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5:00 AM
@Zanna Ask Ubuntu has about 925,662 registered users, 39 users is hardly a quorum, especially if most of the users with questions about 14.04 have a rep of (1) and can't vote. (There are 20,441 questions on Ask Ubuntu tagged 14.04).
@Zanna I just thought that this vote was a joke. TW uses the question, a half page of writing, to tell people to vote for the policy change. The people who the policy change affects can not even vote. As far as I can see the vote has no meaning. Oops I see from the post above this I double posted, sorry.
@Zanna hi is there any way to see who down voted me on an answer? I would like to know why so maybe I can improve. 2 people accepted the answer and then this 1 down vote snuck in.
A: Uninstalling python uninstalled everything that depended on it

DavidChanging or deleting the standard python version of Ubuntu is a unrecoverable error. You need to reinstall. Boot from a live DVD or USB and reinstall. If your live DVD/USB is the same version as the installed Ubuntu version, you will see a "Reinstall" option. This will reinstall the system in the...

5:16 AM
@David no
We can't either
ok NP was just wondering
and I would say there's nothing wrong with the answer
Could be that the question is a dupe, cause people blowing away python is distressingly common, but thats not your fault
thanks I worked on that for about an hour before I saved it as a standard answer to that question.
Yes thats why I saved the answer in a text file on the desktop
It is not marked as dupe right now.
Someone just down voted a question with the comment lack of research. ROFL you could do that with at least 50 percent of all questions.
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7:11 AM
Have not seen this one before *asked 7 mins ago

Nicholas Saunders
37222 silver badges1616 bronze badges
All I did was type *install mist browser. ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/18142/… – David just now
Trivial answer converted to comment Edit
not that do not know where that came from
Trivial answer converted to comment
@David Maybe it's due to the fact that, in some cases, removing Python could be recoverable. For example either by going to a TTY and reinstalling python and gnome-desktop (if someone uses GNOME) or by using a Live USB and using chroot to install the packages to the hard disk installation.
I did look at about 10 and they all said the same it will never be right unless full re nstall oh well
I also think that reinstalling is the best and most reliable thing to do in such cases.
yup oh well some one has an issue will never know what or whom on to the next chore
Have you seen the answer converted to comment thing before?
@David :)
7:18 AM
is that a yes or no?
@David Yes. Moderators can convert answers to comments. They do that for answers that shouldn't have been written as such, and are probably NAAs, but they are useful as comments.
So it was not automated someone has to do it good to know.
8:18 AM
It is also automated in some contexts. At least in meta, if your answer is too short it can be autoconverted to a comment. I think that's only on meta though.
if you post a very short answer with links to Stack exchange post, it will autoconvert to a comment.
@jokerdino On main too?
A: Answer appears automatically converted as a comment

Kevin MontroseTrivial answers containing a link to another question in the network are automatically converted to comments on the question, with the message Trivial answer converted to comment Poking some folks about perhaps a wee bit more indication that that happens, looked like a bug to me at first t...

Ah, right. Thanks
Thats what I did link to another SE site that was the answer
I could have wrote a book to go with it but the link was all the OP needed
8:27 AM
@David Note that you linked to a question, not an answer, and all the answers there are about downloading the deb file, as the OP is saying, and not installing from the repositories as your comment suggested.
spanked appropriately
spanked? Not at all! I'm just saying that if the browser is indeed present in the repositories, that should be posted as an answer since the link you gave doesn't mention that at all.
9:27 AM
wow, I am now using IntelliJ 2021 edition without ever upgrading from 2020 edition. My snap automatically did the stuff in background, this is the magic of using snap
I am now having love affair with snap
Seriously? You weren't even notified or given a choice?
Maybe there is a global setting somewhere that lets you control it?
nope, it does it automatically, when I opened IntelliJ it asked to accept new terms and agreements, then I saw that my version is 2021 and then the pop-up came that intelliJ has been updated by snap
This is why I never manually install any file ever, I only use repository or snap, then I can have peace of mind regarding regular updates getting applied without much effort
Also I have the Ubuntu livepatch stuff enabled
It automatically applies critical kernel patches without the need to reboot, thus minimizing downtime as well as keeping the system secure
9:56 AM
10:10 AM
I'm too often here.
