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1:01 PM
I think I'll skip working on udisks indicator for today, and will focus on a few other things today
god , there's not enough time and energy to get everything done in a day
You have some existence outside of coding stuff for us?? o.0
Lol, i wish my existence consisted with doing indicators all day everyday, but unfortunately me being hooman, i have to deal with other stuff. Maybe i should change into something else, like a cat. Cats don't have that many errands
they are about their own business though I think :)
I am vertical, but I would rather be horizontal
@Zanna my thoughts exactly every morning
@Zanna looks like that is from a poem
1:08 PM
I usually have that thought when at work unfortunately... I like my work, but I am kept up late every night and pulled out of bed every morning by general excitement about Linuxing around and when I get to work I am falling asleep without that...
@edwinksl yes, Sylvia Plath
@Zacharee1 can i haz a set of icons ordered plz ? It's just gonna be bunch of squares.
uh not right now
I'm in Java class
any time, it's not urgent
How do you like Java so far ?
it's weird
I know, right ?
1:11 PM
you missed a semicolon
System.out.println(" I know, right ?");
@Zanna just like vim used to say
until I apt purged it :p
blasphemy !!! never purge vim
@Serg sudo apt purge serg serg-vim vim
oh @Zanna, did you know you're awesome?
1:14 PM
AskUbuntu package depends on serg-vim, are you sure you want to remove serg-vim ?
time for U&L
@Zacharee1 lol <333
well dammit
good-bye cruel world, Zach has moved me to /dev/null
dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/serg
oh wait, that doesn't change anything
@Zacharee1 lmao
1:15 PM
Focus on your Java stuff, be a good student. Actually, no. I'm biased: focus on Python
@Serg do you use qemu or virtualbox for running VMs?
1:22 PM
@edwinksl virtualbox
One question, what should I do if I see someone being excesively rude with a new user?
@kek flag the comment
@kek If you have flagging privilege , flag the answer / question for mid attention, explain what's the problem, and that's it.
@zanna nice to know, thanks :)
You could also ask on meta.askubuntu.com
1:23 PM
@kek any time :)
Is a short question, i tought it was innecesary to ask on meta
i see you're also on mobile
@kek where is this comment by the way?
@Serg I have the session open on the phone, but I post the 99% of the time on a laptop
@edwinksl askubuntu.com/questions/828655/why-my-ip-address-is-not-set the last comment, I already flagged it. I think that attitude is innecesary and rude, more if the asker is a new user
Going to eat, have a nice day everyone :)
1:26 PM
guys, can i request feedback on my indicator ?
I wanna know specifically, what parts are good, what parts are bad.
Doesn't have to be about code, just UI and functionality comments
@Serg eh?
I wanna know what things i got right, what things need to improve
@kek interesting. i thought the commenter was annoyed at the high-rep users who said backtrack is off topic and didn't provide any solutions
@Serg Well, I would change the "warning":
@AndroidDev that one isn't mine
1:30 PM
To "disk almost full" or something like that
that's Jacob's
@Serg whoops :P
@Serg you might be able to ask here ux.stackexchange.com
@Serg - Why isn't the % after the number?
1:32 PM
Because %Usage already implies it's percents
@Zacharee1 lol
@Serg I still think "Usage: 24%" would look much better than "%Usage: 24".
also for consistent output
@edwinksl I think your diagnosis is correct, Dr KSL
@Serg i just installed the indicator ^_^ It seems to work well, but the icon is broken - where have I gone wrong?
@Serg - Maybe you could add a tab for the SMART data?
I'm heading out to work now... later all :)
1:40 PM
@Zanna it is supposed to use icon from one of the default themes. Do you have the Adwaita or Ambiance theme ?
@AndroidDev for example ?
Remember, OP asked for simple indicator. I have to keep it relatively simple
@Serg Maybe another row under "usage" that says "SMART Status" and when clicked opens a popup with that data?
Yo guys, whatsup?
I (re-)discovered my love for Danish hard rock.
@ByteCommander good meowning
It's after-moo-n here...
@AndroidDev that might be a good idea. I'll add this one to my list. :) anything else ?
i like your enTUNAsiasm
1:47 PM
@Serg That was very PUNny
It's getting fishy...
@Serg - Okay, one more thing:
I can't resist , because the shocking amount of puns we make currently
Change "Open Disks Utility" to "Open Disk Utility"
It's called "Disks".
1:49 PM
Gnome Disks
@ByteCommander Saying Disks Utility doesn't sound right.
But it's consistent with Ubuntu's naming
I have no problem with it.
But I have a problem finding a version of "Battleship chains" by VolBeat on YouTube.
@Serg I'm not sure... I'll have to check it out later, maybe I can tweak it :)
@AndroidDev I agree on that :=)
1:51 PM
Only versions by the Georgia Satellites or lyrics without audio...
Q: Bootscript table modified. Please Contact Vendor

