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4:32 AM
Q: Second monitor not working

treddsonMy Acer monitor which is plugged into my Razer Blade 15 laptop is now not being detected in Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS after installing an nvidia driver (sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall) I have no idea if this is how to update drivers. It is not detecting it at all when I go to Settings > Devices > Displ...

5:04 AM
Q: Background process gets killed in ubuntu 16.04 server

CodeShadowI have a spring boot application and i'm running it as ROOT through this command: mvn spring-boot:run -Drun.jvmArguments="-Xms512m -Xmx1024m" > lms_logs.log 2>&1 & After a few hours it shutsdown with these logs statements: 011 11-01-2019 03:50:00.010 [pool-1-thread-1] INFO com.app.jobs.Sch...

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6:34 AM
@Fabby he might be a zealot but he is OUR zaelot
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7:56 AM
Q: Prevent SCP from transferring file out from remote server to local host

n00blinuxI have a use case where I need to be able to prevent scp from transferring files "out" from a remote server to the local computer. Limitations: - SSH has to be allowed - Local laptop should be able to use SCP to upload a file to the remote server - Remote server must be able to upload a file to ...

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8:56 AM
@terdon Mere curiosity, what has happened with this user? Posts a first answer, then 11 mins later is deleted. Did they do an oopsie or was that a bot tripping over SO bot landmines ?
9:22 AM
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy No, they self deleted.
10:04 AM
Q: Why is this not a good question?

Harry Stylesheet I have a question about my Ask Ubuntu post: I don't know how I ended up here but what is ubuntu? Why is this not a good question?

10:40 AM
@Rinzwind :D :D :D
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12:37 PM
Q: Install program in Wine and analyze traffic

MarianoMI need to install a Windows program in Wine and I would like to analyze how reliable it is, that is, if it does not generate any connection that can transfer my information without realizing it. This program is a software of notes and although I have paid the license and I keep in contact with t...

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2:58 PM
@Terrance when a question shows no effort, please downvote instead of closing as too broad. This question is clearly not too broad, and clearly on topic. It is also shows no effort since the OP didn't bother to even read the man page, but that's a reason to downvote not to vote to close.
@terdon to be fair, that's exactly the type of question that would be closed as Too Broad on SO
it's not a specific problem, just a set of requirements
@TheWanderer How so? I mean, it would be closed as off topic on SO, but too broad?
The question is "how can I use find to locate files with the following three characteristics?"
It doesn't really get any more specific than that.
maybe it doesn't apply so well
Don't get me wrong, it's a crappy question, it's just that I've noticed a trend where people vote to close bad questions instead of downvoting them.
It's been happening a lot on U&L and I don't want to see it happen here too.
3:43 PM
Crappy questions can be easily improved by badgering the asker and by editing them. Not so with falsely closed questions which can take years to reopen,
4:42 PM
@terdon No worries. Only chose that because they put as an example which to me meant that they could be asking anything.
@terdon But now I know that you can see who votes what way...
Before it gets closed I mean
But something happened to it so I cannot remove my vtc on it.
5:05 PM
@Terrance You can see what happened on the timeline - terdon closed and reopened the question to clear the close votes, so there is no need to retract your vote now. I do not know an easier way to access the timeline of a post than to replace questions in the URL with posts and replace the post title in the URL with timeline
(although I think there was or is a userscript that placed a link to it on the UI... anyway I often find timelines useful)
@Zanna That is interesting, because if I go to it I cannot do any type of retract or vote. I know that you can no longer do any type of vote after a retract. Which I think is not good.
I'll remember the timeline thing.
you cannot vote to close, I would think, because you have already voted to close the post recently
I often vote to close posts and later find my close vote has aged away, but I am not allowed to cast a new vote until a certain amount of time has passed
either this time or my perception of it seems to vary according to some mysterious factor(s)
Hi, can anybody offer some quick advice on linux permissions? I have trouble deleting a subfolder in a folder where i have full permissions. The subfolder is owned by someone else and has files in it. When I try to do "rm -rf *" in my folder, it lists the files in the subfolder and issues "permission denied". Any ideas how to delete it? I don't have root access.
You are right that you cannot vote again after retracting. I agree that this is bad, but I am glad that retracting is possible (i.e. that I am at least allowed to change my mind once)
@eimrek what do you mean you have full permissions? What are the permissions?
drwxrwxrwx 4 keimre s746 4.0K Jan 11 17:53 rcv
no sticky bit, if i understood the notation correctly
permission of the subfolder in rcv:
drwxr-xr-x 4 cpi s746 4.0K Jan 11 17:48 scf
5:14 PM
it lists the files in the subfolder...
yes so:
> rm -rf scf
rm: cannot remove 'scf/aiida.in': Permission denied
you can delete the contents of the directory where you have permission
but you cannot delete the contents of the directory where you do not have permission
so, you could delete the directory if it was empty, but you cannot delete its files
yes but can't I delete "scf" entirely, as I have write permission to its parent directory?
at least, that is my understanding
rm -r "decends into" the directory and deletes its contents, then the directory itself. As I understand it, the directory can't be deleted until it is empty...
basically I had someone share a large amount of files to my folder and now I processes them as I wanted and I want to get rid of them. Is the only option to contact the other owner of the files? What if he left the computer, is the only option contacting the server admin? I find this very cumbersome
5:18 PM
(I wonder why the outer directory has 777 permission? This is not a good idea...)
@eimrek this is a good question to ask on this site!
ah sure, i will formulate it as a question
as far as I know you will need to get root to do that. But there may well be an easier way
@eimrek :) thank you, should be helpful to others
yea, no problem, i thought this was some trivial thing that i am missing
@Zanna specifically write permission (deleting the contents of a directory is a write operation on the directory)
5:33 PM
thanks for the help @Zanna
most welcome :)
1 hour later…
6:45 PM
@Terrance I can't. I had to close and reopen it :)
@terdon It's all good man!
2 hours later…
8:28 PM
Q: regarding bash script for rename output file?

