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2:01 AM
Well, I think I'm gonna wait for Black Friday anyways. Hopefully I can find a decent deal
But that Thinkpad Edge E550 does look nice
they have 550s with i5s, but you lose the Radeon card iirc.
2:19 AM
Ah yes, Black Friday is coming soon.
Hello morning all :)
@NathanOsman evening to you :)
evening :)
2:26 AM
@Seth o/ here? sorry I didn't notice you
@Ravan That's a weird question O_o
too much
@Seth My workplace has various big screens posted around and they always have windows errors on them :)
@Seth translation needed ;p
2:28 AM
@Seth whats your opinion here [meta.askubuntu.com/questions/14635/…
@Ravan That was kinda funny.
The kid asking about a relationship.
I chuckled. I almost answered for fun.
2:33 AM
Ah well... I mean, it is a good distro - we might give sound relationship advice. nods
I've jokingly asked relationship questions with my Slashdot peers. :D They're not very helpful.
@Seth I just noticed, mods can edit comments, correct?
I'd probably have been better off asking /b/ but I didn't really want to be told to do a barrel roll.
2:48 AM
@Ravan Good news? :)
Hello @Lucio good to see you
yeah Interview on 20 th of this month :)
Hey that's awesome!
thanks :)
The review and its tricksie audits failed to catch me out! I'm winning... Umm... Something.
When did I reach 6k? O.o
2:58 AM
@Ravan yes.
@Ravan looking..
@Lucio when you weren't looking, obviously ;)
@Mateo still around?
@Lucio It seems you crossed 6k in August ;P
3:05 AM
What's going on here?
\o/ @Zach
@Ravan morning :p
Where are you @Ravan?
from India
your question is incomplete ;P
3:08 AM
ask your Q now
@Ravan if you don't mind me asking, are you religious at all?
What Q?
I'm confused
I too
3:09 AM
My question was a sarcastic one (the first one)
I don't really care
The one about your possible religious views is an actual curiosity-borne question
@Zacharee1 I don't understand this. Are you asking my country?
@Ravan You answered that
So yeah
@Zacharee1 nope
@Zacharee1 why are you asking?
3:11 AM
It tried to trick me again! That review queue is straight up distrustful!
@KGIII I will get dozen a day
@Ravan Just curious. My mom has been getting into Hinduism and I find it to be an interesting religion
@KGIII what?
@Ravan It has tried like six times today (that I know of) and so far, I've passed them all.
@Zacharee1 you are from which country?
@Zacharee1 That "this was a test" thing during review. It goes on to tell me that I passed and the question was, indeed, VLQ.
3:12 AM
@KGIII God, I hate those
@Ravan USA
If I'd known it was a test, I'd have cheated! :D
What reviews are open to you?
The top two.
They reorder themselves
by quantity
so that doesn't help
Late answers and first answers/questions.
3:13 AM
The boring ones ;P
Which is why you've seen all the edits. :D
@KGIII Are you doing reviews continuously or when you are free, when doing continuously you may get less, If not you will get more (what I observed)
When I'm free @Ravan.
ready to face more tests
Some of them have horrid grammar, spelling, and formatting. :/
3:14 AM
LOL Alright. I'll just have to cope.
@Zacharee1 we lost our discussion
@Ravan huh?
I mean I was diverted to other topic
3:16 AM
Any thing more you want to know?
No, I'm good ;)
I need to go to bed anyway
@Zacharee1 don't mind-- but here in India many people changing from Hinduism --> other communities,
Good night @Zacharee1
@StefanoPalazzo o/ successfully removed installed stuff
There. Now I don't have to review for 20 hours.
Hmm... Is the startup disk creation thing available in the Live USB session? I'm a bit lazy at the moment but I can check if I absolutely have to.
3:31 AM
@Seth no ;p
erg... twitter changed stars to hearts. so upset, I don't "like" things, I favorite them for bookmarking later...
my brain is confused now
3:47 AM
@Ravan \o
3:58 AM
I think I'm going to poke at Snappy and see what it does. :D
This and this are identically the same.
@Terrance Yeah, he's edited one of them a few times too. :/ His last one was wanting to know how to reformat and then he went on to tell me he has no DVD or USB. I'm not sure how he got Ubuntu installed.
@Mateo exactly.
@KGIII Well, I VTCd. I am not sure how he is going to accomplish fixing that one.
@Mateo how hard is it to upgrade UT? Is it worth a canonical question?
@Ravan lol
4:08 AM
Works for me @Terrance.
@KGIII I don't think they understand what you were saying, and I think you told them the best you could, I think the answer is good, but without a USB drive, which are cheap, or DVD, there isn't much more you can do. +1 my friend!
Thanks @Terrance - did you see their post edit history? :/ It was, shall we say, interesting. LOL
@KGIII I will have to look at that.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: Lose Your Weight Naturally by boriszink on askubuntu.com
I think, I'm not positive, that both are the same person.
4:13 AM
@Seth the system image gets upgraded just like an app, using the same system
