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10:11 AM
@Videonauth askubuntu.com/q/786792/15003 is also off-topic btw
@edwinksl Yep i agree this question has a kind of mintyness, but the result would be applicable on Ubuntu too in this case
ah ok
feel free to decline my flag then
nah i just not close voted on it myself and hope to get at least one answer to it before its closed ;p
but in fact if you would write on top ubuntu linux and take the mint rosa out it would be a perfect fit
lol yeah probably true for many mint questions too xD
mny as long they are not going into the DE bit and other small changes they made to the ubuntu underlay of mint
10:20 AM
ok i just needed a quick answer, probably off topic thanx @Videonauth anyway. Have a nice day..you all.
@mokum i never played around with encrypted HDDs myself yet so i have no real answer for you
no it was some practise for my linux administrator course also. So the learning never stops.
i saw that in reddit
it blew my mind
From reddit:
> Never before have I seen the concept of clusterf**ck so eloquently described.
10:32 AM
how to vote?
or where to vote?
@edwardtorvalds Here: askubuntu.com/election
Just click the up/down buttons to vote
who else does versioning the way gtk does lmao
it makes no sense
KDE 4 was an attempt at it
Utter failure
They tried to explain that KDE 3 was the stable one and KDE 4 was unstable
but no one listened, they just used KDE 4 (which was, of course, completely broken)
election done :=)
10:37 AM
@Rinzwind I#m surprised im still under the top 10 of the list :)
@Rinzwind The primaries are still not closing before 3 days
10:51 AM
Q: VPN with iptables and routing: access port from local network

gurabliI use a commercial VPN provider with OpenVPN as client on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (but doing some testing on 16.04 LTS too). I have configured iptables and routing tables to mark packets based on user and to route only these packets over tun0. Every other user has direct access to Internet (over ...

Hello :D
@BharadwajRaju Hello ;-) you might want to remove this comment , OP removed his comment.
@SeverusTux Hello! You mean the one where I said " I think Masi means if there is a way to"?
@SeverusTux deleted
Yes, because Masi removed his comments.
@Videonauth You beat me by literally three seconds.askubuntu.com/questions/783895/…
11:04 AM
@AndroidDev xD
11:22 AM
@BharadwajRaju the prelims :=)
@Videonauth Hmm. I am not.
I'm surprised I'm only on #6...
askubuntu.com/questions/786792/… <--> smashes his head at a wall
it's always the dot
I have git 2.7.4 on 16.04
@edwinksl yeah but im out of words lol
11:32 AM
@BharadwajRaju get the git-core ppa
I don't use that many features of git :)
But the new diffs look great
Yes I now have git 2.9
@Zacharee1 are you here ?
we need a ping function in chat
that sends a sms and email to people who are pinged
they lose 5 rep for every hour they are not here since pinged
god beware no please not
@Fabby would lose rep at an alarming rate
Anyways, here's Zacharee1 at twitter: twitter.com/@wander1236
From his AU profile :)
11:44 AM
I've sent him a mail, thats enough
when i remember right it is early morning at his place of residency
He'll be here in a few hours (where I live, that's evening)
11:55 AM
I ran rm -rf / in a Ubuntu Linux bootable usb flash drive now the flashdrive is not working. :(
That was sort of expected
@BharadwajRaju I know.
You mean the USB is bricked?
Are you a mind reader? :D
Try sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd×, replacing sd× with the drive ID
Or sudo mkfs.vfat -I -n 'NameOfUSB' /dev/sd×
11:58 AM
No that will not work.
Because I only have Windows currently.
I will just buy a new usb drive it's just 30-100 dollars but running the command is free.Which is better buy a new usb drive or run a free command?
free command
@HenryWHHack did you fall on your head this morning ? xD
How did it work without --no-preserve-root?
12:03 PM
@BharadwajRaju oh this is no problem just use /* or /.*
zsh has a cool feature: setopt RM_STAR_WAIT
waits ten seconds before rm *-ing anything
Q: unable to install anything using apt-get because of insserv

PranjalWhenever I try to install something using apt-get I get the error messages involving insserv. I have tried install many different packages but everything give same error. And apparently, CUPS package is doing/has done something because every error message involves it. The following are the errors...

The bot above is so annoying.
@BharadwajRaju The bot is doing it's job what ever it is. :D
So I can use dd in windows.
Then recover the USB.
12:13 PM
Do I have to download any software.
Of course, MS won't bundle GNU utilities on Windows...
Ubuntu-on-WIndows, maybe?
@BharadwajRaju you can ignore it
@JourneymanGeek Thanks
@HenryWHHack Keep in mind that there isn't any /dev/zero or any /dev/
aaaarggggssss, mod needed here to drop a hammer lol askubuntu.com/questions/786836/commands-for-beginner#786843
Q: How to restart network in ubuntu server 14.04.04?

zarkerI tried use 'service network restart' or '/etc/init.d/networking restart',what commond could use now? Thanks for any help!

