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8:00 PM
@NathanOsman ban @KazWolfe plsz
@KazWolfe flagged as contradicting the 1st law of the universe
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: What are solo ads? by Remy Callen on askubuntu.com
@KazWolfe flag this message as spam, innapropriate or offensive
8:01 PM
@SmokeDetector I don't know... downvoted and VTCed as off-topic, but spam?
@ByteCommander that was me. i'm triggerhappy with spam, and it looks suspicious imo
susicious? sausageous? baconous?
@NathanOsman the server has some weird Linux thing booted from a flash drive handling virus.umbrella.com
@ByteCommander it's spam
it just got edited o_O
8:02 PM
they moved the link to [buy solo ads]
definitely spam now.
lol look at their profile pic xD
that's irony
goddamn brazil is just getting hammered with ddoses right now
lol we are just too good at this
still hesitating to spam-flag it.... casted a regular delete vote.
8:05 PM
woot woot
Ahh well I spam flagged and that removed it lol
well, now I really gotta go to work, have a nice evening folks!
see yall later!
I'd say reject and flag for mod attention
Potential same-account
Might any mod please check whether the OP and the editor are the same person's accounts?
@ThomasWard Could you please have a look? ^^
8:11 PM
another flag thrown.
Q: Why doesn't my Wi-Fi adapter show up as wlan0 in 16.04?

Android DevI just installed Ubuntu 16.04 on a separate HDD, and I noticed two oddities: Whereas on 14.04 (on my main HDD) my USB Wi-Fi dongle shows up as wlan0, on 16.04 it shows up as wlx000f6001b75c. Also, using the hw ether parameter to change the MAC address doesn't work on 16.04. Here's the releave...

8:27 PM
Wow, somebody on U&L is using really dated or non-GNU version of df. Eggs-citing
@AndroidDev nice redaction :D
@KazWolfe Grrrrrrrr... I should have looked at that number more closely before hitting submit.
i've flagged your post for edit redaction.
so it should be completely stricken from the record soon-ish.
8:32 PM
@KazWolfe Thanks. I was just about to ping a mod for that :)
idk if mods consider MAC address notable for redaction, though, but we'll see
Well, IPs change and MACs don't.
(Unless you spoof them)
@AndroidDev but it's not exactly easy to track them
i'm actually not sure how MAC spoofing works on wlx devices.
I might give that a shot, brb.
And actually, MACs aren't unique. They can't be.
8:36 PM
probably not enough
macs are unique?
MACs are not unique, but it'd be very unlikely to see two of the same MAC on the same network.
Q: Are MAC addresses unique when coming out of the factory?

Justin EthierAccording to Wikipedia: A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment But how unique are MAC addresses on devices coming out of the factory? I seem to remember hearing a long time ago abo...

Q: How is uniqueness of MAC addresses enforced?

JellicleCatAgain and again I read that devices are uniquely identified by their MAC addresses. But how are MAC addresses determined? (And do they tell us anything about the device which they represent?)

