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5:00 PM
@Faizan Me? After the rep slapdown I just received? Nah... (And I wouldn't be able to spare the time anyway) ;)
@ThomasW. that's my intent , i plan to take Comptia Linux + at some point
@ByteCommander Still looking... :(
@ByteCommander I meant it isn't set up (you have to configure networking yourself, manually)
@Zacharee1 Nothing to do with "like"; just no time. :(
By all!
5:01 PM
@Fabby how's your job by the way ?
Hello :)
@BharadwajRaju Yeah, that was easy though.
@Serg Busy. He's already gone again.
Sometimes I believe they let him work 23h shifts... :-/
Also , Nominations close in 2 hours !!! , if anyone still wants to participate in the elections, make it quick
No need to hurry for me, I'm already in.
5:03 PM
Me two
But starring it for the slow guys among us anyway ;)
@Serg There are more than enough very good nominations I think ! :)
No need to thank.
At least we're still allowed to exchange chat stars as favours :P
@cl-netbox Hello :D
5:04 PM
@cl-netbox True , but you know how they say "The more - the better"
@SeverusTux Hi my friend ! :)
@Serg shush ;) don't tell them there are enough which give me a headache :p
@ByteCommander If you find any funny comments or code , lemme know, I'll star that ;)
@Serg Only if those "more" are not going to be better than me... ;-)
@Rinzwind you were saying something about nominating in the last 5 minutes...
5:06 PM
Whoa! This almond was bitter! >___<
Yuck! :P
@Serg I wish you luck, you have to know the deb side AND the rpm side ;P
and a lot of CLI
Frankly , I think there's a good variety of people there. Pilot6 , networking expert ; couple of command-line and scripting aficinados like me , Byte, Jacob ; Panda, who mostly supports Gnome type of questions ; terdon is just well-rounded in about anything Linux-related . Though would be nice to see folks who support apt and dpkg type of things - those are also big chunk of questions on AU . In particular, A.B. would be a good candidate for that
@ByteCommander flag something, anything and we will eventually get to it.
@ThomasW. Can i also know the dark side of the force ? :D I'm comfortable in CLI for the most part
@Serg Actually the tags in which somebody is active are pretty irrelevant as moderator, I think.
@jokerdino There is nothing to flag.
This user never ever posted any single question or answer.
5:10 PM
@ByteCommander flag any of my posts and write it in other.
@BharadwajRaju never gonna :-D
@Rinzwind give you up
never gonna let you down
Can't you just look at it now? What would a flag in a completely unrelated place help?
nevver gonna run around
and hurt you
@Rinzwind ( sorry, I just rick-rolled you )
I rickrolled 1000s of users on a forum this week >:-D
5:11 PM
@ByteCommander they're irrelevant , but to some extend they show where people contribute the most, right ? It's like a good indicator that a person has spend substantial time on the topic and knows what he/she is talking about
@Rinzwind how ?
@ByteCommander no
@Serg To be honest, I even think that we should not make our greatest answerers and experts to moderators. Probably the community profits much more from their answering than from their moderating skills.
he was in the news this week about how he quit music cuz he had enough money and did not want to get dragged into drugs. made a story on it and put a video in it with the song :D
1000s clicked the link
And if only i still had my damn command-line gold badge . . . .**rant incoming**
5:12 PM
@Fabby You wouldn't like the JS
@ByteCommander this
I think generalists who know a thing about many topics but are not too famous for a set of tags are better suited as moderators.
I was never a great answerer, but my already lower number of answers halved when I became a moderator.
@Seth tsk! :-)
@Seth answering questions ? ain't nobody got time for dat! :D
5:14 PM
@Serg and most are google questions :=)
I have seen that argument before that someone is to important in a particular area of answering questions to be a moderator
@Serg Interesting read on sysadmins: cv.nrao.edu/~pmurphy/sysadmin.html
8:30am: You're dressed in yesterday's dirty clothes I already do that
8:46am: You determine that the problem is that the printer is turned off, and you turn it back on. 10,000 pages spew out from the hundreds of multiple failed attempts by all of your coworkers to print. I already do that at my Lab Technician work
4:30pm: You finally get to touch your lunch, and realize that Burger King french fries do not taste good cold. You're on about your 15th coke since arriving in the office. Replace coke with coffee
@jokerdino I flagged the first answer I saw in your profile - don't blame me if someone now gets the idea to delete it ;-)
5:18 PM
No one handles other flags.
Well, just stop him from filling the suggested edit queue with posts that should have been flagged instead...
@jokerdino Btw should I accept or reject his suggested edits?
depends if it is a worthy one or not.
no edit is worthy of a mod :D
5:21 PM
Let's take this example:
( jk of course )
> I can't add a comment for possible duplicate since I don't have enough reputation.

