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2:36 AM
Q: String substitution to detect empty variables?

user427603I have a script that iterates through files and does some string substitution to insert the date. #!/bin/bash f="/tmp/file.txt" # with .txt extension timestamp="$(date +%H%M%S)" echo "${f%%.*}-$timestamp.${f#*.}" It provides the following output, which is correct. /tmp/file-220304.txt But if a ...

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5:25 AM
Q: PS shows process with 0% cpu and 0% memory usage

Jonathan Solareswhy those processes appear if they are not consuming any cpu or memory. Is there any way to show only process that are really consuming memory or cpu?

4 hours later…
9:27 AM
Q: I have ubuntu on SSD and HDD. How to boot into ubuntu on SSD instead of ubuntu on HDD

Pratul KumarI had ubuntu 20.04 installed on my HDD and i copied it to my new partition (/dev/sdb4) on SSD, then i installed grub. Now whenever i select ubuntu on /dev/sdb4 (i.e. ubuntu on SSD) boot option, my system boots from HDD ubuntu instead of SSD ubuntu. How to fix this? Refer to this for more info on...

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10:50 AM
If you have Android devices, you may use my app: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pdwapp.benny
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@Benny what does it do?
2 hours later…
12:58 PM
Saving your info secured, password manager. recommended.
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4:37 PM
I'm using Xubuntu desktop on a 16.04 install and I unplugged my laptop and the Power Manager notifications are popping up saying alternately, every 10 seconds, "Your battery is charging" (false!) and "Your battery is discharging (70%) Estimated time left is 5 hours 36 minutes." Plugged it back in and same story, only I hope it's actually charging...
4:53 PM
well it finally stopped - been fully plugged in for a bit
5:07 PM
ugh, it's doing it again...
sounds super annoying
I turned off notifications in the Power Manager gui.
5:41 PM

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