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4:51 AM
What has to happen before an update to an app is made the current version in a repo?
5:34 AM
@David the smartass answer is "someone needs to update it"
Its probably more complicated - there's probably major version freezes, needs for compatibility testing and so on
Yes I see your answer was hoping for the not smart version. It came up yesterday and this new Chinese guy that is making all the long comments on questions was saying something that I do not think is right
Which is what I thouhgt was the case.
It has to be tested and approve before adding till it is adding from the ppa is same as using beta
More specifically - least in debian (and ubuntu probably follows a similar process), there's a 'freeze' of packages
so to update you need to make a justification for it
yes it is not just tossed in when the maker releases it
6:39 AM
In a related issue is a question about an update to an app that has not been included in the repo yet on topic?
1 hour later…
7:47 AM
@BeastOfCaerbannog I have been told more then once not all users of the site can see the titles. Therefore if I am already editing a question and it does not clearly say what the title said I have cut and pasted it.
people can't see the titles?
@David It's the first time I hear this. Maybe you are confused about Closing banners?
his name stats with G is one of the ones told me that looking for him now he is long time user and answers lots of questions.
figures when I look for him cant find him lol
any way I serve and will serve
@David Hmmm. Nevertheless, titles should be always shown. How else could you open a question from the Home page?
the guy said phones and some tablets could not see them
8:07 AM
oh and thank you for improving the edit
@David That's strange. If you (meaning anyone, not you in particular) need to add the title in a question (it is sometimes needed for some questions), you should do it in a way that it blends in with the question and its meaning. Not just add it as it is on the title.
@David Don't even mention it! :)
seems we say same but a different way some questions without the title do not make much sense.
btw In repeating the title when I felt the question would benefit from it I used the exact title as I did not want to change the OP s intent.
@David In the one I improved, the title didn't actually add anything that wasn't already in the text.
I guess I saw that different.
@David Doing bigger changes in the text doesn't necessarily mean that you change OP's intent. You can change more than capitalizations and typos and still not deviate from OP's intent. However that needs a relative experience and may lead to some rejections until you get the hang of it.
As I've said before, you can always make a conversation about editing, if you like, in Raiders of he Lost Downboat.
8:21 AM
I am very carefull to not change intent.
@BeastOfCaerbannog I may take you up on that one day when I have some spare time.
@David Yeah, I know the struggle.
Here is an example of a more significant edit I did. While the changes are rather big, I didn't change the OP's intent.
@David :)
9:10 AM
I see you did things like I changed the lower case w in windows to upper you replaced the whole word quite frankly I do not see the difference in that.
OK I know this is going to cause a negative response but I will ask anyways.
Q: How to use the "find" command to find files bigger than 1MB, and execute a chosen command on each file?

MohanI'm trying to write a script that will find all files bigger than 1MB, and one at a time ask the user what to do with each file: delete, compress, or skip. So far this is what I have got: find / -type f -size +1000000c -exec echo "File found: " {} \; -exec echo "(D)elete, (C)ompress, or (S)kip: "...

Is this really an Ask Ubuntu question? Is there not an SE site better suited to these programming questions?
that question is all good here
@David It is, yes. Questions about Bash scripting and command line tools are perfectly fine for Ubuntu as well as other Stack Exchange sites, such as Unix & LInux.
there are plenty of folks here with the requisite expertise to answer stuff like that
@David If one letter of a word is changed, the whole word appears highlighted on the Revisions page
I did not know that thnaks
I could fill a libery with stuff I do not know not just a book
You guys must be getting fed up with my questions.
it's not always easy to see what exactly happened from the revisions view, especially when edits made in quick succession conflict with each other
@David in my case it's the Library of Babel :)
@David if we didn't enjoy questions we probably wouldn't be lurking on Stack Exchange sites
9:24 AM
Does not mean they cant be annoying at times
Ad eye mack ah lot of typoss
Can not blame the keyboard any more it was replaced
9:39 AM
Q: Should this tag be transformed in a [flicker] of light?

BeastOfCaerbannogWe have the flicker tag. Its usage guidance says: When something flickers it flashes repeatedly. Flickering in the Ask Ubuntu forums is generally referring to screen issues, or to describe an LED, such as,"The hard disk access light flickered." Having a single tag for both screen flickering and...