brb finding usb wifi card
and i actually knew where it was, lol
8:38 PM
@KazWolfe I've always thought about installing Kali on my laptop to steal Wi-Fi from someone who paid for it on an airplane, but my conscience won't permit it :)
okay, here's the device:
wlx0021296d2fc4 Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:21:29:6d:2f:c4
          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1
          RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000
          RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)
@KazWolfe to some extend MACs are unique because the range of MAC addresses is regulated by IEEE , I think, and manufacturers purchase and register specific range of addresses for them
Unless of course some douchebag decides to install Kali and play with their MAC spoofing thingies
8:40 PM
1 min ago, by Android Dev
@KazWolfe I've always thought about installing Kali on my laptop to steal Wi-Fi from someone who paid for it on an airplane, but my conscience won't permit it :)
@AndroidDev you can spoof my phone's if you want ;P I get 1 hour free Gogo WiFi and unlimited texting throughout the flight
@AndroidDev Here's the thing - you don't need Kali. What you need is the specific suit of tools for wifi hacking, like aircrack. It's readily available on Ubuntu. The thing is that there's a lot of people who think " Oooo, I intalled Kali, I'm such haxor." And then they run into their first issue and come here to AU and say "plz, halp"
am b1g haxx0r feer meh
@Serg Yeah, but don't you remember all those question from people who installed katoolin?
Even Anonymous disregard Kali. I've read their paste about basics of hacking on pastebin when the OpParis was happening
8:43 PM
The thing about Kali is it already has all the tools you'd ever want, so you don't have to install them manually.
@AndroidDev I don't , honestly. There's far too many questions on AU to remember
hm, i see what you mean using hw addr.
Thank you !!! and nope, df --help df: illegal option -- - usage: df [-b | -g | -H | -h | -k | -m | -P] [-acilnT] [-t type] [file | filesystem ...] — Steve 4 mins ago
@Serg Basically, if you install katoolin, Ubuntu will become Kali.
How bloody old is that guys system ???
8:45 PM
@KazWolfe I was talking about hw ether, not hw addr.
or whichever.
point is, i see what you mean.
i think you need to manually assign a name to it before you can operate on the MAC address.
pls review CVs
@KazWolfe Really? IMHO, that's dumb.
@Zacharee1 Reviewing...
actually no.
wlx0021296d2fc4 Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 12:34:56:78:90:ab
          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1
          RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000
          RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)
cc @AndroidDev
@KazWolfe So how were you able to spoof it?
8:50 PM
@KazWolfe Hmmm. I guess I'll try it. It just never worked in 14.04
i needed to disable the device and then re-enable it.
@KazWolfe With ifconfig up/down ?
@ByteCommander ?
@AndroidDev i just unplugged and replugged tbh
8:53 PM
@ByteCommander doesn't look like the same person
@ThomasWard noo not a declined flag! :(
@AndroidDev refresh your page and ask yourself the same question
so close to repcap... (well, 55 something off, but that's not hard-ish)
@ThomasWard I guess that was a yes? ;)
8:59 PM
yes sir, BSD I am on — Steve 1 min ago
Yoda are you , sir ?
Q: udev rules don't distinguish

tsbertalanI have a Neato XV-* lidar unit, connected with a Sparkfun FTDI chip, and an Arduino Uno. They show up as /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB1, unpredictably unassigned. So, I wrote /etc/udev/rules.d/80-arduinouno.rules: SUBSYSTEM=="tty", ATTRS{idProduct}=="7523", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1a86", MODE="0666", ...