Yasaswi PillalamarriWhen I suspend ubuntu sometimes it is showing error "Bootscript table modified. Please Contact Vendor". I think its showing every alternate time. And after searching through some forums I got to know that this problem is more in lenovo devices(especially g50-45,mine too). I found no answer...

@ByteCommander dutch hard rock is better then danish
@Zanna are you using default theme or custom ?
@Rinzwind Looking forward to some examples proving your statement :)
@Serg Rinzwind agrees with me
1:52 PM
@ByteCommander Epica for one
@AndroidDev Rinziwind? xD
Sounds cute!
@ByteCommander I fixed it
@Serg I might have changed theme, but I don't remember customising... I might have though, it's just a few clicks in MATE
@ByteCommander she is badass: epica.nl
1:54 PM
@Rinzwind do you agree that Open Disk Utility is better than Open Disk Utility ?
@Serg wheeeeeeeeeeeeeere is the s in there? >:)
Open Disk Utility sounds better
But it's not consistent with Ubuntu's naming
Oh, cool. They're under contract with Nuclear Blast Records?
Their headquarters is just a few miles from here.
1:56 PM
@Serg But saying Disks Utility just doesn't sound right.
@Serg - "Open GNOME Disk Utility"?
Epica is similar to Nightwish, isn't it?
@ByteCommander yes sir
this is their best arguably: youtube.com/watch?v=PyYwypnklEY
@AndroidDev but it's called GNOME Disks. Then that'll be incorrect
1:58 PM
@Serg shrug
@Serg then drop the Utility >:)
@Rinzwind That could work too
well, I'll consider this one . . .
Still searching for VolBeat's Battleship Chains.
@ByteCommander you would not find good music even if you tried >:-DDDD
2:01 PM
What should we do with this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/830755/bootscript-table-modified-please-contact-vendor

See my comment, it seems that it's Lenovo's problem.
Hey, VolBeat is great!
Just this one sing seems to appear NOWHERE.
@ByteCommander but you will not find battleship chains on YT >:-D
I see. But why?
owner sends out DMCAs
But all friggin other VolBeat songs are there and tons of covers as well as the original by Georgia Satellites.
2:06 PM
different owner? >:-D
I am correct here, right?
A: It is secure to upgrade the RAM for a Server using a 32-bit software

Android DevSimple. PAE. From that link: The Linux kernel includes full PAE mode support starting with version 2.3.23,[21] enabling access of up to 64 GB of memory on 32-bit machines. A PAE-enabled Linux kernel requires that the CPU also support PAE. The Linux kernel supports PAE as a build option a...