10:39 AM
@terdon must be like:
lol nah. To each their own!
I just really dislike it when my machine does stuff without asking. Feels way too "Windowsy"
So if I like the current version of a tool, you can tell me there is a new one and I can choose to upgrade, but I should also be allowed to use the current one which I am used to and behaves the way I want.
But if someone else prefers to have everything updated automatically, good for them!
Yeah, I know. I'm just kidding! :)
@nobody I love these seemingly random comments!
10:54 AM
@terdon I think that is how some people think of 14.04 or XP.
Eh, there is a real difference between keeping an entire OS out of date and keeping a specific tool, especially an IDE which is unlikely to have security issues that affect your system.
that's purely personal preference I guess @terdon
Of course! Absolutely.
Many still continue to use Windows XP which is long out of support from microsoft
That is actually actively dangerous though.
There will be known security holes so that every machine connected to the internet with windows XP is a machine that could be used to attack the rest of us.
11:02 AM
Hekk many corporate companies still have Java 5 in all their machines
On the other hand, if you want to use Word version 3 or whatever, that shouldn't be a risk.
The companies are the one who are most reluctant to upgrade their entire system
Imagine developing Android apps on Java5 only
You will have to refer to ancient Java manuals to filter out all the Java features that will not be supported
Also, imagine one such company stuff getting stuck in a project and asking for help in stackoverflow and we tell them that we don't entertain questions on Java5. The employee is likely to loose job
@terdon So what is dangerous about 14.04 with ESM?
@C.S.Cameron Maybe Canonical no longer rolling out security updates?
@C.S.Cameron Did I say there was something dangerous with 14.04 and ESM?
11:22 AM
"Eh, there is a real difference between keeping an entire OS out of date and keeping a specific tool," Sorry thought you were refereeing to 14.04.
Canonical will be rolling out free security updates for 14.04 for quite a while. (ESM)
Good for them.
@terdon, that was for @Payel, ESM is what the "End of Standard Support" and "End of Life" debate was about.
I always wonder why @terdon is so allergic to Canonical :P
If not for canonical Ubuntu would have been just another Linux distro in the ocean of Linux distros. That ubuntu is the go to Linux distro for all beginners, Ubuntu being so popular, many laptops like Dell and Lenovo coming with Ubuntu pre-installed by default, all credit goes to Canonical only
Canonical is like life blood of Ubuntu
Some corporate heavy weight backing is very much essential for commercial success of any platform
Canonical has in-fact tie ups with Dell and Lenovo
Imagine lots of Dell and Lenovo laptops not coming with Ubuntu pre-installed by default, Ubuntu will be loosing 80% of their market share
In every laptop service center you go, if you ask them to install a Linux distro each and every one of them will install Ubuntu on your computer
Go to the popular gaming site steam, in their site they have clearly mentioned they recommed using Ubuntu for Linux platforms, even they release only a .deb Linux client and maintain it regularly, so for gamers on Linux platform, you have no option other than chosing Ubuntu or Ubuntu based derivatives like Linux Mint or Pop OS
All credits go to canonical for tying up with steam for making Ubuntu popular as a gaming platform
12:01 PM
@PayelSenapati tbh, if you're only relying on S(O/F/U/E) for job critical information....
you're doomed
@PayelSenapati I tried logging into Ask MXLinux. no luck.
@C.S.Cameron in theory that would be supported on U&L
and other sites may have less restrictive rules on EOL
So what is S(O/F/U/E), Google says it has something to do with hair transplants?
Stack Overflow (SO) Server Fault (SF) Super User (SU), and Stack Exchange (as a whole)
@PayelSenapati smart thing was mailing out people disks in the old days :D
Else I might still be on suse
12:20 PM
You are right, non of those have any info critical to my job.
speaking of distrowatch, Ubuntu, Xubunu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu Studio all are listed, so adding them all up, Ubuntu ranking goes up significantly
In fact I have two laptops, the more powerful one running Ubuntu and the less powerful one running Xubuntu
And XFCE desktop of MXLinux do suck
no where as feature rich as gnome3
"DE? I don't need no stinking DE!""
