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12:21 AM
@TheWanderer still not forgotten you tho not that you think that
I'm still here
well you know what i refer to :)
Zanna was alive over the weekend for sure
btw i got rid of all scratches on the display
discussing religion and bridges
12:24 AM
wanna know how?
extra hard car wax
because my Note 9 is hella scratched rn
and then polish it off with a soft cloth
12:25 AM
wills the scratches as if they where never there
how's the oleophobic coating though?
paste is better
spray will run into all the openeings of your phone
not especially need such expensive stuff tho
all it does not have to have is polish in it
because polish would make more scratches
does it reasonably avoid attracting fingerprints?
well i still get fingerprints and after a while have to reapply the wax as it wears off with time
12:30 AM
but such a can of wax almost lasts forever if you only apply it to the scratches
i have reapplied wax in that time i have the phone about 2 times
so go figure
and the hitch on the home button i sanded off with very fine rain sandpaper
6000 one to be exact
looks like new
6 hours later…
6:45 AM
@terdon alas, no longer. Been living in my home town since June 2017. I miss London in many ways. Went there last weekend for a meeting and I was all nostalgic until I bought a tiny snack and was northernly outraged by the price XD. When I heard here you'd moved to London I thought oooh maybe we could meet someday! But visiting London is so expensive I never do it because my income is so insignificant
@dessert exactly. This is the whole point. The policy has to treat everyone the same. We can't put reviewers in this position.
I don't think people can be like "well I know this isn't specific to Ubuntu" because not only might they be wrong, others will be forced into the position of evaluating that claim
I also think the "it's good for the site to [allow things that are against our policy]" argument is a bad argument
I think we are forgetting some of the reasons for that policy
we don't close questions about other distros because they are bad
but because they belong elsewhere
we are being greedy by keeping them
Eliah's answer explains that...
@terdon :) didn't they pick that one because it was considered the most beautiful? I think I read this in an extremely unreliable source...
7:53 AM
@Zanna wow, it explains it well
that's why I'm always pointing to this post
8:17 AM
I am upset about this
because it really is not about this one question
letting things slide where there's a preexisting answer to save, ok, maybe I can live with it. But people with diamonds like @Seth and @terdon publically saying things like "yeah you can edit out the distro information if you know it's a distro-agnostic issue"... this is virtually policy-making. A bunch of high rep users might just take it upon themselves to go around doing that. And telling other users what they are doing, inevitably, and everyone will copy them
and anyone who reviews or close or reopen votes will be forced to evaluate claims about what is and is not distro-agnostic
the only way to avoid this, is not to tell people it's alright to do that kind of thing
is to actually uphold the policy
and treat everyone the same
sometimes I think mods and high rep users don't realise our own power and influence...
@Zanna It isn't about this one question indeed. It is about creating content that is useful to -in this case- Ubuntu users. The idea that you can create a rule that needs to be followed without exception is an illusion. There is not one rule, there are many. There are always situations where you need to decide which rule or principle needs to take precedence. This is not only Ubuntu, this is life.
To be honest, what worries me is that you seem to worry more about a single user, getting away with the fact that he asks a question while he is not on Ubuntu, then to protect valuable content.
I don't know why you think that. The content was not going anywhere. And I'm not worried about one user but about all visitors now and forever afterwards. Did you read Eliah's meta post about why other distros should be off-topic?
8:34 AM
Sure, and I agree, as I agree to the principle to create useful content. In situations wher they clash, make a decision. The one-dimensional judgement is what I object strongly to. Also I am pretty sure a considerable amount of cli questions will be from non-Ubuntu users. Is that a pain? No, only if you wasted time to find out in vain why your answer didn't work. The idea that you can prevent that by closing a poor soul's question because he mention his os is, again, an illusion.
In this case, the fact that it was irrelevant was a proven fact, I tested it, he confirmed. Proven usful content.
Closure is useful to indicate a question is either on its way out or should be improved. Neither is applicable here.
I am sorry. I am feeling very anxious. I can't continue. I feel that the things I say are not really being heard or understood. I need to do my urgent work. Will come back when possible
Q: How to make Google Chrome and work through corporate proxy? Ubuntu LTS 18.04

user335059I'm using RDP Ubuntu LTS 18.04 under corporate proxy. When I'm trying to use google it's doesn't load any web pages: This site can’t be reached www.google.com refused to connect. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED When I'm trying to configure...