12:17 PM
@BharadwajRaju Okay.
Ignore it.
Hello Mr JourneymanGeek. :)
@BharadwajRaju github.com/bmatzelle/gow is what I use
I use liveusb creator for imaging USB keys
@Videonauth That whole thread is bad
this is what im saying lol
nuke it all
wel vtc it would be a starte before even ore bad answers sum up there
thanks @jokerdino
12:44 PM
There is something going on between me and JourneymanGeek that he can't get over. :(
How's the stats looking up for election ?
Good Luck @Serg! :)
About dd
@Videonauth where is that from?
12:51 PM
using a script
Hello and good afternoon ! :)
FUN FACT:I don't know why I am here.
1:01 PM
Neither do we...
because ... 42
@HenryWHHack Possibly you could send me the USB by mail, I'll format it and mail it back :)
@Videonauth Thanks. exactly what i thought it would be
@JourneymanGeek What do you mean?
yep this is why i always carry a towel with me
1:04 PM
@HenryWHHack I have no clue why i am here either. One nice day i was so frustrated that i installed ubuntu, and since then i became quite happy
I merely know where mine is.
Except not today . . .
Did Panda infect you all?
today i am pissed
1:05 PM
@ByteCommander nope ony douglas adams did
@Serg Maybe it's time to reinstall Ubuntu? ;-)
@Serg Why ? Hello my friend ! :)
@ByteCommander I don't think reinstalling Ubuntu prevents people from making decisions about which we're not happy
> One nice day i was so frustrated that i installed ubuntu, and since then i became quite happy
hello all
1:06 PM
Hi :D
@ByteCommander With what ? :D
@cl-netbox that was my comment
@Serg on what ?
Hi @SeverusTux ! :)
1:08 PM
@cl-netbox Towels etc. The whole Hitchhiker stuff.
@cl-netbox Hi :D
@ByteCommander ah ... I just thought it was about spreading cake and chocolate over all keyboards ... :D
@cl-netbox Well , that's basically the story of how i started with Ubuntu : my academics were basically crap and i was unhappy, so one day i decided "Either I learn something new and worthwhile or fail miserably and die, so YOLO". So I didn't go to my morning class, went to the library, installed Ubuntu , and since then my academics improved and I've learned far more than i did in my classes before that
Okay, going to make some food and continue the mod questionnaire later. I'm already at 2000 words (>11k characters), but 3 questions are still missing. :P
C prorgamming passed with A , Python and Data Structures passed with -A , Interfacing Techniques for microcontrollers passed with A . . . and there's some more stuff
1:11 PM
@Serg doesn't look bad ... or better : looks great ! :)
Today why I am pissed however is because my gf wants to go to Africa for 7 days. They have some form of summer camp for translators there
@Serg seven days fade very fast - believe me ... :)
@cl-netbox there's also all sorts of dangers that one can encounter within 7 days. My problem isn't the time limit , but the location. There's only 3 locations I absolutely don't want people to go to : Russia , Anywhere in Africa and Middle East, and Brooklyn
South Africa is OK, I believe.
My friend went there on holiday
@Serg so why does your girl friend go there then ?
1:17 PM
@cl-netbox "They have some form of summer camp for translators there" -- Serg
That ^ And because she thinks it's an awesome opportunity and will be looking-good on resume
the camp is an isolated place I assume - so less dangerous :)
camp is just a word
Where exactly in Africa is it?
i was in summer camp this summer . . .we basically could run away to another side of city or china if we wanted to
@BharadwajRaju that's what i asked her , but she haven't replied yet
1:29 PM
Maybe I should delete my old question. I got a downgoat for it yesterday. It was way back when i was very new and had noooo clue what i was doing
@Serg so then delete it :)
@Serg Even better: fix it.
Mmm, actually @Serg, having seen the question, it seems like a perfectly good one to me. Why delete it?
1:46 PM
Hi terdon ! :)
@terdon i might improve it today. but i dont feel like it's . . . worthy of being posted anymore
Anybody wants to bring perl and python here ???
@Serg What's wrong with it? It seems like a perfectly decent question. The fact that you know the answer today doesn't make it bad. The next person might not. Deleting good content is rarely a good idea.
biab ? what ?
what is biab ?
1:54 PM
back in a bit
Yall guys added whole bunch of acronyms since i was gone and it was only 3 weeks, jeezums
Oh these acronyms!
that might not be used here much but we use it in irc all the time so it might just be me
flips table See what i mean ???
@WildMan BRB :)
1:56 PM
speaking of flipping tables , SQL people probably do it all the time ( get it ? flipping tables ? haha . . . no ? no one ? well . . .i'll just go cry in a corner . . . )