yes but the q is off topic
there are a lot of unclear flags in CV
Maybe I can record it off the radio some time...
@ByteCommander there is more than YT :P
2:13 PM
@Rinzwind It can be edited to be OT.
@Rinzwind What? I haven't found it anywhere.
Oh, and I already got 145 points today without actually doing anything ^_^
@Rinzwind - I edited to be on topic
@Zanna when you have time, can you let me know what theme you're using ? I'm gonna install it in my VM and play with it later on
2:30 PM
Has anyone of you ever used Stevia as sweetener by the way?
I'm quite surprised chili555 would post an incorrect answer askubuntu.com/a/830762/518562
I bought a can of stevia powder today and tried making waffles with that, but it seems to me like I am taste-blind to it.
@AndroidDev Errare humanum est . Chili is also human, and he can err as well
It's meant to be magnitudes sweeter than sugar, but I could swallow a whole spoon of that without tasting much sweetness.
@Serg Haec sit vera.
2:35 PM
@AndroidDev it aint about wireless >:-D
@Rinzwind hahaha
Anybody here who knows how to make deb packages ?
@ByteCommander Quod est alienum.
@AndroidDev Which is garlicky?
@ByteCommander heh, those days are funny.
2:39 PM
@AndroidDev I don't speak latin.
@Zanna Now it's 200 again :)
Stop talking about food , guys, im hungry
Stevia isn't food.
@Serg if I haven't answered this in 24 hours, please remind me :)
And I don't even find it really sweet. Just bitter at first with a minimal late sweet taste.
2:42 PM
@Serg I usually use checkinstall for Quick and dirty ones
Anything with 0 carbohydrates, 0 fat, 0 "protein", has absolutely 0 nutritional value so, by definition, is not food.
@terdon but it's consumable
@terdon ._. Water!
@Serg mine is on its way
2:43 PM
@Serg So's water and air. Neither are food
personally I'd rather a little of the good stuff, rather than lots of odd things.
@JourneymanGeek so . . .let me test this theory: deb package to be created only has to have debian/ folder, and that's it, right ?
If i have that, it will be "zipped" into a deb
@Serg checkinstall just runs instead of make install...
@terdon Huh?
Not sure of the proper way of doing it, I've never really done it
2:44 PM
Allium ursinum – known as ramsons, buckrams, wild garlic, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek, or bear's garlic – is a wild relative of chives native to Europe and Asia. The Latin name is due to the brown bear's taste for the bulbs and its habit of digging up the ground to get at them; they are also a favourite of wild boar. In Europe, where ramsons are popularly harvested from the wild, similarity to poisonous plants such as lily of the valley or Colchicum autumnale regularly leads to cases of poisoning. == Description == Allium ursinum is a bulbous, perennial herbaceous monocot, that...
@terdon Ermm.. no.
Just a bad pun on the Latin name for garlic.

Quod = that/becuase

est = is

alienus, aliena, alienum = strange/foreign/unfavorable/another's
Yes, thanks, I know :)
That doesn't preclude me from making bad puns though. I can be unfunny in 14.7 languages.
@terdon Oh :)
@terdon - How can I be logged out of AU and still be in chat even after closing and re-opening the broswer tab?
2:50 PM
Are you sure you're logged out? Of all SE sites?
Or, um, caching! Yeah, it's probably caching.
@terdon quote of the day :D
@terdon But if I log out shouldn't it clear the cookies?
I very much doubt I know any more than you do about how the login system works. Probably less.
I do know that chat.se is a different server although they share the login. That might explain it though.
Q: why does not i am getting defined value

Waqas Ranai have defined value like this in defines.inc.php. define('INCLUDES_PATH', ROOT_PATH.'cms-includes/'); ini_set('include_path',INCLUDES_PATH.':'.ini_get('include_path')); it works well in windows . but not in linux . is there any thing equivalent to var_dum() or echo to show value of path for...

