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6:00 AM
explain please.
"poor quality"
i rate 2/10
begins to go to the corner and stares at it
6:01 AM
so, no pun intended, but linux is awesome.
I rate 1/10
you need to rate 10/10
We do play Calvinball in this chat, no?
sorry edity, we make up the rules as we go along.
feel free to also make up rules. except for declaring yourself king of the chat
I saw that but now it has some junk under it... ugh is that NAA?
6:12 AM
@Zanna When in doubt, it's always NAA or unclear
I'm happy if it's NAA, sad if I have to downvote
ofc. downvotes cost you rep
I saw a sad python question yesterday that I wanted to mention to you @edwinksl but I was out and about and didn't have a chance
ha i probably saw it too
yeah I bet
6:17 AM
I'm bored
I saw in my inbox this morning
[post deleted by admins for extreme obscenity]
Yeah I got more edits than @me and a really crappy....
by Henry
@ParanoidPanda Oh, so lets just put it into simple words: henry apparently showed off and how he has much more edits than me. so I banished him from remove commands.
@KazWolfe we can see the history you realize that right?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in title, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Ways To Make Muscle That Work For Anyone? by massenbrgfr on askubuntu.com
6:23 AM
My post was acutally featured in ASKUBUNTU twitter
Can you answer this? ubuntu SQUASHFS errors http://askubuntu.com/q/811299?atw=1 #boot
Applaud everybody!
Q: Glitch in the chatroom

ƎpᴉʇʎXDSo there is a bug in the chatroom. Here's the glitch in simple ways. I have currently 184 Rep. and the chatroom oddly thinks that i have 200 Rep. Does any users or mod want to deny this?

...and the meta bot...
Applaud again!
Prepare for editing SPREE
6:39 AM
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD don't say "stupid" - it's a perfectly great question to ask... but it had been answered already.
Come get your 200 added rep here
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD please don't add "[bounty]" to the question title.
There is already an indicator next to the question when it has a bounty:
sigh . . .if only OP could come back and tell me how to use that plugin so that I could test it . . .
i have a working script . . .
6:45 AM
I owe Jorge Castro heaps
Is there any tool to modify icc profile manually? without a calibrator?
More important question is, anybody knows icc in this chat ?
something color calibration?
color profile. know very little about that. hope that's not a stupid question
6:48 AM
international color consortium, heh
or International Cricket Council ;)
Oh no
The nostalga of ICC cricket world cup 2015 is creeping on me
6:49 AM
@Anwar i assumed you are talking about icc as in Intel C Compiler . . .
ha ha. ICC seems to be a loved acronym
Prepare for a editing spree!!!
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD ye, you go do that buddy . . .
keep up the good job
Probably people thinking it's not Ubuntu-specific.
rinzy ate a downvote too :/
I think someone didn't like the question and answers
@NathanOsman that's not a good reason to downvote surely?
6:57 AM
@Zanna Not if it's the only reason, no.
@Zanna Thanks for the "hash" comment. Totally forgot about that.
so pound is an american/candian thing and hash is british?
And there is more words for it
Yes, indeed.
I've also heard it referred to as the "number" sign.
Yup, because it is used in front of numbers
If you want to get creative, I suppose you could call "#" the "tic-tac-toe" character, as well :D
7:01 AM
oh hashtag, how can we forget that
Gosh, if only I could figure put how to use that hotkey in fcitx, I'd test my script.
Not to be confused with the Chinese character 井, the sharp sign (♯), the viewdata square (⌗), the numero sign (№), the equal and parallel to symbol (⋕) or the game Tic-tac-toe's grid.
@edwinksl Yeah, but nobody realizes they stole it from Perl.
@edwinksl Ah, yes, the sharp sign. Forgot about that one too.
Numerous is used in Russia and post Soviet countries a lot.
"equal and parallel to symbol" wow
7:03 AM
That's good to know.
@NathanOsman perl stole it from bash, which stole from Bourne she'll, which stole from Bourne's evil mind
@Serg Bash has hashes?
Common usage in Singapore and Malaysia, as spoken by many recorded telephone directory-assistance menus: "Please enter your phone number followed by the hex key". The term "hex" is discouraged in Singapore in favour of "hash". In Singapore, a hash is also called "hex" in apartment addresses, where it precedes the floor number.[26][27]
confusing af though, i agree with not using hex
And no, Perl predates Bash by 2 years.
@NathanOsman well, almost. It has associative arrays. But o meant hashtag
7:05 AM
(Mad Wikipedia skillz :P)
When I say "millennials stole it from Perl" this is what I mean. They go around using "hashtag" but have no idea why the character has that name. Welcome to Perl, where prefixing a variable with "#" caused the interpreter to treat it as a hash.
do they even know the origin of the save icon
Hold down and push number keys at random. Chances are you just typed a Perl special variable.
@edwinksl Please don't tell me I'm that old.
This generation doesn't know what they missed. Some of the older Macs could make a barfing noise when they ejected floppy disks. There's just no modern equivalent.
Somebody tried to reinvent Apple Lisa . . . poorly
7:10 AM
^ my thoughts exactly
That is the worst thing I have ever seen.
What is the thing on the right?
A speaker?
Anyway, bedtime for me. Goodnight all.
Apparently so . This is just concept art, but still . . .
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD have you tried installing on another partition/disk with the same USB?
My flatmate just told me Linux is 25 years old today
is this true or is he messing with my head?
7:18 AM
@Anwar yes
everything Apple makes is a desk sculpture at best
Linux borned in 1991 afaik
26 Running
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD same disk or different disk?
@Zanna well,not today . . . Google says it was released in september '91
Initial release 0.01 (17 September 1991; 24 years ago)(from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_kernel)
ah here: As Torvalds wrote in his book Just for Fun,[12] he eventually ended up writing an operating system kernel. On 25 August 1991, he (at age 21) announced this system in a Usenet posting to the newsgroup "comp.os.minix.":[13]
August 25th
@Zanna starred ;)
7:27 AM
@Anwar diffrent disk, same result, same disk, same result
thanks @Takkat ^_^
haha he was bitten by a penguin hahaha I didn't know this!
Q: Making on machine to be an update local repo for CentOS and Ubuntu

