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2:00 PM
Well, Sox is still here.
yeah, I think it needs one more vote
@Rinzwind he's just trying to make a frankdebian using Ubuntu kernel
2:00 PM
@spammers stop this nonsense or i will call your mothers!
toodle pip!
And am gonna be an ass and summon him again
wait i didn t do that
i dont know how
@jrg who?
kitsox is back
2:01 PM
And now the stupid thing is back
@jrg we need more nuke bots :P
Maybe, maybe KitSox is our spammer
Ok, just leave the bot alone.
2:03 PM
... get him!!!
we don't need to try and get it to leave, just leave the bot alone
naaah I'm bored this spammer is just lame. ignoring it.
he's broken....
2:04 PM
Guys, that doesn't work.
I'm kicking him manually
it will come back.
And I will kick it again until I can figure out how to ban a user from chat
so just leave it, and we'll talk to the owner whenever the owner gets back online.
@MarcoCeppi make it read-only.
it'll try to post, but can't.
i'll do it.
Even better, I just suspended the user
2:05 PM
err... then we can't posts...
@Braiam read-only for the user
@MarcoCeppi ugh, now you just ignited the MSO discussion, again.
A: Cannot install geda-gschem in 13.10

AmberMake us MODS. we're not stopping otherwise.

@jrg what discussion?
@MarcoCeppi about suspension of bots without contacting owners.
Am out of votes
2:07 PM
Well, who the hell puts the bot in a room it doesn't belong in?
Owner shouldn't be so careless to offend other sites
spammers thats what up
all day
@jrg link to mso?
Close votes are at 0!
2:07 PM
@JorgeCastro spammers, and faulty vagrant config. ;p
@MarcoCeppi i'll look when i get to work, i'm trying to leave now. ;p
@jrg I take full responsibility, user is violating the terms of our room and I took action.
@Braiam what
@MarcoCeppi i'm not saying it's the wrong move, but ping kitfox about it.
@MarcoCeppi you know the spammer can read this chat...
2:09 PM
@Braiam Shows up as 0 for me
@Alvar that's fine, it's a futile - childish - attempt
maybe you have more to vote on than me?
@MarcoCeppi I know...
oh, that's not spam, that's just vandalism
define spam
2:10 PM
"Buy Viagra!"
jeej managers desided to talk in my office
gotta look like am bussy
@JorgeCastro yeah, this guy wants us to "make him a mod", so he has been spamming the site with that
easy to catch then, shrug
and he is VERY adamant about it!
It's one per person's vendetta fruitless launched using tor
2:12 PM
is this the guy who got mad for getting locked out for replace I with i?
@JorgeCastro also, the data center which hosts my IRC bouncer is out
@JorgeCastro Yep
heh, if he worked half as hard on editing as he did being silly that'd be much more useful
If he actually posted useful answers instead of this crap, I would have asked him to become a mod.
(Let's see if that works.)
Any more of that Indian Hackers spam lately?
2:15 PM
@RPiAwesomeness its been relatively quiet the past 1 hour
Phew...thats nice.
@Rinzwind SE has taken over and is doing some server/app side filtering
Hey, could I get someone to mark my spam flags as good? I'm out of flags entirely right now thanks to that spam
@jokerdino I brought her once and then took her out. I wouldn't send her uninvited.
Hey @KitFox
2:16 PM
@KitFox She is in love with us.
I'll see if I can find out why she came back. She shouldn't have.
@Alvar Where?
@Alvar KItFox is a mod
2:17 PM
room topic changed to Ask Ubuntu General Room: General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & official Ubuntu derivatives. For other Linux distros please see: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/unix-and-linux [bots] [hates,] [marco-ceppi,]
And I didn't forget to update her source. I haven't had time is all.
ugh, it did it backwards
@MarcoCeppi It's Soviet Russia silly
I never said anything.
2:18 PM
So she keeps coming back in?
@KitFox Just 100 and one times
Did you use unsummon or just kick her?
