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3:25 PM
@cl I don't know when the other users will look into it, several of them posted in askubuntu and since abandoned it so I'm not entirely certain
@Rinzwind Ha! :P
@Thijser okay, we'll see ... good afternoon to you ! :)
Good afternoon
@terdon :D :D :D
Hi terdon ! :)
3:30 PM
@cl-netbox ah it looks like someone confirmed the bug 8 minutes ago
@Thijser great ! good news ... now the status has changed to confirmed ! :) First step done ... :)
The next step probably will not go as fast as the one time I reported a security bug
@Thijser When more users confirm it, the importance level rises up and then the thing should accelerate :)
At least with the number of links I spread around the internet searching just about anything related to the left speaker of subwoofer and ubuntu places the bug somewhere on the first page
Does anyone know what a VCR/DVD player is?
Q: How do I limit traffic on a per port basis (Ubuntu Server)

OlufonI want to set up a datacap system for a server I am running a proxy on. I'm not interested in throttling bandwidth. I just want to limit users to x GB per month/week/day etc. All my googling has returned data on throttling. Thank you.

Okay, @Thijser but do you know how to put the DVD in the player, select the source button, and press play?
@TheXed Well I would start by opening the dvd tray (assuming the device is plugged in), put in the dvd in the tray, close the tray, look for the "source"button press it and then look for the "play" button and then press it. But I guess you already tried that?
It wasn't me that was having the issue...I was just making sure I wasn't the only one in the world that could follow the simple logic of running one of these things...
I have a suspicion that somewhere in this scenario there is a 50+ year old involved, is that correct?
3:52 PM
@Thijser, no...a 20 something...
how the hell did a 20 something get a vcr system?
@Thijser Are you talking about me ? hahaha :D
Substitute teacher in a classroom
ah in that case tell him/her to ask one of the kids to figure it out
@Thijser maybe from his parents ? :D
3:54 PM
@Thijser that is even worse...
one kid said to me "I don't know much about computers so I couldn't help..."
@TheXed it will be a fun learning experience
I said it is a VCR...
well kids have to know how to operate a device, it could be an interesting experience for them to try and figure out how to operate this device (how old are the kids and are they special needs?)
The American education system has failed for the last 50 years by not teaching kids how to critically think...we are starting to see the effects of this...
High school aged and no.
ehm they should be able to figure this stuff out, perhaps send them a youtube video on how to do this?
3:56 PM
askubuntu.com/questions/540/how-do-i-develop-net-apps-on-ubuntu The bounty should be the easiest. I'm surprised to see it's still not awarded
@TheXed not only in America ... the same you can see here. :)
Hurry everyone remember all the math facts, but we don't need to know why or how we arrived at the conclusion...
My wife (who is a teacher) and I debate about this all the time...
My theory is we don't need to know what the facts are as long as we know how to do the math...
might be handy, but isn't a neccessity...
@TheXed college system in particular pisses me off, because of the tuition and textbook prices plus some teachers who just dgaf about teaching
I think that heavily depends on who you are and on what level you are, a future scientists should now the entire theory, a future auto mechanic just needs to know how to do the basics
@Serg Sir, what kind of words are you using ? ... hahaha ... Hi Sergiy ! :)
4:00 PM
That's why I'm in favour of teaching subjects on multiple levels depending on how good a child is at that thing
@cl-netbox morning :)
@Serg what's the shell syntax for if ("$1" == SBSignature)?
@Thijser just a point of correction...there is no theory if there is a fact at the end...
@Thijser That's great ! :)
I'll just make another script :p
4:02 PM
@Serg times like these make me feel good about how I "only" spend 6k on my tuition and books, while receiving 10k from the governement
@Zacharee1 if [ "$1" ="string" ] ; then ... fi
note spaces after.square braces
that's so weird
But I digress...
also arg1 , equals, and arg2 all are separated by space
@Zacharee1 there is a reason for that
Because how do we teach a new generation how to think critically if our current teachers don't even know how...
4:04 PM
@TheXed well, they will have to research.
@TheXed then the parents will have to do the job - right ? :)
@cl-netbox parents are useless :-P
here is the answer to get that 50 bounty channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/dotnet/…
more on that topic later. i cannot type properly on phone
@Anwar then write the answer ... Hi Anwar ! :)
4:05 PM
Q: Setting the persistence-path boot parameter

RichardI want to set up Ubuntu Live with Persistence Storage and want to keep persistent data in an image file. The main operating system is Windows and I stored the image file in an NTFS formatted drive. I prepared the image file using the dd command. Now, I tried adding persistence-path=/path/to/ima...