function animate {
echo -ne " $1\033[0K\r"
sleep 0.5

animate " ( °-°) ┬─┬"
animate " ( °□°) ┬─┬"
animate " (╯°□°)╯┬─┬"
animate " (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻"
animate " (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻"
animate " (╯°□°)╯ FUUU ┻━┻"
A table flipper in bash
@cl-netbox yep I know that one too, just thought that biab was more appreciate in my case this time
@BharadwajRaju you can improve it by using array and looping over it , why call so many functions if you can do it in a loop ?
bye for now
see ya !
1:59 PM
@Serg Hello :-)
I am looking forward for your answers
Q: 2016 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

Grace NoteIn connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as the space for the candidates to provide their answers. We only selected the top voted questions, howeve...

I think my answer is bad, but well I was never a good writer
Well i leave it for now, but might come back alter to improve it
I don't think the answers there are publicly-editable, are they?

function animate {
echo -ne " $1\033[0K\r"
sleep 0.5

flip=( " ( °-°) ┬─┬" \
       " ( °□°) ┬─┬" \
       " (╯°□°)╯┬─┬" \
       " (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻" \
       " (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻" \
       " (╯°□°)╯ FUUU ┻━┻" )

for step in "${flip[@]}"
   animate "$step"
There, how's that ?
@SeverusTux Answer will be going up today , thx :)
2:04 PM
@BharadwajRaju dunno, they are simple meta posts they should be editable
So they will be going to Ethiopia and South Africa
@Serg Run it by copying the script and then typing xsel -ob | bash -s in terminal.
But the mouth looks weird.
It eats the right eye.
(At least in my terminal)
@ByteCommander well, in mine the mouth also is kinda big and eats the eye . . . i dunno, i just copied whatever text there was and put it into array . . . maybe it's due to utf support or somethin ?
@ByteCommander add space between each mouth and eye
that fixes it

function animate {
echo -ne " $1\033[0K\r"
sleep 0.5

flip=( " ( °-°) ┬─┬" \
       " ( °□ °) ┬─┬" \
       " (╯°□ °)╯┬─┬" \
       " (╯°□ °)╯︵ ┻━┻" \
       " (╯°□ °)╯ ┻━┻" \
       " (╯°□ °)╯ FUUU ┻━┻" )

for step in "${flip[@]}"
   animate "$step"
Yup, it does. :)
Yaaay, now we have a table flippin script !!! Alias it to FUUUU command
2:25 PM
hahaha nice :D
how did you type that box (mouth) ?
@Serg Show me that
and the table ;P
My computer crashed. :( Where was I again.
Oh yeah.
does anyone know what is the difference between nouveau.modset=0 and nomodset ?
@SeverusTux Not sure, but I think if you add the nouveau, it only takes effect if the nouveau driver (open source driver for nvidia) is active.
2:36 PM
@SeverusTux the original script was from @BharadwajRaju , I just improved it , put everything into array and made function work with a loop instead of calling function each time
Can we ahve one more EOL close vote on askubuntu.com/questions/786898/ubuntu-11-10-networking please
it's literally real close to being closed and needs closed
Aaand closed
@Serg you should package your script and ask to get it to the official repositories, just like sl. (steam locomotive)
2:46 PM
@ByteCommander but it's originally not mine ! I only improved it a bit
@BharadwajRaju where did you get that script originally ?
Um, I realize this is dholbach asking this, but anyone else think these are two different tags?
Q: Can the snapcraft and snap-package tags please be merged?

dholbachSince snapcraft is the tool to build snap packages, the two tagssnapcraft and snap-package should be the same thing, if possible.

Well . . . that's . . . .nice, but probably won't be able to submit it to Canonical , since it's on freakin Reddit and I don't know what license is Reddit posts are under
maybe i should do something like that but different
> © 2016 reddit inc. All rights reserved.
@Seth I think since there can be snap packages of other applications as well but there is snapcraft as tool so they should stay two seperate tags
2:58 PM
@Serg Also, your script behaves differently: GIF (first run is mine, second yours)
The OP doesn't seem too bothered:
> [some user:] Can I put this into my install scripts?
> > [OP:] Don't see why not. :)
@BharadwajRaju the problem isnt the OP of this reddit post, its the sites all in all copyright terms which make it a tricky thing
Reddit's official stance:
> # your content