IIRC, it was a bug that existed in the bot code some 5 months ago.
@KitFox both
@JorgeCastro meh... it shows 16 in my queue
@KitFox both. neither worked.
2:19 PM
Hmm. Sorry about that.
until Marco suspended her, and then it stopped.
@JorgeCastro @Braiam check again!
Well, you could have just talked to me about it.
@jrg 2
@jrg 2
2:20 PM
Who is this she we are talking about?
@RPiAwesomeness no idea
@RPiAwesomeness our love
2:20 PM
@KitFox I had no idea what time you would be around.
@jokerdino @Braiam And now there are 0. I KILLED THEM ALLLLLLLL
I could have done something about it when I was home, but I don't have access from here.
And Marco is quite allergic to bots.
@jrg I took the last one!
BRB. Switching browsers
2:21 PM
I offer you my deepest apologies, @Marco.
TenFourFox is too slow
@RPiAwesomeness Sox
gtg... be back later. getting my new moue! :D
I will fix it as soon as I get home tonight.
2:22 PM
btw, now that we all are here, don't vote duplicates crappy questions... it becomes too difficult to evaluate them later on
@KitFox there are like 30 bug fixes in upstream
I be back
@jokerdino Ah KitFox bot
@RPiAwesomeness yeah Arnold Terminator
Fox with the Sox! the tigers are better
Hah, they finally revamped canonical.com: canonical.com
@Braiam Hah!
2:23 PM
@Braiam sighs I know. I just started a new job. I've been without power off and on for weeks. It's not exactly a priority for me at this minute.
@JorgeCastro Joining forces with Mint? :)
So if I merge the changes and refresh her, will that solve the problem of her popping in here?
@JorgeCastro, nice and its even responsive
now if they would do the same for ubuntu.com
@KitFox I think so. @Seth, do you know about this bug?
2:24 PM
Annoying that I can't change tabs with ctrl+1/9 in OmniWeb
You'll have to walk me through how to merge the changes from your branch.
close votes is @ 0 and it will stay @ 0.
I will do it now if that will fix it.
@KitFox How good are you with git?
Not great. She's my learning project.
2:26 PM
Whoa...massive mod chat...
Keep your changes aside. Pull from upstream and merge those changes.
Git is quite smart on how to do the merges.
@RPiAwesomeness Beware the blue wave
OK. I have it open in front of me. I'm looking at my repo.
2:27 PM
g2g. Chemistry class :P
Have fun!
Where do I go to pull from upstream?
I have no idea what u guys are talking about?
git pull github.com/Zirak/SO-ChatBot origin or something like that
2:29 PM
Oh. I should have mentioned I only have access to the web tools here.
What are the purposes of these bots, for you guys?
They are toys.
Very useful in the English room.
... I get that, but, what are they for? what can you do with them?
If you show me your changes, I can merge it and send a pull request to your repo.
you can let your imagination fly
2:31 PM
@Braiam, I don't like using my imagination. They scare me.
Never mind. I found your repo.
@jokerdino I asked Matt for help. He knows how to do this stuff.
2:44 PM
Q: Anyone interested in a regularly scheduled, multiplayer game of 0 A.D.?

Nathan Osman First Game Scheduled for Oct. 13, 2013 at 5PM EDT [click to view in other timezones] I am pleased to announce that we will be having our first game this weekend. The game will start at the time scheduled above, so be sure to show up early to make sure you get to play. We will be...

3:01 PM
oAD is it that civilization rip off?
And Freeciv is not a civilization ripoff either.
@Alvar woah woah
0 A.D. is its own game; and before you go blasting off on it cause it's open source, it started as a closed source commercial game; and is way better than most commercial RTS games I have played.
@jokerdino what does your woah woah mean? to me they sound postive, but I might be wrong....
It means, watch what you say.
3:03 PM
@RolandiXor all of the open source games I've tried are really bad....
@Alvar Try making a couple
@jokerdino that made more sence...
Q: A formal way to say "I don't want to sound too cocky..."

