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9:08 AM
Q: Reverse standard of primarily opinion-based

karelIt's a quirk of the system that a question that is not primarily opinion-based and has only one unique answer gets automatically reclassified as primarily opinion-based as soon as it is put on hold because there can be no other answers to it to compare the unique answer with. The reason that thi...

or something else? I did a lot... :(
9:24 AM
@karel could you explain what this reverse standard is? I'm afraid I can't understand your meta post.
9:42 AM
Brilliant new Ubuntu spelling error askubuntu.com/questions/831095/…
dun dun dun...
-"I only did one"
-"Nah, Uduntu"
9:58 AM
Well see you have this flag. With a standard. If you put it up side down. It is reversed. And a standard :P
That probably aint it though >:-D
@Arronical U was hard duntu
@Zanna It's definitely in a London yoot's accent in my head.
@Arronical Two what?
@jokerdino There's the question!
10:09 AM
this is a tricky idiom hahaha
I didn't really take that into account. 'Wouldn't you like to know?' seems the only alternative, so hard to avoid idioms.
I'm lost now!
I was referencing My Cousin Vinny.
Well please share the whole story
@Zanna I thought you meant that 'There's the question' was a tricky idiom.
10:16 AM
I don't know what Arronical was referencing though.
But I guess I am also lost.
it's my fault, I haven't been found yet today, that's the problem
Yoots is a colloquial expression for youths, or young people.
So, it was not about Vinny at all?
@jokerdino it clearly is hahaha
but I have never seen this
10:26 AM
I missed the reference, and I was talking about "you was hard done to" because I was very very slowly catching up
Hmm, I thought uduntu was "You done two".
Never mind, probably just me.
You'll have to explain to us, we are at least 4 jokes behind you
"I only did one"
"Nah, Uduntu (You done two)."
That's what I understood.
And then when Arronical said London yoots, I started thinking about My Cousin Vinny.
So, when I asked 'Two what?' it was both talking about the two (part of Uduntu) and the two yoots from the movie reference.
10:44 AM
Ah I've arrived
I felt really bad because I said this idiom is tricky, thinking it was a WC British thing that only me & @Arronical would understand, but I was wrong
Well, I didn't think it sounded like 'you were hard done by', which I am somewhat familiar with.
I was thinking that I need to explain to you, but no, you are way ahead & you even have hilarious references, so really you should be explaining to me, and I should STFU
No :/
ah it is the working class version of that exactly!
Hah, I thought WC was water cooler.
10:53 AM
11:35 AM
@Zanna Is WC British west country?
And, phew, glad we got it sorted while I was away!
Water Closet? ;p
WC is working class to me, but I guess I spent too much time in SJ (social justice) Twitter
@Arronical my bad entirely
@Zanna you could have working class water closets...
well, @jokerdino said that, and I said "haha that expresses the British class system"
but then he made a sneaky edit and I had to quickly edit my killed joke
you can see the carnage...
I'm kinda the vaguely nobby class as far as indians go so...
tho my parents would insist we're middle class in an entirely reverse snobby way.
11:43 AM
haha you must be very posh then if they insist that
@Zanna I essentially speak the tamil equivient of RP
I go to india, and people get confused as heck cause no one talks tamil like that - wierdly, singaporean tamils totally recognize the accent for what it is
and I don't sound typically singaporean at all
the difference would be 100% lost on me alas :(
Q: The misconception of Linux Viruses

Mark KirbyThis post is just to try to clear up a common misconception I keep seeing around Ask Ubuntu. Viruses on Linux are a thing and are more common than people seem to think. While, yes, Ubuntu and other UNIX's are very secure, you should still be careful, if you go around thinking you are virus proo...

I identify as working class (maybe with a little reverse snobbery - all my grandparents were poor but my parents have kinda middle class jobs (no money though) and I have lots of education), and when I go home I talk like a peasant
@Zanna I'm just very bad at knowing things like this.