darking050I am running CentOS on my primary machine and I am happy with it. At the same time, I am using VirtualBox to test somethings on both CentOS and Ubuntu. My question is, that I want to make the host machine as a update repo for CentOS, which result in saving time updating the vm image. But also fo...

if someone reposts, do we mark as dupe or flag for mods?
you can do both
which question?
I VTC as dupe so the first one has a link now so sorry about redundant link
7:42 AM
found it. this is the later one askubuntu.com/questions/815675/…
< trying to help a user whose question already got 4 CV.
7:57 AM
@Zanna So here's the solution to that fcitx question. Unfortunately only tested with editing the file askubuntu.com/q/806349/295286 , i can't seem to use that plugin - it doesn't autocomplete anything for me
I'm supposed to be making screenshots to demonstrate PS1 changes and I'm getting constantly distracted hahaha
where do i get a list of all apt-get error/warning codes?
neat shortcut @Serg ^_^
8:24 AM
Aaand back
Thanks , Zanna !
mate terminal doesn't seem to support the escape code for italic text... or maybe I'm doing it wrong
8:43 AM
8:55 AM
People on webupd8 article got interested in making the script work per specific workspace. I'll be making a wrapper script for it in the next few days ^_^
@Serg great
9:09 AM
oh boy, i've introduced a bug into my mouse profile indicator . . .
uh oh...
@Zanna What!? That's a thing? You've used a terminal which supports italics?
@terdon Gnome terminal does :P
really? Huh. How?
echo -e "\e[3mfoo\e[23m"
should show "foo" in italics
9:22 AM
Huh! So it does. Next question, of course, is why?
mnemomics :=)
vim can use italics too :=D
oh see man 5 terminfo
enter_italics_mode sitm ZH Enter italic mode
enter_leftward_mode slm ZI Start leftward carriage motion
Q: Automatic NFS mount Ubuntu

Benedikt WutziI have an NFS server with a shared volume I'd like to mount to a Ubuntu client. When I mount it manually with sudo mount -t nfs -o rw,async /LOCAL_DIR it works perfectly, with read and write access. Now I'm trying to mount it during boot automatically using /etc/f...