PouyaAllow me to clear the situation. I was talking with my professor about a piece of software that I had developed. While we were discussing, I wanted to say something like I don't want to sound too cocky, but my code is way much more efficient than what we have right now. But I didn't becau...

@Alvar I used to say that
I think they are bad because they aren't developed enough.
3:04 PM
Till I tried Unvanquished, 0 A.D...
most of them need so much more work..
@RolandiXor x-plane is still better
(I would mention more but I don't get to game much these days)
@Alvar so?
I mean... don't be a jerk
@RolandiXor that's not what I'm trying to do...
3:05 PM
x-plane has the resources and dedicated developers that flightgear does not, and flightgear is still way better than one would expect for something that is 100% FREE
And you know something I've come to realize? Most people who say that these closed source commercial applications and operating systems and games are better... don't know what they're talking about.
@RolandiXor if it's not better why play it?
Like last night, I had to use MS Office; and then I realized how much better LibreOffice really is. It wasn't just my imagination; it was a reality.
What I could do in a single step on LibreOffice, or two steps, took me clicking twice on the same button→menu in MS Office... over and over and over again.
@RolandiXor well alright libre office is much better than word. I agree.
There back:
Q: How can I hide user names in Ubuntu Unity's top panel session indicator?

Flo EgeIn Ubuntu 13.10's Unity Panel (the top panel, not the launcher), the session indicator (top right corner) shows the names of previously logged in users. This allows switching users, but for privacy reasons I would like to be able to hide those user names, as a lot of people use machines in our c...

@Alvar ask the universities, flight schools, etc who use it over X-Plane and MS Flight simulator.
If you are not a real pilot, then I suggest you shush when it comes to what is "better". Graphics are not everything.
And to be fair, for the toolkit that Flightgear uses, it sure looks better than I'd expect.
3:09 PM
alright alright I know nothing about everything...
People, 0 A.D. see here what it is:
Q: How to Install 0 A.D.?

blade19899What is 0 A.D. and how can I install it on Ubuntu?

Then don't make dogmatic statements about what is better or whatever. It doesn't make you look like you know anything...
Q: How can I hide user names in Ubuntu Unity's top panel session indicator?

Flo EgeIn Ubuntu 13.10's Unity Panel (the top panel, not the launcher), the session indicator (top right corner) shows the names of previously logged in users. This allows switching users, but for privacy reasons I would like to be able to hide those user names, as a lot of people use machines in our c...

There are more coming!
Q: Is there some default password for a new user in Linux

chinmayI am a Windows user gradually moving towards Linux. In windows we have an option of either having or not having some password for an user.Once we do not put a password we can directly log in to the system.However in Linux this is not possible for every user must have a password.Even if one does n...

Q: Should I accept any answer if the question may have more than one answers?

TarunLets say, the question is intended for the curiosity purposes and has (as most of the problems have...) several answers. Should I mark any answer as "Accepted" in that case?

3:12 PM
They had there break, and the now are back... goddamnit!
yeah it sucks...
@blade19899 got it thanks
no prob
A: upgrading Ubuntu from 12.04 to newer version, in steps or simply release upgrade?

DergoPlease, please please..Make us a MOD or either a cooperation.

@blade19899 stop engaging them...
It is not even a "them"
3:16 PM
Am a little tense.. but, gonna cool off.
It is one deranged idiot that was here yesterday trying to chat.
A: Problem with Ubuntu-Windows Dual Boot

PranakPlease, please please..Make us a MOD or either a cooperation.

