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12:32 AM
@Wingarmac No worries - I don't think the downvote was warranted, personally. If you'd have left it up, I think I would have upvoted the AU version of the question anyway ;-)
We all get downvotes from time-to-time. I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you start to get 2-3, then there's likely a problem. Even then, we've had people "pile on" before, when it was a simple misunderstanding.
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6:07 AM
Following what has been explained to me, I would also like to clarify a point.

If so far I have not always directly displayed system information on my publications, it is precisely to avoid letting people think that I want to influence the use of Cinnamon.

If I really influence people, it would only be my entourage, whom I assist in IT. It goes without saying that it is easier for me to assist them if he uses the same system that I am used to using.

The use of other users around the world didn't cross my mind at first. Not even for support source issues. Because I was already pleasantly
12:50 PM
Q: A user deletes their answer and posts the same question as a new post and self answers

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3:22 PM
Q: 2022: a year in moderation

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5:07 PM
Operation was a success. Normal vision is very good.Only issue.... I can't read websites unless I press control+ about 12, 14 times and my phone.need to wait for glasses and can do that after I stop wity my eyedrops=21 days and then have to wait 3 weeks for those glasses. I can however watch tv and read subtitles and game on my ps5 so fun stuff I can do just not what is needed for my wotk.. code software _O-

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