@Mateo so.. not hard, I take it.
couldn't be easier, but if you want to explain that, where it is to update everything, plus the phased updates, it might be worth it
@KGIII Yes, they are the same person.
I kind of figured, the verbiage was way too similar.
That they are
4:17 AM
@Terrance \o
@Ravan Hello! =)
@Terrance are you leaving now?
@Ravan Not yet, but I am thinking of going to bed earlier tonight then I did last night. Long day today.
How to restrict not to change permissions?
Is it possible?
@Ravan What do you mean? Do you mean to protect the computer at the physical level so that you cannot just change the password at anytime by rebooting to recovery?
4:21 AM
You would have to encrypt the hard drive to require a password to boot
Is there any link in AU-
Not sure.
My Snappy image is extracting and my KVM is ready to go play with Ubuntu Snappy... Anyone poke at it yet?
I will post Q..immediately I will get dups if any ;P
@Terrance thanks =)...reading...
@Ravan You're welcome!
@Terrance "password to boot" does it same as the password which we use to login?
@Ravan No, they are not the same password. You can set it to be though, but that can still be overridden by a Live CD. That is why encryption of the drive would be the best physical way to protect
4:37 AM
@Ravan I did write an answer at one point for password protecting the GRUB.
Heh... I had the Universe repo missing... No wonder I couldn't find ccd2iso.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: Bloated Belly And thin snappier Naturally by garyfrey on askubuntu.com
Is it me or do those come through at about the same time every night?
They come through about the same time.
It's annoying
4:44 AM
I'm not usually a proponent of violence but I think I could make an exception.
Although, someone once proposed a big red button you could use to slap the other guy at the other end of the 'net. This was back in the 90s. I think he may have been on to something.
my UnetBootin stops at 66%
every time
I have never had that problem but I almost always download the ISO and build from that. Is that what you're doing @Ravan?
4:53 AM
I can actually try that. Gimme a minute. ;)
It's making a USB image right now. I'll see what happens.
(With Elementary. Same version.)
And, sure enough, it's stopped at 66%.
Unfortunately, I may not be of help as I would have to download it, and secondly, I can never get VirtualBox to use my USBs, even though I know it can be done.
I formated USB and tried again
no use
Ho its running...o_O
What about using usb-creator-gtk?
any idea how to boot from usb in VB
Let me find that answer.
Is for Windows, but the command to create the raw file is very similar
5:00 AM
@Ravan if I understand correctly from reading through the conversation... you're trying to write a raw image to a USB flash drive and it fails about two-thirds of the way in?
@NathanOsman yes, but I think it just waits some time there and continued. So write to USB completed. Now I have already OS in VB, now I need to boot from live USB
Okay, if it is actually completing, that's good. I was about to suggest that perhaps one of the flash memory chips was defective - that happened to me once before and it took a lot of time to figure out what was going on.
@Ravan Let me give you the line to create the RAW file on your drive.
@Ravan You'll need to "attach" the device to the virtual machine.
"attach" ?
5:04 AM
One sec.
In the settings for the virtual machine:
@NathanOsman The only way I know how to do it in Linux is to create the raw disk file that points to the USB
Note that when you do that, it will become invisible to the host.
You can attach it, but VB settings will not let you boot from it
It won't?
That is why you need to create a raw disk for it
5:06 AM
You could use a simple bootloader to work around that, maybe.
Just boot to the ISO? That's what I do with VMWare... S'not an option with VB or?
@NathanOsman I am getting "no devices available" while trying to attach
VB will boot to the ISO, but not a USB.
@Ravan You need to add yourself to the vboxusers on your system and reboot
@Ravan I think the problem there is that you need to be a part of a special group that has permission to attach USB devices to virtual machines.
...or what @Terrance just said :)
5:08 AM
I wish I could remember the name of the bootloader I am thinking of.
I used it back in the days of floppy disks to boot from DVDs...
I'm going to see if I can get this to work in VBox...
@Ravan the command should be useradd -G vboxusers ravan
Here comes the test...
@Ravan if you post a question on Ask Ubuntu, I can write up an answer with screenshots and everything to help future users.
Yeah, write a question like "how to boot from a USB drive in VBox?"
And I'll write an answer for you.
oh sorry, fine OK, thank you =)
5:15 AM
You're welcome :)
@Ravan Yeah, I've tested a few times. It seems to bog down on file 255 regardless of distro and it finishes if you're patient.
Q: How to boot from a USB drive in VBox?