2:52 PM
So you could have signed out of one, but not the other maybe
@terdon - Can you nuke? askubuntu.com/a/830779
@AndroidDev gone
@terdon It's still there
Yeah, it is.
2:55 PM
@AndroidDev Yeah, there was a glitch. Gone now
@terdon Yep, gone now
I also dislike that I have to downvote first to be able to vote to delete, but then can undownvote again.
@ByteCommander that's dumb
But that's the rules.
2:57 PM
Can't vote to delete answers with score 0 or higher. It must be negative for the delete vote button to appear.
And I have to reload the page first, after downvoting.
Yeah, but that's not just for you. The idea is that only negatively voted posts should be deleted. If the post is already negative, you can vote to delete. If it isn't, you need to make it so first.
But I need to reload the page which is annoying. And I can theoretically remove my downvote after voting to delete again.
VolBeat's "The Bliss" (English version) is sounding not half as good as "For Evigt" (partly Danish version), although it's the same song...
@ByteCommander Huh, I wonder if that stops any more delete votes from being cast until someone downvotes again
3:20 PM
@terdon Wrote a quick synopsis for you.
I just posted a question on Seasoned Advice and received an upvote within only 10 seconds or so.
If you want to know more, just ask and I'll answer what I can.
@KazWolfe Well, I guess I'd like to see your reasoning for why the bot would be helpful. You seem to have gone straight to "where" without asking about "whether". I think it would make sense to first get a meta consensus about whether or not the bot is wanted, and then move on to where it should go.
3:28 PM
@terdon Well, the bot was written to experiment with the API, and I didn't know what to add -- nobody really had any ideas. So I just made one up to try things. I mean, the benefit of this bot is really that these posts are found within no more of a minute of it being posted to the site.,
Can anybody give me some advice? I broke my system :(
Nautilus stopped responding, so I xkilled it
Then my icons vanished, so I rebooted.
@terdon Can you please nuke all answers to this ancient question? askubuntu.com/q/376259/367990
Now I'm at the login screen, and it's that dark purple with dots before it loads your desktop background.
@KazWolfe I'm probably not the best person to ask, really. I'm not a big fan of bots in chat rooms and I feel we're already too obsessive overzealous about closing questions that mention other distros. I certainly don't see that we need any help in finding off topic questions, and I'm afraid the bot would just lead to more questions being closed without their really being off topic in the first place.
There's no status bar at the top, and no button to switch DEs.
3:31 PM
@AndroidDev Can you log in from the tty?
@terdon Yes
@ByteCommander DOne
And if I issue sudo startx from tty, it loads a gui terminal that looks like pre-unity style
@AndroidDev sudo? Why sudo?
@terdon True enough, but if questions being closed pre-maturely is a result of the bot, that isn't as much the bot's fault as the users who are voting too quickly.
3:32 PM
@terdon it failed without sudo
How does xkilling nautilus break the system?
@KazWolfe Of course. My point is that i) we already close things prematurely, and ii) AFAIK we're very good at finding non-Ubuntu questions so I just don't see the bot helping and I can see it causing harm. Well, not the bot itself, of course, but the users reacting to it.
I mean, I guess I can make a meta-post asking (a) if the bot should even exist, and (b) what it should have to aide the site.
@AndroidDev It shouldn't.
@terdon - I had JUST apt-get upgraded...
3:34 PM
Ah, now that's a different matter.
Sounds like you upgraded your graphics drivers. Are you using the proprietary ones?
Do you have an xorg.conf?
@terdon - Yes, but they weren't in the list to be upgraded
I mean, @terdon, the only other feature I can think of (well, this was Seth), was the !!/s shortcut thing to quickly link canonical questions.
3:36 PM
@terdon cat /proc/version says 4.4.0-36
@terdon In which folder?
@KazWolfe Seriously, I am really not the right person to ask. I've always found the chat bots more of an annoyance than anything else. So you're not likely to get good ideas from Mr Grumpy here.
@terdon Fair enough, but you do have the power to nuke both my bot and myself off the face of AskUbuntu, so... I want to comply with your wishes and not do anything to infuriate you.
@AndroidDev /etc/X11. But I was asking about the kernel because a kernel upgrade might have broken this. I'd ask on the main site though, I haven't used an apt-based system in a while now.
@KazWolfe Screw that! If the community wants it, I'll do what they say. It's not for the mods to decide this sort of thing.
@terdon There's 6 of them?
I have my own personal preferences but they're no more valid than anyone else's.
3:39 PM
@terdon - Would re-configuring lightdm and nautilus help?
@terdon Still, your opinion does matter, and I'd really like to avoid being a hindrance and doing something bad for the site.
@AndroidDev Oh. Wow :) You've been playing around. OK, look, first have a look at X error files, should be somewhere in /var/log/ or in journalctl but I don't know the details with the new init systems. Do you have auto-login enabled? If so, look in your ~/.xsession.errors or whatrever that file is called.
@KazWolfe Bad for the site != bad for me. Sadly :(
And because users can only see from the user side of the wall, the moderators are the only people who could actually give us bigger picture and reveal the hidden trends.
So yeah, just start at the beginning and post a meta question explaining about your bot and asking whether people want it. If they don't, you can always have it running in its own room and anyone who wants it can join it.
Can this be seen as spam? askubuntu.com/a/830752/367990
3:42 PM
@KazWolfe Well, there used to be various bots around chat.se, they'd greet you and give you silly memes and search wikipedia, translate and whatnot. Some people objected, an SE employee removed one unilaterally. Drama ensued.
@ByteCommander yeah
also @terdon, i have a flag for you to deal with if you want.
@ByteCommander any unwanted link is spam :=)
k, thanks for the nuke then :)
@terdon yep, i've seen that. which is why i've tried to remove a decent amount of fun from my usual design policy for bots (at least, until we find valid fun)
3:43 PM
@KazWolfe Yeah, there are quite a few :)
@KazWolfe Fair enough. Seriously though, this isn't a mod issue. It's a community or, more specifically, chat community one. This mod isn't too keen, but as I said, that's just me.
CVs to an older question (duplicate). Ideally, the order should be reversed as the newer post has more detail and probably helps more (well, i'm biased because it's my post, but still).
@KazWolfe if you want to play with API, I have some ideas that I would like get materialized.
@terdon - Not really any errors beside something missing in /usr/share/fonts
Q: screen - sent bash to background?

