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12:16 AM
@dessert thanks <3
1:11 AM
@Seth :)
3 hours later…
3:51 AM
@ByteCommander Done!
Going to sleep now!
@ByteCommander congratulations! And thanks to the other candidates who ran :)
4:12 AM
Buenas alguien aqui habla español?
Es que tengo un problema con un amigo de un servidor dedicado y necesitamos abrir un puerto 3307 y yo no conozco de buntu el amigo apenas sabe manejar la web yo probramo pero nunca me e metido con ubuntu se que necesito ver que el puerto conecte desde cualquier dispositivo externo pero no sucede alguno me puede acesorar porfavor?
4:26 AM
Es que tengo un problema con un amigo de un servidor dedicado y necesitamos abrir un puerto para MySQL que NO es el 3306 si no mas bien el 3307 al publico. Pero yo no conozco de ubuntu el amigo apenas sabe manejar la web. y configurar su servidor mas no programar.
yo programo (phP, MySQL, Sql Server y otros) pero nunca JAMAS me he tocado ubuntu apenas se de broma instalarlo. se que se mueve e instala todo todo por comando, codigos "CMD" se que necesito ver que el puerto 3307 conecte desde cualquier dispositivo externo. pero no sucede alguno me puede acesorar porfavor? mi Whatsapp +584121218437.
PD perdon quise editar pero no me dejo perdonen
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5:28 AM
@JuanCarlosVillamizarAlvarez This is primarily an english language site...
so you may get an better response if asking in english, or in a suitable forum for Ubuntu in Spanish
2 hours later…
6:59 AM
My question about a peripheral Numpad is gathering dust. TTwTT

Just wondering if you guys at least think this is on-topic?

@dgood1 it’s perfectly on-topic, but of course hard to reproduce without your hardware and setting. you could edit and make the test example more clear though, I for one don’t understand what you’re doing and trying to show there (What does “(HOME)” mean?).
As in the home key.

If you look at your numpad, Pressing 7 while NumLock is off will press the Home key
The opposite of End. XD
Thanks for the opinion though. I'll try editing my text to be a bit simpler
@dgood1 it’s “Pos1” on my keyboard, but that clarifies a lot already – add it to your question! :)
@dgood1 for pressed keys (compared to text entered) you can use this markdown:
this makes it very clear when you’re talking about pressing keys and helps readers understand
7:15 AM
Nice! Thank you ^w^
@dgood1 plus, editing pushes your question to the front page, but psssst! ;)
@dgood1 you’re welcome! these other questions may be of help:
Q: How to enable numlock at boot time for login screen?

darryn.tenI am trying to force numlock to be on upon initial boot at the login screen on Ubuntu 12.04. The only solutions I have found so far switch numlock on only after initial login. I'm looking to force numlock to be on when the login screen is displayed, and before the user has logged in. Can anyone ...

Q: How do I make my system keep the numlock turned on at startup?

BallieHow do I make my system keep the numlock turned on at startup? I am puzzled by this defect, and I want to solve this without having to install an external program as I am convinced that there is a setting somewhere. So, how can I make my system keep numlock on at boot?

Edits done
oh, it may very well be a BIOS setting as well, maybe check that for any numpad-related settings
I checked, and I don't see the "sddm.conf" file in etc
7:37 AM
Q: ssh installed but I get the error: Failed to start ssh.service: Unit ssh.service not found

KirjainI have ssh and openconnect installed but when I proceed to start or stop the ssh service, I get the following error: Failed to start ssh.service: Unit ssh.service not found. Also, when I try sudo apt-get install ssh I get the following: sudo apt-get install ssh Reading package lists... Don...

Yo no hablo español Estoy usando el Traductor de Google

English: It looks like you are held back by Ubuntu's default Firewall. I'm not good with servers, but if // $ ufw disable // helps you, then try that.

Remember to use // $ ufw enable // afterwards. Firewalls protect you. :)

Traducido español: Parece que el Firewall predeterminado de Ubuntu te detiene. No soy bueno con los servidores, pero si // $ ufw disable // te ayuda, inténtalo.

Recuerde utilizar // $ ufw enable // después. Los cortafuegos te protegen. :)
all hail the freshman!
Huzzah! ^w^
By the way, I'm referencing you on a comment. After installing numlockx, it stopped doing the resets. Probably just one of those long pauses before the bug comes back, but this is so far effective.