RavanThe Question is simple and straight forward: How to boot from a USB drive in VBox?

Starting on it...
@KGIII yes
but this is first time I faced
I don't think it used to do that but it has been a while since I've used it. So, yeah, first time too.
@NathanOsman currently upvoted and I am pretty sure it will work. I accept after using it
thanks =)
leaving \o
<-- helping some poor soul via chat
Morning all
@KGIII great :)
5:39 AM
I even got some points. nods
Morning @Ravan @NathanOsman
@A.B. Hello! =)
@A.B. Morning.
How goes it @A.B.?
Hey @Terrance :D
@KGIII :) it's ok
5:40 AM
@KGIII where is your answer?
Q: Not able to download software from ubuntu software center

pentaI am trying to download a software from ubuntu software center and I am getting the following screen. If I click on use this source I get Thats all, the software does not get installed. Apparently this is happening to all the softwares in ubuntu software center. Output of sudo-apt get update...

hmm... That was not the link I meant.
His screenshots kind of gave it away. 'Twas easy but then I brought it to chat 'cause it was gonna be a long one.
TY for edit @A.B. :D
I usually remember that stuff but not tonight, it seems.
Looking back at the answer, it took less than 15 minutes - including chat. It was like the questioner went through the drive-through.
And, on that silly note, I am going to bed. G'night @all \o
@KGIII Goodnight! =)
@KGIII sleep well :)
I am actually going to go to bed here as well! Gotta be up early in the morning! Night all!
@NathanOsman I answered too as another way of doing it.
5:50 AM
@Terrance excellent :)
@NathanOsman Thanks buddy! =)
OK, night all! =)
Wow, just saw an ad for Azure on Ask Ubuntu.
@Terrance upgoated :)
@Terrance sleep well my friend :)
@NathanOsman Plop Boot Manager?
Funny name :)
@A.B. still up? is it not early morning in Germany yet :)
hi guys
@A.B. Hey, but it works :)
6:02 AM
@A.B. \o/
@edwardtorvalds o/
@NathanOsman hi \o/
@edwardtorvalds it's 7am
@A.B. bash guy, sleep :-)
@NathanOsman like you said, services in C are better than in bash right? so I am starting to learn C in linux, any recommendations?
I wouldn't go so far as to say they're better but in nearly all cases it will be easier.
What will the service do?
6:13 AM
@NathanOsman monitor the change in network, if it is up log the bandwidth usage every hour and it goes down, the service should log it immediately
the problem with bash I am facing is, I have to run 2 while loops at same time
because of which I have to use a work around, that may break sometime, rarely
C should be faster to avoid such a _break_ more efficiently
Why do you need two loops?
@NathanOsman instead of using a work around to run 2 while loops and let them communicate I could write child processes using C
@edwardtorvalds You can - but that is fairly complex. What is in the body of the loops?
@NathanOsman see one while loop to run every hour, and second one to monitor if network goes down, if it does log the usage immediately
This would be very easy to do in Go :)
What are you using to determine the network is down?
6:18 AM
@NathanOsman NM will run your script if there is a network change
So there are actually two scripts?
And they both write to the same log?
the main script is the service, second script will write down the network changes
@NathanOsman the first main script, which will run as service, will write to different file, and will use 2 loops
I added my self to group
6:21 AM
Let me see if I understand this right. So the second script is run by NM and records the usage to a logfile. What does the first script do exactly?
ravan@ravan:~$ groups ravan
ravan : ravan adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare vboxusers
@Ravan What is the output of the "groups" command?
Ah, you beat me :P
And still no USB devices show up?
Do they show up in "lsusb" on the host?
@NathanOsman sorry to confuse you, the first main script will log the actual usage, in MB, to a log file. second one will just log the network change to a different log file
6:23 AM
Okay. And you want to combine them?
@NathanOsman yes "no usb devices"
@NathanOsman yes
shows on host
ravan@ravan:~$ lsusb
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0951:1643 Kingston Technology DataTraveler G3
Hmm... I wonder if something is messed up in udev...
@NathanOsman the first script, the service, will get the network change from the file written by the second script. no I dont want them to combine
@Ravan you might get better luck asking another question. I don't really know the answer to that one.
