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12:00 AM
Anyway, right.
Goodnight! :-)
2:51 AM
@Fabby If my grandmother had wheels she would have been a bicycle youtube.com/watch?v=1X_IAaNPWKU
2 hours later…
5:22 AM
@NathanOsman woooooow
@Fabby we have that one, but fwiw I think it's BS
I literally have no words.
Isn't that amazing?
It adds so much life
just leaving this here.
and with that goodnight. Thanks for sharing @NathanOsman. That was amazing and it made me happy.
Hi, what is the best way to go about making a question more interesting/get more views on it if it has been a while since it was asked but there are updates on the question?
5:36 AM
did you edit it to add the updates?
@Natpot simply edit it, the question then will raise to the top on the main page
Yes, I edited it to add updates. @dessert awesome thanks!
@Natpot unfortunately I can’t help much, but have an upvote in the meantime – did you try a separate monitor as suggested in a comment?
the question would profit from being rewritten I think, don’t add “EDIT” sections, just edit the whole text of the question and incorporate the new information
@dessert Thank you so much regardless! Now I can upvote! As for the suggestion, I couldn't follow it, but the thing is, I don't think it is a hardware issue because it never happens randomly. It only happens during resume from suspend.
Thanks for the suggestion, I will rewrite it.
begin with the symptoms and go on explaining what you tried and how it failed
especially when there’s no answer yet there is absolutely no need in keeping anything from the question in its original state, so don’t be afraid of changing it as needed. :)
5:46 AM
Awesome, will do
6:11 AM
hello thepresent person
So. True.
6:28 AM
@GreatUncleBulgaria Thanks... I was under the impression it was American...
@RobotHumans :D :D :D
@Zanna I got bullied as a kid and I got over it...
(So I tend to agree wit that expression)
presumably you also got minorly injured from time to time and those injuries healed
I don't even remember my injuries. But bullying changed my personality forever shrug
sample of more than one needed
6:48 AM
this saying is odd from a metrical perspective, I’d find it better this way:
> Sticks and stones may break my bones, but ne’ertheless I like Mick Jones.
yeah it sort of gracelessly stops
like Dubya screwing up that other proverb
> fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice... uh... well, you're not gonna fool me again
6:55 AM
@Zanna It did for me too: I find everything funny nowadays. Even tragic things
@Zanna :D
7:30 AM
anyone here?
8:09 AM
@Fabby I'll put it this way... I'm ok with "sticks and stones" being used to take power from abusers e.g. "say what you like, I have no time for your BS" but I have a big problem with it being used (by abusers and their enablers and anyone else) to dismiss pain e.g. "oh, get over it, it's just words"
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9:23 AM
Q: How does Cryptoloop work and where can I use it?

SimonI read about Cryptoloop and I wonder where can I use it? I understand that: Cryptoloop is a Linux kernel's disk encryption module that relies on the Crypto API, which is a cryptography framework introduced in version 2.5.45 of the Linux kernel mainline.[1] Cryptoloop was first introduced in ...

Q: grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/ using ISO and UEFI mode

Ac3_DeXt3RI am installing Ubuntu-18.04 using PXE ISO install in UEFI mode. The installation is failing with the below message:Error Screenshot I looked into this thread grub-efi-amd64-signed failed installation but they are for manual installation. My query is for Unattended Installation over PXE server o...

