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7:35 AM
Q: Disable Pageup key without xmodmap

ashishMy pageUp key is getting randomly pressed. I tried deactivating using xmodmap but it still works on some apps such as draw.io digrams app. Is there a way to globally disable it(using xkb or similar method).

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8:49 AM
Q: Ubuntu tab autocompletion like PowerShell

Carlos GarciaFor me PowerShell tab auto-completion is much better than my Terminal console in Linux. Is there a way to configure this? For example usr@Ubuntu:~/esp/esp-idf$ ls -ahl drwxrwxr-x 16 usr usr 4.0K Sep 11 19:57 examples -rw-rw-r-- 1 usr usr 2.1K Sep 11 19:57 export.bat -rw-rw-r-- 1 usr usr 2.5K Se...

9:14 AM
Q: Texts are not showing while playing Among Us using Wine

Muhammad Asaduzzaman NiloyUsing Ubuntu 18.04. While running Among Us.exe using wine it isn't not showing any text. Can anyone help me? What can be the issue?

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12:57 PM
Q: How can I setup Docker for web development?

jaakkoOn Ubuntu, how can I start docker for web development? I tried docker-compose up ERROR: Couldn't connect to Docker daemon - you might need to run `docker-machine start default`. (base) jaakko@jaakko-Aspire-E1-572:~/jamkwebkehitys/relaatiotietokannat$ docker-machine start default Docker machine "d...

Q: How to create a Cron-Job

Naseer AkbariI am thinking, how to create a cron-job, which each 2 minutes should display the last 100 syslog alerts from systemd? thanks for your kindly reply and feedback.

1:10 PM
Q: Someone made a meta tag [review-audits] - is that a better name than [audits]?

ZannaYesterday I removed the recently created tag review-audits from a post here on meta. We have a preexisting tag audits for that subject, so to keep all the audit-related questions together they should have one and the same tag. However, on reflection, review-audits seems to me like a better tag na...

1:53 PM
@AskUbuntuMeta yes
2:08 PM
@jokerdino :)
Q: In the desktop the application search bar is causing problem. Can't work in any folder or file. How to remove the search bar from the desktop?

RahulThe search bar in the desktop is coming automatically when I am working in any file and when the laptop is switched on. Want to remove the search bar from the desktop

2:55 PM
How to create a AU question-specific chat room when the comments are getting too long?
@heynnema well if the user has enough rep, you can create a chat room (there's a button bottom right of this page) and invite them to it, but that's a bit of a faff. You can always flag the post for mod attention and ask for comments to be moved to chat. Flag handling average time is currently ~40 minutes, although it could take hours due to people being asleep etc
if comments hit 21 (posted within 7 days) on a post, we get an auto flag
@Zanna More specifically, during a long series of comments, normally we get prompted to move to chat, and if selected, it creates a new comment something along the lines of "Let's continue this in chat", with a link. However, if not chosen, the prompt to move to chat doesn't show any more, and a user must manually create a chat... and here's where the question comes from... how do I EASILY create a chat room, and have the appropriate chat comment get posted into the comment thread?
3:10 PM
I don't know of an easy way to do that. It would be good if that button did not go away
is there a particular post I can help you out with?
And I've been publically flogged by another mod because I have too long comments, don't move to chat, and don't know how to create a chat room easily.
Q: Laptop shutting down abruptly

Adupa VasistaI am using ubuntu 20.04, recently I am having the issues of abrupt shutdown when I wont use the laptop for a while. After searching I found this in var/log file /var/log/syslog:Sep 15 14:03:14 vasi kernel: [28139.722294] amdgpu: [powerplay] can't get the mac of 5 /var/log/syslog:Sep 15 14:03:15 v...

well the chat room is available there isn't it?
yes, but OP came back later within regular comments, and I just returned the comments into the general comment thread, instead of returning to the previously created chat area. And then mod flogged me in public (I'm having problems with this particular mod).
I'm trying to improve on my long-commenting-ways.
3:17 PM
I deleted the comment. It was certainly reasonable to reply to the OP on the post when they commented there instead of in the chat
we have got a button to move comments to chat, but there's no way to move comments to an existing chat - using that button creates a chat
so if I move the comments on that post to chat, you would get a sort of chat recursion :)
Thanks for deleting that comment. I'm trying to behave better... and keep my long comments down... but you're right... moving a question-specific comment thread to chat button that lasted longer would fix the problem.
If I continue to have problems with a particular mod, is AU Meta the right place to post my concerns?
I don't see how you could have handled that particular situation better. Also, comments (unless they contain evil things of course) are not in themselves a problem - it's just a) more convenient to have extended discussion in chat and b) easier for future visitors to read the page if comments get cleaned up when the useful stuff has been rolled into the posts
But in general, if you want comments to be moved to chat, I suggest mod-flagging the post
You can also post a feature request about the move-to-chat button on our meta or MSE (there might be one already - I haven't looked)
How do I "mod-flag" the comments and ask that all comments get move to chat?
just flag the post itself for moderator attention (last option in the flagging dialog)
I can get you a screenshot if needed
@heynnema sure, yes, that is appropriate
Are you answering my question about AU Meta?
And should I call out names?
3:25 PM
@heynnema yes, sorry... if you click the arrow next to the reply, it goes to the message it replies to
And should I call out names?
well, it's up to you, but I would recommend, if you want to criticise something someone is doing, to focus as much as possible on the thing, not on the person, and try to avoid judgements. Much more likely to resolve it that way. Ultimately it will probably be down to that person to fix it, so you need them on side if possible :)
(sorry, I was typing)
OK, thanks for your time.
(short answer - I probably would be like "all my posts were deleted" not "jokerdino deleted all my posts")
@heynnema most welcome... time to make dinner!
Yes, said person seems to be harassing me... and I'd like it to stop. I'm the fourth highest contributor here...
in yearly rep points.
3:43 PM
we don't want anyone to be harrassed, regardless of their reputation... I know all the mods here are doing their best for the community and the site... sometimes personalities clash, misunderstandings happen, mistakes get made (here's one of mine - I think that post was flaggable as rude/abusive before I fixed it!) etc... hopefully we should be able to iron things out
3:59 PM
Have a nice dinner!
1 hour later…
5:06 PM
@heynnema :) thanks!
5:30 PM
Q: rxvt-unicode doesn't scale on HiDPI screen

kontrollantenI'm running Ubuntu 20.04 on Dell XPS 9350 "13.3 with 3200x1800 resolution. When I start rxvt-unicode it's so scaled out that it's not possible to read anything. I've solved that in other apps by setting QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=1, but I guess rxvt-unicode doesn't use QT. I've tried with adding...

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7:34 PM
Q: Issues with sound board after neon upgrade

diogo.abdallaRecently Ive finally upgraded my KDE neon to 5.19 All was fine and smooth except that after booting sound wanst working anymore. I have onboard sound on my motherboard, which is connected to my sound system, and also sound on my video board (nvidia GTX 1050 Ti) through HDMI, which I dont use (to ...


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