Many thanks ^w^
@dgood1 If it works consider adding that as an answer :)
@dgood1 You’re welcome to answer your own question (after excessive testing) in case this solves the issue or serves as a workaround.
7:55 AM
Extensive testing would be good, but no need to make it excessive :)
Answered, and added necessary information. Thanks again. Back to work XD
Thanks for the edit, @Kulfy. Didn't know I could do that XD
@dgood1 Your welcome. That's like a part of my job on AU. :-)
8:35 AM
Q: Different behavior between running command with sudo or directly as superuser

DDSI'm trying to install eclipse on xubuntu, I installed java with sudo gdebi <java-package>.deb, I added it to the /etc/environment to both PATH and "JAVA_HOME" then reloaded the environment and also rebooted the whole system. running java --version I got the correct output java 12.0.1 2019-04-16...

9:34 AM
Q: Disable login of user

Jesper.LindbergI made a user once with the --disabled-login command. I then had to change the password so I could login to the user and test some stuff. I do now want to disable the login again, and I saw this post: what does `adduser --disabled-login` do? So I used sudo passwd user and then set it to !. Howev...

10:28 AM
@JuanCarlosVillamizarAlvarez lo siento pero aquí no hablemos castellano. Bueno, unos si, pero el chat es inglés. Puedes intentar en SO.es, ellos también tienen chat y son muy majos.

 Stack Overflow en español

Chat de la comunidad de Stackoverflow en español. A veces char...
There are lots of not needed comments, literally all below Q and A, can somebody delete it? askubuntu.com/a/1144750/449979 OP found his mistake, accepted answer, and discussion not needed anymore
Sino, haz tu pregunta aquí en nuestro web, y yo te puedo ayudar traducirla.
@LeonidMew done
@terdon Thanks!
@LeonidMew if you find posts like that either flag individual comments as “no longer needed” or flag one of them for “something else” and write something like “comment cleanup please”, a mod then deletes the unnecessary ones
10:51 AM
@dgood1 why do you need sddm.conf? Lubuntu 16.04 uses LightDM, AFAIK.
@ByteCommander Congratulations to you and my sincerest condolences to the community for you becoming our newest mod!
@Fabby starred
But I'm also happy you're it! (I'm pretty sure you'll be a good impartial mod and I remember you having less rep than me, so I bow to you)
@dessert >:-)
11:08 AM
@Fabby haha, I like the computer guy’s rolls of fat, they add a bit of sarcasm to the whole thing :)
@dessert :-) ;-)
12:00 PM
@Fabby >:D
1 hour later…
1:13 PM
Hey @ByteCommander!!! I have a concern regarding closing of this question as a dupe. AFAIR when I voted to close it as off-topic (since 17.10 is obviously EOL) there were 3 off-topic close votes and I guess your vote changed the label. Since OP is trying to install a package from a 3rd party repository from which package has been removed, the target wouldn't address their concern.
The target simply addresses that how to use Ubuntu's official repositories for EOL releases. Let me know if I'm wrong.
I doubt millennials who've learned to code will have such waistlines: lovingitvegan.com/kale-smoothie
1:39 PM
@ByteCommander now I get to harass you more :P (in a good way)
1:50 PM
Q: Linux command to decompress the files in directories and add them back to one archive

Pandian MuninathanIs there a way to decompress gz files in the directory, sub-directory and then add them back to a new gz archive with the same directory and sub-directory structures. There are more than 8k files and compressed files are more than 80 GB. After I decompress it will be around 2 TB. How can this be...

2:01 PM
@Kulfy You're not wrong. I've reclosed it as OT: EOL
@ByteCommander ^
Thanks @Lord of Time
@ByteCommander Congrats with your moderatorship! I'm sure you'll be a good mod for the community. I hope it'll be an interesting and fun experience for you.
3:08 PM
@Kulfy I see, good catch. Thanks for bringing it up.
@ByteCommander That's just a start. I might start disturbing you more often beside @terdon and @Seth.
Oh, as long as it is constructive, I appreciate feedback. It's still my day one, so I kinda expect to be yelled at a couple times for another while anyway :P
Has any mod ever wrote a blog like, "A day as a moderator on AU" with their experiences on Day 1? I'll love to read that.
@ByteCommander You can't call yourself a Real Mod until someone has ranted against you on meta! :P
3:25 PM
guess so :shrug:
(please imagine for a moment that Stack Exchange chat actually had emoji support, thanks)
always that right arm :D
Blame Fabby. I copied that from him!
problem is you have to escape the backslash, otherwise it vanishes
3:44 PM
Dang! It works in LibreOffice & Mousepad but not in Firefox (?).
or Google Chrome.
<--- oh nice, just noticed. 77.7k network rep :D
4:15 PM
Do we have a nice Q&A on installing a different desktop environment on Ubuntu? As I recall, there's some oddity with Ubuntu's packages that makes this a little complicated.
installing is not a problem
it's just very non-trivial to remove one again afterwards
and you may clutter your home directory with config files and stuff from two different environments, which can even potentially conflict with each other and break your account
I have both Ubuntu and Ubuntu Mate on the same 19.04 system. I had to choose between LightDM and GDM at some point.
@terdon yes I think we do
but I don't recall issues. just for fun my 18.04 had 5 de's :P
just gets messy in the menu's :P
Also default apps may switch.
I would recommend virtual installs.
4:29 PM
Q: Is it possible to change desktop envroinment if it's already installed?

