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6:08 PM
looks more like a deletehat
what's that thing?
it's from a web–comic called "homestar runner"
one of the characters has a fan club called 'the deleteheads' ;-)
Files are read-only after copying over samba http://bit.ly/ljO19K #samba
15 featured questions :-o
even a fat one
Q: Adjusting display geometry in a virtual machine?

Aleksandr LevchukRunning 11.04 beta in a Parallels 5.0 virtual machine, but this question will apply to any virtualization software. Parallels 5 Linux tools (guest additions) don't work for 10.10 and 11.04 and I don't want them. I like how the VM is integrated as is. The only thing that needs tuning is the scree...

6:25 PM
@htorque needs people running Parallels :P
no thanks :P
@htorque not even for +500 lol
exactly ;)
6:37 PM
can I also make a link for an IRC channel?
ah guess I can
if the answer is only "go to this irc channel: irc://..." then i wouldn't :P
na >:D
6:53 PM
dude, those invisible windows make me crazy :D
7:20 PM
Q: Installing KDE on Ubuntu Natty from cdrom

ahmad598Currently I have Ubuntu 11.04 - Natty, with Unity as the default environment; but I just want to install KDE along-side it, and I don't have perfect bandwidth. So I took Kubuntu 11.04 cdrom from my friend and inserted it to my cdrom. After running apt-cdrom add it prints out this: Using CD-ROM ...

Nobody seems to have an idea over at Unix.SE
Is there a known issue with this particular CD, or an apt-cdrom bug?
@Gilles from what I found... you get this with the command apt-cdrom add. Uncheck the box that says cd rom where kde stores its sources: it should have been unchecked automatically.
I found it on the web in a couple of topics:this one is the most informative: ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10803670
@Rinzwind I found this (informative? I'd call it illegible!) forum post when I googled too, but as far as I can tell the “solution” is not to use the CD-ROM. And the asker on our question does want to use the CD-ROM.
but but but :-D
guess Ill look a bit longer >:)
7:45 PM
> YouTube Administration sent you a message: Your video is approved
too bad i deleted my account some months ago :>
heya @htorque come help Gilles >:D
i would but i have no knowledge in that area
so? >:-D that's just being lazy! you should strive for knowledge
@Gilles another interesting one: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/115536 it has some workarounds that might be worth testing
bugfest \o/
but i'm not interested in that stuff :-)
@htorque look at the font in the screenshot: askubuntu.com/questions/44317/cant-install-openoffice :D
7:57 PM
nice - if you hate your eyes
I blinked twice when I saw it _O-
@Rinzwind doesn't look relevant, the asker has no CD-ROM entry in his fstab
Anyway, if you have theories, post on the question!
@MarcoCeppi are you still around?
@StefanoPalazzo Yes
@MarcoCeppi cool :) please refresh the chat and log back in, I'd like to quickly check if @replies work
(on any system other than my own)
8:04 PM
@Gilles there's no cd-rom entry supposed to be in /etc/fstab (for a couple releases now)
@htorque I know, that's why I don't think that old bug is relevant
ah, sorry, didn't check that
Typo here:
> "Data LifeGuard Diagnostics is designed to test the physical condition of your hard drive. This utility is designed for drivers larger than 8.4GB..."
Drivers larger than 8.4 GB?
I wonder what hardware needs a 8.4GB driver...
now that's what I call bloatware :P
@GeorgeEdison Even for an automatic car, that's a lot of code
8:15 PM
8:27 PM
Got an awesome answer to my question over on Unix.SE:
Q: How does the Unix file privilege system differ from that of Windows?

George EdisonRelated question: How does the Linux file system/organization differ from Windows? I am somewhat familiar with how privileges work when it comes to files and directories - each entry has an owner and group property that represent the owner of the file and the group that the owner belongs to (cor...

@GeorgeEdison It's a good presentation of traditional unix permissions, but it's missing ACLs and capabilities
I'll write something up in a minute or three
@Takkat whats eddy doing there?
Mr Murphy is being a giant driver, larger than 8.4 GB :P
9:05 PM
\o/ just solved my pulseaudio issue I was at for months now \o/
9:18 PM
Is it possible to play Fable 3 on Ubuntu through Wine? http://bit.ly/l3zezd #wine
@Takkat \o/
Feels like birthday wedding and Xmas in one :)
(was "only" a configuration issue)
wedding? are you suuuuure? :P
so it was a layer 8 problem?
@htorque 100% (in my case).
layer 8?
= user
9:25 PM
not really. Default settings don't let you use the CLI mode to control pulseaudio.
There is almost no documentation on where to say what for making it work.
Needle in a haystack.
that's the PA bug you linked yesterday?
(or the day before)
see, that's why i'm all against systemd - if you can't get audio right, how are you supposed to make the init system work
(needless to say, that i'm just kidding)
gotta check out lightdm, brb
9:35 PM
hope you can tell us good things!
yes, if it's supposed to show you a black screen, then it works as intended :P
well, at least the demo mode works (runs as window inside a running session)
styling the greeter with html/css could get us some nice looking themes
(there's already lightdm-theme-webkit)
9:56 PM
Theming is always a great issue for ppl
Where's @Marco... I found a bug with Chromify-OSD.
@Takkat and given the interest in plymouth theming it doesn't matter how often or long you see the component
so true - but then the boot time is another issue (for other ppl?)
right. i want a cool bootsplash but also fast boot times. i want autologin but also a good looking greeter. :D
(plus cake and unicorns)
Who want to resume from suspend if you had a nice boot-animation playing?
(with sound eventually)
10:08 PM
flash would be nice
oh sure - 64-bit?
been using 64-bit flash half a year w/o problems :-P
admittedly same here :)
@GeorgeEdison I'm right here, I got your bug report
@MarcoCeppi Oh good.
I provided a solution that should work.
10:20 PM
Well the next version removes the direct embedding of the Chromify-OSD object on each page (causes crashes, and about 30% of the browsers to not work) I'm placing it on the background page and trying to capture notify events from the injected JS page
So that will fix this bug as well
@MarcoCeppi Background page? (Forgive me for not knowing what that is...)
@GeorgeEdison Don't worry about - it's a Chrome plugin thing
@MarcoCeppi Ah, okay. That means there's only ever one instance of the plugin loaded?
@GeorgeEdison Yeah
Okay. I wonder why my plugin was crashing...
10:29 PM
time to go - good night everybody
11:05 PM
ew awesome, wireless Android debugging
likes that :D
Q: Why is there a new Group for me as a User?

MehrdadWhy is it that when I install Ubuntu with a user name, a new group is created with that name too? Is there a reason we're not just plain Administrators?

oh boy ... groups are there even on Windows and even on Windows you can be in more than one group at once <.<
exactly D:
I wish Chrome would just let me do what I want to do with this extension
I had to write two comments just to explain to him what users and groups are -_-
LOL - the guy thinks groups == user roles :D!
11:15 PM
@RolandTaylor which is a pure fail as you could've just linked him to an explanation of Unix SE ;)
@OctavianDamiean I don't know where it is :O
(the link)
well I'd have to search for such a link myself but if it is not on Unix SE I can bet you will find some very good documentation on groups and users on the internewbs :D
JavaScript output is now enabled for StackImage 2.
Just append '?type=js' to the end of a StackImage 2 URL.
11:53 PM
@RolandTaylor: gah
I had to write a comment just to explain to you that the root account doesn't mean anything -_-
LOL - you think root == super user :D!
@Hello71 ?
@RolandTaylor: ? or ?
@Hello71 you know that the term super user is a synonym for root, yes?
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