@Rinzwind Well of course it can. It is an almost decent editor, after all :P
vim can strip so it can't be decent :+)
I know that! But some people seem to think it is and I don't want to anger them. They have enough trouble s it is, what with having to spend 17 minutes a day trying to remember how to quit the damn thing.
9:28 AM
@Rinzwind What does that one do?
Aaaand fixed !
I was opening file , but didn't realize that the file was already open from the function that called it before
@Serg noob >:-D
Yesh . . .I'm de n00best there ever was :3
Look at this indicator glory ! Right two and left two are all my indicators
too much color
too much colour
9:41 AM
@Serg I voted before the edits. It is reopened now.
Q: I accidentally deleted /etc/perl directory

Abraham Murciano BenzadonI accidentally deleted /etc/perl directory and now when I install or uninstall anything from the Ubuntu Software Center or Terminal I get the error The installation or removal of a software package failed. But the package sometimes does install or uninstall. When I click on details I get install...

HOW do people keep doing stuff like that?
@Pilot6 very well , thanks. I've already found out that edit history didn't show the post wasn't clear originally before edit history caught up to it
@Rinzwind I think that's people who come from windows. They think " Oh, I didn't have perl or python on windows , so let's remove these packages" . And then they realize Ubuntu relies on them
Canonical should make a system where sudo is also locked :P
You get a /home/ and that's it.
@Rinzwind No, it's not Canonical's issue. The world needs smarter users. Besides, without sudo, they wont be able install apps and stuffs
@Serg sure you can. we setup USC to be allowed to install.
9:49 AM
OK . . . What if the same thing happens as when 16.04 got released ? USC couldn't install nothing, only dpkg could . . . with sudo . . .
Gosh, I could really use some massage right now . . . can't write a python script for that . . . not yet at least , lol
10:04 AM
@Serg Weird that you do not see it. I see the original post.
@Pilot6 according to another user who closed the post, it was confusing in original version. The earliest in the edit history looks perfectly alright to me, which is what prompted me to ask folks why they closed it.
I see exactly that original post that was unclear in edit history.
how to quick input current date & time with a quick word?

I am using fcitx,I wish when I want to input "time", it output current time "2016-08-03 11:15".How to setup?
You need to click the triangle at the right side of 1 to expand it.
yeah, i know. I thought this one was perfectly fine. fcitx is input method, and OP basically asks for auto-completion/auto-conversion . . . maybe not worded well enough, but at least i thought it was pretty clear
Meh, anyway, it's reopened already
It is maybe clear for you but not to me. This happens to me too, when it is clear to me but the quetion is getting close votes ;-)
yeah, probably that's the case :)
Off-topic question , do you use Unity as your desktop @Pilot6 ?
10:14 AM
@Serg yes, I use unity, why?
Lately , I'm working on indicators for Unity. But I lack ideas sometimes. So I'm looking for more ideas from other users , suggestions, requests
So, feel free to request or suggest something :)
I know close to nothing about GUI development.
It is easier for me to write a driver than to add an item to a menu ;-)
That's the reson I do not like to customize desktop, because I can't fix anything if there is a problem
No ,no : what I mean is I'm looking for indicator ideas, rather than code review
well, in any case . . .If you ever want some small app for your top panel, feel free to ask :)
I use some indicators, but I do not have any ideas what else can be needed.
OK, if I need anything, I know who can do it :-)
What about Google Drive indicator, like dropbox and yandex?
I do not use Google Drive in GUI, but it may be useful.
Hmm , that exists already :/ Well, at least for Google Drive and dropbox. I don't know about yandex though
actually . . . let me look up the Google Drive one first
10:24 AM
There is a project at Russian forums for Yandex. It works well.
I did not see a Google Drive
You need indicator idea or testing ? @Serg
@Anwar ideas
although testing is always welcome :)
Oh, I will tell my wife, she was asking for it
This is for yandex
Oh. The ideas come when you try to stop it and stop when you try to embrace it.
@Serg why not go for a complete "set" that includes gdrive? :D
@Serg What about a simple GUI app that substitutes font? I think I would create one. but before that python is necessary
em . . . I could . . .but I'm still quite n00bish at that , I wouldn't know how to approach stuffing three clients into one indicator @Rinzwind
@Anwar font of what ?
Old font-manager had this functionality. but removed it in new
Thursday we are having a party. 25 years Linux kernel.
@Serg select box? >:-D
10:29 AM
@Serg say you wanted the system to render Arial in place of all Ubuntu fonts.
It's easy with manual editing.
but a gui would be fine
@Rinzwind why thursday ? It was released in september originally
@Serg ^^
@Rinzwind OH, you guys celebrate the announcement ,not the actual release
@Rinzwind "won't be big and professional" ha ha
@Anwar Unity tweak tool allos something like that
10:32 AM
@Takkat >:-D
although meh, i could make it into indicator to be like . . . ."One font to rule them all" !
tweak tool doesn't have this functionality
OK . . .then i misunderstood it. . .
@Serg mysql indicator? apache/website indicator?
pokemon go indicator? >:)
^ Great idea
10:34 AM
@Rinzwind now that would be useful on my desktop!"
There is 1 for Gnome-Shell which starts, stops, restarts system services
I'm gonna pokemon go for a smoke right now XD
@Rinzwind You mean just indicator to see if the process is running or not ?
that should be easy
@Serg no. if it works. mysql deamon running != mysql working >:)
I dont give out easy tasks :=)
@Takkat I just reached lvl 29. got 250 rattata eggs ready for the next increase
how do you find the time for that?
10:41 AM
@Rinzwind I don't know anything about myslq. I'll need some explaining on that
@Takkat well as of right now I lost school and job at the same time so. . . .yeah, I have time
@Serg lucky you ... but hope it's temporary only. No money is worse than no time.
@Takkat I've no money either XD I only got 90$
@Anwar that's a good one. I might implement that
good luck. would a nice addition
Meanwhile my answer on that originally unclear post got accepted. Yeyya
which one?
10:45 AM
"if that is the case I would plan a re-install"
"re-install of what?"
A: how to quick input current date & time with a quick word?