@Zanna I'm in a similar boat, northern parents from extremely working class backgrounds, who valued my education highly. They're very keen on speaking properly, though not really in an RP/posh type of way, although my dad uses loads of army slang still. I identify as WC, but have more in common with lower middle, but would hate to be thought of as bourgeois. Class is a funny old thing.
12:00 PM
@Zanna heh. At the moment, I am a reasonably paid professional, who spent his work day stacking boxes
My parents are bourgeois as heck ;p
(and I pronounce it boo-joy-see ;p)
@JourneymanGeek Weirdly it's sometimes nice to do a job where you don't have to engage your brain too strenuously, especially when exercising the body more. Normally better when it's a bounded period of time though.
@Arronical I'm either a "Senior Desktop Engineer" or a "Desktop Analyst Contractor"
hi all :D
hi tux
12:07 PM
I would like to always speak in the voice I would use when woken up in the middle of an earthquake, if you know what I mean, my real voice. I think the class system is toxic and adjusting my accent is going along with it... but it happens
I'm not a "cardboard carton arrangement engineer (non OSHA approved)
@Zanna I believe the last time I felt an earthquake...
I went "whoa"
hi again @SeverusTux :) I'm awake again
how are you?
I am fine thanks :) just came back from college. wbu ?
12:08 PM
I am wishing for more sleep :)
@Zanna I do not wish for people to hear my panic voice, which I think waking up in an earthquake might conjure forth. It's squeaky and irritating. Best reason for keeping calm, trumps extended longevity and wellness.
I think tis very likely I would sleep through it
@Arronical lol
@JourneymanGeek It's pretty hard to wake me once I'm out - at the end of my first degree I took the train to my college to hand in my work - I had been burning midnight oil for many nights... on the way back I fell asleep (first time in my life I ever fell asleep on a train) and missed my stop, and woke up in huddersfield surrounded by worried looking people who were about to call out the emergency services as they thought I was in a coma...
tho, apparently I was sick once, my mom woke me up... and apparently I whined at her and went back to sleep... ;p
Q: Iptables forward traffic not seen by tcpdump

Matan LevyI have a bare metal running Ubuntu server 16.04 with KVM and 3 NIC's that are connected by bridges br1, br2 and br3 to a guest VM running also Ubuntu server 16.04. The first NIC - br1 - is connected to the internet and it's router address is defined as the default gateway for the guest. I have ...

12:21 PM
I'm going to try my best to answer one question a week here. A day if I can ;p
@JourneymanGeek 3k hype
@edwinksl one answer a day is how I got to 20K on SU
@JourneymanGeek excellent... pick a tricky one, please
"Notice: this game comes with a 32-bit binary only." - It's a game on steam. Does this mean i can't play it on my 64-bit ubuntu?
@Zanna I went for a fun one
@Fermiparadox in theory it should work if your system is set up multiarch, which 64 bit ubuntu ought to be
12:33 PM
If it isn't a huge game, I'd just try it
most games are 32 bit binaries anyway, even on windows
@Arronical lmao i only just saw this :p
@JourneymanGeek Enna Mike epdi iruka?
assaulta erukaan.
(which amusingly enough is a phrase entirely used in the old country ;p)
yeah, it somehow means exactly the opposite of the words.
12:47 PM
@terdon he gave up on it>
@Rinzwind who is "he"?
@edwinksl I thought it might be worthy of a special @Zacharee1 Uduntu logo :)
@Rinzwind he will be back
@edwinksl :D
you missed the meta q?
@Rinzwind ah i saw it. i see who you are talking about
12:54 PM
@AskUbuntuMeta @edwinksl that one
I had to post a comment on that topic itself >:)
is @Serg not here ?
@Rinzwind yeah i have no idea what "reverse standard" means
@edwinksl no, not that one. This is the Linux virus.
post is deleted though :(
12:56 PM
@edwinksl other one :)
@edwinksl here is the origin: askubuntu.com/questions/831124/…
@Rinzwind ohhh your favorite topic :D
oh you know me so well
do i get free sushi for that :p
oh and I agree: it is VERY easy to mess up ALL Ubuntu systems.
