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12:01 AM
more items for the queue! :D
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Steam won't launch 16.04 by Muartea on askubuntu.com
12:16 AM
lol I turned my cat into a ghost...
@TheXed Spoopy
@KazWolfe bottom left of the frame...
@RPiAwesomeness oh...haha
@TheXed oh, there it is.
12:21 AM
lol, one light switch for the dining area, and the other light switch is for the hall...
see, most places would put them on one plate in the same junction box
anyways I was experimenting with long exposures and the cat walked through the frame...
@KazWolfe perhaps so...I didn't do it..the house came like that...
also, cool idea: house where all switches are replaced by RPis with touch screens that control all the lights and everything.
Or you can just get IOT light bulbs...easier and cheaper :-P
not really...
plus then how can i control each room's heating, lights, sounds, receptables, etc. from one panel?
12:25 AM
Sure, I can get 2 lightbulbs for the price of one pi, and control them for my amazon echo...
OH! one panel to control the entire house...
Okay yeah in that case that makes more sense...
yeah, one master panel for everything, and then cheap little panels or similar in all the rooms
@KazWolfe no need for additional panels... just leave the regular switches...then if you need/want to you could control them from the master panel
but it would be cooler with screens everywhere
Plus you could make an app, so you could interface with your mobile...
because then, i just tap something on my board to change heat for my room, and only my room, or change lighting, or turn on sound, etc.
instead of pulling my phone or master panel.
12:31 AM
@KazWolfe but then you need to eliminate blue light...because blue light is god awful...
@TheXed that's doable.
some sort of e-ink screen, i'd guess
which reminds me I need to reinstall flux
at night (sunset), switch over to a special low-light interface without blues
set up a "good night" mode where it's just a faintly glowing white ring.
@KazWolfe I like it...come up with the hard stuff then come install it into my house/
k, $300 / switch replacement.
12:39 AM
nope going back to Phillips Hue...
I can do the entire house for 300...
except maybe my kitchen that has like 10 can lights in it...
+ $80 / outlet and light, another $350 for the HVAC, and then $50 for each IoT device
@TheXed you have 10 bulbs in your entire house?
okay, nevermind. 20
outside the kitchen probably 10-12
that's 150 at least.
completely random comment upvotes are completely random.
if you want colors, that's $45 / light, min
with the good bulbs being $50 ea
1:29 AM
anyone around
what is a 1 line version of the following?
wget -qO- limeblack.github.io/dvorak/us > us
gedit us
sudo gedit /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us
1:41 AM
@William Hi.
Is the goal to download http://limeblack.github.io/dvorak/us and make it the new /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us?
@EliahKagan yes the script works as is sort of
I have to copy and paste the data myself
Do you need to make a backup of the existing /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us file first?
If not, or if you have already made the backup, then you should just be able to run:
wget -qO- http://limeblack.github.io/dvorak/us | sudo tee /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us
That downloads the file (not as root) and, as it is downloads it, outputs it (as root) both to your terminal and to /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us, which is overwritten if it already exists.
So, that command is not displaying correctly in chat, sorry.
Wow. I have no idea how to write code properly in chat. I feel like this is something I once knew how to do. :)
The correct command has http:// at the start of the URL, and is the command shown at: paste.ubuntu.com/23801774
1:56 AM
@EliahKagan like this
wget -qO- limeblack.github.io/dvorak/us | sudo tee /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us
Thanks. I don't know what you did, though. :)
Btw, it turns out that the version without http:// also works with wget. Of course, that won't always be the case, for other protocols besides http.
I put four spaces in front of the code
Oh. I should definitely have thought of that, since that's how I make code in markdown for posts on the site! :)
Thanks -- now I know.
@EliahKagan one more question
how would I combine the commands of the following into one line
wget -qO- limeblack.github.io/dvorak/us | sudo tee /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us
wget -qO- limeblack.github.io/dvorak/pc | sudo tee /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc
or can I not
You can. Is the only requirement that it be on one line?
2:00 AM
If you just need them on one line than you can just separate them with a ;
wget -qO- limeblack.github.io/dvorak/us | sudo tee /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us; wget -qO- limeblack.github.io/dvorak/pc | sudo tee /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc
hmmm what about && would that work also?
The difference is that, with &&, the second command will run only if the first command indicates that it succeeded.
I was aware although had forgotten about the ; separator
That might well be what you want. However, if you want the exact same behavior as having them on separate adjacent lines in a script, that's ;.
I frequently use && btw -- it's handy. I'm not saying you need to prefer ; over it or anything. Just know your second command might not get executed, depending on what happens with the first command.
2:02 AM
you have been most hopefully would you like me to open a question on the main site
That's totally up to you. I'm not desperate for more rep :), but I'd be pleased to answer the question if you post it on the site. I might even add something about an alternate way to do it with a shell for loop (also on one line). Of course, I could just mention that here in chat, too.
If you think it will help people who read it, then please do post something. Even if you just think the post might be useful to you in the future, I'd suggest going ahead and posting. But you don't have to feel obligated toward me to do it.
so you seem to be quite knowledgeable I'm trying to remap the R_Alt with no success do you have any idea
it would have be your specialty
Another possible advantage of posting it on the main site is that you may get other answers with different techniques.
that is ttrue
Of course, even if you do decide to post it, you can post it later if you're busy now. If you do end up posting a question about this, please let me know. :)
2:07 AM
Q: Change Right Alt Key to Page Up Key

