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5:19 AM
Q: OS keeps getting slower the more time I leave it open

akabhiravI recently decided against shutting down my Ubuntu machine in office because it took a lot of time to start it and then open all the applications that I would normally require. After leaving the PC open for a couple of days and coming to use it, the computer was considerably slow. It remained sl...

5:52 AM
I am out of votes on it, but VTC for 19.04 askubuntu.com/questions/1108429/…
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10:16 AM
Q: Trouble shouting ssh connexion taking too long to be setablished with no errors

JasBotI'm encountering some trouble to connect via ssh to a specific host (running on ubuntu server 14.04), The process takes up to 9s to happen. When running ssh with debug option (-v), I get the following output: OpenSSH_6.6.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014 debug1: Reading configuration data /et...

10:47 AM
shouting won't solve the trouble
11:01 AM
quick question, can anyone recommend a good CSV table editor? Colleague is using Ron's Editor but it doenst have linux support, and the ones I've found when searching seem fairly out of date
@Psycrow libreoffice?
Of course, personally I use awk, but that has a bit of a learning curve.
Q: Lightweight table editor

beckoI am looking for something like Sublime Text for tables. That is, when it encounters something with table delimited values (for example), the columns should be displayed aligned. Excel, Calligra Sheets or LibreOffice Calc are too heavy for me, I want simpler, lighter, faster and free alternative...

Q: Route traffic to specific network through specific interface

Filip NikoI have a Ubuntu server hosted on Digital Ocean and used as a VPN and through it I would like to access my other servers there over the local network (Private Network). But I am unable to access other servers from my PC over the VPN (Request timed out on = VPN server). Route table on the...

12:16 PM
I'm not a vim user, and libre office has a tendency to format fields and is quite overkill for what I want, I just need to view csv/tsv, add/remove columns and rows, sort etc
so ideally something lightweight, going to try some of the suggestions in the question provided by @dessert, just checking if anyone knew of any more up to date alternatives :)
csv didn’t change much in the past decades :)
I know, but I appreciate a nice interface I guess
12:52 PM
Q: Control docker daemon

dejdejI had observe on the same OS (ubuntu 16.04), different machines, if I run $ sudo systemctl status docker I have different results concerning the location of docker.service, more exactly on one machine I have: docker.service - Docker Application Container Engine Loaded: loaded (/lib/syst...

vim has the nicest interface I know, simple and clean
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2:10 PM
Q: Unable to remove Python 3.6

mmorinI set up a virtual machine running Ubuntu on Azure: $ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS Release: 16.04 Codename: xenial Then verified the Python binaries and versions: $ which python /usr/bin/python $ python --version P...