It really is.
Gimme access to the official repo's and let me edit 1 package and Ubuntu is dead...
It really is that simple D: Now the big problem is to get Mark to agree
@jokerdino <3
1:01 PM
@edwinksl I am getting me sushi later today. feel free to join :=)
Did this person cross the line here askubuntu.com/questions/831149/… ?
weird q :P
@Zanna did you transcribe a damn video???
@Rinzwind so far... i was once near netherlands though :p
1:07 PM
@edwinksl it was a very short video!
@Zanna still.
you win the stackexchanger of the year award
@Zanna Looks like that comment (and my reply to it) got mod nuked...
@ByteCommander thank you to mods :)
@NathanOsman it's looking great! But I really think we don't want to include a link or the person who said it. Too much context makes it less funny. It's super easy to search the room with the exact text if you really want.
off to TRUMP rally soon :D
1:11 PM
Regarding 32bit game on my 64 Ubuntu, tried this but I m getting bash: .: blabla can't execute binary file when trying to run the game. Any other solution?
@edwinksl you should give it to @jokerdino who rescued that answer, since I was ready to give up on it when he said "I wish we could transcribe this video" or some such
@Zanna it is the act of transcribing that is worth the praise. Not the occasional comment >:-D
@Rinzwind <3
I was helpless in the face of such a comment though. I'm like a djinn who's lamp has been found...
Anyway it was very easy and only took 5 minutes
@Zanna Don't state that unless you want people to start rubbing you... ;-)
1:46 PM
@Zanna 1 more upvote to 16.04 badge eh
@jokerdino Is this becoming a meme?
@Arronical Yes.
Wooohooo! Battleship Chains by VolBeat on the radio!
\m/ (^_^) \m/
lol @Zanna great edit, although your prejudices are showing :)
Nothing wrong with behavior.
> You got me tied down with battleship chains
Fifty foot long and a two ton anchor
Tied down with battleship chains
Fifty foot long with a two ton anchor
Such a pity this song seems to be nowhere available legally on the web.
Dammit! Given a string like ABC123, how can I get the ABC and 123 parts into two separate variables in python? I want to separate the leading alphabetical characters from the trailing numbers.
In perl I'd do /([a-zA-Z]*)([0-9]*)/ and have them as $1 and $2. I can't seem to do that in less than 10 lines of python.
1:55 PM
@terdon you could use python's regex library
@terdon That's not prejudice! That's using the proper English (disclaimer: may share same prejudices)!
@edwinksl Yeah, that's the one I can't seem to do easily. I seem to have to compile the regex, then apply it, then get some sort of object back and then extract the bit I want.
@Arronical "May", huh? :P
By the way, I believe you meant proper English, not the proper English :P
@terdon I thought I meant that but figured you'd miss it coz you don't talk proper like wat I do.
@Arronical Bollicks to that!
@edwinksl And do I have to do this in two match operations? One to match the [a-z] and another to match [0-9]? Can't I just capture patterns in this silly, whitespace-plagued language?
is the pattern always caps followed by numbers?
if so, i would just use basic string processing to find the first number and split the string from there :p
1:59 PM
@terdon oh sorry, you're quite right, that was not intended, I don't ever make a point of Britifying spelling, in fact I think USian is better because easier to read. It just looks wrong to me & I changed without thinking
@edwinksl Yes. I have no trouble defining the pattern, Python uses a sane regex library. It's the capturing that confuses me. I mean, I can use ([a-zA-Z]*)([0-9]*) as the pattern, but how do I get the two matches?
@Zanna I know, I'm pulling your leg. I have the same problem.
@terdon yay to people who have had to use both kinds of spelling
@edwinksl Tell me about it. My Dad's American so that's what I was taught growing up, and then I went to uni in the UK. At this point, I use a horrible mashup of both.
@terdon Is it always just one consecutive block of letters and one block of numbers, or may it be mixed?
@terdon after using both for years now, i am slightly in favor of just always using american spelling :p
2:03 PM
@ByteCommander Always consecutive, but I'm more interested in the general case. How can I capture patterns in Python?