Liam WilliamI would like to set the right alt key as a page up key. Currently I have the following set which gets half of what I want done. key <MENU> { [ Next ] }; I have tried xmodmap and it doesn't work for reassigning the right alt key. Thank you!

its old but I can't seem to get it to work anymore
Do you only need it remapped in the GUI (X11)?
yes :)
i figured it out nevermind there is a separate file
You are still welcome to post the answer it will be interesting to see if we arrive at the same answer
I think our main key remapping question is this, though I'd guess you've seen it:
Q: How do I remap certain keys or devices?

NESI'm searching for a way to remap certain keys in ubuntu. i.e. I'd like to change PgUp to Home or PgDown to End. Does a built-in command or a tool exist reassign keys in Ubuntu/GNOME?

Oh, cool.
Well I don't actually know that much about remapping keys. If you have a new answer to the question of how to do it, I think you should go ahead and post an answer.
thank you for help again
2:25 AM
No problem! :)
2:56 AM
eliah is still here? well, glad you decided to stay! :D
3:20 AM
@KazWolfe but your at 300 per switch...
@TheXed nononono, that's your cost.
I know.
not mine.
I know...Phillip Hue is cheaper then your proposed solution...
my solution is fully open-source
and includes R&D costs.
3:30 AM
So I installed plasma and it is messing with my cursor in unity (some cursor stuff that doesn't exist on unity cursors fall back to default one of KDE, like busy one), anyone knows a fix?
@arda don't install plasma. it breaks unity.
On a more serious note, purge any plasma packages, and there are a bunch of configs that need erasing.
Well, rip. I installed plasma because I wanted to try out KDE connect, which is pretty cool tbh.
yeah, mixed DEs do not play nice on Ubuntu for some reason.
I'll look more into the purging and erasing tomorrow, thanks.
really, i think it's GTK configs and the like
3:38 AM
12 switches...
no thanks...
hey, installing is free.
it's mostly R&D because i don't know what I'm doing
@KazWolfe lol...even better, so when you wire everything wrong and my house goes up in smoke I am really screwed over...
3:51 AM
hm. 8 flags away.
oh smokeyyyy... <3 ~~~
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Upgrading Ubuntu chroot environment? by Nddjjdj on askubuntu.com
that technically is rude/abusive
namely, abusing the answer feature
@ByteCommander <3 thanks :) sorry I wasn't around had to leave my box right after writing it
4:33 AM
twerks into the AU room
hi serg
What's new ?
getting close to the 500 flag mark
Flu's not nice. 500 flags - nice
Q: Can't install packages from PPA (unable to locate package)

ShojanI'm unable to install any packages from PPAs in Elementary OS. alex@alex-GL502VM:~$ sudo apt-get install elementary-tweaks Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package elementary-tweaks I've run sudo apt-get update and fou...