2 hours later…
10:51 AM
Q: How to create reload service for tomcat 8 using ubuntu 16.04

Aftab AliI just manual installed tomcat 8 using ubuntu 16.04, but am not able to reload that tomcat service, please suggest me how to enable tomcat to reload service or how to create reload service for tomcat 8?

11:35 AM
@JacobVlijm Closing and/or migrating the Q has nothing to do with punishing OP, it’s just showing (to everyone, remember we’re not answering for OP) that questions about his OS are off topic on AU and should rather be asked elsewhere, on U&L in this case.
The argument that it is valuable content has nothing to do with that, in fact by not migrating the Q (or sending OP) to the right community for their question we are effectively stealing this valuable content from the other community! Why should another GalliumOS user with the same problem search on AU, in a Q where this OS now is not even mentioned any more?
Q: Cannot get all my ethernet ports detected/connected

TakI'm trying to make connections through my 3 ethernet ports but for some reason my ubuntu can only detect 2 although there is a wired connection in the third port as well. Below is the result of ifconfig: This is the connection from the machine:

> The GalliumOS community is not very big anyway, so let’s just steal their content if it’s useful to us.
That’s how I perceive what’s said by both you and moderators above, and that’s just plain wrong.
On U&L and with the OS info in the question where it belongs, users of this and other OS including Ubuntu users will be able to find the information. They’ll know it works on GalliumOS, you may even edit the answer to say “tested on Ubuntu, I’m sure it works on Gallium as well”. This way nobody would be tricked into thinking this was about an official Ubuntu flavour.
you may even tag it accordingly, U&L’s Ubuntu tag is for all derivatives I suppose
we don’t even have a tag for unsupported derivatives (please don’t create it!)
oh wow, U&L makes OP decide whether their problem is OS-specific oO heck, how would you know that for sure?
> Please don't use this tag just because your system is running Ubuntu. Use it only if your question is somehow specific to Ubuntu only.
11:54 AM
@dessert never said it is about punishing OP, it is about a useful Q/A combination, which was closed after it was made clear it was applicable to Ubuntu. The fact that it also could be asked on another site is irrelevant: related: meta.askubuntu.com/questions/15720/…
@JacobVlijm that’s the thing: it could not be asked on AU in the first place because it’s about an OS that is undoubtedly off-topic
the fact that it is applicable to Ubuntu doesn’t change anything
Eliah’s answer covers that as well, it’s irrelevant to the question whether a post is off topic, and it is irrelevant for several very good reasons.
What is your opinion regarding my argument that we’re stealing content from other communities and e.g. GalliumOS users by keeping it on AU and just edit the OS info away?
12:09 PM
The question (proven, tested) could have been asked by any Ubuntu user, and its information is useful to the site. Closing it after it was a proven fact is applying one rule (only Ubuntu) over the value over having information like this. To be honest, I can't understand. I agree with both @Seth and @terdon I should have edited out the distro info, given the fact that it is apparently such a big issue here, butI didn't. Even didn't come into my mind that it would be considered off topic.
Furthermore: Eliah's answer seems to address mainly *unanswered* questions, which I voted to close many of them. That is a completely different situation. These votes were done however after anyone, even if you don't know anything on Ubuntu, works on Ubuntu. That's a different situation.
Let's just keep it to that we strongly disagree. Felt it was necessary to post the meta post though.
@dessert ^^^
Q: Use trackball for horizontal and vertical scrolling

Tik0I have a trackball mouse and want to extend the scrolling capabilities. Because the horizontal scrollwheel is very limited, I thought about using the trackball for scrolling when pressing a particular button as follows: Pressing the back (xev reports button 8) disables the trackball's mouse mov...