Shivani what is the linux bash script to rename output files from split? If the number of output files five,then rename the files as output_1,output_2

8:46 PM
Uhh, 's get'n crowded.
@PerlDuck It's Friday night... Except you and me, people have a life...
>:-) ;-)
Still at work here, so no life here as well! ;)
@Terrance I was reading Disaster Recovery documentation but I've had it...
21:53 here now...
That is actually a good way to spend a Friday evening! Nice and relaxing!
@Fabby LOL. But if people have a life, why is it getting crowded here? … Never mind
8:55 PM
@Terrance Yeah, boring as hell, especially as I've been trying to kick my company's butt into the 21st century.
@Fabby Company not playing well with you?
@Fabby Here it's 21:56 which gives a 3 minutes gap. I deduce from that: you are west of me.
Don't get me started on that one...
@PerlDuck I'm in Belgium this week.
Back to Germany 2/2
I've been remoting into Amsterdam all week fixin systems.
8:58 PM
@Fabby Makes sense then. I'm n Germany, which is more to the east (from Belgium's POV).
@PerlDuck Someone is screwing with time: I just moved East of you: 21:58 here!
:D :D :D
13:59 here, so I'm a livin in the past! ;)
OK, I'm going crazy: time for a quick glance at the Q queue and then watch the end of a movie
@Terrance Nah, You're living in the Republic of California!
Not quite. They are 1 hour behind where I am at. Yay! I am in the future of them! ;)
Hi @Tian. Please don't read the last few couples of posts here. Or at least, don't thake them serious.
9:02 PM
@Terrance I only work with EST and PST TZs...
I was under the impression there is nothing in between them...
0:-) ;-)
Apparently I am between them. It is like a massive sandwich here!
@Terrance Now, if it was just the three of us, I could say something funny,
but I'm going to keep my big mouth shut (for once)
LOL! I am afraid now! ;)
... and I am curious.
Yes!! Only 929 points to go! Yay me!
9:10 PM
@Terrance 909
9:20 PM
909 points for what?
@PerlDuck Getting to 20K
Ahh, ok. I'm far off. 15k or thereabouts.
I just "met" a guy from SO here. He has only ~150 rep here but more than three thousand times that rep over there. I sometimes wonder how such a huge amount can happen.
@PerlDuck Ask a popular question or answer a dumb question that gets popular afterwards.
@Fabby Thank you! =)
@Fabby Yes, that's one possibility. But that won't give you 400.000 points. No matter how good or popular the question was.
9:29 PM
A: How can I use docker without sudo?

RinzwindThe docker manual has this to say about it: Giving non-root access The docker daemon always runs as the root user, and since Docker version 0.5.2, the docker daemon binds to a Unix socket instead of a TCP port. By default that Unix socket is owned by the user root, and so, by default, y...

@PerlDuck 400K???
SO is so much bigger than us... John Skeet has over 1M rep
@dessert Did I make you laugh earlier today?
@Fabby you made me grin :)
Good! :-)
@Fabby Exactly. 420K, to be precise. I was talking about Barmar. He's one of my "gods" over there.
9:34 PM
$ echo $((150*3000))
Q: Simple command-line calculator

FabbyIssue: Every now and then I need to do simple arithmetic in a command-line environment. E.G. given the following output: Disk /dev/sdb: 256GB Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B Partition Table: gpt Disk Flags: Number Start End Size File system Name Flags 1 1049kB ...

Yes, @dessert I'm not good when it comes to do math with actual numbers. I'm a computer guy, so I just know what (a+b)² gives in terms of variables, not values.
@dessert I originally self-answered but then ended up deleting my answer because all the others were so awesome...
@Fabby wow, that’s maybe even dumb enough to get popular some day ;D
@dessert Maybe...
(it's nifty though to be able to do that with so little typing.)
I have a new finger I can use...
Before it was the Feyenoord kid, now it's the finger of god...
9:51 PM
I just stumbled over this brilliant post over on Meta U&L: What else can I do to make my question well-received and improve my chances of getting answers?. It's just great.
@PerlDuck Yup. Jeff.
He's in /dev/chat sometimes...
@Fabby Never heard of Jeff before but an hour ago or so I watched a Q on U&L and the answerer (a 125K guy) eventually referred the questioner to that post.

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