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10:00 PM
Q: Umount not working

iSunDue to some reason, one of our mounted server has been restarted; now when we want to unmount the client server we will get the following error while we're using -f flag: umount -f -l /mnt/* umount: /mnt/nfs: not mounted Any ideas?

@onebree I thought Ruby had something to do with PHP
not. at. all
mysql is often used with php.
ohhh nice someone tries to hack my w-lan router :p
well he shall go on :p
10:02 PM
You can see that?
yep in the router logs
oh, BTW, English has the Gerund
So if that's supposed to be present tense up there, you'd say "someone is trying to"
or tried to over the past days :p
10:04 PM
You have their MAC address. Track them :p
no need my router wont accept his mac anyways
only the three known devices already in the list are accepted
you use the whitelist?
That's a first ;p
@Videonauth my father whitelists mac addresses as well
yep i only whitelist
More good news about this NEW TV, it is true 1080p. My old one said it was 1080p, but the specs said 13xx by 7xx
10:06 PM
and up to that the password is something like that
rf\.UB}k4bOF0q{)a7hMj=>xK?Ls]E8vC6(RoN-IZXmG_d,y;QS%iW3:|92t'*1en+<PYp5zV#[&~D$T‌​gHuw/c J!l
good luck bruteforcing
and it gets changes once a week
@Zacharee1 you should post the link with a summary/photos on my flower Q: microscopy-uk.org.uk/mag/indexmag.html?http://…
@onebree Maybe it said it supported 1080p in a way that made it sound like it was 1080p?
@onebree Probably. Maybe I will
although, the current answer seems pretty valid and I have no idea what I'm talking about
@Zacharee1 but your link provides evidence or something, more than just "yeah it's this"
@Zacharee1 I think so. But I am glad to have a true HD TV now
10:10 PM
Timed out
mhmm ok
weird port forwarding is set and apache is running mayb e the firewall on the machine messing up
Timing out usually points to something with the connection to your IP. For me, the connection usually just gets refused if the destination is online.
@onebree pasted an answer
@Zacharee1 saw
btw zach, did you get the stickers?
just want to make sure they reached you
what stickers?
10:20 PM
@Seth I'm honestly not sure. I forgot to ask
i like stickers
@onebree lol
@onebree do you like pot stickers?
yes, they are tasty. Especially fried ones
The best chinese place by me has cantonese wontons, which are like fried pot stockers, but better
10:25 PM
Dang, I shouldn't have looked at that pic of pot stickers. Now I'm starving! ;)
I love pot stickers!
But I usually boil them.
I like them either way
They're very good boiled!
@Terrance muahahah
@Zacharee1 I'm blaming you! :P
10:26 PM
now I want potstickers.
I am starving too. I had a late lunch at 3
36 secs ago, by Zacharee1
@Terrance muahahah
it's 3:26 here :P
@Zacharee1 LOL
@Seth isn't it 3:26?
@Terrance :D
10:27 PM
6:26 here
4:27 here
Seth's in Washington or something
I ran out of tortilla chips, so no chips and salsa for snack :-/
@onebree nuuu
Go to Giant or Trader Joe's and get some pot stickers
10:27 PM
brb, looking 4 food