@edwardtorvalds Ah, okay, I get it now.
You just want the second script to tell the first script what happened when NM runs it.
Does that sound right?
@NathanOsman what should be usual behavior ?
does it shows in host?
6:26 AM
@Ravan If the host sees it, then VirtualBox should offer it as an option.
@NathanOsman see ^ useful, If not I will post new Q :)
@NathanOsman yup, via a log file :-)
@Ravan Might as well post a question. I can't think of anything.
And I didn't know VBox could provide a USB 3.0 host controller :P
With the addons.
@JourneymanGeek Oh, of course.
...which I can't use due to licensing.
@edwardtorvalds So all the first script needs to do is sleep for an hour and then do whatever it normally does and then check the logfile for new entries from the second script.
6:35 AM
@NathanOsman any good book on C programming in Linux ?
I can't really suggest a good book since I never really learned C properly. I started by learning C++ :)
If you don't know C, I would strongly caution you to start with a different language.
@NathanOsman yes, somewhat, the first script needs to do is sleep for an hour and at same time monitor the log file for changes in network
If you're doing anything asynchronous, Go is a good choice. Otherwise I'd suggest Python.
@NathanOsman I know C basics
@edwardtorvalds So checking the logfile every hour isn't enough?
6:37 AM
@NathanOsman what if network goes down suddenly?
at that time log the usage immediately
thats the catch :-)
Maybe this will help. Here's how I'd do it. I would write a simple HTTP server in Go (which is extremely easy) that listens for incoming connections from the second script. All the second script has to do is use curl or wget to trigger the program. The HTTP server would do what it normally does each hour but could still be interrupted by the second script sending it a request.
Doing that in C is possible but much much more difficult.
@NathanOsman hehe reboot worked
You could use Python if you used an event-driven framework like Twisted.
@Ravan :)
There are other ways of doing it but I wouldn't be able to help you much with them.
@NathanOsman the main problem is: if the computer starts the NM and thus the second script wouldnt tell if the computer is connected to network or not,
Doesn't NM always invoke the second script?
6:41 AM
yes, it does but not on boot/startup
You could have the first program check if it's connected when it starts.
Would that work?
@NathanOsman yup :-p BUT it would like to do the same job more efficiently, even if it can be done in bash. my crazyness is about doing things efficiently even if it is not necessary, thats why C :-p
@NathanOsman: 0_0
Why is the licensing a reason not to use it?
@edwardtorvalds Go is compiled to native machine code. It's pretty efficient :P
@JourneymanGeek The licensing forbids commercial use, IIRC.
And I use VirtualBox commercially.
@NathanOsman also if first script rely on second script to tell the network change, then the first script wont log the usage every hour, will it? (the second problem)
6:44 AM
@NathanOsman: ahh
@edwardtorvalds It can log whatever it wants whenever it needs to.
@NathanOsman yup, if the 1st script just relies on network change (up or not) then who will log every hour usage?
The first script (or program) needs to use a timer for logging the usage each hour.
@NathanOsman yup that it can use while loop and sleep 1 and if it does this how can it monitor the change in log file of network?
You can't easily do that in Bash :P
(I'm not even sure if it is possible in Bash.)
6:52 AM
@NathanOsman you got me :-), dump bash, go with Go or C
@NathanOsman I dont think it is possible, either, without a work around
Well, time for me to go to bed.
Goodnight all.
@NathanOsman good night
@NathanOsman dream about Go
Sleep well @NathanOsman
@kos hey, tar professional ;)
Reading your answer here askubuntu.com/a/693741/367165
@A.B. :) Remember the problem I had yesterday? It was because I wanted to answer that one, but then things started not adding up :)
7:09 AM
@kos Ah great :) I remember me
Q: upgrade from dvd or flash drive ubuntu/kubuntu

user468226any reason why on downloading the Ubuntu/Kubuntu iso and burning a dvd or flash drive, why does it not give the option of UPGRADE and install It would be much easier to make a choice KISS keep it simple stupid Regards

7:52 AM
@A.B. Do you ping SmokeDetector with spam so that it learns recognizing patterns or something like that?
@kos I hope so =)

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