Maybe we should have a meta discussion about editing out distro information and keeping communities separated…
@dessert EEeek! No, not that! The on U&L should only be used if the question is somehow 100% specific to Ubuntu and Ubuntu only. It shouldn't be used for other systems and it shouldn't be used just because a question happens to be asked by someone using Ubuntu. Only for questions asking about how Ubuntu specifically does things. Kinda like the version tags here.
@dessert No, that's only about using the tag.
@terdon that’s what I meant
Tags shouldn't be used to give information about the question, only to categorize it. So you say you're running Ubuntu in the question, not through tags. That's all.
@JacobVlijm It really is a shame that you cam in so aggressively with that meta post. Your valid point was lost in the exaggeration.
12:18 PM
I didn’t perceive this meta post as aggressive tbh
Thanks @terdon While writing, it actually didn't feel as aggresive, although this type of acting really bugs me. Apparently it could be read as kind of offensive.
@dessert I found the whole "hurts my eyes" and more importantly the suggestion that @Zanna "shouldn't push buttons" really aggresive. It felt more like an attack on the community than a discussion to me.
@terdon ok, I may have skipped this paragraph
Waitwait @terdon The latter wasn'addressed at Zanna, was just a general thing
@dessert I really don't think one is necessary. The rules should not change: not Ubuntu, not on topic. Here, we are discussing very rare edge cases. If a question is really interesting and was asked about a different distro, either you ask the question again yourself about Ubuntu, or you edit the question to make it on topic.
12:20 PM
... where people often by all means want to push a button, no matter if they understand what it is about
@JacobVlijm Yeah, I guess it isn't what you meant, but that really felt like "if you don't know enough, go away".
@dessert thanks for making the argument so well :)
@terdon Hehe, nono, I never would say that to anyone actually.
@terdon I think that’s a huge difference, in the second case you steal good content from another community, in the first you don’t.
I see this as kinda the same thing as people who translate questions instead of closing as unclear. If your question isn't in English, then it isn't on topic. Translating it makes it on topic, but doesn't imply that non-English is on topic.
@dessert What is this stealing idea? This really makes no sense at all to me.
The objective here is to provide the world with answers, we're not in competition about who gets content!
12:23 PM
@terdon well how can a GalliumOS user now find the info?
and know it works?
@dessert Same way an Arch user will. Hell, I often find AU answers when searching on Google.
@terdon exactly that (translation)
they find it on AU where their OS is off topic
@dessert Yes. And they use it.
@terdon I was more upset by the comment suggesting that people "like rules above all". I really resent that. My concern is an ethical one. I am trying to argue in favour of our policy because it is the most ethical policy to have
12:24 PM
Just like the thousands of people who use the Arch wiki for Ubuntu
@Zanna Yeah, that too. @Fabby wasn't really helping.
@terdon we lose the information that it is tested on this OS, and that’s unfair to their community
Uhm, confession: Googling, I often find/found solutions on sites of other distros, even rhel. Info here is found by everyone.
Many things are kind of equal. Even get info every now and then on Mac sites.
@dessert Well, the way I see it, if you wanted to ask on a different community, then you should have asked in a different community.
I care about this site and about having useful content on this site.
Of course, but why should a user of a OS that’s off topic here presume that this works for them? By editing out this info you made this part totally unclear and it’s very well possible users of other communities won’t find or use it because of that.
@dessert Because I don't care about the OP. I care about the Ubuntu user with the same issue.
12:30 PM
@terdon yes, the question is off topic here and should be migrated to U&L
If a GalliumOS user doesn't feel safe using this answer, then they should go and ask in the right place.
that’s the right place for it
Closing the question here does not help the GalliumOS community either.
but it does though
But editing the question here does help AU.
12:30 PM
because it's not just about the person asking
@Zanna Precisely.
@terdon talking about migration
@dessert To U&L?
Sure, that could also have worked.
@terdon exactly, where the Q belongs
@terdon I mean, if people get away with asking in the wrong place, then the right place will lose out
12:32 PM
then we can add the OS info again
But it seems kinda silly for such a minor issue.
@Zanna Speaking as a U&L mod, we can honestly live with that. It isn't a question of much interest to your average U&L person.
it’s following a policy that is there for good reasons
@terdon OK, but I'm thinking about, say, Mint forums and the elementary OS SE
it's the principle
I don't want this precedent
because it's wrong
those places need questions to thrive
just like we do
The main idea is that I like to have questions here. And the most important consideration is what's best for the site. So is it better to lose a potentially useful question that could have been asked by an Ubuntu user but wasn't, or is it better to keep a useful question and change it so that it is on topic?
don't you think we have some responsibility to other communities to at least stay in our lane?
12:34 PM
@Zanna We can't migrate to ay of those. So closing here simply deprives both us and them of a useful question. You seem to be assuming that closing here will make them ask there and I doubt that's true.
A Ubuntu user will find it on U&L because Ubuntu is on topic there, but a GalliumOS user can’t presume the AU Q&A is valid for them.
@Zanna No. None whatsoever. That is the responsibility of the asker.
@dessert That really isn't true. Pretty much everybody in the Ubuntu ecosystem uses AU answers.
@terdon well do we want to be a site for the whole Ubuntu ecosystem? policy says no
Basically, if it isn't related to packages, it is almost certain to be distro-agnostic. There really are very few things that would work on Ubuntu and not on an Ubuntu derivative.
we should change policy then
12:37 PM
@dessert No, we don't. That's why we don't accept questions about other OSs. However, if you edit it, it is no longer about the other OS and it is now about Ubuntu. If the OP did not want that, they shouldn't have come here.
@dessert But why? The policy is fine: only Ubuntu is on topic. If that question had originally been asked without mentioning the OS, then it would have been fine.
If the OP doesn't mention the OS and it turns out the answer doesn't work for them because of that, that's their problem. It will still work for the next Ubuntu user with the same issue.
@terdon that’s a very strange way of interpreting the policy. why do we close questions about derivatives at all then?
terdon I think you are now saying strange things and I must be misunderstanding you. As far as I hear it you are saying inaccurate information is better than accurate information, that closing off-topic questions is not helpful. It seems to me like you are arguing for some other policy and I think it would be total chaos if such a policy were followed.
@dessert Because usually we don't know that the answer would be the same and that's the only way we can enforce the policy. Which is why I don't want a change of policy. I am only saying that there are some (rare) cases where it makes sense to rephrase a useful question instead of closing it.
@Zanna Wait, what?
You need to separate the question from the person asking it. Forget the OP. Focus on the question. We want questions that can affect Ubuntu users and answers that will solve it for Ubuntu users.
I think have really said everything I have to say about this. I am just saying the same things again and again and getting upset
12:40 PM
@terdon would be much better to close/migrate and ask again for Ubuntu specifically, and that’s a huge difference IMO
@dessert Yes, that would be the best case.
But closing and not reasking seems like a loss for everyone.
Again, in the rare cases where you know this is applicable to Ubuntu.
Well then why don’t we do that in this case as well?
And only in those cases.
I am never focussing on OP. I think about visitors. I think about people who give their time to make this site work. I think about other communities and their aims and rights
@dessert Go for it.
@Zanna let's take a specific example. "How can I sort a file alphabetically on Linux Mint?" This is a question that hs exactly the same answer on Mint, Ubuntu, Arch, BeOS, FreeBSD, MacOS and anything else *nix. Yes, it is off topic here and yes, my first reaction would be to close. But if someone were to instead edit to remove Mint, then I'd be perfectly happy to answer it here.
And the site just gained a new useful question. And everyone in the world, from any community, will benefit from it since it will appear in their search results.
12:44 PM
I don't want to go round again
shrugs OK
@Zanna Well, I'm sorry you feel that way. I don't really understand why you are getting so emotionally involved in what has been, to my mind, a civil and constructive debate.
it's not the debate. It's the consequences
Q: How do I create a key binding that allows me to mount my google drive?