@terdon I wondered where your command of British slang flavoured with East London accent came from.
@Arronical Heh, 4 years in Yorkshire laddie. Not much London in there though.
@Zanna I must disagree on the grounds of aluminum alone.
>>> re.fullmatch(r"(\D+)(\d+)", "ABC123").groups()
('ABC', '123')
Or something like this:
in Python on Stack Overflow Chat, 3 mins ago, by Kevin
>>> import itertools
>>> s = "ABC123"
>>> ["".join(v) for k,v in itertools.groupby(s, key=str.isdigit)]
['ABC', '123']
>>> s = "ABC123XYZ456Q7"
>>> ["".join(v) for k,v in itertools.groupby(s, key=str.isdigit)]
['ABC', '123', 'XYZ', '456', 'Q', '7']
@terdon I couldn't tell, because you use the word "the" instead of t'word "t'".
2:06 PM
@ByteCommander Thanks! But good grief, I thought python prides itself on being simple and readable! I'll stick with your fullmatch approach, that seems much saner.
@Arronical I also wouldn't be caught dead using either ta or luv :)
Not everything rubbed off.
in Python on Stack Overflow Chat, 38 secs ago, by Antti Haapala
>>> import re
>>> re.findall('\d+|\D+', 'ABC123XYZ456Q7')
['ABC', '123', 'XYZ', '456', 'Q', '7']
@Arronical fair enough, but I committed one terrible language-related microaggression earlier so I am in full scale apology mode on all fronts
@terdon Any local delicacies that you still crave. Chips with gravy (ooh chips is a sticking point between US and UK)? Barm cakes?
2:09 PM
@ByteCommander Cool, that's basically what I was after, thanks.
Biscuits and gravy >:)
@terdon Thank the joint minds of the Python cabbage.
@Arronical Um, not really, in all honesty, no. Can't say I was particularly taken by British cuisine.
@ByteCommander Well, you went down to the cabbage patch for me, so you get the thanks :)
Can anybody help me to make any sense out of this comment? askubuntu.com/questions/831176/does-gzip-accept-stdin/…
@ByteCommander Not really. . .
2:17 PM
@Zanna In all honesty I need to drop my defense of UK English thing, one look on social media shows that we're adept at butchering our own form of the language. If I see 'should of' one more time!
@terdon shrug - He said he got it and accepted the answer... I'm done with it then.
Also, 215 points today.
@ByteCommander nope. I answered one of their questions and they asked basically the same thing a few days later, so I think it's a two way thing
Time to go and drive some tanks.
@Arronical my experience is that Dutch, German and Danish people all speak much more clear and "standard" Eng than us
@ByteCommander I think he doesn't understand the difference between passing filenames as separate arguments, and passing a long string made up of filenames and spaces.
2:20 PM
Oh, just passed 24k.
@Zanna one can always count on the french being worse at it :)
@ByteCommander Exactly.
Q: An usbnet connection to ARM device: up to 85% packet loss, «No route to host»

Yuriy Al. ShirokovI have Dell Latitude 7470 with Ubuntu 16.04 and NanoPi (RaspberryPi-like ARM device) with Debian 8, connected by the USB/Ethernet cable (ARM device have ethernet). Usbnet interface on laptop is configured with /etc/network/interfaces, I also have standard ethernet interface and WiFi connection, r...

6k more points to get on the first page of all-time highest ranked AU users...
@edwinksl The use of the word since always scuppers the French.
2:22 PM
feels like he can almost reach the stars
@Arronical huh, why is that?
@Zanna Yeah, at least those Germans who know English well and are able to pronounce e.g. the famous TH.
Many Germans say "S" or "T" instead of "TH".
@ByteCommander Famously we hear it as Z, as in Ze Germans.
I guess I'm not advanced enough in spoken English to distinguish S from Z here...
@Arronical Hmm no.