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3:27 PM
oh hi
I have unwittlingly stepped into a large pool of java
java that is built with maven
"sure no problem"
apt install maven
"yes but that's maven 3.5.2 we need version 3.5.3"
what's the least gross way of acquiring that version
'cause maven.apache.org/install.html looks mighty gross
3:45 PM
@badp why?
> The installation of Apache Maven is a simple process of extracting the archive and adding the bin folder with the mvn command to the PATH.
4:00 PM
yes, that's gross
now I have to modify PATH systemwide (?) and it's not enough to just ln the file in place
I can work around that by dropping this in a place that already is in PATH
/home/bp/bin/apache-maven-3.5.3/bin/mvn $@
but the fact I have to do that is gross
I can't just ln /home/bp/bin/apache-maven-3.5.3/bin/mvn /home/bp/bin/mvn as the thing will break (probably expects to find things in ../src/)
@badp why not?
I see you have not witnessed what nice things are like :)
I mean, why can't you make a symlink?
I think it expects to find things in a relative position from itself
instead of being self-contained
that won't make any difference at all
4:04 PM
> The installation of Apache Maven is a simple process of extracting the archive and adding the bin folder with the mvn command to the PATH.
a symlink is... uh... not real
well I never modify PATH for such things
oh okay
a SYMBOLIC link does do the trick
I do sudo ln -s /actual/path/of/binary /usr/local/bin/name-of-command
well why would anyone use any other kind of link? :)
(breaks down in uncontrollable crying)
(obviously sudo because I wouldn't chown /usr/local... although people do do that)
@badp hugs if wanted
@badp maybe because ln has a switch for symbolicness and defaults to realness
4:11 PM
@Zanna They let you have the same file in multiple places without using more hard drive space?
idk, was just being silly
$ fallocate -l 100M file
$ ln file hardlink
$ ls -lh
total 200M
-rw-r--r-- 2 terdon terdon 100M Jan 10 16:12 file
-rw-r--r-- 2 terdon terdon 100M Jan 10 16:12 hardlink
$ du -sch
101M	.
101M	total
That can be very useful. And you can safely delete either file or hardlink and not lose the data.
I'm also guessing that softlinks were a later invention, so ln predates them and therefore doesn't default to them.
4:25 PM
@terdon nope.
I would assume softlink came 1st and hardlink was an improvement; since the hardlink uses the inode (and that should be preferred over softlinks). But you can't use a hardlink for a directory and also not accros different partitions so both have their uses :)
@Rinzwind And are inodes newer?
don't think so :P
we always had them in Linux; it is a Unix concept. @terdon
ha ->
As mentioned in Section 3.2 above, a directory entry contains only a name for the associated file and a pointer to the file itself. This pointer is an integer called the i-number (for index number) of the file. When the file is accessed, its i-number is used as an index into a system table (the i-list) stored in a known part of the device on which the directory resides. The entry found thereby (the file's i-node) contains the description of the file:...
— The UNIX Time-Sharing System, The Bell System Technical Journal, 1978
@Rinzwind Well yes, of course it's a Unix concept.
So, I seem to have been right. ln was introduced in POSIX version 2 and that had no softlinks option, it only made hardlinks.
So when they added softlinks, they couldn't make it the default and just added a switch.
Like reasonable people and not like whoever's in charge of ls these days.
4:42 PM
@terdon back then nobody understood it besides a few people :P
It's not that old! 1997!
Computers were completely mainstream by then. Even I had one!
OK, granted, it was running Windows, but still.
@terdon are you thinking about how it puts quotes round everything so you're scratching your head trying to think what your file is actually called?
it drives me nuts
I've kinda sorta gotten used to it now (Arch has had it for ages) but it still annoys me.
4:48 PM
was so glad someone finally asked a question about that
5:18 PM

Arafat HasanThe modem is directly running as USB Etherne and is not detected by Modem Manager GUI. I have to manage settings in address Is it possible to send USSD request in ZTE MF833T modem?

6:08 PM
systemd security bug alert!
3 even :P The flaws reside in the systemd–journald, a service of the systemd that collects and stores logging data.

Both CVE-2018-16864 and CVE-2018-16865 bugs are memory corruption vulnerabilities, while the CVE-2018-16866 is an out of bounds issue that can lead to an information leak.
my hate for systemd keeps growing >:)
6:24 PM
Q: What is the red circle on my review icon?

Codito ergo sumToday a red circle appeared on my review icon, but I don't know what it is. Nothing else has changed. Can anyone help?

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8:26 PM
Q: Wierd behavior of SSH, not using proper key comment:

Michael ProkopecI am using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Whenever, I ssh-copy-id for the first time it puts my username@host at the end as expected. When, I go to ssh-copy-id to another computer or subsequent ones, it puts the path to the id file there instead. I installed a system fresh to check that is not something I...

8:39 PM
Hello folks, long time no see
how have been things?
8:52 PM
@Rinzwind if there’s so much wrong with it, why does nobody work on a better alternative?
9:05 PM
oh wait
> uselessd (the useless daemon, or the daemon that uses less... depending on your viewpoint) is a project to reduce systemd to a base initd, process supervisor and transactional dependency system, while minimizing intrusiveness and isolationism. Basically, it’s systemd with the superfluous stuff cut out, a (relatively) coherent idea of what it wants to be, support for non-glibc platforms and an approach that aims to minimize complicated design.
init.d? upstart? :D
I am still a vivid "a service needs to do 1 thing and do it well" kinda supporter. Not this "1 piece of software to do it all" as systemd does.
me too, but if so many distros (ok, not slackware) use systemd and neither of the alternatives, the latter can’t be good enough
I just set up an Arch Linux system with i3 and was really surprised even Arch uses systemd by default.
2 hours later…
11:45 PM
@Rinzwind Hi Richard, how are you doing today?
(Richard M Stallmann)
;-) >:-)

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