What you say seems like what happened to me: a fix in libnl3 caused regression in network-manager.

I answered it in more detail here: 14.04 - Network manager stopped working
It's not only an answer where the answerer admits that he would have liked to comment if he had enough points, it's also a link-only answer.
^ that
His suggested edit was to remove the first paragraph about that this should have been a comment.
The edit was intended well, but it is actually not helpful as it is the wrong decision - he should have flagged.
There are dozens of similar suggestions where he only removes the sentence about that this answer should have been a comment - instead of flagging as NAA.
OK, I will look through his edits and give him a nudge tmrw-ish if no one beats me to it.
5:26 PM
@jokerdino Superping that user, maybe?
Thanks - so what did I need that flag on your post for again? ;-)
@ByteCommander because it will slip off my mind if I don't see my post in the queue.
sigh job search site has search broken . . . oh the irony
That's why somebody invented yellow post-it stickers.
@BharadwajRaju need to check their edits.
@ByteCommander can't click links on stickers.
5:27 PM
(please take this all with a big ;-) of course)
bbq ?
@Serg That sounds like a great idea! Unfortunately it's pretty rainy here at the moment...
Therefore I have to stay with my roasted almonds.
Unfortunately I just ate the last one. :-/
yeah, i hear thunder here too. We could always meet up at someone's garage , open the garage door for ventilation, and fry kentucky chicken there . . . i'm more of a beef and pork person tho
Speaking of rain, i should go for a smoke before it starts pouring down
5:32 PM
I eat all of them. Just no exotic stuff like snake, crocodile, dog or insects...
@ByteCommander I had beetles and scorpiions on a stick in China
@Serg Didn't you want to quit that?
Real crispy , a bit spicy
Yuck >.<
@ByteCommander i still wanna quit that . . . just not now . . .
@Serg You know that nicotine is even much more toxic than potassium cyanide?
I wonder why people are not smoking that one instead...
love this song. :)
@ByteCommander youtube.com/watch?v=3ZlDZPYzfm4 i love this one :)
@ByteCommander nicotine is just addictive ; poison comes from other chemicals in the cigarettes
@Serg No, nicotine itself is toxic.
Actually you need a smaller dose of pure nicotine to kill somebody than of pure potassium cyanide.
@Videonauth Yes, I like that one too.
Operation Let'sMakeSergQuit underway, it seems
5:43 PM
Im Soviet Russia there was a phrase :“a drop of nicotine kills a horse”. It became an object of many jokes
Many sources say that nicotine has a lethal dose of about 60mg per kilogram of adult human.
Q: How to install FreeDOS OS inside a Ubuntu server VM?

SkorpinokHi i want install FreeDOS OS inside a ubuntu server, how to install it & what are the steps required to connect to freedos ? Regards skorpinok

Q: How do I set up network connection via 3G USB modem for Linux?

hdfI've spent a lot of time searching for a solution, but now I'm here. I need to set up LG 3G USB modem for my Ubuntu 16.04. The system is able to see the device: $ lsusb Bus 001 Device 004: ID 1004:61aa LG Electronics, Inc. $ usb-devices T: Bus=01 Lev=01 Prnt=01 Port=02 Cnt=02 Dev#= 4 Spd=480 ...