Can anyone please have a look?
@Zanna Yep, completely agree. I was always the smallest kid growing up (I grew a foot after HS graduation) and got a lot of "Just let the kids sort it out" until I broke another kid's collar bone. After that the tune sort of changed, and I got left alone, because it went from "Let the kids sort it out" to "You know maybe you should leave him alone. Did he start it or just finish it?"
9:38 AM
> "Open your finances to your community" - OpenCollective - A New Form of Association, Transparent by Design
^ Great idea!
I like it. Also liked this other thing I saw, swellinvesting.com/homepage
I don’t get it, what exactly is this good for and why should one do it? Is this meant to be some sort of transparent, democratic crowd-sourcing?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix @SebastianStark: Perhaps you can help the guy above?
It won’t finance my landmarked house’s restoration, will it? ;P
9:50 AM
I think it's a way to say something like "So, look guys. Hosting costed us this much. Dev time costed us this much. Meetins/events costed us this much.", so sort of gives you the ability to "guilt" people in to backing or whatever instead of just depending on people donating. Like, I used rvm for a while. The guy that wrote it put a dollar tracker up on his website that showed his income from creating and maintaining it.
10:00 AM
@Zanna Ah... A well-balanced point of view!
(i agree)
@RobotHumans :D :D :D
I slammed my fist into someone's nuts while he was trying to push me deeper into a quagmire I got stuck in and would have done worse to him if the teacher wouldn't have intervened...
@Zanna I'd go further and say that it's a mild form of gaslighting: "I'm obviously trying to hurt or 'tease' you but you shouldn't feel hurt or teased – or at least I don't want you to complain about it to me or others."
definitely, if it's the person who's abusing who says it
@blade19899 Same logo as coinbase...
10:06 AM
I'm thinking more about the case @RobotHumans mentioned, where it's someone in power (like a parent or teacher or supervisor) who doesn't intervene when they should
Yep. Our gym coach training for seal team qualifiers just broke it up. "He started it" -- "Well, it's over now. From what I saw, you got yours in." I wasn't even suspended.
A old friend of mine was kinda pissy about me being snarky (and it was self depreciating). I apologised, and deleted the post. She ... apologised, and then kinda went at me after that.
Sometimes you gotta go "OK, I'm sorry"
@Zanna Although in general gaslighting doesn't require the “primary” abuser to be its source. It can be a third party (and is also a form of abuse itself, albeit psychological).
Sometimes you gotta go "eh, this isn't worth my while"
If someone complains about you or someone else "You can take it" is the worst answer
10:09 AM
@DavidFoerster agreed
I once ran into one of my bullies from secondary school when I was in my late twenties in a school for adults. He was actually surprised to see me there and asked me which courses I was following... My response: I teach here...
@JourneymanGeek yeah
On the other hand, if someone gets offended by me... er, its better I walk away
The look on his face was (I'm sorry to say) satisfying...
@Fabby "Oh I don't follow courses here, I lead them."
10:12 AM
Yeah. Got invited to a pool party not being told it was a pool party at one point. Showed up in clothes, so I didn't get in the pool. They picked up the chair and tried to throw me in chair and all (I was 14 or so). So, an adult could have intervened.

One of my friends from that point used to wear a shirt with a Bill Gates face on it that read "That's all right. That's okay. You're going to work for me someday" -- I can imagine the face @Fabby
@Fabby I'd say violence solves nothing, but there's been some cases where its ... been needed.
@DavidFoerster :D :D :D The conversation was not in English. that answer wouldn't have made sense in my mother tongue...
@RobotHumans Thankfully cellphones have abolished most of that practice.
@DavidFoerster not really lol
@RobotHumans Cool! :-)
@RobotHumans I've been thrown into a pool by 2 of my colleagues in 2009.
10:15 AM
Yeah, I was dragged in a pool once clothes and all. Of course, I got lucky when we got back to her place. So, getting launched in a pool, not always a bad thing ;)
I had enough time (20 seconds) to see it coming, so hyperventilated and when thrown in, exhaled and sank to the bottom and stayed there for 20 seconds.
They ended up jumping in fully clothed to "rescue" me.
@JourneymanGeek Really? Most people I know (or their parents back at the time) would totally go for damages compensation – unless they are rich and the perpetrator poor or something.
>:-) >:-) >:-)
@DavidFoerster apparently it happens here sometimes
they just help you with your phone first? ;p
@RobotHumans Starred!!! Your story is way better than mine!
:thumbsup!: :thumbsup!: :thumbsup!:
10:17 AM
I think the worst I've had was a ton of beer poured on my head
@JourneymanGeek Yes, I guess you could remove the phone from their pocket if you have enough people to not require the moment of surprise to succeed. Or you trick them to hand over their phone first or something.
@JourneymanGeek A ton? I hope not all at once or you probably wouldn't be here now.^^
@DavidFoerster - We've seen facebook livestreams of beating people with obvious disabilities. The phone or being on video doesn't always solve it.
@DavidFoerster Nah... while I was using my phone, I was told:"which model is that?" and they gently took it out of my hands.
then the others thrown me in the pool
(that's how it happened to me)
@RobotHumans I meant that most people try to avoid the liability for destruction of expensive equipment.
Oh. I suppose that may hold true in some circumstances.
10:21 AM
Arch Linux/Antergos question:
Q: Kernel panic when booting antergos from the grub installed in Ubuntu

Abdullah UYUI've installed Antergos to my laptop that is Ubuntu and windows already installed. Antergos installed its own grub. It was a little bit sluggish and I installed grub in Ubuntu again. All options appear in grub but when I'm trying to boot Antergos it fails and says "...kernel panic-not syncing:VFS...