that's a level 6 emergency.
I've recently had 3 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Mmmmmmmmm
Trader Joe's is 20 minutes away, not worth it right now.
@Terrance wai u tel us
10:28 PM
well now im lost :-/
@onebree how about Giant or Wegman's or ShopRite?
@Videonauth pot stickers?
@Zacharee1 Because it's not curbing my cravings for pot stickers now! ;)
huh ? where ?
@Videonauth so far it looks like it :/
I try. :)
10:29 PM
Tonight looks like it is going to be really good cheesy pizza since everybody in my house (except for me) will be watching the WWE Pay-Per-View tonight.
Your ISP doesn't block those ports, does it? @Videonauth
@Terrance I just ate and now I'm hungry :(
nah why should they?
@Videonauth US's do
10:32 PM
it worked on windows before too
Maybe try using No-IP?
Mine are open on those ports.
@Terrance Most* of US's do
is there a good site for scannnig open ports ?
PenTeleData, Comcast I think
10:33 PM
No-IP is a great service. It is what I am using right now.
@Terrance it is
Bonded 40 works good though
Before we had cable, we had them for DSL. blegh
Expensive to the extreme for unreliable service, even though the switch house or whatever was 2 blocks away
10:34 PM
I've been with them for years. They always move me to the cheapest, yet fastest things for my neighborhood.
mhmm it says the ports are closed
but that can be because they might be closed on my machien
how can i check that ?
Just sudo ufw allow them
Then you'll know for sure :p
it was my machine, seems apache doesnt add them properly to ufw
@Zacharee1 I had cable once before, and they did the same thing for me. I really believe that the majority of problems really all depends on where you live.
ok ist that now a fixed setting ?
10:36 PM
@Videonauth tsk tsk :p
@Terrance probably
@Videonauth Ja es is ;p
correction "Ja ist es"
"Yes is it"
Now, if I can only get fiber. But they don't have plans yet. >:(
@Terrance oh look at Mr. High and Mighty wanting fiber :P
thats what i told you about german has other building of setences
10:38 PM
@Videonauth blegh
@Terrance well here's your fiber:
thats the only thing my provider doesnt alow
@Zacharee1 That actually looks really good! :D
10:39 PM
and here it is, a new twitter webapp for ubuntu phone/tablet: uappexplorer.com/app/twitter-web.mateo-salta
@Zacharee1no backlooping through my router
@Videonauth your CSS files all have 404 errors in the console
I found a sandwich in the fridge. Yum
@Videonauth oh lol
@Mateo that reminds me. I need to try tri-booting with Ubuntu Touch now
dunno thats a fresh set up wp site
i not edited anything yet
10:40 PM
they have a port for you phone?
My son just popped popcorn. Now I'm salivating. :P
@Terrance one typo I wish you had made...
@Mateo dunno
@Zacharee1 Typo?
@Terrance I read that as "pooped"
10:42 PM
@Zacharee1 LMAO!
yeah :D
@onebree that's the typo I wanted
That would be weird.
Well if you eat popcorn, what else is going to happen?
Maybe before I die, I will swallow a whole bag of popcorn kernels so that they get a surprise when they cremate my body! ;)
That'll the the reason you die
10:44 PM