@BharadwajRaju you know how DefCon folks say about operation security ( aka opsec ). Don't funk it up. Let's see how this operation goes
Also, the only person who can make me quit is my gf
If she says so, I'll obey
I think the lethal does of KCN is about 200-300mg, but I could not find many sources on that.
I just hope I won't get ebay ads to buy potassium cyanide now that I researched those numbers xD
Got a tutorial for Windows' L2TP VPN up
6:06 PM
Windows is lame, though.
While we're posting videos....
Blastin' that song while we do paperwork in the office :P
@Serg You got a girly now? Congrats! :D
@TheBrownOne yes , i got a beautiful , smart , girly gal , who's a keeper :3
6:10 PM
@Serg You got a girly now? my condolences :D
( and i pissed off a looooot of people when we got together )
@Videonauth :D
@Serg why?
at least i was knowing you'd understand that joke :p
@TheBrownOne He's still doing songs? I wonder if Fun. is ever getting back together
@Zacharee1 Original plan was that i will be staying in jinan until the summer camp is over, then travel to Yanzhou and Shanghai to meet with two friends and bring to one of them Sketchers shoes i bought in the US .
I also had a web gf at the time
6:13 PM
So none of that happened?
On the day I was supposed to leave, Dorothy cried multiple times and was so upset, that I broke up with my web gf, canceled all the plans , and stayed in Jinan
Aaa... Shog9 is in the election room! That gave me a bit of a fright, what's he doing in there? Just overseeing our election?
@ParanoidPanda no, he's looking for more victims to test his script on . . . jk
srsly tho
anyone who's got a good number of badges and a high score mysteriously has them removed...
@Zacharee1 ??
6:16 PM
@Zacharee1 so yes, none of that happened , my ex now blocked me, the Shanghai girl also ignores my messages, etc. But on the plus side , when we were kissing on the sports field at night, two other girls who were looking at me and Dorothy complemented my skills . . . So I am a certified kisser now
@Zacharee1 Personally, I like his solo stuff more.
@Videonauth >:)
@TheBrownOne Haven't heard much of it
@Serg :/
that was a fail
where ?
People, I need a favicon
@Serg check the edit history on the message
oh . . . what dos ;? mean ?
6:18 PM
It was a failed ":/"
I held shift for the wrong key :p
That's good though . . . you never know when you need to hold your shift . . .
like i said, my puns are the best
6:19 PM
Another China story : in Beijing it's a pretty much common thing for locals to start taking pictures of you randomly。
After a while we started saying "5 yuan, 5 yuan for pictures" , which freaked out the locals
But of course, we didn't make any money , we still took pictures for free.
Especially when somebody would just grab me by the hand and place next to themselves for their husband/wife/uncle to take picture
@TheBrownOne This message right after @Serg's post directly above is somehow funny... xD
@ByteCommander Yes, @TheBrownOne does like me being solo a bit more, but I gotta go duo :p
6:24 PM
Not all wishes can come true... ;)
And if I was in Imperial China, I'd probably go quadruple , but that's a different story
6:26 PM
grey ( 50 shades )
6:26 PM
XD somebody had to break it
Seriously, though, I need a favicon
@Zacharee1 www.favicon.cc
I don't want to make one
6:28 PM
Because I have no idea what to even make
Clinton: If FBI is tracking you, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun; 'Weapons of war have no place on our streets' http://www.breakingnews.com/t/Sl
@BreakingNews You shouldn't be able to run for president either.
Best comeback ever.
Oh, people . . . .This election is such a joke . . .
George would have had something to say about this if he were here... :P
6:30 PM
@ParanoidPanda Washington?
@Zacharee1 nice
@Serg I think he mans George the Dev :p
@ParanoidPanda his next video is a long way off because... George is releasing a movie!
You heard it here first.
full length?
6:31 PM
How long is the movie? :D
Speaking of great leaders speaking out about elections . . .
Wait till Lincoln shows up there
And why won't LibreOffice allow me to use the spell checker I want to?! >:{
It doesn't?
What exotic spell checker do you want this time?
Good night friends :D thought I would stay for primary voting.... uf... Still 1hr. Its 00:00 here ;-P.
Bye.... Good luck for all Candidates :-)
6:32 PM
Chococake @ByteCommander
@SeverusTux Thanks, good night :)
Sleep well, Severus