@TheXed by showing enough stupidity independent thought can be encouraged.
@cl-netbox I'm the bounty setter. hi :)
@Thijser they refuse to believe their children are incapable...
@TheXed well you just gotta out stupid the parents by showing an even more stupid teacher and then they might start thinking critically
Or they will just follow the lead...
4:09 PM
@TheXed that is the real problem ...
@TheXed there comes a point where you show such unadulterated stupidity that it becomes impossible to follow the lead, have you considered bringing in a flat earther?
@Thijser I was thinking about bringing in a evolutionist...
@TheXed sure he won't just get burned at the stake?
ugh github is slow
@Thijser if I do that...one way or another someone is going to leave feeling more stupid then when they came into the room...
Are you a teacher @Thijser ?
4:13 PM
@cl-netbox no but I have been a TA for a few courses
(computer graphics, an AI related course and something about software engineering)
@Thijser I don't think we are allowed to burn people at the stake anymore...
@TheXed that requires the involved parties to be aware of history or law right?
Q: Delete and repost or complete rewrite?

Elder GeekI've been reviewing some of my answers in an effort to improve them. During this process I ran across an answer that required a complete replacement. It was of poor quality and didn't belong here (yes, I'm embarrassed as well I should be) I deleted my original (0 vote) answer and replaced it with...

@AskUbuntuMeta And about time too! :D
4:29 PM
@ParanoidPanda If you pay for support you can use it even longer - did you know that ? :D Good afternoon panda ! :)
OK I'm back. . . .
@Serg nice :) welcome back my friend :)
@Zacharee1 so about the bash's if statement. Here's the biggest truth of all : if statement in bash (or any other shell for that matter) doesn't really behave like if statement in other programming languages. It checks return statements of a command, and that's where it's important. Square brace is the "test" command, and that's why spaces are also important. So , this: if test "$1" = "some_string" ; then . . . fi would be equivalent
still weird
true that, but that's just how shells roll
4:36 PM
Q: Can we burninate shared?

Kaz Wolfeshared is useless. Just completely and utterly useless. It doesn't refer to anything currently, is used all over the place (shared folders/shared libraries/shared memory), and has no definition for obvious reasons. Each of those reasons have their own specific tag already: sharing for data (ev...