10:16 AM
ROFL Failed a review because I said using a Microsoft product to solve the problem was not the answer. LOL
The OP asked for a non Microsoft solution.
2 hours later…
12:15 PM
So a cat walks up to a duck ...
takes a good look at him ...
after a minute says...
I do not think you are all you are supposed to be qucked up to be.
quaked sheesh
1:09 PM
My opinion is that using Linux tools on Microsoft products is like using metric wrenches on Imperial fasteners, Sometimes they work, other times there is pure disaster. Even GParted says to use Windows Disk Management to resize Windows partitions.
one thing we finally agree on.
Sometimes I get tempted with a 13mm or 19mm.
1:25 PM
@C.S.Cameron Do you know why? I mean, it makes sense that Microsoft will be better at resizing NTFS, so I completely understand where they're coming from, but I know I've used GParted for this many, many times over the years with no problem (of course, that just means I've been lucky). So it can do it and it can turn out OK.
I just wonder what can go wrong. Presumably data loss on the NTFS partitions?
Has anyone heard of this actually happening in real life?
The one I am referring to the answer given was go buy a copy of the cloud version of MS office
when I got this laptop, I wanted to install Ubuntu on it and not overwrite Windows but make its partition as small as possible (as I had no immediate use for Windows but enough space to keep it in case any use for it arose)
So I tried to resize the partitions during installation (of Lubuntu, which uses the Calamares installer, not Ubiquity)
but it didn't work
The smart installer knew better :P
haha yeah
I set up a new PC for my landlady and she want win 10 it comes with no media to reinstall and its a nightmare to get the media and a lic key
1:39 PM
@terdon Had that happen - and linux tools simply will refuse to work if the filesystem is dirty too
now I think the problem could have been solved by booting into Windows just to disable fast startup
@Zanna Do you still use Lubuntu?
but resizing is dangerous and you should back up first
It was a ightmare to install as well. You needed to have an internet connection abd another working PC to set it up.
@David oh, you can download ISOs if you're not on windows
1:40 PM
You had to create a MS account to get the key to finsih the install
but when I did manage to boot into Windows without creating a Microsoft account
I just resized the partitions from there
This was the pre installed image
and then installed Lubuntu
@BeastOfCaerbannog yes :)
@David oh for that, if its the same edition, there's system locked preinstall - basically the key is on the bios
any way there are 7 in the house so it was just a pin
She has 1 and I have 6
1:41 PM
@JourneymanGeek What happened? You used Linux tools to resize a Windows partition and that screwed the partition up?
@Zanna With LXQt or LXDE?
@terdon yup
I admit that when I do it, my Windows partition is usually untouched since I dont' use the thing.
That probably makes it easier.
I have a full set of MS releases in case I ever need them.
1:42 PM
@terdon less of an issue these days cause I build my systems to be mostly 'disposable'
All my systems were built from parts of stuff people tossed away
I average 1 working computer for every 3 pieces of tossed out stuff
I had 4 Dell R320 I turned into 2 working servers
The company tossed out 40 olds ones as some started to have faults I was given 4
The 2 I could not fix have motherboard faults
@David I absolutely hate installing Windows nowadays, despite the fact that the installation is faster, easier and more reliable than what it used to be. It must be some kind of phobia due to my past experience. :/
but from them I saved the fane modules and power supplies
This was the 1 and only time I installed win 10 from scrath, never again.
To be fair windows did find a weird problem on one PC I was builting that I had not found on Ubuntu.
@Zanna I tried that with 18.04. I had some issues with brightness control and some other things, like the stability of PCManFM. I suppose things are better now. I should take a look.
It has a vid card and vid chips set on the mb. Ubuntu was only seeing the chip set which has no vid connector so I did not notice it had what it thouhgt were 2 vid cards and the hidden one was the primary
1:48 PM
@BeastOfCaerbannog I had some problems on 18.04 too but I haven't had any issues with 20.04
Once I knew this I was able to turn off the vid on the MB and the world was good again
It was 8 or 10 installs of an OS before I figured this out
@Zanna Good to know. I use 20.04 with GNOME and I'm really accustomed to it and like it, but I always want to try other DEs to see what's new.
I belong to a differnt school if it aint broke dont fix it
I was using Ubuntu MATE for a long time - I love the themes! Simple and nice. But I had some problems with 18.04 so I installed Lubuntu when I had to replace my laptop
@David essentially - if one of my hard drives died, I'd throw on the OS, grab a package-list and my browser sync password and I'd be up in an hour or two
both on windows and linux
1:55 PM
@terdon See gparted.org/faq.php items 6 and 14 thru 19.
and I've done a full server rebuild after my dedi died so its 'tested'
I have 1 left of the hard drives I got about 6 years ago to replace it makes the odd noise.
I am getting ready to replace a bank of 4 x 2 t drives with 4 t drives
@David I love playing with hardware so not a lot of my stuff is super old
I have super strick budget so its only what I can talk my friedn into buying for me
2:01 PM
Oldest I have is 2012? My old PC but it had a few upgrades from stock
All my drives but 1 are less then 5 years old and the 1 is 11 years old its the one making some noice
It came from an old desktop that was only used to read email and play FB games so very low actually use.
I think I have.... uh....
3 spinning rust drives left
oh, 4 there's also the NAS
The NAS is the 4 x2 I am replacing with the 4 x4
Have zero free space
@C.S.Cameron Thank you for this.
It has taking me about 10 years to build my setup
2:19 PM
I broked the chat again sheesh
@C.S.Cameron hmm. So it looks like most (all?) the potential issues are about booting the system because the resize can affect the boot loader. Which would explain why I've never had issues since I have always used a Linux boot loader
Bill does not u playing with his boots?
That would suggest there is no actual harm done to the partitions or partition table, it's just that the OS would be confused.
@David Nah, I don't like it cause his boots are smelly.
Now that sounds like MS
I met him a few times over the years he always looked like s squirrel to me.
2:55 PM
The next 10 days will be interesting , first all the beta version questions and then the off topic questions.
3:10 PM
Freak weather has been snowing all day about 4 cm on the ground but in some places none and dry because of the high wind.
1 hour later…
4:36 PM
I just beat my mum at Scrabble! Historic moment! \o/
1 hour later…
5:57 PM
@Zanna woohoo
6:30 PM
Can I ask this here? I'm using Citrix through "Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS" and when I hit F11 in when debugging in Visual Studio on my (don't hate) Windows Server 2008R2, it moves to the next line of code (which is great), but it also resizes the window to and from full screen (not desired)... how do I stop it from resizing my window?!?!
6:42 PM
@DanB I don't know enough about Citrix to be sure, but it sounds like you are running a Windows tool in a Windows environment. You may be connecting to your Windows via an Ubuntu machine, but you're running the thing on Windows so Super User would be your best bet.
6:53 PM
Thanks @terdon... I'll give it a whirl...

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