we have an OP who realized their mistake and is moving the question.
so that's nice
4:38 AM
Actually, I was feeling kind of energy-less today as well. Hope I'm not getting no flues here because ain't nobody haz time for that - school starts next week
according to thomas, there's some worldwide outbreak of something.
> but I know there's been a worldwide outbreak of norovirus and respiratory infections
Oh, shiz . . .
@jokerdino Do you have a moment to do a migrate?
@Serg yeah well... we'll see. and/or otherwise figure it out and/or get over the disease.
Would I look too weird if I wear a face mask in the US ? In Asia it's perfectly acceptable
yes it definitely would.
4:44 AM
OK, so that's going to be choice between looks and health
Were there any interesting questions today ? I feel like I'm not finding anything on AU lately
There's tons of questions but I don't have either knowledge or interest to answer them
@Serg if you where a facemask in 'Merica your likely to get shot by a Trump supporter...
@Serg ask on Travel
@TheXed Sadly, it seems too real in murica nowadays
@Serg, yes that was not meant to be sarcasm.
this is why more people need guns. someone crazy pulls a weapon on someone, six more are pointed in their direction
4:49 AM
@KazWolfe unless those 6 are just as crazy or confused as that someone :/
@Serg if that is the case, then you have askubuntu.com/chat... 7 confused and crazy people...
<.< suddenly not feeling safe in chat . . . .
@Serg TRIPS!
@Serg good thing, we can't shoot each other over the internet...
Nah, more like quads . . . @KazWolfe
4:52 AM
@Serg no, that's only trips.
well time for me to go to bed according to my wife...
so cya later
Yeah, but we can DDoS each other over internet, lol. Wouldn't it be great if people solved disputes via DDoS'ing each other instead of brawls or guns ?
OK, see ya !
there's no way you had a GET of quads.
@Serg give me your IP and I will start my DoS attack tonight...
Sure, , for real
4:55 AM
@Serg your external IP address lol...
nah, @Serg is lying. His IP is (cc @TheXed)
Hehe, nope
Here's a hint , 184.99.x.x
good night.
no, it is your IP.
if you ping that IP serg, you'll see low pings, cuz it's yours
@KazWolfe trying to sniff my ICMP requests , huh ?
4:57 AM
It is someones IP addres...I wonder who...
@Serg nope.
i have more elegant ways
Probably's Kaz's server, and he'll use wireshark or tcpdump to find out where requests are coming from @TheXed
Oh it's a loop back...
come on serg. you're supposed to know this.
4:59 AM
that is why the ping was less then 1ms is loopback.
Okay good night
Hmmm, didn't know there's a whole range for loopback
yeah, it's all of 127
i'm surprised they didn't take that all back, but oh well.
just make loopback
5:02 AM
the more ways to confuse people the better
and i got a script kiddie to actually dos that ip once.
fun times.
Hehe, nice
that nice little DC message was hilarious
I wonder if I freaked out that one streamer girl or got her into trouble or something
5:12 AM
Not much of a story, I'd say. So I've been watching panda.tv , it's one of those Chinese streaming sites. Some western folks watch it, too, because of DOTA. I signed up because there's a youtube channel who sometimes streams there. And I found this one girl , who just basically does dancing - just that. About a week ago or so she kicked me out of her fan group because I was saying hi to all new people
Next time she was streaming, I asked like "What's up ? why'd you kicked me out?" Couple times, she basically totally ignored my messages. And now it's been couple days since her last stream, i haven't received any notifications that her channel went live
she might have thought you were being weird?
Well, yeah, maybe because I was saying hi or maybe because she didn't believe I'm actually a foreigner . Or just weird . . . which would be true, because that's like, my greatest quality :)
woo, mod score of 33
@Serg, you're 35 rn
hi @NathanOsman. How are you enjoying the second coming of Torvalds that is systemd?
see, the brilliance of systemd is that instead of breaking up and calling lots of separate things at boot like upstart/init does is that it handles everything making for a more seamless boot procedure where everything's working at once. I mean, yeah, binary logs are annoying, but systemd's definitely a good step in optimization and a unified environment.
5:22 AM
I'm . . . not entirely sure Linus himself likes systemd
which is why i don't get the hate for systemd. upstart did the same thing, but upstart just called everything else instead of doing it itself.
> I don't actually have any particularly strong opinions on systemd itself. I've had issues with some of the core developers that I think are much too cavalier about bugs and compatibility, and I think some of the design details are insane (I dislike the binary logs, for example), but those are details, not big issues.
Torvalds on systemd, @serg
@KazWolfe so . . . I'm getting moddier and moddier , nice. Maybe one day when I know as much as terdon, I'll be a mod ^_^
@KazWolfe Sometimes I think it is absolute genius.
Other times I think it is the worst thing ever written.
@Serg hey, i'm running once i hit 40/40
and have a decent record of not screwing things up.
But I was really fed up with it the other day.
I was trying to adjust the parameters for starting the Docker daemon...
And in the olden days, it was as simple as editing /etc/defaults/docker.
5:25 AM
Nah, I need to improve my mod-fu first. The path of the meowderator is mysterious and treacherous
Now with systemd, I have to create a new directory somewhere in /etc and then create a new config file, and then add some complex stuff.
I don't even remember.
And then the daemon stopped working. Y'know, the Docker daemon that's running all of the websites and services I have created.
@Serg just golden-hammer everything
and have a record of hammering the right things.
@KazWolfe nah, i'm gonna golden-shower everything
namely, showing that you didn't see everything as a nail.
@Serg Make AskUbuntu Great Again!
Oh, no, I'm not gonna make AskUbuntu great again. It's gonna be lolcat memes everywhere and total chaos in the review queue
5:31 AM
see, that's why @ThomasWard is a good mod. He can be funny/chill, but he can hairpin turn over to "serious mod mode"
Yep, and I can't. I'm probably gonna be like "lol gtfo nubcake, ban hammer in yo face"
And I'll probably be like "Hey, terdon, how do I do x" or "Hey , Thomas, how do I do y ?" or "Hey, Oli . . . nevermind"
and "Hey, shog! how are you doi-- MY REPUTATION!"
XD , too real
People are gonna be like "Hey , why do we have a mod with only 18 points of rep ?"
A: Are there any memes on Ask Ubuntu?