I got him onto the chat, but then he kept going on and on about his government. He just wants to "chat" he says... but he refuses to listen to instruction or go throught he process. And he is sitting here watching the room btw, because he uses stuff we say in chat from time to time.
A: Wifi connected but no internet

NamakaPlease, please please..Make us a MOD or either a cooperation.

they don't know that all users are semi moderators?
3:19 PM
@blade19899 just let the flags pile up, no need to make a hastle
indeed, just flag em and bag em
aight, got a little annoyed by them
@blade19899 you are doing it wrong...
3:21 PM
@blade19899 you're not annoyed till you have done this for an entire night.
Talk about a wall of text
Entire night... No thank, i raged quit long before night fall
@blade19899 it's spam..
he's reusing that text
@Braiam thanks
Wall of text are my kryptonite, don't read them as they hurt my eyes
@jokerdino for?
3:24 PM
i wouldn't have gotten it as garbled text at first sight
He deleted that wall of text question
Because of the nature of the question, I will wait and see if the "user" edits.
@RolandiXor lol?
@jokerdino I am tired... cut me some slack
3:26 PM
@jokerdino didn't we figured that vector... I remember a meat Q about that ;)
Was handling spam all day yesterday, dealing with... the bridge... at one point and some other thing I don't remember, and being pinged (seriously folks, don't do that) for practically no reason..
RolandiXor : That sucks :/
/me pings RolandiXor for no reason...
Roland!!! Where did you get that movie of me preparing dinner?
3:29 PM
Hey, the Baba spam is not helping the case.
yeah, it isn't
@Takkat I'm not called a professional stalker for nothing...
lol... these nut drive me nuts- I'm still hungry.
lol me too
I maybe will step the line but... what do folks do in India to pass the time?
3:32 PM
I chat here.
this is duplicated of the "no space left in /boot" question askubuntu.com/q/308793/169736
I say hi on pictures women post on G+...
Nice have that for a while now!
(LOL I just had to say that one - I'm not in India)
I play 0 A.D.
am not from india
3:34 PM
depends on what part of india
> Make us m MODS. You could benefit from us.
Yep. Totally.
@blade19899 I would like to see something like that app in the USC.
@karel, me two.
the ubuntu-touch supposed to have such a feature
But, whey to unstable for me to use it. I have only one phone.
@blade19899 too cool
@Takkat Haha
3:38 PM
@Takkat, LOL
com'ed it
@Takkat you should report that... hey, google is indexing spam
google.com/… 141k!!!!!!!!!!
@Braiam My one and only meta on SO meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/179028/…
"Detailed Review of Ubuntu Touch 14.04 with Mir display and Unity 8 on Nexus 4 - Latest Stable Version (Video + Images)"
For anybody interested
Seriously detailed!
@blade19899 not enough doge :P
3:40 PM
2.060 results<-- proud of that
@blade19899 About 3,960 results (0.11 seconds) here
About 10,300 results (0.84 seconds)
↑- me
3:43 PM
wait, this user didn't get nuked? askubuntu.com/users/214534/braiam-is-a-troll
@Braiam but he told the truth... wth :O
Braiam is a troll :D
Am sooo sorryyy!
I didn't want to tell you the truth @RolandiXor but I'm your father...
3:45 PM
Dominican Republic? :O
Caribbean ftw!
They do read our chat.
Get a life!
@Takkat yup
This room was placed in timeout for 2 minutes; the topic of this room is "General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & official Ubuntu derivatives. For other Linux distros please see: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/unix-and-linux"; - conversation should be limited to that topic.
3:49 PM
How do I reverse that? Misclicked
RolandiXor has frozen this room.
nothing we can do... :/
RolandiXor has unfrozen this room.
3:50 PM
Weird... they moved the controls around?
Apparently am a troll XD
you want to make the room private ♦?
(I mean, the opposite of public)
A: Pop-up remindor and todo app for Ubuntu?

Bill GatesWe have found a workaround so we don't need to register despite the block. It works on SO too.

That's not a workaround :)
> but make us modders please.
3:53 PM
Nope, its not.
They didn't turn on the registration requirement for answers :)
Yes, I know you read that.
Oh and don't create "RolandiXor-Is-A-Troll", because everyone knows that :)
We will keep going on. Now give us mods power. lol

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