dessertI want to mount/unmount my google drive with a key binding without having to open a terminal. How can I set this up?

@terdon now the original question should be edited to show OP’s OS and migrated to U&L
it’s locked, so I can’t edit this information back in myself unfortunately
1:13 PM
@dessert Um. I don't really want to migrate it, it isn't a very useful question. But we can now safely leave the other one closed.
I closed the original and merged it with yours. Ideally, please accept Jacob's answer.
But now we still have an off-topic question which is neither migrated nor closed as such – isn’t that a problem?
@dessert No we don't
The original doesn't even exist any more, it's been merged into yours.
oh, ok
1:32 PM
Wait, whaaatt???? I am lost folks, really. A new question, a kind of copy of the frist one. With an asnwer, merged from the original question, THEN, a similar answer. Come'on, is this serious?
This is hilareous.
@JacobVlijm Isn't this the best for everyone? Those who felt that editing the question to force it to be on topic are satisfied and those who want to keep the question because it's useful are also satisfied.
I think this is a circus act really. If this site has to be taken seriously, this can't be explained. This is rewording compulsive thinking, I am lost at AU, really.
@JacobVlijm the other way around, my answer came before the merge, but I can delete it if you want me to
@JacobVlijm Do you seriously not understand how unhelpful that comment is? Circus act? How is that helpful
Different people had different opinions so I tried to find a compromise.
Nah, I am done, really. Can't explain this to anyone.
1:37 PM
This means nobody gets exactly what they want but, I hope, everyone gets something close to what they want. If you think that is a "circus act" then I really don't know what else I can tell you. I have spent several hours trying to sort out the mess you created because of one minor issue. You had basically no input apart from starting the mess and now you call it a circus act?
I really don't understand you any more Jacob.
The mess I created? ok, I am off.
1:56 PM
what just happened
2:56 PM
Can anybody tell me where the docs are for PHP FastCGI? I am trying to enable slowlog, but can seem to find that an option that works for php-cgi
3:46 PM
Q: Enable php slowlog using PHP FCGID