SergIn this post: Introduction QuickPhrase_Time.py script xclip shortcut 1.Introduction The plugin to which OP refers to, is QuickPhrase and can be installed via sudo apt-get install fcitx-modules fcitx-module-quickphrase-editor. It uses ~.config/fcitx/data/QuickPhrase.mb to store phrases. The ...

eh... windows? >:)
11:05 AM
Q: How do I fix this Virtualbox Error on Ubuntu start up?

Nicholas AdamouI recently installed Ubuntu 16.04 using Virtualbox. I did the following after the installation was completed: Mounted the Virtualbox Guest Additions CD Installed the Virtualbox Guest Additions software Performed updates using the built in 'Software Updater' program Performed updates to the sys...

@terdon why did you close this? askubuntu.com/questions/815740/…
he only wanted a yes or no :=)
so make two answers
1. yes
2. no
and let the upvoted decide >:-D
@Rinzwind off-tappic . . . because codez-only question
@Serg He's being facetious.
11:10 AM
I know . . . and I'm being overly serious >:3
oh good grief, why do people upvote duplicates? :-\

because it's easier than clicking close button :p
@AndreaLazzarotto Why not?
@terdon total lack of research, for example?
If it's a good question and well written and the only thing wrong with it is that its a dupe, why not upvote it?
Dupes are not easy to find. The SE search is notoriously bad.
11:14 AM
I personally use google . . .
I found the dupe just by copy-pasting the error message in AU, nevertheless of course you can also Google it and AU shows up immediately
anyway, that is not a good question either, in fact it's just an error message not so well formatted in the body of the question
\ (^_^)/ 1.6 million reached , WOO
@AndreaLazzarotto OK. But that is often not the case. Dunno, seeing as it's often hard to find dupes, I don't see any reason to penalize new users for posting them.
Also, having dupes is good for the site since they act as signposts, directing users to the right post.
@terdon, I would call the act of "not upvoting" to be penalizing
I wouldn't*
True, I was thinking of downvotes.
11:16 AM
@Serg I repeat my last comment: n00b >:-D
seems I have more then 10 times that >:-D
@Serg congrats! I have 2m but only for one question, which makes it less of an achievement
6.3m. don't know how!
17 m for you, but you've been on the site 5 years and have shiz tonz of rep @Rinzwind so yeah , ain't fair comparison . . . But at least i am catching up with Jacob
@Anwar you can easily check your top upvoted answers and see how many people saw those questions
@Serg @JacobVlijm is a slacker :=)
11:18 AM
Wouldn't say - he produced a lot of scripts
I am amazed by how some of you have so much reputation
it looks like you are here 24/7 and you give a lot of contributions to this site
@AndreaLazzarotto nope.
(that was meant to be a compliment, just to be clear)
My top answer askubuntu.com/a/636692/295286 56 upvotes. Literally the answer is "Use TTY"
it is very easy: answer questions and keep the rep flow in at around 200. next day you pick up some extra upvotes from y-day. Keep that up and the 200 a day keeps flowing in.
11:20 AM
It's got two downvotes for whatever reason though
@Serg tsk :D
@Rinzwind that only works for questions that get good attention
I mostly answer questions of people who never come back to accept, or if they do they do not even upvote so my accepted answers stay at 0-2 votes maximum
this is the only exception :D askubuntu.com/questions/25961/…