2:25 PM
Th is tricky
@terdon Just FYI, they're still discussing your little problem in the Python room. Examining performance of the different methods and wondering why the groupby method takes double the time as re... ^_^
@Zanna it really is
I saw the first part of what @ByteCommander said and went "Oh my"
3:09 PM
it works look mkdir vegetables; cd vegetables; touch carrot cabbage turnip potato peas lettuce okra celery; cd -; ls vegetables
pretty sure cut might be a good idea here
@ByteCommander All they need to do, really, is to just use perl :P
To slice them?
@Zanna no cucumbers? ;___;
And don't let the cat near them!
3:20 PM
@JourneymanGeek check the link lol
@ByteCommander aren't they fruit?
Huh? No.
I think.
I'm pretty sure actually.
They are not sweet and they don't grow on trees.
Technically fruits according to googles
It's something about having seeds inside @ByteCommander
If it has seeds in it, it's probably a fruit of some kind
Okra is probably a fruit, but I really like okra, so sue me
Oh okra is just lady's fingers
3:25 PM
Oh is that what you call it?
Yes, we call it that in English.
okra in the US
Okra or okro (US /ˈoʊkrə/ or UK /ˈɒkrə/), known in many English-speaking countries as ladies' fingers, ochro or gumbo, is a flowering plant in the mallow family. It is valued for its edible green seed pods. The geographical origin of okra is disputed, with supporters of West African, Ethiopian, and South Asian origins. The plant is cultivated in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions around the world. == Vernacular names in English-speaking nations == The name okra is most often used in the UK, United States and the Philippines, with a variant pronunciation in Caribbean English ...
Never heard of that... is it similar to paprika?
3:38 PM
Paprika is chillies. This is different.
I'm inordinately fond of it deep fried
@ByteCommander not remotely, it tastes somewhere between courgettes and green beans and has sticky juice inside
@ByteCommander Closer to beans, if anything. Very common in the Middle East. Asia also, I think, but @jokerdino should know.
I haven't really seen it in Europe outside Greece.
Ah, courgettes is something I know :)
3:48 PM
hmm I make it with red lentils and spices and some yogurt-like sauce... but somewhere I have a recipe with it called bamieh something that is really really hot
@Zanna "Bamieh" is probably the Turkish or Arabic word for okra. They're called bamies (μπάμιες) in Greek, which is almost certainly of Turkish origin.
Ah yeah that makes sense
4:16 PM
I think it's because the french word for since, depuis, works with an amount of time or a date. Also depuis is used with the present tense. So you get sentences like, 'I am in England since 3 weeks.' I'm sure I sound far worse than that when I speak French!
Serg keeps practicing spoops
Awww, I missed the booo... I came in after the ghost.
4:45 PM
The 16.10 KernelFreeze and NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline happens today at 21:00 UTC.
Hello everybody ! :)
You there @SeverusTux ??? hahaha ... ;P
Hey :D
how are you ?
@SeverusTux Fine ... what about you ? :)
fine thnkx :D
@SeverusTux Good to hear this ! :)
4:53 PM
Having great difficulty configuring Vbox in xmonad
What ever I do, sound does not work :(
@SeverusTux yes ... this is something I really can imagine ! :D
Does anyone here use FISH ?
@SeverusTux Me - but I don't use it - I EAT it ! :D :D :D
hehe :D
@SeverusTux Many pros use zsh ! :)
5:15 PM
Just as an advance notification, don't close this question askubuntu.com/questions/831266/…
@Zacharee1 huh, why not
Because the version is absolutely irrelevant
i would still ask him to upgrade
Oh definitely, but that's not the issue at hand
don't ask why I'm talking like this because I have no idea
@jokerdino time for a website with just "Zanna is awesome" as content
5:21 PM
@Zacharee1 to make that truly awesome, we should use askubuntu.com/a/830172/15003 to generate the body of the html
5:40 PM
@jokerdino hahahahaha
@edwinksl I think @terdon made a better answer there, has he overtaken yet?
@Zanna no. he even got a downvote from someone
le gasp
@edwinksl ?!?