@cl-netbox Yes, I also got an email about that. ESM was it?
@Serg eww single ply
@ParanoidPanda yes :)
@KazWolfe hush, I'm broke, only can afford single ply
@Serg you poor poor soul
4:46 PM
@KazWolfe better than sandpaper amirite ?
@Serg barely
@KazWolfe is that . . . time for barrel puns ?
@Serg no.
well, that is a.bucket of.disappointment
bleh, i cannot make puns today, brain too tired
barrel with me for a second, i will come up with something
@Serg why not give yourself some rest then ? :)
4:51 PM
@cl-netbox i am at work
@Serg hmmm ... then make a break afterwards ... :)
there is barrely any time for that
i have class after work
I've fully broken my apt-get habit :D
@Serg when you don't give yourself some rest from time to time, you'll ruin your health ...
@KazWolfe how that ? what did you change ?
@cl-netbox Using regular apt now.
4:57 PM
@KazWolfe so can we say . . . you apt-don't-get it now ?
@KazWolfe oh I am using it since 16.10 was released ... one advantage : less to type ! :D
@Serg Have you seen this @ParanoidPanda ? :D
Not a panda, but we can bear with it
(as you can see I'm trying hard to exercise my punny muscles)
@Serg :D
@Zanna Just out of curiosity : why did you remove the tag gnome-boxes from the question -> askubuntu.com/questions/888557/… ? @ParanoidPanda asks something about the usage of gnome-boxes ... :) Good afternoon to you ! :)
5:17 PM
Boxes, also known as GNOME Boxes is an application of the GNOME Desktop Environment, used to access remote or virtual systems. == History and functionality == GNOME Boxes was initially introduced as beta software in GNOME 3.3 (development branch for 3.4) as of Dec 2011, and as a preview release in GNOME 3.4. Its primary functions are as a virtual machine manager, remote desktop client (over VNC), and remote filesystem browser, utilizing the libvirt, libvirt-glib, and libosinfo technologies. This enables the viewing of remote systems and virtual machines on other computers in addition to locally...
@cl-netbox @Zanna @cl-netbox rolled it back for now
Ok, at some point somehow I should be able to start studying . . . now what is that point ?
I need a pointer
waiting for someone to respond with int *ptr = &studying;
@Thijser :D
Let's hope that somehow translating pulseaudio to Dutch is going to help them solve my problem
@cl-netbox Easy to tell why. That's the only question with gnome-boxes as the tag.
Some other questions related to gnome-boxes have boxes as the tag.
Wonder what should be done.
@jokerdino interesting ... who created the tag ?
5:28 PM
char const *sound = "woof"; @Thijser
@cl-netbox Panda.
No clue what the discussion above is about (too tired to read) but we definitely need the tag: blub
@jokerdino hmmm ... what do you think - should we keep boxes or gnome-boxes ? gnome-boxes is more suitable I think, boxes can be everything ... such like "cl-netboxes" ... hahaha :D
@cl-netbox We need a meta discussion I feel.
@jokerdino @Zanna at least is clear enough. is arbitrary. Now, while there's two other questions tagged with boxes, I don't think it wins that much advantage. Other questions can be easily re-tagged. At least that's my opinion
5:32 PM
So time to quicly retag all of the [boxes] question to [gnome boxes]
OK, actually 9 questions
Can we have a discussion on meta before we do that?
@Serg I agree with you ... a meta discussion for 9 questions would be a bit too much effort @jokerdino ... so let's re-tag boxes to gnome-boxes. :)
I am kinda inclined towards gnome-boxes but I don't want to do that without hearing what others have to say.
5:33 PM
I vote gnome-boxes
I vote meta
I vote potato 2020
@JacobVlijm Why Jacob ? Good afternoon ! :)
5:34 PM
We already have a potato.
Hey CL
Me? @jokerdino
I vote cl-netboxes ... hahaha
Yes I was just purging newly created tags that seemed unnecessary
@JacobVlijm Not you haha
@jokerdino Glad to hear :) I am a carrot
5:36 PM
However, if we do need that tag, then I will refrain from assaulting it
@JacobVlijm I like carrot.
@JacobVlijm or a mango
Orange :)
I like Oranje.
On the inside
5:36 PM
^ See, good people do @jokerdino
They have lots of windmill.
Orange is the new black . . . or something . . .
@Zanna it is simply the more correct and matching tag - new or not :)
What, orange?
5:37 PM
Ooops that was to orange is the new black
@JacobVlijm Dutch nationalism?
Which is a good thing
^ The average birthday party talk
No! Omg must refrain from chatting on mobile
Big mistake
5:38 PM
No orange?
Yes orange.
@jokerdino Were Johan Cruyff and Marco van Basten ever part of the Citizens ? :D
Well, one day I'm totally going to change my avatar to complete my transformation into Jacob's clone, and will change my avatar into single-color image
How about bright pink ?
Would be too much pink.
^ I am your fan!
5:39 PM
@jokerdino there's never enough pink (ΦωΦ)
I like pink
@cl-netbox No, but I like orange :/
@Serg what about blue?
@jokerdino Me too ... and most of the Dutch people ! :)
Pink means meat to me :(
5:41 PM
I don't like pink much.
@Zanna representing the vegetarian side of things?
(stereotyping entirely based on your avatar)
@cl-netbox :)
5:42 PM
@Thijser I'm vegan :)
What's your view on single celled organisms?
Who is?
(never counted them)
They are interesting?
@Thijser I can say good on them for not building a wall!
Except those that do I mean.
I believe my blood sugar is a bit low... have to get some food, see you later :)
5:44 PM
@Thijser plants are complex multicellular organisms and I mercilessly eat them
@JacobVlijm cya :)
@Zanna what about single celled animals?
@JacobVlijm Bon apetite ! :)
Q: Is yeast-risen bread (or other baked products) vegan?

EricaMost breads are leavened with yeast, which is killed during baking. If my recipe is flour, water, yeast, and a bit of salt, is the resulting bread non-vegan?

@Thijser Are you from Belgium or Netherlands ? :)
5:46 PM
@Thijser there aren't any single celled animals
@cl-netbox Netherlands
@Thijser nice :)
@Thijser I am sorry
Go vote , right meow !!! strawpoll.me/12536696
@jokerdino why sorry ? orange is orange ... :D
5:48 PM
@Zanna I was thinking about things like the tardigrade
What's that?
(sorry if it's annoying I just love finding where people place their boundries on their ethical viewpoints)
Oh I found it
That's not unicellular at all
aww I was just typing out what it was
Oh, don't let me stop you ;)
5:52 PM
Couldn't remember the name of the unicellular life form I was thinking about...
It can't be an animal, must be a protist
Well in general what is your viewpoint on the kingdom of Protista (which are the "fuck it if we know" group of lifeforms and include many creatures that without this group would be considered animals?).
Well . . . that doesn't help my indecisive nature
Q: X11 - Swipe vs. Select

Engineer DolleryI'm building a kiosk app, using NodeJS and Electron, for kiosks with 2 touch screens (from 3M), based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. One one machine I have ubuntu-desktop installed, on another I only have X11 installed, without the desktop support. When I run my app from a terminal window on the ubuntu de...