blade19899I am running a DirectAdmin CloudLinux server using PHP FCGID, I am trying to enable PHP slow logs, but I can't seem to get it to work. I modified: /opt/alt/php72/etc/php.ini, added the following in there: slowlog = /var/log/php_slow.log request_slowlog_timeout = 1s Restarted services, but no ...

2 hours later…
5:26 PM
@terdon The instance seems a minor one (the closed question), but it is something that is going on for a while, hence my question on meta. You might not like the style, but the issue is sincerely posted, and not a minor issue imo.
Coincidentally, I subscribed to user group (no SE), but with similar approach, "How to ask a good Q", "this is not a help desk" etc, etc. Good stuff to be found, quality site. I imagened, what would I think if I asked a Q there, which was edited into a perfectly on topic one, THEN removed for being off topic, THEN literally asked and answered again, just to give "everyone something".
I'd run away, telling jokes about it on birthday parties. It is a silly one. If we don't see that, we've got a serious problem.
If this is what dominates the site, we've sunk low.
@JacobVlijm the issue here is that you started something, and then we discussed it for several hours trying to find a compromise which you blithely described as a "circus act". So yeah, you pissed me off. It isn't easy trying to please multiple opposing view points and it really isn't pleasant to waste half a day on it and then be told it was a "circus act".
Part of being a member of a community is accepting the fact that different people have different opinions. And learning how to express yourself without insulting people.
I happen to be more on your side of the argument, but that doesn't mean that I can't see the points the other side are making.
So if you cannot understand that other people may have different opinions that have as much right to be heard as your own and instead only want to ridicule, I don't really know what else to tell you.
5:56 PM
@terdon Good evening ! :) I've followed the on-/off-topic discussion and read through the different arguments. To avoid such frustrating incidents for the future : What about merging AU and U&L ? Would make sense by all means - everything Linux is on-topic. I never got what is so special about ubuntu ... What do you think ? And you @JacobVlijm and @Zanna ?
Well, even if we were able to effect that, which I think is unlikely to say the least, I think the sites have different dynamics because of their different communities. Of course, everything or almost everything on AU is on topic on U&L, but I think we attract a lot of newbies and casual users because Ubuntu is an accessible distro. So, there's a different audience to some extent
Also we're significantly bigger
I don't think the majority of the U&L folks (I mean prolific contributors and people who do moderation tasks like editing and reviewing particularly) would take kindly to being somewhat engulfed by us
@cl-netbox That option doesn't really exist any more. AU is actually (slightly) older than U&L, U&L would really hate that idea, and AU would probably also hate it too. The scopes and feel of the two sites are quite different.
6:13 PM
@Zanna Okay, understood ... but then we should be way more tolerant, because newbies don't (and don't want to) know anything about our "internal policies". Most of them simply search for solutions on their problems. Editing out that "foreign OS" would have been the most easy solution in the topic/question @JacobVlijm started. So, why the frustration, the negativity, being upset ? All that drives experienced members away from here ... Got what I mean ?
@terdon Thanks for the explanation. :)
@cl-netbox I think I understand what you're saying, but I completely disagree with you and I have explained why at length several times, and @dessert has also explained my position much better than I have.
@Zanna And I disagree with the extreme strictness ... I prefer constructive compromises. If we want to be that great portal for ubuntu users, then we should "think in their head and when it's so easy to avoid frustration of (honorable) members like @JacobVlijm by simply editing out a "foreign OS", then we really should take every chance to act accordingly. Or do you want more and more "newbie content" on the site ? Who shall write "great answers" when we drive all of those guys away ?
@cl-netbox I would really, really strongly urge you to go and read through the transcript before starting this conversation. We have been talking about it for several hours so it's best to see what has been said to avoid repeating the same argument again.
Start here and work your way down :)
6:33 PM
We ourselves are making policy here. We are not at anyone's mercy. We can make the policy however it serves best. We can make a policy with exceptions. But I disagree with the exception proposed (i.e. anyone who thinks something is distro-agnostic can plough ahead and edit distro-information out of the question) because I think it will cause chaos, and because I think it is unethical.
I am sorry for anyone's frustration, but I do not think one person's frustration is automatically a reason to change policy. Would Jacob Vlijm have been frustrated in this case if he had not written an answer to the question?
I think rather than have people edit distro information out of questions, we should have them avoid answering off topic questions and help direct those questions where they belong. In cases where an off-topic question accidentally gets answered, then, ok, I can live with letting things slide. But I cannot accept a change in policy that says people can and should edit out distro information based on their opinion of whether the question is or is not distro-agnostic.