5:43 PM
I've got the following code for the condition of an if statement in Java:
if (Dynamic_Value_JTextField.getText().toString() == stackFormat.peek().toString())
@Zacharee1 wow that's really bad. I have to downvote
And even though I have checked in a text editor and both values are the same, it still returns false.
1 min ago, by Zacharee1
le gasp
5:45 PM
@Zanna gedit just became nano lol
> To Modify contents of file (remove everything for no proxy)!
@Zacharee1 wtf???
I'm close to downvoting too
Very odd, but I've got it working somehow now by changing the code to this:
@Zacharee1 i don't appear to have apt.conf
5:48 PM
@edwinksl neither do I
@Zacharee1 That's a crazy answer you're dealing with.
No apt.conf here
if (Dynamic_Value_JTextField.getText() == null ? stackFormat.peek().toString() == null : Dynamic_Value_JTextField.getText().equals(stackFormat.peek().toString()))
That has nothing to do with proxy anyway
5:48 PM
@Terrance yeah, I'm confused
@Zacharee1 Same
he edited
but apt.conf still doesn't exist
It is non-existent, and I use proxies every single day.
Yeah, that file would have to be created.
@Terrance do you use apt?
@Zacharee1 Yes
5:51 PM
Is this a VLQ?
Ah, finally got my Emacs setup just how I like it. https://t.co/Ybru09YVOC
@Seth opinions?
@terdon :P
@Zacharee1 oh I always have opinions.
Vim > emacs, for example.
@Zacharee1 Maybe I don't have that file because I only need proxies to contact the bastion servers.
5:53 PM
I use a socks proxy as well, and echo $socks_proxy returns nothing.
It's like OP is not responding to our questions in his question
@Seth +1
6:25 PM
good afternoon!
can I specify a size for a image in an answer? I'm about to add one but I think it will end up being too big
It will be limited by the space...
Is 10$ a good value for a programming book ?
if you earn in dollars yeah @Serg :p
@Zanna I think it will be a little too big, because it's a "tall" image, so it can fit the answer but it will be a bit too large
I'll try to find another one
I mean, i wanna kind of know , what's a sort of limit when a book is considered over-priced.
@Seth lol :)
6:37 PM

I was wondering if what I said in the last paragraph makes any sense, I don't really know the reason behind Unity freezing too and Windows GUI not doing so when swapping happens, but I'm not sure if the reason behind this is close to what I guessed
what... askubuntu.com/review/first-posts/623735 I failed audit because I try to comment that 660 is a really useless permissions setting for a directory???
Does anyone know how to submit a feature request to DropBox?
@IanC I think it makes sense. You are correct that any time something is swapped out of RAM to the swap file, it always slows the system down to appear to freeze.
@Zacharee1: Thanks! :)
6:45 PM
@Serg On my shelf, there are some books that originally costed 100 DM (would be 200€ today) a few decades ago...
Good night friends :D , bye
Some newer ones around 50€ are there too...
Got each of them for less than 5€ on a flea market though ^__^
@SeverusTux Goodnight! :)
@ByteCommander what if it's an ebook ?
@Zanna audits are pretty whacky sometimes
6:49 PM
@Serg I never bought an ebook.
I just got a PDF copy of a Python book a colleague bought once...
@edwinksl 18 upvotes and no one even comments...
@SeverusTux goodnight :)
@Serg What I wanted to say, books are great to buy second hand.
@Terrance If I'm right I think there's not much you can do except being comfortable using the virtual terminals to kill persistent frozen processes right?
well . . . I think that book will be worth the money >:)
I need to get a library card.
6:51 PM
Then why do you hesitate if you think so?
because I'm not gonna buy it, I'm gonna write it
i wanna publish a book
plot twist!
@jokerdino Yeah, I'll renew mine too, soon. But I'll wait until a few weeks after university started.
@Serg :O
About what?
@IanC Sounds about right to me. If they keep getting it, they might want to consider more RAM for the system as well. Or not use applications like Chrome that use more RAM for each tab open.

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