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9:01 PM
including the dev who brought AOSP to the V20
200 \o/
149/150 :D
@Zacharee1 that's actually a Linux program for setting x11 wallpaper
of course it is
we have Cherry Linux
so why not feh?
9:04 PM
oo, cherry
@Serg what are you talking about. Yellow starbursts are the best.
@KazWolfe I just like cherry flavor. Also, that's emotional attachment because i used to like a girl named Sherry
Yellow starbursts are still the best.
well that's like . . .your opinion,man . . .
There are not enough starred messages.
9:15 PM
George needs to learn how to chroma key.
and hit keys with his beak
and probably take a marketing seminar.
also, where can i download zit, and does it have support for Git-based projects?
@NathanOsman fixed that for you
@KazWolfe That was for humor.
A good chunk of the rest of the film was shot with a green screen and you didn't notice.
I purposely made it fail for the ad though.
You'll also notice the video compression for the ad is terrible :P
man, I'm so reliefed (is that even a word?)
9:23 PM
thanks @KazWolfe!
the financing I'm about to start needed that my payment from this month was above X, but if it was above X+300 I would have to pay a bigger percentage
@KazWolfe Maybe I'll answer that in the next video :P
I just received today, and it is around X+280 :)
things are happening as planned so far!
Well, if you ever need to send someone the link to the ad, it's also available as a separate video:
@NathanOsman can you repost George latest vid?
9:29 PM
Be sure to enable captions...
I bet you got that bookmarked :=)
5th upvote :D
$ sudo apt-get install zit

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    zit : Depends: Visual-Basic but it is not going to be installed
9:40 PM
@IanC welcome back. I got things figured out
Em . . . Visual Basic ? EWWWWW
@Serg Oh, cool! I'll be back there in a second :)
what was the issue? something with the guest additions?
@NathanOsman, just saying, Mono is a thing.
is it too awkward Visual Basic was the first programming language I learned? :p
@KazWolfe That only works for .Net.
@IanC yeah, Lubuntu didn't have build-essential installed, thus couldn't find make utility, and wasn't building the guest additions properly. I reinstalled everything and deleted old sf_shared_folder
9:43 PM
@IanC Most of us started with some form of Basic.
Don't feel bad - I started with QBasic.
I started with Trubo Pascal . . .
I started with VBA... shudders
Pascal is a worthy language to start with.
@KazWolfe That is 100% terrifying.
@NathanOsman Thoroughbred Basic. and still do
9:44 PM
@NathanOsman I went from that to BlitzBasic (Blitz3D), which I learned better, when I was younger I liked trying to program games, and B3D was a cool language to play around with for that purpose
@NathanOsman I know. I quickly jumped ship into C, then Python, and then back to VBA, and then Java, and now Python (again).
But at that time I had no idea what was i doing. But I really call C my first programming language
I prefer JS and the arduino IDE
I jumped into C++ a bit too early and drowned.
I just don't like python
9:45 PM
Arduino language doesn't really exist . . . It compiles to C behind the scenes
@UbuntuUser The language or how it is used?
@Serg Isn't Arduino a variant of C++?
@UbuntuUser what exactly you don't like about it ? It's quite powerful
@NathanOsman something like that . . . There's actually a post about it on electrical engineering site, i'll find it in a sec
@NathanOsman I just don't like style of it... I like a more JS language
@UbuntuUser Those are good too. C++ has very similar syntax to JavaScript.
Although, C++ has actual classes :P
@NathanOsman On khan academy, there are tutorials for JS. That is where I learnt.
9:48 PM
@NathanOsman Yeh!
@NathanOsman I red a bit of C when I was young, but I didn't really learn it until today. Back in the time where I thought I was learning C if you wanted to scramble my head we just had to talk about linking, pre processing and compiling. I used Code::blocks -.-
I can't see myself touching an IDE again, at least not for C
@NathanOsman so , didn't find the article , but i found this : arduino.cc/en/Hacking/BuildProcess So language get's passed to avr-gcc compiler . . .
I used to use Code::Blocks.
but I grew such a love for that language
even though sometimes it doesn't love me back
9:50 PM
Bye guys, I will go code my arduino.
@UbuntuUser bye man, have fun!
@NathanOsman I guess from the IDEs it was the better one, I wouldn't try Eclipse or Virtual Studio
If you ever do decide to try an IDE again, be sure to check out Qt Creator.
It is 100% awesome.
I heard of that before
but never used it, why do you find it awesome?
@IanC It has excellent code-completion, the interface is very easy to work with, and I've had very few problems with it.
It includes a plugin for CMake integration too.
@IanC Thanks! But I have a problem...
9:58 PM
@NathanOsman sounds good and also looks good, kind of like it simple! I'm currently using vim, but might try it out :)
@UbuntuUser what is it?
problems? such a noob
@NathanOsman btw, why are you connecting to a socket in a SIGINT signal?
@IanC How do I select 101?
I want that Chrome theme
9:59 PM
@IanC Qt Creator is very simple - it's really easy to get started using it.
@UbuntuUser no idea, I know nothing about Arduino :p
OH...... well I'll ask on the arduino site
@NathanOsman is Bluefish classified as an IDE?
@IanC Long story - I'm working on a Qt application and I need the application to terminate its event loop when a signal is received. Since signal handlers can be invoked at any time, I can't really do anything with the event loop directly. I use a connected socket pair to work around this.
@IanC I'm not sure. That's a good question.
@NathanOsman like, in the event loop you listen on that socket for connections, that would indicate a SIGINT signal, and then elegantly quit it after a connection comes it?
oh, actually, it seems you open the connection and just write to it when signal arrives right?
10:04 PM
Signal handlers are a bit quirky in that your application can be interrupted at any point when they are invoked.
So it isn't really safe to touch any variables within the handler.
Writing to a socket is safe, however.
Then when the handler returns and normal execution resumes, it sees that new data is available in the socket and goes "hey, data was received, time to quit!"
@NathanOsman even if that variable is readonly on the thread? I ask because usually my approach on those situations, where I have a thread with a loop I can't access and I need a way to ask it to quit, is usually to have a field on a handler data structure that is read on the loop every time, and the signal just writes to that field
something like:
struct handler_t {
    int kill_program;
    //Other information that might be necessary on the thread loop
Unless you wrap the reads and writes in a mutex, you have a potential race condition.
the loop just reads kill_program, and the main thread is the only one that could write to it (after SIGINT for example)
even if only one thread writes to it? and the others only read?
Yes, even with one thread.
Race conditions! Try debugging that! >:-)
10:10 PM
Because your code probably looks like this:
if (handler.kill_program) {
...or something similar.
The race condition happens when the thread is preempted between the comparison and the break.
This won't happen every time, or even most of the time. But it could happen.
@NathanOsman but in that case, the most can happen is the loop to run again, until the next check
if it's ok for that to happen it should be fine I guess
Q: A new editing format