Died of popcorn overdose

Rest in Peace
Ordering pizza now. Mmmmmmmm
user image
@Seth how else are we gonna have fun?
10:47 PM
@Terrance mm. what kind?
Cheesy, he says
@Seth It's from a place call "The Pie", and it is pepperoni and black olive and cheese pull-aparts. They put more cheese on it then the rest of the pizza.
ooh, that is a good combo.
I like to add minced garlic to mine as well.
I could go for a greasy pizza hunt stuffed bacon crust right now
These are really good. It was started by some university students a while ago, and it has become a very popular place out here.
OK, time to go get the pizza now. Peace all!
11:26 PM
@Mateo no ports D:
I wonder if I should try installing normal Ubuntu. Does it have an ARM version?
anyone on 14.04?
The Snapdragon 820 can do 600Mb/s down on LTE
Carriers don't even support anywhere near that, do they?
@Seth i could install it in a VM why ?
And O_o again: the 820 also supports Wireless AD, which operates at 60GHz and can do up to 7Gb/s
oh it's not worth that.
I was just curious about something.
11:33 PM
does anyone have gravatar? I am wondering if it is wroth it
I use it.
back in the day it was the only supported method of changing your SE avatar.
do I really need a wordpress account to have a gravatar? I just don't want to make an account for WP if I will never use it
@onebree use your Google account to make a WP account to make a Gravatar account
@onebree yes. How do you expect to get one without creating an account of some kind?
registration chains are fun :p
Why is the Snapdragon 820 so amazing?
11:35 PM
WP doesn't support other openIDs as an account zach
well there go my plans for tonight
So I commented on the garden site asking how big those florets could be. The person said "ask another question". I mean, why can't he just add to his answer?
Well more rep I guess :p
@onebree some people are just like that.
LTE-U is a version of LTE that would operate at 5GHz. Weird
Qualcomm supports a technology not yet implemented, but I guess they did propose it, so... :p
11:39 PM
@onebree like with the X-Files
@Zacharee1 why.. would that be a good idea?
The X-Files == Qualcomm, Illuminati confirmed
@Zacharee1 Well future proofing is an actual practice by some companies/devs
@Seth apparently, it'd give better signal in congested areas, but it does seem weird
11:42 PM
@Zacharee1 well more bandwidth, yes. But 5GHz doesn't seem like a good frequency for that.. Dunno. I know T-mobile uses similar high frequencies in some cities tho, so maybe it isn't so bad
I have a little over an hour until game of thrones....
I can (a) code, (b) watch family feud, or (c) both
@Seth I honestly can't believe T-Mobile is cheaper than Sprint, has fewer (if any) MVNOs than Sprint and has somehow managed to surpass them in coverage
@onebree (d) stay here :)
I would if I did A or C
The do (a). Two things at once is bad enough, but you might go insane with three or more :p
11:44 PM
@Zacharee1 now that you say it.. yeah, it is hard to believe! but from what I've heard sprint isn't doing too bad on the network growth either.
but GSM > CDMA.
What about GSM+CDMA? Is that better than GSM? :p
hm. maybe.
My phone supports I think literally every current cellular band globally
@Zacharee1 Good phone then. Mine only supports CDMA; LTE/CDMA; GSM/UMTS
11:47 PM
I don't even know what UMTS is.
Dupe of something I'm too lazy to find: askubuntu.com/questions/776124/…
@Terrance print("Sprint");
@Terrance UMTS is GSM 3G
If I read the Wikipedia blurb correctly, that is
The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is a third generation mobile cellular system for networks based on the GSM standard. Developed and maintained by the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), UMTS is a component of the International Telecommunications Union IMT-2000 standard set and compares with the CDMA2000 standard set for networks based on the competing cdmaOne technology. UMTS uses wideband code division multiple access (W-CDMA) radio access technology to offer greater spectral efficiency and bandwidth to mobile network operators. UMTS specifies a complete network system...
11:49 PM
I just set my phone to automatic so it switches automatically between them all
Wait. It's based on the GSM standard, but uses WCDMA? wat
@Terrance probably the best. My phone calls that Global, for reasons previously discussed ;p
Yeah, I was just reading that.
I missed that part
I mean, it would make sense that a CDMA carrier would use CDMA up to LTE
Q: Using chroot to restore Kubuntu 14.04

Douglas James BockI have accidentaly purged some system files and now Kubuntu 14.04 won't boot past the start up logo. I read online that I can perform changes on my system through my LiveUSB and the BASH chroot command. How can I explicitly 'reinstall' the essential files from my LiveUSB to my system? Im am fa...

But that says it's GSM...
11:51 PM
All I know is at my job I use Wifi calling because the center data center room does not get any signal of any type in it other than Wifi.
I wish Verizon would roll out WiFi calling like they promised
They're almost a year late
Oh, they've released it, but only for "compatible devices"
It's pretty nice!
Are they saying that they have seamless transitions?
They probably don't
Mine doesn't have it
That's OK though
In any case, I need an S6 or later, a Note 5 or later, a G4 or later or an iPhone 6 or later :/
11:55 PM
I finish my calls before driving anyway. :)
smart man
WOW! The S5 supports it fine. I wonder why Verizon chose just those models to do that on?
Because..... wait for it..........
Good answer!
@Zacharee1 Does the S5 have marshmallow? A lot of the wifi calling handover features arrived with 6.0.
11:58 PM
@Seth doubt it. Neither does the Note4
Verizon actually sent me to collections on a fraudulent account that was opened under my name. They wouldn't talk to me at all once it went to collections for me to even argue my case with them. Then they told me that I couldn't even open another account with them in the future. Jerks!
That would probably explain it though
@Terrance xD
Did you pay?
My S5 has Wifi calling and Marshmallow, but I haven't tested seamless though.
Sprint's always quick to release updates
@Zacharee1 No, I found the loophole around here for that one. The collection company can't even touch me if they wanted to. 7 years is all they have to collect, and the time resets if I respond to them. So, I got away with out ever paying them. :D

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