That is, in my view, unworkable, because it places unreasonable demands on reviewers, it takes content from other communities, it spreads the message that people should lie to get their questions answered, and it creates the potential for wrong answers being accepted, right answers being undermined, etc
Of course, I'm repeating myself @cl-netbox, but there it is, in summary, again.
I always thought AU was its own thing because Ubuntu is hugely popular compared to other distros
it's nowhere near as popular as macOS, but it kind of feels to me that merging AU with U&L would be like asking to merge Ask Different with U&L
especially after all this time
I didn't know Ubuntu was popular when I started using it. I just loved the name!
@TheWanderer haha yeah
Okay, to finish the argument: Discussion is only useful if you have a common ground and understanding to discuss on, a common base of arguments, a common way of thinking, although opinions can be opposite, None of these I found. There is no use in an endless discussion even on what we are actually discussing. Not sure what to do with it. signing off for now.
That was weird
I went to log into chat on my phone
And it did the sign in through MSE
mobile chat is always weird...
6:41 PM
@terdon Done ... but mainly I wanted to express my general opinion, like many others do (repeatedly) here ... hope that's okay for you.
I still can't click the direct reply arrows
@TheWanderer maybe it was hinting that you need to report a bug with the reply arrows
@NathanOsman if we ever get free time over the summer we've gotta actually make that chat app
I still have that installed :D
@cl-netbox Of course it is! I just know that @Zanna has been emotionally affected by this, so I thought it would be better to have read the background before engaging her again.
6:43 PM
The non-functional beta that only shows the user list? Lol
I wish deep linking in Android made more sense
Docs say it only works with official apps (because you need something in your web server or something)
But things like Sync for Reddit do fine
@terdon I always get emotional in debates. But I am struggling a lot with my mental health at the moment, so I get a lot more upset than usual a lot more easily. Someone I barely know said something a bit off (not even flaggable) to me in another chatroom last week (I didn't respond), and I was angry all night and cried for hours the next day. So, apologies for any er extra drama. I am really, really determined to get better.
@TheWanderer yup!
I totally have faith that you will get it into shape one day
@Zanna Thanks for explaining your point of view ... partly I can follow/understand your argumentation. :)
@cl-netbox thanks :) I appreciate that
@Zanna there's no way I or we are continuing with that same codebase lol
@Zanna Hey, no reason to apologize. I just saw that this is causing you distress and wanted to avoid having you rehash everything you said and, presumably, causing distress all over again, unless there was something new to add.
6:50 PM
maybe copy over the auth stuff Nathan made, but the UI is an absolute mess
@TheWanderer XD
but happy to see you mention it so the project lives on
I definitely want to make it actually work
but I don't know enough about auth to do it as-is without Nathan's help
@terdon yeah, I very much appreciate your suggestion to cl-netbox to read the transcript before wading in. I have convinced myself that the moderation (in the broad sense) situation here hasn't been changed too disastrously by this issue, so I feel ok :)
@cl-netbox It’s worth noting that we basically discussed whether exceptions to a policy should be (more or less officially) allowed, and this policy is not just any post formatting guideline, but rather the one policy defining what AU is. When it comes to that, I see multiple huge problems in bending the rules in the slightest (and Zanna seems to feel the same).
7:07 PM
7:57 PM
@terdon do you have a moment, locking down a chatroom?
@Videonauth ?
thank you
:48862455 It's OK, I found it from the list of rooms you're. I have made it mod only and deleted.
kk :)
I just do not think that this should be for all eyes
thus i asked
8:17 PM
@Videonauth Absolutely fine.
2 hours later…
10:04 PM
23:04. Done working for today...
Hey Fab. That's a long day....
thats really along day if i assume mr fabby man started out as he does daily at his usual time
I started at 10:00 but had a nap between 12:50 and 13:50
(I was just dead tired)
advantage of working remotely...
yeah, an office nap would be nice too :D
I know of at least 3 companies where that was allowed:
10:11 PM
i know as well companys which even have rooms for that
DHL had a first aid room and I used it to have a nap once
In my second company, I had a sleeping bag under the table that hosted the mail server.
and then a French company that had lounge chairs that were so comfortable that you fell asleep in them and that was encouraged!
(customer, small pharmaceutical company)
@ByteCommander Did you see my gripe yesterday that gutenberg.org is blocked in Germany?
How ironic that a web site named for a famous German would be blocked in Germany!
well for me it isnt blocked still
maybe they not have my ip range in that lbock tho
@Videonauth the home page isn't...
well just a few books are tho yes
you need to click on something.
10:14 PM
but thats down to german copyright law
nope, what is that site?
nvm, it loads fine for me
@ByteCommander try clicking any book itself.
yes but you cannot click anything without getting a block message
10:15 PM
oh well, what do VPNs exist for...
@ByteCommander or open and free proxies...
yep and tor :P
@Videonauth And silk road...
Oh no! that' was something else entirely!
@Fabby :p
10:17 PM
Btw, can we draw a bit more attention to the community promotion ads meta post? I feel like it's a bit ignored this year...
(and I posted a thing there </shameless plug>)
Q: Community Promotion Ads — 2019