Ubuntu UserWell, I edit a lot. But you don't use this or this or this to show important system/machine details like what ubuntu or package you want to install. Is there something you could use for that?

@IanC Possibly.
I can't think of a problem off the top of my head.
But I always use mutexes just to be on the safe side.
10:24 PM
@NathanOsman you're right to do so, it is only safe to use that if you don't mind the program running for maybe a loop longer than it was supposed to, actually, some spinlocks are implemented in a way that only the first read is atomic, to avoid the performance issue of multiple processor locks
sorry, wrong link
sigh . . . i'm running low on energy, and i still have to deal with the bull-feces called EMF
Breaking news aren't so breaking
void lock(volatile lock_t *lock_status)
    while (test_and_set(lock_status) == 1)
        while (*lock_status == 1); // spin
Listing 4: Spin lock implementation avoiding excessive cache line bouncing
@NathanOsman by the way, not contesting anything you said, just brought this as a curiosity! I read most of this article a while back and remembered this
@Serg I dunno... seems pretty "broken" to me :D
10:34 PM
Yawn Hi guys!
@IanC Yup, no worries. I wasn't contesting anything you said either. I just wanted to make sure you understood race conditions.
@NathanOsman I see what you did there . . .have a star
They can be nasty little bugs.
Star this, for no reason at all.
@NathanOsman yeah, heard race conditions and deadlocks are the worst bugs to find and debug
10:36 PM
Go actually has a race-condition detector and it panics (aborts the program) when a deadlock occurs.
So that's an interesting thing to consider.
it is! I wonder how it detects race conditions
Q: What is the [office] tag for? Can we clarify?

ZannaOn a routine purge of useless new tags I found and attempted to destroy msoffice. This led me to office which has a significant number of questions but no wiki or usage guidance. From the questions it appears this tag is most often intended to refer to Microsoft Office, but it also seems to be b...

Guys, remember the days when Cannonical sent a liveCD completely free of charge if you asked for it? I think I might still have it, whatever version of Ubuntu it was :p
I guess it was 8.xx
I can see it's not very sustainable to do that, but it's nostalgic because it was my "first" contact with linux, for whatever reason I can't remember. I think I installed Red Hat before but didn't really use it
11:06 PM
it seems like one of those days that start out nicely,but at the end i feel burned out and feel like saying screw it all
@NathanOsman BREAKING NEWS: Politicians don't like to abolish the election system that afforded them the power to change it in the first place.
… unless they believe it will grant them more or more likely power in the future
11:24 PM
@Serg heavy day on the student monitoring?
@IanC Sort of. There was one class that needed to use lab, but they weren't on schedule, and another one. Turns out , that after lab reservations became responsibility of different department, some records got lost, apparently. And then there was another guy, who apparently lost his wireless mouse, and is like "I'm gonna get down to the bottom of this, my mouse is missing !" Well, you shouldn't loose it in the first place
And I'm trying to do homework at the same time
You know, college students in the U.S. are sort of starting to piss me off
I'm usually OK with things, but some of them just . . . don't have any discipline . . . or common sense . . or sense of being fckin' polite
I know what you mean :/
best you can do is try to not let them ruin your day, which is easier said than done
last couple days have been a bit stressful at work too
Anyway, tomorrow's thursday, and then there's gonna be whole weekend of peace and quiet at work, and I hope I'll get some time to actually make the pyutils pretty and commit to github
oh, you didn't push the repo to GitHub yet?
No, I only created the repository. I've 6 scripts, only pytail looks OK so far, but others need polish
11:41 PM
Huh, new Python project? What are you making?
@ByteCommander not a project, just recreational scripting . . . I'm making custom implementation of some GNU utils in python. So far I have tail , kind of pgrep, maybe gonna make grep but with python's re regex, and kind of du
Oh, and program that basically repeats text file x number of times. I wrote that one for Oli's question once, but maybe I'll remake it a bit
Pretty cool thing, actually. I made a 48 million line text file with it , and went pretty fast too
So you're caching the whole input file in memory after reading it completely once?
Could become a problem if someone gets the idea to pass it a multi-GB file...
Nope. What happens is that I print the file to stdin, then seek back to the first byte. And so on, in a for loop
Here it is actually, feel free to take a look : askubuntu.com/a/869012/295286
11:49 PM
@Serg I'm pretty sure there is a typo in your code...
@ByteCommander oh, where ?
Also, why do you need from __future__ import print_function if you use Python 3 anyway?
Protection from users who try to run python3 with python2 executable
Also, thanks, fixed the typo @ByteCommander
So you're reading the file from the disk over and over again...
Essentially, yes. Play the tape, rewind

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