Shame too, it was a really good question.
throws a grenade at the question
@ThomasWard (grenade == migration)?
@AndroidDev apparently
@KazWolfe I though grenade == nukeFromOrbit
9:03 PM
@AndroidDev that's an orbital strike
woo 28 hats! :D
Grenade is not as evil :p
and is anything from close to migrate to delete to lock to protect to...
Grenade means one of five types ;)
i suck at counting
orbital strike or kinetic impact strike, that's doom
close, migrate, delete, lock, protect. <-- mod grenades
orbital strike or kinetic impact strike <-- doom
9:06 PM
i should go for mod and just go hammer-crazy.
I'd be the derpiest mod ever
"What does the fox say ?" - "This fox is on fiyaaaa"
edition.cnn.com/2016/12/29/politics/… so over decades they stocked up on silvester rockets and now plan to let them fly?
@Serg well, look at thomas. he's pretty derpy but a good mod.
9:21 PM
as long as you can be serious when you need to be, i see no problem with being derpy as a mod.
Yesh, I can be serious when necesa. . . . Oh, look, banana!!!
Yeah, the world is totally flat and doesn't loop
@Videonauth totally not troll
9:34 PM
just saw this on a tweet and it gave me a chuckle lol
@Videonauth unless they have fueling stations strategically deployed.
@Videonauth That's what they want you to think!
or, the Japanese secretly developed far more advanced technology than known at the time, and were keeping it secret.
^--- what I just said
Yaknow, you can't deploy chemtrails on weak fighter planes. You need something more special with a much larger radius.
Mass world brainwashing requires a decent range.
9:37 PM
like Facebook
@KazWolfe - What should we do with this answer? askubuntu.com/a/865938/518562
eat it
it seems technically valid.
tell them to use the dupe flag instead?
they were replying to my answer.
9:39 PM
@KazWolfe Exactly. Which is a close reason, right?
it should be a comment
or an edit
Flagged as NAA
@KazWolfe - Was about to leave the exact same comment (askubuntu.com/questions/865943/…) when yours appeared.
@AndroidDev hey, can't blame me for trying to hit repcap
I really really need to write a web UI for docker-compose.
That would save me so much time right now.
9:51 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: n apple token inside password and port 587 ?? by Slh5679 on askubuntu.com
@Zacharee1 false.
that would be rude/abusive
Being pedantic is awesome! :D
tbh that looks like a Markov chain or similar was used.
hence why rude/abusive in my book
9:55 PM
I thought it looked like Flack Overstow :p
wow nathan sick hat
you look suave
I swear Samsung is deliberately trying to make as little use as possible of its OLED screens
@Zacharee1 prevent burn-in
@KazWolfe no not that
the UI is bright white and purple now, which is even worse for burnin and battery life
mini-screen mode doesn't just black out the pixels anymore; it puts a background on them
10:03 PM
well i'm done for the day, lol. hit repcap.
time to upvote your posts :D
@Zacharee1 just wait 2 hours.
I'm on 123 so far
hey, cool, i got a completely security-focused flack.
Either way, you get 2FA, plausible deniability, and the ability to destroy one of the factors quickly and efficiently. Or, you can just ignore all of that and just have a 10GB image or a corrupt MP4? It might be hiding data!"). You're relying on security by obscurity, which is then being used to actually check would be to just try to crack data just "on a security system. In fact, most Linux systems have their security chains start doing that, hackers would just exploit other security holes. The first rule of security is that if I have physical access and enough motivation, it is always pos
10:05 PM
@Zacharee1 for you ? sure, I'll provide, lol
yeah, better downvote him. he's catching up to me.
You're always welcome Zach
@Zacharee1 meanwhile you and kaz have pretty bad voting records
please fix
@KazWolfe lol
@edwinksl not until you review for a week
10:06 PM
I'm far ahead of you two, so meh
@edwinksl i vote on things i like.
i don't like many things.
also i'm internally debating whether to reboot into Windows so I can play games with good fps...
@Serg Not in hats!
@KazWolfe AMD?
@Zacharee1 you also have done fewer reviews than i have
@edwinksl not CVs
10:10 PM
the important ones
fix your voting record first
@KazWolfe touché , but hats will be gone next month and we'll be back to square one
@Serg pls
apostrophes don't pluralize words
@Zacharee1 ywlcm
possessions or contractions
that's it
10:11 PM
@Zacharee1 tell that to autocorrect on mobile
@Serg whose autocorrect puts possessive on "hats"??
you need a new phone
@Zacharee1 Optimus.
Nope, I'm happy with my OnePlus. I just need to switch to different input method
Get GBoard
OnePlus What?
10:13 PM
@Zacharee1 yes.
@Zacharee1 OnePlus Two
the weird one
Why weird one ? it's awesome
best phone I've had so far
it's more Xperia than the Xperias
10:14 PM
(Zach just hates OnePlus irrationally)
Hey! I like OnePlus
The 3 is such a cool phone
but I need my QHD
no you don't.
I can see 1080p and it bothers me so much
I also like a large display. 1080p looks terrible on 5.7"+
OK, back to youtube and jackaboy with subnautica
10:21 PM
She's great at covering heavy metal songs on the piano, including those of my favourite band Powerwolf.
So, aside from my plans to learn more programming languages in 2017, i'm wondering what should i pick up on Linux specifically . . . .Maybe I should pickup some of the hard-drive/ssd questions and filesystem type of stuff ? Or maybe wireless ?
@Serg stay outta
@KazWolfe why ? O.o
that would be my territory.
Oh, i see. Then I shall make you fine competition in that tag, muhahaha
10:30 PM
no you won't.
Is that a dare?
security is hard.
you need to know what you're doing
this question just became hot.
looze teh repz huehuehue
@Zacharee1 oh, i'm sorry, mr 14 hats
@KazWolfe I already said I wasn't gonna try
10:36 PM
what with your no-effort secret hats
@KazWolfe OK, challenge accepted. 2017, I'm going after gold security badge
at least im not a nubcake like @Seth
@Serg bruh, do you even know cybersecurity
@KazWolfe do you ?
@Serg yes
10:39 PM
@KazWolfe Well, good for you. Keep up a good job
@Serg nice recovery.
or just stop hueing all the time. makes you look... meh.
10:41 PM
Thanks. But I'm still going after that gold badge
<tag>how do you tag ?</tag>
like that.
@KazWolfe you mean, "hue"?
or [tag:tag]
@Serg but how are you gonna get the a gold badge for a completely new topic?
Ah, yes, i fogot
without knowing anything about it
10:42 PM
@KazWolfe Bing
Well, how did Trump get president without knowing anything about politics?
Everything is possible in 2016
current security record: 221 upvotes on 8 answers. me gusta.
like every celebrity dying
10:43 PM
@KazWolfe I know a thing or two already
@KazWolfe *lo me gusta
i should probably go for sportsmanship.
Mine is score 148 on 11 security questions.
i want to get a 40/40 mod score when I run :D
I have that already.
10:45 PM
@KazWolfe future DV
Given last elections parameters at least.
But first, i'll get my scripts silver
I'm at 379/400 for that
@Zacharee1 ?
for your nomination >:D
who said i'm ever getting to 40/40
also, rude.
@ByteCommander yep, you're still 40/40
10:46 PM
Q: flashing Ubuntu on an Ipad

h3fr43nddoes anyone know if it is possible to flash ubuntu or any other linux distribution on an ipad? I am pretty annoyed by IOS and thought it a nice feature to switch totally to the linux OS. If one has an idea, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