Shutting down. Lunch time behind my Ubuntu machine is over
@DavidFoerster - it looks like the deleted "non-answer" almost answered it/got it booting, but didn't know how to make a custom grub "OS finder" like I had to do back in the day for FreeBSD.
Q: Ubuntu 18.04 think C/C++ source code file is plain text

pangbryantWhen I try to create a C/C++ source file touch test.cpp Usually it will generate a file which type is C source code file. But today I got a plain text file. And I write a simple program in it like: #include <stdio.h> int main() { printf("hello");} Then I use G++ to compile it: g++ test.c...

@DavidFoerster 15 cans
if I didn't hate the smell so much, that stuff's actually really good for your hair ;p
10:36 AM
hahaha my German friend regularly washes her hair in beer
what a waste
@JourneymanGeek In my (festival) experience beer doesn't smell much once it dries. :-D
@ByteCommander twas tiger
its apparently cheap and terrible
We have a beer like that here. Guaranteed to leave you with a hangover, but cheap. The proper name is Milwaukee's Best, but people call it Milwaukee's Beast instead.
@JourneymanGeek My punk friends drink/drank cheap and terrible beer and still considered that a waste.^^
I'm excited that there's something called "Bieruniversum". :-D
Those are our most notorious "cheap and terrible" beers.
10:50 AM
@GreatUncleBulgaria sorry, which guy you mean?
@GreatUncleBulgaria I've only installed grub once using UEFI and it went without any problems. I couldn't dream how to install over PXE Server to a remote client.
Hello everyone :)
Hey boxy!
Just on my way to work, so have to say bye now too :(
Have a good day!
@GreatUncleBulgaria in case you mean the uefi/pxe guy: don't have a clue right now
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Thank you, Rick - same to you ! :)
10:54 AM
@cl-netbox Good to see you!
o/ @cl-netbox
@DavidFoerster Thank you, David - good to see you too ! :)
@RobotHumans Hello :)
Q: How to use multiple linux distros on multiple computers?

Mogyorósi FerencI've got 3 servers and several teams that use the servers. They want to use different distros (Ubuntu, Debian, ...) with different settings. Virtual machines cannot be used because of the tasks. Is there a way to use every system from every machine with the same settings applied? So if I install ...

@SebastianStark Yes, I do, that's fine. Just thouuht I would check!
11:56 AM
oh noes!
$ ssh raskolnikow
*** System restart required ***
$ uptime
 13:48:01 up 140 days, 23:46,  1 user,  load average: 0,07, 0,06, 0,06
sudo rm /run/reboot-required*
That one never gets old.
oh wow, that’s two years old already? oO
2 hours later…
1:48 PM
Q: Kernel routing issue on Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine

Remi SerriereWe are having some weird network behaviors on some Linux VMs (cloud based, multiple providers, mostly Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04). We have two distinct networks with a Strongswan gateway in-between. Site A: Network - VPN gateway and routing configured on the main router (no conf need...

2:04 PM
Q: Reset gfortran / MPI installation on Ubuntu 16.04

painfulenglishIt seems that an anaconda update has messed up my gfortran / MPI installation. I have tried reinstalling both gfortran and openmpi. Compilation of my code is successful, but on run time I get mpirun: error while loading shared libraries: libmpl.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such ...

Why can I read with my User "A" a file that's owned by User "B" (-rwx------)?
@Arber because the directory above is open for that user?
@Rinzwind Hmm, no. The directory has the same permissions "drwx------ B B"
well I dont see a problem:
root@schijfwereld:/home/rinzwind/tmp# logout
rinzwind@schijfwereld:~/tmp$ pwd
rinzwind@schijfwereld:~/tmp$ ls -ltr
total 4
-rwx------ 1 root root 6 jun 28 16:14 test
rinzwind@schijfwereld:~/tmp$ more test
more: cannot open test: Permission denied
2:31 PM
may it some how be, that my user "A" just have the permissions to read files which are owned by user "B" (700)??
on what kind of filesystem is this? ntfs?
Then there is your answer.
2:47 PM
@Rinzwind How is the permission model for NFS managed?
All not-permissions based partitions are set during mounting
Thank you!!
3:11 PM
Q: xmodmap remap only works sometimes (CapsLock <-> Esc) [Gnome terminal / xterm]

Ondřej TkaczyszynI have the following at the end of my ~/.bashrc file for convenience while using vim: if [[ -z "$XTERM_VERSION" ]] then xmodmap ~/.swapsforvim ...