kodeoI just installed my first Ubuntu, but Gnome is too heavy for my PC and I don't like it much. Is there a way I can put XFCE instead, without having to repeat the OS installation process?

Q: Find path to Shared folder on Ubuntu on VMware Fusion running windows 10

Antonio Pavicevac-OrtizI like using Linux, so I am using Ubuntu on VMware Fusion. Is there a special command or tool I have to install just to navigate to Shared Folders(\\vmware-host)(Z:)??? I can cd into the Local Dish (C:) but not the Shared Folders(\\vmware-host)(Z:)

@DKBose 9 options for opening a video, music or a pdf is a bit much too :D
it would be cool if you could have gnome and kde where the system lets you pick what of the default software you want to use from the 2.
the minimal install options is sort of a start for that. You could do that and then install kde using most of the kde software
@Rinzwind agreed about the VMs. I keep my main install clean. Just Kubuntu. One VM has Ubuntu+Ubuntu Mate (19.04). Another has Lubuntu+Xubuntu (18.04). I keep a separate VM for Lubuntu 19.04 because it's a bit weird ;)
OK, so anyone want some easy U&L rep?
Q: Is it possible to change desktop envroinment if it's already installed?

kodeoI just installed my first Ubuntu, but Gnome is too heavy for my PC and I don't like it much. Is there a way I can put XFCE instead, without having to repeat the OS installation process?

Or should I just migrate it here. I was about to migrate but wanted to check for a dupe.
@terdon Eeeeeeeeeeew.
@Rinzwind Razor-sharp focus!
4:33 PM
Q: Can I switch between desktop environments using terminal?

Hakam El AssouadI've installed GNOME desktop on Kubuntu 12.04. But my speed of clicking take me to select Gnome as default desktop. Is there a way to switch from Gnome to KDE using terminal. I tried to Google it but nothing helped me to resolve my problem.

had bytey made a mistake yet? >:)
Ah no, this is what I want:
A: Is it possible to use multiple desktop environments on same system?

SethIt is possible, to install KDE run sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends kubuntu-desktop. After you install it you can switch between Desktop Environments at the login screen. This also works with most of the common DE's out there. For Xubuntu (XFCE) sudo apt-get install --no-install-re...

@Rinzwind Yes. He got elected.
I'd recommend xubuntu-desktop rather than xfce4 for a more "complete" experience.
@terdon I gave him my condolances :)
@DKBose naaa. budgie! no idea if that is resource heavy though Hmm :P
I've never tried Budgie. I suspect it's heavier than Xubuntu. I haven't seen a comparison. Then of course there was this whole matter of Ikey going away.
@Rinzwind It is, it's based on Gnome and the OP finds Gnome too heavy.
4:37 PM
but budgie does not use openGL for all the work where gnome does
reading this=>
@Rinzwind does Budgie have a minimal install option? Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, and Kubuntu have such as option. Just to be clear, you have to install the full iso.
yes it is the normal install iso,
So I can choose a minimal option while installing via ubiquity?
@Rinzwind >:-D
I knew you'd appear!
4:43 PM
I always appear when you're most afraid of it.
must be a pokemon
Ubuntu Budgie minimal v/s full: youtube.com/watch?v=K9BZ43NjUm4
slow video :P
budgie install firefox :=)
5:28 PM
Q: GRUB still seeing Ubuntu after formatting in Kali installation. How to proper configure boot?

KodeeoI recently formatted my Ubuntu hard disk to install Kali on it. I formatted the entire hard disk through the Kali installation process. Now, my pc boots to "GNU GRUB Version 2.02" with "grub>" command line. Exiting this I managed to get to my boot manager, where I found that Ubuntu's grub was sti...


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