thecoloryesSo I was working on homework on my school's unix server and I think I totally messed up a screen session. I was going a little trigger/keyboard happy in vim and accidentally did :w2 instead of just :w, so I sent vim to the background (ctrl+Z) and went to go delete it. Except that in my mad typing...

@terdon - I love Linux, but I hate that you can break it so easily.
@terdon - Booting with an older kernel doesn't change anything.
3:47 PM
@jokerdino Well, if you have ideas, I'll throw up a meta-post soon. Or you can just dump them in the Den.
@KazWolfe it's not related to the bot. Something else.
@jokerdino oh.
then, sure i'll at least hear them if I can't implement them.
OK, I will post them sometime tomorrow-ish in your Den.
that works well enough :)
askubuntu.com/users/250271/please-delete-me @jokerdino, user wants delete?
"software bad sectors" does such a thing exist? askubuntu.com/a/830770/367990
3:50 PM
That should be done by SE.
so. who should i tag?
I believe that person has already contacted SE. They will get to it.
@KazWolfe - Any ideas on my system?
@AndroidDev my mind's sorta in 3 places, sorry.
@ByteCommander um... i guess the system could falsely flag bad sectors.
@KazWolfe The user has this name for over 2 years now. Leave that as it is. web.archive.org/web/20140801091824/http://askubuntu.com/users/…
(cc @jokerdino ^)
3:55 PM
@ByteCommander huh.
odd state: I'm not tired today yet i can't really process what people are saying
i think i need breakfast
@Serg you are probably tired
@AndroidDev post a question on the site.
@KazWolfe seems pointless to me to figure out user's intent of deleting account from his/her username
3:59 PM
4 hours of sleep . . .yeah, probably tired
@terdon Can I re-install and save my /home?
@edwinksl I've seen cases of it working and it not working, so...
@AndroidDev why don't you ask on the site?

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