3:28 PM
Q: Tree command Package installation?

UKD28I tried to use tree command in bootable USB ubuntu but it showed that it is not installed so I tried :-sudo apt install tree, but it didn't worked and and showed unable to locate package and also said to enable component universe , and i don't what is component universe is. How to fix this?

4:20 PM
the question already has some... very wrong dupe suggestions
possibly just answering it would serve
the questions we have about Windows line endings are tricky, because the user in general has no idea what the problem is (if they did they would probably know how to solve it), so the question titles are like "why is this thing I want to do weirdly failing?"
@Zanna so you’re saying we should close those specific questions for a general one asking about line endings? ;D
very likely yes
that may be what I'm saying
do we have such a general question?
although what I know I'm saying isn't that, it's that if anyone wants to answer this question, the answer is to get rid of the carriage returns (I'm too busy to write answers) and if anyone wants to close this question, it's a dupe of one about Windows line endings
@dessert well, see my comment
(on the question... perhaps you did, and if so, I apologise. I don't know that we have a canonical post for that)
(however it is a common problem)
4:47 PM
@dessert why not? The same procedure will fix it in every case :)
not like compiling haha
5:04 PM
@Zanna not the close voters' fault... OP totally edited the question because it was an XY problem (see first revision)
Q: Explain why the athlete produces lactic acid when running at 14km/h
A: Their body does it for a good reason
1 hour later…
6:09 PM
Not cheap, good taste, but still terrible (in quite a different way)
CC @ByteCommander
Site is really slow and every now and then i get:
Superuser has the same problem...
@Fabby I don’t get the image.
Chat has no problems
@dessert Does that mean "I cannot see that image" or "I have no problems" ?
@Fabby that’s supposed to mean “I’m too stupid to understand what this image with the fish wants to say.”
but I don’t have problems either ;)
why should I need have problems, I have a wife ;D
6:20 PM
:D And children!
Restarting firefox.
@Fabby cache’n cookies is the first thing you should try
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 9 mins ago, by SNAFU
We're investigating an issue. Next update in 30 minutes.
lol I thought you were saying cash & cookies should be tried when having problems with wife/children
The first thing I should do is look at twitter.
poor sampling during skim-read of the chat XD
6:22 PM
@Zanna Starred!
(perfectly reasonable assumption)
@Fabby n00bs can't even keep a server running :=)
and there goes AU
Oops! Something Bad Happened!
We apologize for any inconvenience, but an unexpected error occurred while you were browsing our site.