You retain the rights to your copyrighted content or information that you submit to reddit ("user content") except as described below.
By submitting user content to reddit, you grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, or publicly display your user content in any medium and for any purpose, including commercial purposes, and to authorize others to do so.
You agree that you have the right to submit anything you post, and that your user content does not v
oogh I didn't wake up right
@Videonauth I'll read over what you sent me a little later
when I wake up a bit more
yep take your time
3:06 PM
@jokerdino ?
terdon's still rising fast
@Videonauth np = no problem
@Videonauth oh so that's where that np went
I thought it was lagging but turns out I typed in the wrong text box
yeah and confused me because it was so way out of context ;)
3:12 PM
Question of the day: should I go to T-Mobile?
i have heard all candidates over 200 points in the primaries will be disqualified , for just simply having to much votes :p
1 is T-Mobile, 2 is No T-Mobile: shuf -i 1-2 -n 1
sorry terdon
@BharadwajRaju but I have Verizon rn
@Videonauth I hope that's a joke
next time, let's mention it's a joke.
3:15 PM
> To ensure that we’re providing a great experience for our customers, customers who use more than 25 GB of data in a bill cycle will have their data usage de-prioritized compared to other customers for that bill cycle at times and locations when competing network demands occur, resulting in relatively slower speeds see t-mobile.com/OpenInternet for details
I feel like that goes against net neutrality
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A JOKE AND INTENDED AS AJOKE; YOU MAY LAUGH AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION --> chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/30351211#30351211
@jokerdino ":p" usually says it for me
Ok, so I get it was a joke. Stop, now
@Videonauth discressioned
I don't know what's the right spelling anymore.
3:18 PM
Semantic satiation strikes again.
Thanks, red squiggly line
T-Mobile's coverage is now almost as good as VZW's O_O
3:40 PM
sup ?
yep you posted that already earlier :)
Doesn't sound that crazy.
4.0 != 4
Not crazy?
GTK versioning is already complicated, this just takes it further
Well, the concept that the stable versions can be targeted forever while the gnome apps will always use latest and greatest is fine. I'm not going to quibble over a numbering scheme. Besides, all coders know 4.0 != 4 ;)
3:44 PM
4 + 0 = 4 ! :D
> all coders know 4.0 != 4
right one is an int the other a float ;p
exactly. and diff in memory
@Videonauth Beat me to it :)
right a int is mostly 4 byte and a float is around 9 when i remember that right
3:47 PM
@chaskes I think it's the idea of each minor revision breaking compatibility with the last that seems insane.
@Zacharee1 O_O
And listen to this. They'll pay off your ETF and remaining balance on your phone if you trade it in. They'll also credit you a certain amount on your bill for trading it in.
@terdon Yeah, I thought about that, but since they've committed to keeping the stable versions "forever", it doesn't strike me as that big a deal. They could've worded it better: Here's the stable schedule. Anyone who wants to join us on the unstable roller ocaster is welcome to jump on.
3:50 PM
@Seth coverage maps
@terdon I'm thinking they just meant you can't have them installed at the same time..
@terdon have you seen your votes for mod? +397 / -11
@Seth Ah, that would indeed make more sense.
@Zacharee1 Yeah. Wow.
I think you're one of our next mods :p
It is looking likely, yes.
3:51 PM
@terdon Congrats ! deserved and reasonable ! :)
Also premature, but thanks :)
we can still shoot him down
@jokerdino o_O
The problem is how others will interpret it -- they see 4.0 and think of a stable release. This was what happened to KDE 4. KDE developers did not intend for anyone to use it, saying that 3 was the stable version. But everyone started using 4, which was, of course, broken.
39 mins ago, by Videonauth
i have heard all candidates over 200 points in the primaries will be disqualified , for just simply having to much votes :p
3:53 PM
@jokerdino yeah, quick, ban him!
How many posts are there in the elections?
As in empty seats
What happens when all active members on AU have become mods? :p
Every day, new users will come and post off-topic things... still.
But we'll be handling it better!
@Zacharee1 then we invent supermods and start electing again ;)
3:54 PM
@jokerdino Main street at dawn?
can shog run his script on the election votes ? We suspect some users got downvotes by illegal means of creating multiple accoutns and downwoting their own nominations
@serg @Videonauth Here's a good scripting question: askubuntu.com/questions/786940/…
@Serg wat
@Serg what? no
3:58 PM
@Serg still holding 5th
@jokerdino (I think it's a joke)
I downvoted nearly 10 of them
Serg made a joke guys
might be more
I was joking . . . jeezums . . .sense of humor, guys ? do we have it ?
3:59 PM
that's what i thought
@jokerdino ironic for you
Still no.
are you German?

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