Kaz WolfeMeme: nubcake Originator: edwinskl Examples: "rare to see seth be such a nubcake" -- Originator "at least im not a nubcake like @Seth" "nubcake? wat?" "If you're alive, you're a nubcake. No exceptions." "SE is a nubcake" "Yep, and I can't. I'm probably gonna be like...

You don't qualify for being a moderator with 18 rep, do you?
@KazWolfe upgoated
5:44 AM
@NathanOsman right.
That reminds me.
@NathanOsman yep, must be 3k
Q: Eligibility requirements for Stack Overflow moderator elections

Sergey K.There is no single place where SO users can check the requirements necessary to nominate oneself to a moderator elections. There is a formal description of the requirements: http://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/51439/users-eligible-for-2011-stack-overflow-moderator-elections But I ...

I had a meme to post too.
But I forgot it :(
@Serg false.
it's some arbitrary amount per-site
2k user ran in 2016
@KazWolfe is correct, I think the 3K is just for Stack Overflow.
We have a lower threshold.
But a threshold does exist.
And it's higher than 18 rep. :P
5:47 AM
hell, a user with 848 rep ran.
Well, would be nice to know what it was , duh
Does anyone know a place (other than Namecheap) that offers low prices on .com domains and good service?
let's see. the interesting candidates for the next election will be:

Serg (35/40), Jacob Vlijm (38/40), Pilot6 (39/40), ByteCommander (40/40), and possibly Videonauth (31/40).
@KazWolfe Y U NO HAV ME? <.<
@NathanOsman you don't show much interest in going for AU mod.
5:50 AM
Well, not this year but...
You never know in the future.
same reason i'm not in the list. besides it being a list i made.
I'm the second oldest member of the site.
And the asker of the very first question.
Not that those things make me qualified for being a moderator, but it shows that I know my way around the site :D
your score is 33, btw.
And I actually was a moderator pro-tem-whatever-it's-called back in the day.
so you're tied with me :D
5:54 AM
Back to my question though...
Where is everyone getting domain names these days?
i get them from namecheap
or gandi
Me too.
But I was hoping to get them a wee bit cheaper.
GoDaddy has higher prices and their service is... well... not that great.
why not use a subdomain
I can't for this project.
Unused. Domains. Make. Me. Angry.
5:55 AM
It's separate from my other work.
@KazWolfe This one will get used, don't worry.
savage.af is not.
this is a waste.
no records at all. Not even MX.
the guy who bought it did it "just cuz"
and wolf.io, which at least has MX records.
@KazWolfe if Serg won't go kookoo crazy this semester, maybe he'll run
he already speaks in 3rd person
@Serg if i get up to 40/40 and stop being as hyper, i'd run too.
Ooh! A coupon.
Now Namecheap is more reasonable.
stupid cybersquatters.
Q: How cab I run an application when some other application is running?