It’s not you, it’s us. This is our fault.
>:-) >:-) >:-)
and back again :D
See above: fish and balloons!
n00bs I tell you!
6:23 PM
it's intermittent
@Zanna my children don’t care a fig for money. ;)
@Rinzwind Not N00bs, just a bunch of developers that know nothing about System Administration!
:D :D :D
We're investigating an issue. Next update in 30 minutes.
6:24 PM
automatic fallback for the win
and now AU works but lags >:-D
6:41 PM
http://StackOverflow.com (and related network sites) are back and functional. We apologize for the interruption in service.
@Feeds where is the refund in lost rep? Hmm? >:)
7:28 PM
Zanna seems quite busy with fixing posts tonight. Good job.
wellI stop using AU when someone does that
It is so annoying having the frontpage filled with topics 2,3,4 years old
Hmm. I haven't considered that point of view but it sounds understandable as well.
7:46 PM
"improving" suggested edits, fixing stuff in the CV and LQP queue for the most part. I only edited 2 old posts in the process of killing the tag and a couple of related posts found from there
I am also in favor of a privilige where you can mark an edit as maintenance where it does not get kicked to the frontpage ;) Does not have to be a high rep requirement either.
that would be good!
I am constantly slowing down my editing because of this
could have killed the tag all in 20 minutes even thoroughly fixing every post on each page
but instead gotta do it super slow
8:07 PM
Sorry if I kinda opened a pandora's box :-(
I appreciate your comment :)
some folks find my editing excessive :(
@PerlDuck nah. just a minor annoyance. Editting needs to be done too.
hi. I can't read any more sd card on my laptop. it hrows me error in the log. like mmcblk0: error -110 transferring data, sector 30317688, nr 168, cmd response 0x900, card status 0x0. In fact, it is micro sd card, and they work fine because I can read them with a micro sd card to usb reader. So the problem is only with the sd card reader. or the adapter. So is it hardware or ubuntu ?
@Rinzwind Glad to hear that. I am annoyed by the automatic "bumped to homepage by the community" thing which bumps 7 yr old Ubuntu 11.4 questions about someone who typed "soodu" instead of "sudo" (or whatever) and wonders why it suddenly ceased to work.
8:20 PM
@solsTiCe output of sudo smartctl --all /dev/XdY?
@PerlDuck I totally agree
(where X and Y are the denominators of your SD-Card? )
@PerlDuck those are also helpful, because we can then summarily destroy those crappy questions XD
/me trying to install smartmontools. apt want sme to isntall postfix ? what is that depandency ???
@Zanna Run dpkg -S /etc/apt, download all the packages listed, install with dpkg -i... APT will probably work then...
8:27 PM
@solsTiCe sudo apt install --dry-run smartmontools for me also says ... will be installed: ... libgsasl7 libkyotocabinet16v5 libmailutils5 libntlm0 mailutils mailutils-common postfix
:45387428 “ask/pose somebody a question”?
Apparently the smartmontool want to send emails when something is wrong.
Ask someone a question
@Fabby so I got now rtsx_usb_sdmmc rtsx_usb_sdmmc.0.auto: no support for card's volts. very weird. So I tried another mciro sd to sd card adapter and it works. I am mystified. I have tried a lot of them . I can't believe they all die at the same time
8:30 PM
@Fabby Really? At school we were taught to pose a question.
@solsTiCe If you bought them at the same time or if they've all been lying in the sun at the same time, yes they do...
@PerlDuck Damn...
I'm going to go to sleep early today: I need it.
@PerlDuck you can pose a question, but you usually ask someone a question
@Fabby No, I'm just curious. Sometimes they teach weird things at school. I think both is OK.
@Zanna Thank you...
@Zanna Ahh, cool. Thank you. :-)
8:33 PM
I can't think what that grammatical relationship is called. Probably dessert knows! What kind of object is the someone? I am so rusty on this stuff
Who cares what it's called... We now know what to use.
I'm just so exhausted.
I shouldn't be working 70h weeks at my age any more...
Oh it's the indirect object... the recipient of the direct object (the question)
@Zanna that’s a indirect object in dative
@dessert :D :D :D
@dessert Are you an English Teacher?
oh, you meant “someone”
8:35 PM
I mean the someone in "ask someone a question"
@Fabby no, a linguist
do we really have a dative case in English?
@dessert How many languages to you speak?
@Zanna of course, just that you can’t tell :D
(Programming languages don't count)
8:36 PM
haha because nothing happens to the noun
Tamil is so much more fun for nouns
@dessert If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle...
>:-) >:-) >:-)
I really like that expression.
I remember my English teacher explaining that "fish" is the correct plural of "fish" but if you want to really stress having multiple of them, you can also say "fishes". I never heard of "fishes" later until a few years ago and then I was very proud of her.
fishes sounds so beautiful and poetic
unlike sheeps...
@Fabby I only speak a few: German, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French are the ones I usually list, but I can read and understand many more, even if I didn’t see or hear them before.
@PerlDuck Childer used to be the plural of child in medieval times, but as no one had just one child, childer was eventually not seen as a plural any more so they added another plural to the plural: childeren, which then was too long so abbreviated over the years to children...
8:39 PM
I studied mostly dead languages like Hittite, Tocharian, Gothic, Latin, Ancient Greek, Vedic Sanskrit etc. pp.
