :)
Q: Working gnu-screen alternative for WSL-minecraftserver

Vernox VernaxI want to launch my minecraft server on SSH on WSL (Ubuntu 18.04) on Windows. The way I plan to do it with a phone or something: Connect to vpn, then ssh into windows, then type wsl (works fine), and finally open a session (for example screen) and launch the script for the minecraft server in th...

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7:08 PM
Q: How do we terminate screen sessions based on their attached or detached properties or their IDs?

Muhammad Asif MohteshamThe problem: We accidentally created close to 80 screens while running an experiment. We could terminate them one by one using their IDs. But, is there a way to end them all using a script or a combination of commands to automate the process and save time doing so? There are screens on: 31...

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9:52 PM
Q: Connecting to WPA2 Enterprise PEAP MSCHAPV2 with client authentication certificate

Brandon LauI'm working on implementing wireless access for some of our employees that exclusively use Ubuntu and have been stuck trying to get machine certificates to work. On the NPS server it keeps throwing: EAP type cannot be processed. Am I missing something?


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