What was my score in last elections ?
@KazWolfe uh, duh
@Serg 69
@Serg right now it's 35
YES FINALLY !!! I got my Search You Must hat
i'm 30 :/
10:48 PM
but we have the same badge score, 15/20
You guys have something to do until the next elections... :)
you just have a rep lead.
yeah, get 5000 rep
And a handful of badges.
SU guys have more hats than us again... :-/
51 hats more to be exact
@ByteCommander working on it
10:52 PM
Not only you...
Being on #5 of AU with 20 hats here.
I just need Copy Editor, Electorate, Marshal, Refiner, and Sportsmanship.
@Serg i haven't seen you do much moderation-related things at all. are you sure you want to be a mod?
@edwinksl It's half and half. I kind of want to step up my level, but at the same time I'm more of an answerer. I'm still not entirely sure
you surely are a high-rep user but i am not convinced you have mod chops yet
meanwhile, you have trigger-happy Kaz over here nuking everything he can.
10:57 PM
I have pork chops though :D
i am just being realistic though
i don't think you stand a chance unless you step it up
Well, you're absolutely right - i do need to bump up my moderating capabilities. Like I said - I'm still not entirely sure
@KazWolfe That means you "only" have to edit 134 more posts (except your own), vote on 287 more questions, raise 47 more helpful flags and heavily vote on your competitors' answers...
i need to vote more.
@ByteCommander the flags part is no problem. it's the voting.
11:02 PM
Yup. Couldn't fetch any progress data towards sportsmanship for you, but those voting badges are your biggest problem.
actually i have that data.
V小C where this goes
i'll probably write a SEDE for sportsmanship and let it go.
which frozen
11:05 PM
@KazWolfe impossible
@ByteCommander hah, trips (666), and no.
The one that Let's it go . . .let's it go . . . The one with the wind and snoooooow . . .
I can get all questions with other people answering. I can't get ones that need votes, but i can get a better list.
I don't think that any user specific vote information is left in the data.
and not have to sort through god knows how many questions.
11:07 PM
There is also a queue that is supposed to get a list of qualifying questions, but... it's broken.
@ByteCommander really?
also, i set sportsmanship to my active badge.
so you all can watch now :D
But somehow at least the user ID is hard-coded and the input field below is ignored... You'd have to fix that.
Anyway, I think past midnight is late enough for today yesterday. Probably I'll go to bed now, unless... something... idk.
612 rows for me
and 89 now :D
i've really neglected to vote on a lot of quality answers i've been competing against.
geh. time to fix things.
11:18 PM
@ByteCommander excellent work :)
Lying under warmest blanket i have, wearing socks, and still have ice-cold feet. How in the world ?
Q: Won't let me log into Ubuntu after installation

hannahI reinstalled Ubuntu because before it would not let me log in. I thought maybe I did something wrong. Now i did it again, and it still doesnt work. This is what it says when i try to log in. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=657970733b&view=att&th=1594cd5f29c7a86c&attid=0.1&disp=safe&zw...

11:33 PM
yeah we can totes see OP's gmail
totes mah @Downgoats
11:46 PM
jesus people, please just get rid of your Note 7
So, i was watching Phil DeFranco's top 5 weird stories for 2016 video. One guy drove through neighborhood and saw house being on fire and dog barking inside. So he rammed through the fence, broke the glass door, and grabbed the dog. . . . .well, except the problem is that there was no fire, he was tripping on LSD
@Zanna become one with the BACON hat
you too @Serg
@Serg lel
@Zacharee1 ok, will do in a minute
gosh, i can imagine house owner freakin out as this absurd situation happened
11:55 PM
5 minutes till a new day :D
and I'm still not above 150. well shiz
@edwinksl prime your left-click; two mins to CV!!!
@Zacharee1 wish granted, bacon hat engaged, waiting for update
@Serg perfect bacon placement
Hehe, perfect avatar for perfect hat
11:58 PM
lol yep
there is always a man, a city, and a lighthouse.
and bacon

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