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1:15 AM
@ThomasWard you are persistent, that's for sure.
RE: Backports queue
1:33 AM
@jrg yes I am
(it gets worse though - no responses means there may be a TB Inquiry on the state of Backports)
shifty eyes
query 1: unanswered.
query 2 with explicit volunteering to help: unanswered.
query 3: Pending.
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11:17 AM
Q: Bash script able to run manually, but with cron not working. + Ubuntu 16.04

user183980Env:- Ubuntu 18.04 I write one C program and trying to speak to port and fetch some data and dump into one file. Then I created one bash script and added this C program and expect to run at multiple intervals. I'm able to run this bash script without any issues. I'm running as root. <<snip>>...

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1:04 PM
@terdon do you have a moment to come over to chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/3877/raiders-of-the-lost-downboat
3 hours later…
3:53 PM
Might need to learn python soon. Anybody not a good place where I can start?
best place to start, if youre using any outside library with it most of them have at least an API documentation you can refer to
as for an ide i can with good contiouness point you to PyCharm
of course any text editor wil do
@terdon the preview material of this course looks promising, but I'm not sure if that's needed to start off with python.
I for myself used euler.net for giving me challenges :)
4:12 PM
@Videonauth I started with that and it was very helpful. I didn't pay, the first few chapters are free and that's enough to get you started.
ah ok :)
i started with the tutorial inside the python docs
@terdon LPTHW is considered a bad resource by many people.
this list is curated by the Python Discord server and contains some other tutorials and stuff recommended by us instead pythondiscord.com/info/resources
@blade19899 ^
You're also of course welcome to join the Discord
4:30 PM
@ByteCommander OK. I don't know much about it, only that it helped me start with python.
@ByteCommander thank you for the linkage to more resources :)
no problem
This question is worthy of being reopened. As was mentioned by the OP in the question, it was closed as a duplicate of another question that it doesn't match, and the question was answered by the OP, so it is not unclear what the OP is asking.
4:47 PM
@Videonauth @terdon @ByteCommander I love you guys! Thanks!!!!
youre welcome
5:32 PM
muru's account suspended till March 20 '19? Any idea why?
@kulfy mods certainly know why but the aren't supposed to talk about such internals
@Videonauth Oh. ok ok.
only thing i see what i feel is wrong, he is set to 1 reputation even he has about 135k
@Videonauth 135k on AU to be precise
but to come back to your question again, you as well would not like it when they would tell anyone what you did if you would be in his position
throws a salt line around @ThomasWard
5:43 PM
uses chaotic evil dark magicks to spread the salt around in tornado-fashion before turning it into pure flaming salt and then blasting the burning salts everywhere around the room
@ThomasWard I was just asking.
@Kulfy don't take it personally I'm just chaotic with how I post :)
returns to lurking
@ThomasWard Don't mind this but I feel that you are either rude or sarcastic. And sometimes I feel offended.
you feel wrong @Kulfy he is neither of that :)
@Videonauth May be my opinion is wrong since I haven't interacted with him much.
5:52 PM
@Kulfy possibly a mix of all of the above, but the intention wasn't either.
@ThomasWard In that case no problem :)
i tend to have a little more... let's call it a rougher attitude than other people/mods. It's why I tend to "lurk" more and not say anything unless i'm pinged :P (said attitude doesn't necessarily affect the ability to do moderation heh)
... or messing with @Videonauth or one of the other regulars here jokingly.
And the regulars he jokes with know what to make out of it
An omelette. That's the best thing to make.
5:58 PM
aaarggghhh! That one's even worse! Shame!
:) :)
@Kulfy TL;DR in 90% of the time it's my own special brand of chaotic humor and should be taken as such, I become quite serious in tone when it's me actually being official acting :P
or actually being helpful
sorry could not resist
the regulars around here though have learned how to process it :) Though usually I'm quiet unless someone summons me :)
@ThomasWard Actually I started being in chat rooms just few days back. Also, english isn't my first language so I might have misinterpreted things.
6:01 PM
it's OK :)
6:25 PM
youtube is weird :P
i watch mostly python coding related videos but in my start page i get only suggestions for java programming related videos lol
Q: I cannot stop mysql installation for requseting password

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7:06 PM
Q: How do I edit my post instead of adding comment

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10:54 PM
Q: Is it possible to load Mint over an existing Ubuntu - and what makes different Unix's different"

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