@AndreaLazzarotto do more command line and text processing questions. Those get lots of votes and OPs generally return and accept
@AndreaLazzarotto the easiest answers get the most upvotes >:)
^ morning started with a "Thank you" comment by the OP for me
11:22 AM
manual related questions are always for 5, 10 upvotes
@Serg exactly the same for mine LOL (two downvotes)
@Rinzwind so true: man command > copy & paste to answer > collect upvotes
@Rinzwind I wrote a long answer yesterday, but haven't got any. Though the accepted one is wrong and got many :
Like . . . why ? Just why ? 58 people found that useful, why those 2 people didn't ?
I could do that but I prefer to answer questions related to damaged NTFS recovery
11:24 AM
a question that shows up every other day, yet I don't collect upvotes... so sad :P
@eradicus ?
@AndreaLazzarotto, that's fine. The most important thing is, you're helping them. ;)
@Serg may be because you said to use ctrl-alt-f2 :)
@AndreaLazzarotto yeah, I kind of have the same thing going - I prefer answering scripting questions, those that require basically making new app for OP , but it is a hit or miss. Can get upvotes or maybe not. Besides there is competition too
people using windows should be banned from askubuntu :-)
that would fix all the mounting errors too
11:26 AM
@Anwar lol , probably. Some people are too lazy to move fingers one key over
@Serg that is why ;)
How's everyone doing?
@Serg out of curiosity, why this:
@Rinzwind LOL but then the legitimate question "how do I install Ubuntu?" would get less attention
> To get back to the GUI, first type exit to log out of the virtual console, then press CtrlAltF7 to switch back to the GUI.
Why exit before switching back to the GUI?
11:29 AM
@terdon why keep it open ?
one possible reason is that you don't want to forget a logged in session then walk away from your computer... Ubuntu will lock the screen but not the TTY
^ that
I tend to log out of tty's , unless i forget
@Serg You might want to go back to it. And yes, ^^ is a good point, it just sounds as though you're implying that you need to exit before switching back to the GUI
"always log out from TTY" == "never accept candy from strangers"
What!? Say no to free candy? What's wrong with you!?
11:31 AM
Wow, I even got a star :D
gone :)
Yeah, people here will star any old thing. Here, just watch.
see what?
@terdon imma keep that star, thank you very mush
Oh, and I edited that post by the way
to include skip exit if you wanna part
11:33 AM
@Serg Well, I'd upvote you but I'm afraid I've already done so.
welp , on this glorious note, i'm gonna mv serg bed/
sigh . . .why do people keep running chmod -R on the / or other system folders ?
this is . . .
so that they ask questions here
That reminds me of this: askubuntu.com/q/523184/271
Mr. Shuttle worth speaks askubuntu.com/a/815759/295286
and this which is more related: askubuntu.com/a/542230/271
sigh. . .
I believe it is Linux's way of educating people. You do this once in your life only.
Q: f-spot on ubuntu 14.04 stopped displaying any pictures

Peter YetiFor a while now, I've had a serious problem with f-spot on my Lenovo X250, which runs Ubuntu 14.04 with MATE. After a security and software update earlier this year, f-spot stopped displaying the pictures in the archive. Neither the icons in the browser nor the full pictures in the slide show are...

@Serg edited and it seems my edit earned 1 vote for you :)
11:51 AM
Yay ^_^

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