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7:48 AM
I need one more close vote from a reviewer to close these 2 questions: 1 2
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10:04 AM
Q: How to find server's highest and lowest load time frame

Vin.AII want to know at what time server relax most. I need the most idle time frame of the server, the lowest one. I've to perform some data analysis task without hurting server response at peak time. So, if I find server handles very few requests between 00:00 to 03:00. Then I can't schedule a task...

10:25 AM
Q: Ubuntu freezes/crashes

autobusq[EDIT] I may need to be more specific with the problem and add some informations, I just don't know what, if you can help me and need anything to know just tell me and I add asap, ty. I have a Acer laptop with a preinstalled Windows 10, and since I got into programming I decided to set up a dual...

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2:29 PM
Q: ls -a lists files with "->" arrow I think they are linked how can I make my new file to change when referenced file is changed?

CommonSenseCodeI have following files: dirA/reference-file.ts dirB/new-file.ts I want new-file.ts to always change its content to match exact content as reference-file.ts when reference is changed. For example when I do ls -a in my dirB I get files with -> operator how can I replicate such behavior? scre...

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9:53 PM
Hello. I have just compiled some software with sudo make install.
How do i install it now?

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