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12:46 AM
Q: WiFi dropping only on Ubuntu

LuciusI am having a lot of problems with Wi-fi. The strange thing is that happens only on my Ubuntu 18.04.4 x86_64 (4.15.0-101-generic) computer, all others have Windows and are not affected. What happens is that after a while browsing, I lose my internet connection, leaving the icon in the upper righ...

3 hours later…
3:26 AM
@EliahKagan I see...I was just wondering, I have been using Elementary OS for the last 6 months or so at work, but there are just certain things that I would like to be able to do better that I can't on it...I am getting a new laptop at work and trying to decide whether I go back to Ubuntu (which I haven't used for my daily driver for several years) stick with Elementary OS which I like a lot except for the few annoyances I have with it, or go with something entirely different like Manjora....
2 hours later…
4:57 AM
@JourneymanGeek Hey
I have a bug report pending on MSE since an year. The issue is highly reproducible. Should I mod flag it to get ed?
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7:55 AM
Q: Ubuntu 20.04 root password

Chris PI runned sudo passwd -dl root sudo passwd -dl chris then when i try to execute something like sudo subl /etc/asound.conf, a password is necessary to go. But the default password fails. What can i do?

8:48 AM
Hi @Rinzwind are you there?
2 hours later…
10:42 AM
Q: How to transform a CLI linux into a GUI one? Or at least how to run a gui app like firefox in CLI linux? Installing x windowing system?

SaoudI just want somebody to walk me through the steps of switching a command line interface linux box into a gui based one. I know this has to do with the X Window System but I don't exactly know how to go about installing it fully. Now, if firefox is installed for example and I try to run it, it wil...

4 hours later…
2:41 PM
Q: Ubuntu 20.04: Also having issues while unpacking initramfs, but changing to gzip does not solve my problem

FranklinI have issues while customizing ubuntu 20.04. When I made a new initrd for booting (iso/casper/initrd), I got this error: initramfs unpacking failed: Decoding failed then dropped into initramfs shell. I found some posts describing this issue, like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ub...

3:41 PM
Q: Show only posts that need editing

fixit7I would like to help folks with first posts. But all I see is "No action required." Is there a setting to have it show only posts that need action?


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