AlimeaI want to run an application when some other application is running. e.g. in a script I have: runApplication JOHN this application will be run for one hour. I want to run the other application (that is using this app's results) 5 seconds after starting JOHN. could you plz help me?

OP wants a time machine.
askubuntu.com/a/871900/208574 umm, spam to blog?
(see revision history)
i'm just going to use my protection powers there, actually. two low-quality answers from low-rep users. nah.
@Serg I don't think OP wants to merge lines, just concatenate files.
6:18 AM
@KazWolfe well, if they'll clarify what exactly they want, i'll remove my vote
@Serg OP never delivers.
@KazWolfe we ain't 4chan tho
@Serg OP never delivers.
Only on 4chan.On AU OP sometimes delivers
@Serg OP never delivers.
6:20 AM
OK, I think Kaz is broken
@Serg Only as broken as you want me to be.
@KazWolfe just don't be as broken as GNOME or systemd
@NathanOsman whyyyyy
Because YOLO, that's why
it's rude to correct AskUbuntu to Ask Ubuntu
6:23 AM
@KazWolfe But @bytecommander does that all the time on my posts
if i lose a mod election, it'll either be me calling this site AskUbuntu or my hyper-activity. or my ragequit episodes. one of those three.
See, you're not fit for moderator position either, because you rage-quit too easily
i'm working on that.
plus it's different when i have a reason to stay/be useful
6:37 AM
sigh . . . at some point i should start doing something productive
there, bookmarked meta.
6:52 AM
So basically same things, except more agencies know about it @KazWolfe
@Serg yeah.
i feel like it's about time to go travel abroad, get a VPN server, and set up some HSM-based keys, and just communicate through that.
and/or include full local encryption, again with HSM.
Yeah, the whole thing with England laws and what's going on in the US is kind of spoopy and worrying
black mirror...
governments freely spying on their own citizens for no reason, collecting any and all known data
Well, at least according to the article you linked, that spying goes on on everyone - its own citizens and on people in foreign countries
and of course, nobody cares
because it's not the big bad russians, so it's not a worry.
6:58 AM
Mhm . . . And under Trump it seems like spying by Russians will also become a daily norm
and if you go against these things... you get labeled as a terrorist or a terrorist-supporter. or similar horrible things.
Sounds familiar . . . Where in the history have we seen that before ?
it's protecting the children! and squashing terrorists! and getting rid of drug dealers!
and what else?
And making Mexico pay for a wall . . .
so. yeah. can we just get someone to finally speak out against this surveillance who isn't quashed by the media?
or... nah?
7:06 AM
There's plenty of people speaking out, most people don't care though
yeah, well... nobody's going to listen.
It takes serious, really serious juju for people to start talking. Also, the problem is that people have no idea about what encryption , or basic internet security is
any sort of change has to come from inside the government, but nobody who's opposed to this will get into politics.
( speaking of security , that reminds me, I had a question on AU to answer somewhere about security )
they all have better things to do, or real lives to live out to try to go to congress and get rejected by nearly everyone.
@Serg ooh, link? :P
i mean, the only people speaking out against this sort of stuff are the technically competent/security minded. that's such a small minority...
7:09 AM
@KazWolfe askubuntu.com/q/869793/295286 Go ahead , feel free to answer it before i do
@KazWolfe that's the point. People need to know what the heck is that thing that is going on , otherwise it's just bunch of tech mumbo jumbo and they've no idea to be for this or against this
oh, a bounty.
@Serg and you think people will listen. Those not technically minded automatically lose 30 IQ points when near a computer.
@KazWolfe of course they won't. Especially older and stubborn generation.
@Serg and who are the majority of congress? and the majority of voters?
surprise - that very same generation
7:33 AM
there you go, serg :D
7:52 AM
Aaaand there i go - making more and more rep on Unix & Linux
8:10 AM
Speaking of bounties...
Q: Make Terminal recognize PageUp and PageDown when remapped to different keys

WilliamI understand Terminal by default doesn't support PgDn and PgUp. I do not have PgDn and PgUp on my keyboard, but have them remapped to different keys currently and therefore Shift+PgDn doesn't work. I have also tried Fn+Up. How can I make Terminal recognize my remapped paging keys?

1 hour later…
9:40 AM
@Serg That question seems to be about merging lines inside files, not about merging whole files. — Jacob Vlijm 1 hour ago
Files are made out of lines.
9:58 AM
good morning!

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