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7:56 AM
Q: While reviewing I noticed a EXACT LITERAL duplicate of an earlier question, added a comment, and was scolded by review system

Craig  HicksQuestion under review: Ubuntu 20.04 Failed to Set MokListRT: Invallid Parameter However, when it was displayed to me, it had a different OP name and different date. Doing a search I found the original. Noting it was an exact duplicate, I posted a thoughtful and kind comment explaining that if t...

10 hours later…
6:13 PM
any chance to speed up workspace switching?
currently takes ~1sec (no animations)
would prefer 10x the speed
@nuttyaboutnatty Have you tried The Impatience GNOME Shell extension? extensions.gnome.org/extension/277/impatience
It speeds up all animations.
6:35 PM
BTW how is it possible for the switching to take about 1 sec with no animations? It should be almost instantaneous.
young people always in hurry.
2 hours later…
8:19 PM
Q: Speed up workspace switching (no animations)?

nutty about nattyCurrently, switching workspaces (no animations, static/fixed number of 2x2 workspaces, Ubuntu 20.04.1) takes ~1sec. I'd like to speed this up, ideally by a factor of 10x. Possible? If so, how?

@BeastOfCaerbannog takes ~1sec with no animations (speeding animations wouldn't help then...)

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