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12:29 AM
Point of site etiquette - what's the 'right' response to "use another distro"?
I don't think it quite merits a spam flag, I'd downvote but I feel like letting OP know what's wrong would be nice...
askubuntu.com/a/1517312/17681 (answer in question)
9 hours later…
9:38 AM
Q: Mandatory comment on downvoting questions or answers

AjayRecently, I've noticed a trend where several questions receive numerous downvotes without any explanation or constructive feedback through the comments. One such example is this question, which is a good question but got downvotes without even a single comment on why the question isn't good enoug...

10:34 AM
hmmm, guess you can'nt do anything if someone takes your answer and puts it as theirs in the same question, ah well lesson learned just answer regular questions, not bountied ones....
2 hours later…
12:37 PM
@amar Is this about this?
Q: What is this RED PROHIBITED ICON showing everywhere on my system?

Gruppelli53I'm currently running Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS and recently there has been a red prohibited icon showing everywhere on my system. I updated the system not long ago, but the issue started some weeks after the update so I am not sure they are related. This red circle appears on the top bar menu, built-in...

I don't see an issue there. First, yes, it is absolutely fine for someone to improve their answer based on yours, why not? Second, the two are different. Maybe the other person added the gnome-shell-extension-manager after seeing yours, but theirs has other steps as well. I really don't see how one can be called a copy of the other.
1:34 PM
@terdon, The answer was first posted and it had nothing in it about gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng once I posted my answer, the answer changed to inculde that. As I said before, I give up trying to teach these ppl how to write answers. I will stick to the answers that are not bountied.
and btw I think gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng is the correct answer
1:54 PM
@amar yes, but I don't understand what is wrong with that. We want people to improve their answers, that's only good for the site. So maybe they saw your answer and though "ah yes, that's also relevant, I should include that too" but that is fine and welcome and the way things should work.
If they had made their answer a complete copy of yours, that would be different, but modifying it to improve it based on yours is fine.
2:08 PM
@terdon, yes i see what you are saying, and how it should be, probably when I reach 3000 points I would feel the same
Yes, that's fair: it is very easy for me to be all noble about rep since I now have way more than I know what to do with, I completely understand (and remember) how that felt different when I had less rep. Nevertheless, this won't be "removing" rep from you, the answers are still different and both can be voted on.
By the way, @amar, the person who said it didn't work may not be the person who asked, but it is the person who offered the bounty, so they are the one who can award the bounty. So don't suggest they ask a new question, see if you can get the clarifications from them to make your answer work for them and win the bounty!
Tried, icons not restored yet. — mcabreb yesterday
Dont know it seemed to me it was someone not serious trying to spam, may be I was wrong, thank you
2:50 PM
Yes I see now, but I asked him to create a new question, so that we can check his problem, but he has not , And I hope I was polite.
Since my start I had to reinstall 4 times, first time I did not know anything so I installed the whole thing. 2-4 I just reinstalled the desktop, but I won't suggest it because I don't know If it effects any special program that they have, so more info is needed. Also I need to learn more, every answer I have given has been with careful consideration and a lot of search, for me it is just like the doctors oath: first do no harm :)

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