Q: Difficulty to download GHDL with Ubuntu 16.04

HixGood evening, I wanted to download GHDL so I did this command : sudo apt-get install ghdl But I have a message who said that no version of the GHDL package is disponible, but that it exists in the database. And they said that the package GHDL doesn't have a version who can be installed. I...

@Serg You need to vote
6:04 PM
@cl-netbox stupid question :=D
@Serg royal blue of course ... royal for royal scripting ... blue for, well for being blue (word for being drunken in German) from drinking that much vodka and whisky ! :D :D :D
@Rinzwind why is that stupid ? :D
@cl-netbox ofcourse he is dutch
we dutch are omnipresent
@Rinzwind and how can I know this ? :D
We shall rule the seas!
@cl-netbox see my previous sentense
6:08 PM
@Rinzwind hahaha :D
i just scanned a document at 2400 dpi by accident ;-;
Anyway I have to increase my caloric intake
@Thijser you already do - don't you ? ask @Rinzwind ! :D
see you guys
@cl-netbox we only rule a few seas right now, there are still a few hiding far away from us
@Thijser goodbye - see you later ! :)
@Thijser hahaha ... nice :D
6:09 PM
Owl right, so now Royal Blue is in the lead by 40%
@Serg great ! :D
I'll keep the straw poll on until like 12:45, and if things don't change by then, Royal Blue it is
final file size of an 8.5x11 scan of my signature @ 2400dpi: 174.63 mb
Can you imagine how confused people will be ? There's an orange guy and blue guy , all writing some cryptic code in python, and arguing in comments about stuff ? People are going to be royally confused
@JacobVlijm cc ^
6:13 PM
so use orange too!
it is the best color ever anyways
I vote for Olive Green.
that is like voting for puke :=)
orange ftw
It matches with his current gravatar then :P
i asked a student.to.put sticky note.on mac when she is done so i can work on it
well, she did
6:31 PM
I love how the moment your Apple Developer subscription expires, they pull your apps.
@Serg What were you expecting? Some sort of software note thing?
@terdon Well, I was expecting the student to put it on the side, like bottom left corner. But this works too, makes it impossible to miss
@Serg Ah, right. OK
Actually . . . I should just stop expecting anything from people . . . Humans are absolutely unpredictable . . . and that's why I love software and computers . . . at least I can deal with those
Hmmm I like it that people surprise me all the time
6:48 PM
I like it when people surprise me in positive way. Not in the "facepalm, now why did you do that ?" type of way
ok, keybase is cool.
Well, by popular demand, Royal blue wins
like, really cool. i never got a chance to use it, but it's awesome.
@Serg I can't see it ... :D
@cl-netbox takes time to sync across all the sites
6:51 PM
@Serg a coder should be different and not follow the crowd :+)
@Rinzwind I am different. I wasn't following the crowd, I gave them a straw poll to decide :p
@Rinzwind He didn't follow the crowd - he was convinced by my arguments ! :D
@Serg cool :D
@Serg :'(
6:55 PM
@Serg I'd like to argue with you on the fact that we are arguing. We are not.
@KazWolfe looks like you voted to keep derpwolf ?
On a more serious note. @Serg, you are hereby to turn in your Wolf Card to the proper authorities (any current wolf) for destruction. Continued possession of your Wolf Card is illegal and is subject to penalties including but not limited to being hunted down by the pack.
@KazWolfe I lost it 2 weeks ago anyway :p
You are further not permitted to request another Wolf card for at least 4 weeks, at which point you must again prove that you are, in fact, a wolf.
Goodbye - see you tomorrow :)
6:57 PM
@cl-netbox good night
@Serg Thanks - same for you ! :)
@KazWolfe How does one prove they're a wolf ? Howl and wag tail ?
If you do request another Wolf Card without both of these things being true, you must wait an additional 3 months from time of last submission to re-submit your application. The timer restarts every time you submit before your ban has expired and/or failure to provide proper identification at time of submission.
Geeee, so complex . . . I'll just apply to being a potato . . . I'm sure GLaDOS will welcome me to the ranks

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