so somewhat more properly speaking @PerlDuck "ask" likes/can have an indirect object, the recipient (someone) of the direct object (a question), but "pose" doesn't want an indirect object
@dessert Aas moos veis waas vroten de katten de kuul aaf.
@Fabby A common mistake in Germany is to call them "childs". It sounds so correct.
@PerlDuck Kinds? Or do you mean childs is a common mistake Germans make in English?
@Fabby Yes, "childs" instead of "children".
8:42 PM
Ein Kind, zwei Kinds oder 2 Childs???
@Fabby I’ve never read this explanation before, but it seems perfectly reasonable, what is the source?
@Fabby no, only the english word, not the german one!
update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-4.15.0-23-generic
/sbin/ldconfig.real: Warning: ignoring configuration file that cannot be
opened: /etc/ld.so.conf.d/i386-linux-gnu_EGL.conf: No such file or directory
/sbin/ldconfig.real: Warning: ignoring configuration file that cannot be opened: /etc/ld.so.conf.d/i386-linux-gnu_GL.conf: No such file or directory
/sbin/ldconfig.real: Warning: ignoring configuration file that cannot be opened: /etc/ld.so.conf.d/x86_64-linux-gnu_EGL.conf: No such file or directory
nobody says „Kinds“
8:42 PM
@dessert Flemish is a Germanic language too and the same happened there, but it's more obvious there:
@Fabby Ein Kind, zwei Kinder. German is really tough to learn. No apparent rules.
Flemish: Kind, Kinder (Medieval), Kinderen (Modern)
@PerlDuck Try Flemish!
And that only 5.5 M people in the world speak it, doesn't help neither.
@Fabby old r-stem made to new n-stem – great :>
That's why most of us speak 4 languages: very limited vocabulary: by the time you're 18 you know all the words in the dictionary.
Also: Flemish is just a group of separate languages so that's why we write in Dutch.
the above is Flemish from Limburg, close to the German-Dutch border.
here's one from Bruges:
As't rent, rent 't 'rin.
In dutch: Als het regent, regent het binnen.
Same as Plattdeutsch...
Bavarian and Hessian are a bit different...
@Zanna you can ask for “someone” in “ask someone a question” with “Whom?” – actually there are interrogatives for genitive and dative: “Whose” and “Whom”
so if English still has these interrogatives, is has to have the cases too IMHO
8:49 PM
$ ll /etc/ld.so.conf.d/i386-linux-gnu_EGL.conf
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 41 May 18 22:43 /etc/ld.so.conf.d/i386-linux-gnu_EGL.conf -> /etc/alternatives/i386-linux-gnu_egl_conf
oooh so whom is dative?
it’s very debatable though, of course
it is indeed
aaah that's wonderful
I get so much out of learning this language with real cases
I love it
@Fabby I once met a man from the US in London. He told me he met a Swiss guy and they were talking about languages. The US guy was amazed they have four languages in Switzerland and manage to talk to each other. He said he has even problems to understand what someone from TX says.
8:51 PM
American English differs less among the entire US than English differs jus in England.
I have problems understanding some of my colleagues in Switzerland.
(let alone Scotland and Wales)
Try talking to a kid in Newcastle-upon-Tyne...
(btw, got employed in Zurich)
is that news?
@dessert The American or you?
8:52 PM
@Fabby which American? oO
@Zanna Well, it was a big surprise to me!
@Fabby I didn't get it >
that happened very recently, yes
@dessert Sorry! Mixing up two conversations
Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, I was asking if it had happened recently
@dessert congratulations!
8:53 PM
@Zanna No offence taken!
I once ate a Whopper in Zurich. For 17 €. Okaaay, it was quite good, but not that good.
No, I’m supposed to be offended Fabby!
@dessert I'm never offended.
@Zanna thanks
And people have tried...
@dessert So you're going to work in the banking industry?
8:54 PM
I have been to the airport in Zurich on the way to a castle in Germany where I taught 2 junior duchesses a little science XD
And they hired you without speaking Schweizerdütsch?
@Fabby unfortunately not, at the University
@dessert Good!
@Zanna :O You're a scientist too?
@PerlDuck Brits don't just speak our dialects, we also speak really badly XD
It's full of them here...
8:55 PM
and it’s linguistics, it really doesn’t matter which language you speak :D
I ate the Whopper at Zurich airport. On my way from Frankfurt to London. Via Zurich. It was fun, though.
1 egg in a hotel used to cost 1 CHF
In Zwitzerland you can only buy organic, free-range eggs.
That's it: no industrial eggs at all.
I work in home office, only visiting Zurich every few weeks. It’s just amazing. :>
(the industry imports them all from France)
@dessert I can imagine!
no, I just teach science. I am a qualified teacher, but I don't have a science degree. I just know the material at the school level. My first degree is in photographic arts (I know nothing about that and I'm no good at it)
8:57 PM
Living in Germany, getting a Swiss wage and a Swiss pension!
@Zanna :D :D :D
but which sciences do you teach?
Bio? Chem? Pḧys? All?
up to which level?
@Fabby Rocket!
@Fabby but I have to pay German taxes and get no pension with a job lasting only six months (which is quite common for a University job here as well as there).
I teach all of them at GCSE level and a little post-16 vocational stuff. My specialism is physics
(just interested, as I believe everyone should have a minimum STEM education)
@Zanna Quamtum Physics is still a hobby of mine, but I never tell anyone.
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