@SeverusTux primary voting will go on for 4 days, i might even lay down soon aswell and look at the mess tomorrow :p
I'm curious who gets the first vote.
@jokerdino's words (if he spoke them already) did not have any effect yet... :-S
6:35 PM
What about him?
Deja vu
vua dej
@Zacharee1 Pierre's edit is basically he removes lines on posts that say "I don't have enough rep to post comment, so here is this answer"
so useless
6:36 PM
Instead of just flagging it for Atwood's sake.
has someone pointed him to one of the billion Meta posts about this?
It's a new level of review trouble . . . We need to reject the edit AND flag that answer
DAMMIT PIERRE !!! 3 of his edits in a row in the review queue
5 by now
@Serg I already probably had 10 more of this kind today.
6:38 PM
queue cleared
@ByteCommander: Just the one for my region, I've posted a question on it.
And that guys has over 600 points without ever writing a single post!
Can somebody please explain to the guy that this is not proper way of editing ?
I already did this through the review rejection comments twice. And I pointed jokerdino and the other mods to it.
Slowly I get the suspicion that this user might be a bot account.
6:40 PM
Removing such lines from old answers could really be an automated script to gather reputation points.
And why do you Germans say "slowly I begin to realize"
Is using "slowly" a common expression?
As you say "you Germans" you imply that I'm not the only one doing this. Probably you're right.
well they direct translate german sayings
It's nothing I realized yet, but it could be true.
like "langsam dämmerts mir ..."
6:43 PM
Videonauth does it too :p
So in etwa.
In English, it's "I'm starting to"
I see nothing wrong with saying "slowly"
I do slowly a lot of things
Like reply to Zacharee1 's messages
6:47 PM
Serg you did have a clown this morning for breakfast :p
@ParanoidPanda Seen my comment to your spell checker question? Do you have hunspell-en-gb installed already?
@Videonauth Are we literally translating German sayings now?
@Zacharee1 can't stahp wont stahp
There gets the dog in the pan crazy!
Oh, that reminds me of another rap song
@mods ban @Serg plz
6:49 PM
Everything has got an end, but the sausage has two.
@ByteCommander christ
What's the one about egg yolks?
@ByteCommander Indeed xD
Me? No. I'm just Byte...
@ByteCommander Must...not...make....joke
@Zacharee1 I think I know whom i'm gonna ban first if i win the elections
6:49 PM
If I win, everyone is banned except for me.
@Serg yourself? What a good idea!
@TheBrownOne that's sad - all alone
@Zacharee1 Egg yolk?
O_o @TheBrownOne well then you will be stuck with a humongous review queue all by yourself
You mean "das Gelbe vom Ei" (the yellow part of the egg)?
@ByteCommander There's some German saying about egg yolks
6:51 PM
Oh, actually you write that with a capital G here... German grammar is awful :P
@Serg I'll have time, because everyone will be banned and therefore unable to make crap posts and/or flag things as crap posts :P
@ByteCommander have you met English?
@TheBrownOne lol
@ByteCommander Germans really put G into Grammar :3
@Zacharee1 I don't get what you want to tell me...?
slams head against desk
@ByteCommander I was wondering if you knew it ;p
6:52 PM
If I did not know English, I would not be talking to you, eh?
However, tenses in conditional statements are also a pain. I believe the above is incorrect...
@ByteCommander no one really knows English
@ByteCommander just talk German to him , he doesn't understand our English anyway :3
I can understand a little German, so that might be easier :p
Let me make it harder: 你好
@NathanOsman I think it's time to ban @Serg :p
6:55 PM
《Askubuntu: civil war》
dun dun dun
We should ask @TheBrownOne about English grammar - she's a teacher.
@Serg ooh ooh, can I be spiderman?
@Seth yes, and do the superhero landing !!!
@ByteCommander I speak it better than she does in the chat :p
6:56 PM
I'll be Deadpool . . .Because why not
@ByteCommander commas
does a backflip on top of a bus What's up guys?!
see, I know my vocab
also because i already can't shut my mouth, so merk with a mouth will fit me well
6:56 PM
if the Linux jokes don't scare people away, this will
we'll have more space for ourselves then
Maybe it will scare off the people who post off topic questions
nothing does
Sadly, indeed, nothing does
Primary phase starts in a minute, right?
6:59 PM

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