@PayelSenapati I'm probably going LXQT the next rebuild of my GUI linux box :D
@JourneymanGeek ??
12:33 PM
@PayelSenapati most of my linux boxen are cli only
LXD is nice, and dosen't get enough love
well gnome3 is for a minimum powerful laptop, less powerful laptop can't run gnome3 well
Oh, the system runs gnome fine
I have this annoying thing with gnome keyring constantly demanding my password - I run it headless
@PayelSenapati I have no idea why you would think that. I don't consider Canonical to be the best thing that ever happened to the world, but that doesn't mean I am allergic to them either. They've mostly been a force for good in the Linux world, absolutely. But that doesn't mean they haven't also made mistakes, who hasn't?
Its a little 'embedded' PC with a dummy HDMI adaptor that needs a gui for one part of one app with no web ui
Well I always wonder how gnome is pronounced @JourneymanGeek
12:36 PM
Like those little guys, red hats, hang around in gardens, eating random passersby when no one is looking....
the G is silent. As is the screaming.
Like nome?
@PayelSenapati I strongly disagree with that! Look at the enormous success of Linux in the server world, for example, or at projects like Apache or even mozilla/firefox which are not backed by any corporate sponsor.
@PayelSenapati googleing 'gnome pronounciation' actually reads it out
server world is for tech guys only, without corporate backing it won't be popular among the noobs
@PayelSenapati everyone's web apps and clouds need to run on something :D
and I run servers as a hobby
for everything else, the OS mostly dosen't matter
12:40 PM
I mean every his and her, form 60 years retired to school students using Linux
not for me no speakers :P
uh. Who do you think runs the servers ?
of course the tech guys, not the general noobs
I have 6 computers and only 2 have speakers
@PayelSenapati Of course. But that doesn't change the fact that it is a huge market which is completely dominated by Linux specifically and open source projects in general.
But as for "without corporate backing it won't be popular among the noobs": citation needed.
Back in the day, netscape had a period where it was completely dominant in the browser market without a corporate entity backing it. It is certainly not impossible.
12:54 PM
TBH the big thing is being able to buy a PC with the OS installed and being able to use it without needing a tech guy to help
But more importantly, who cares about domination? The only reason you would be interested in domination is if you have a corporate backer so are more interested in making money than making a good tool.
So it's a circular argument.
(or likewise for hardware support. Not needing to always jump through hoops to get something running has been a major quality of life improvement. Now its only sometimes0
1:22 PM
@terdon the better the tool, more the money, else there are no scarcity of competitors to knock you out
@PayelSenapati Ah, if only that were true :)
Unfortunately, the world is full of tools that have become dominant despite being awful just because some corporate backer pushed them. Looking at you, Windows.
If your main interest is making money, as is the case for a for-profit corporation (and nothing wrong with that), then your objective is to dominate your market and if you can do so with a low quality tool, that's fine.
Instead, if your main interest is in producing something of very high quality, as is often the case with volunteer open source projects, then you don't care about domination at all. All you care about is that you are producing something worthwhile.
Now, of course there are loads of cases where a corporation produces something worthwhile.
KFC for 1
I'm just saying that a corporation is not required for high quality results. Perhaps it is required to dominate the market (although projects like the Linux kernel, Apache, Mozilla, Wikipedia etc have shown this is not true), but not to produce something good.
And unless you are a for-profit organization, you don't care about domination anyway, so...
I mean, imagine a world where Linux is the most common system on all desktops (it already is the most common in non-desktops i.e. servers and phones) BUT it is a version of Linux (Evil Linux) that is full of spyware, unstable, and just generally shitty. Sure, Linux has now dominated but who has benefited? Only the Evil Corp behind Evil Linux. The users have lost out.