JNat2019 is here! And with the new year, as usual, comes a new iteration of Community Promotion Ads! Let’s refresh these for the coming year :) What are Community Promotion Ads? Community Promotion Ads are community-vetted advertisements that will show up on the main site, in the right sidebar. The...

oh wow thanks, missed that entirely, and since muru is not here to post the Vi and Vim thingy I’ll just do that
Q: PROPOSAL: Checklist for addressing questions mentioning non-Ubuntu distributions

Sergiy KolodyazhnyyIntroduction This post aims to propose reasoning and criteria for keeping questions which happen to mention operating systems or distributions other than Ubuntu (unlike other similar questions which ask whether or not we should). Over the course of my participation on this site it has become app...

10:35 PM
Also reposted the chat ad from last year (although it would really profit from an overhaul)
anxiety shoots through roof at sight of latest meta question
@ByteCommander I was thinking the same, thanks :)
@dessert thanks
@Zanna stay calm and constructive, though I have problems doing that as well :)
Time to sleep though
@dessert thank you kindly for all your good works
@Zanna blush
11:09 PM
I thought it would help me to read the post, but my teeth are chattering now
I feel accused and attacked
which post? Serg’s?
@Zanna you do? wow, then better don’t engage, better do some yoga. or eat yoghurt, the important thing seems to be it starts with yo-…
I’m preparing an answer, but I suppose it’ll take days to write it. Good things come to from those who wait.
actually, if you don’t feel like it, just wait until at least I posted my answer. lean back and let me take care of it. :)
haha, I pity terdon :D
11:19 PM
@dessert without you to handle it, my only comforting thought is "well I can always just delete my account, I don't have to do my AU janitor things"
he was so pissed by the discussion today already, now we have a meta discussion over pages on top of it. it’s necessary to discuss the topic though.
@dessert I love doing yoga and eating yogurt. I will do both of them in the morning
oh right, sleep :O now that you mention it…
Yeah. I wish we were not discussing it without Eliah Kagan and muru though.
People who do moderation tasks
And take care of the site with a long and wide view
they will eventually return, we can ask them for participation in the discussion then – it’s not going to be an easy and swift discussion anyway
11:32 PM
March 20 for Muru
it'll be long over
It should be pretty simple really
The clue is in the site name
Good night
haha, just elaborating about scope ;)

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