So I don't see why we, the Linux user community, should be wishing for Linux to dominate the desktop PC market. I would like that, but only if it can be done without sacrificing the things that drew me to Linux in the first place.
Domination can be quite bad as well example the only 2 satellite tv providers here in Sweden just merged and the first thing they did was dump a bunch of channels
And one of those things is that Linux (as in kernel.org) is run as a not-for-profit entity and does not have a major corporation backing it.
1:43 PM
Who watches TV when you have mobiles and tablets, I never watch tv, everything is available via appps
if u can afford the apps and if you have phoines and tablets which i cant and dont
@terdon systemd :D
and you missed the point i was talking about how domination is bad
1:59 PM
@PayelSenapati TV is Great, have been watching Father Ted, very funny. There are also some Great British mysteries.
I use an Intel Compute stick hooked up to a monitor with speakers. It all fits under the Mosquito net.
Watching TV is the biggest drawback to living in the jungle.
@PayelSenapati While its only 640x480...
our TV is bigger
also, you can channelsurf aimlessly :D
2:15 PM
what is this for a popup?
2:36 PM
@C.S.Cameron I'm ready to agree that there's something somehow off about how we decide whether things have community support, but your argument that the votes are insufficient because they don't represent a quorum also seems somehow off, partly because we haven't decided what constitutes a quorum here, and partly because the degree of registered users' engagement with the site varies enormously, from glued-to-the-site-24-7 to posted-a-question-and-never-came-back
but more importantly, as I said before, I don't think the vote is in any serious way about whether we support releases in ESM such as 14.04
You say that the users affected cannot vote. That is a serious problem, and calls those of us who can vote to seriously consider the interests of those users
(As an important aside here, it's not only people who want or have to use 14.04 and want to ask questions about it here who would be affected by any change of policy w/r/t/ our support for it, but also our engaged community who have to try to implement our policies, dedicating their time to reading posts and deciding whether they can be answered within the scope of the site)
But, there was no option on the page to vote to support 14.04
we had yes, we'll change the wording of our close reason to make it describe what we're doing less ambiguously, and we'll carry on doing what we're doing
or no, we'll keep the current, hopelessly ambiguous wording of our close reason, and we'll carry on doing what we're doing
although I consider the rewording a significant improvement, I could not bring myself to vote for it, because I don't want us to carry on doing what we're doing
I want us to stop closing questions about old releases altogether
I want people to not use old releases.
@jokerdino agree
@Zanna Not sure that it is, actually. After all, this is AU policy, so it should be set by the users of AU and not the (very many) people who might want to ask a question but don't actually frequent the site. The policy is about what the users of this site want to see on their site.
@David there's no way to see who downvoted your answer, but I'm not sure it's an entirely unrecoverable problem - like, reinstalling might be the best option for people who haven't spent ages setting things up the way they like and whatnot, but I think one can often manage to pick up the pieces after making such a dire mistake - at least there are answers about doing so
oh sorry someone said that later :)
@terdon haha yeah not really ok at all
@terdon :) :)
@C.S.Cameron lol @ Father Ted
2:59 PM
@Zanna At least now they are doing what they are saying, even though they are not doing what Canonical is saying.
Is it new years there now? like in Sri Lanka. If so, happy new years.
Sounds like the first night of Diwali in Kolkata.
2 hours later…
4:44 PM
@C.S.Cameron yes! happy new year! :)
5:28 PM
@C.S.Cameron very quiet here, no crackers or anything, nobody out and about. Made some sweets, jaggery pongal and whatnot
hey @Zanna it is Bengali new year tomorrow
oh is it? happy new year to you as well then!
day before it was Telugu new year haha
haha, thanks, happy new year @Zanna
incidentally tomorrow is my girl firend's birthday as well (I am lesbian)
thank you :)
@PayelSenapati happy birthday to her <3
thanks @Zanna
5:34 PM
hope you will be able to have a nice celebration
nope, everything is closed due to corona
Sounds like a great excuse for a romantic, private celebration then! :)
Not possible, she has two kids :P
Ah. Well, you can at least keep the "private" bit. Kids do make the "romantic" part more complicated.

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