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3:18 AM
Q: How to extend size of partititon is installed Ubuntu?

user372959I have shome free space, And now I want to extend size of the partition is install Utuntu 18.04.

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7:01 AM
Q: How to force gedit to run each window in a separate process?

Radio ControlledWith Ubuntu and Gnome classic desktop, sometimes I have separate windows of gedit open on different workspaces. Since the program has its flaws and can be easily choked, for example by trying to undo a large replace action, I sometimes need to force-quit. Then, all other windows are also killed...

2 hours later…
8:53 AM
Hello to all virtualbox consumers in this room. In a ubuntu VM instance, is it possible to determine with adapter (like bridge, NAT, host-only, etc..) a network interface (the ones you see in ifconfig) belongs to ?
Or is it just trial-and-error kind of thing...?
2 hours later…
11:22 AM
Q: Use a modified Openssl for Apache2

B. AmineI edited the openssl source code and compiled it manually because i had an "Unhandled critical extension" exception in my logs for a certain category of users, and i want my installed and configured apache2 to use this compiled version so that i can avoid having this exception (I set the ignore ...

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1:22 PM
Q: VirtualBox isn't working correctly on Windows 10 bash/linux subsytem

Bathinda HelperI've Windows10 v1903. Somehow I managed to corrupt my VBox installation. As far as I can remember, it went corrupt only after I installed the Vivid from Trusty. I did these things: First of all I had installed VBox and Vagrant on/thru Windows GUI. At that time, both things showed working ok not...

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4:03 PM
Q: Run .bashrc function as sudo

lonixI added this to ~/.bashrc to provide colorized tail: tailc () { tail $@ | ccze } And I can run it as so: tailc -f -n 10 foo/log.txt But I can't use it on a privileged file: sudo tailc -f -n 10 /var/log/syslog Error: bash: tailc: command not found I know I can do it like this: sudo ...

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5:43 PM
Q: IP address not changed using Tor via CLI

BarbI have installed Tor via the CLI and rebooted. I call service tor start and get prompted to enter my root password. To confirm the service is running I call service tor status which confirms Tor is active. However when I run curl iconfig.me or hostname -I it returns my public IP which (through I...

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8:03 PM
Q: Opening .jar files with `pkexec` and using Desktop Entries to run commands

solidwaffleI am writing a bash script that automates installation of TLauncher (Minecraft launcher) and basic dependency management on USBs running Lubuntu 18.04. Part of the bash script creates a desktop entry under /usr/share/applications for easy launch from the Lubuntu menu. Here is the entry I am us...

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9:04 PM
In ubuntu 19.04 server, where did /etc/network/interfaces go?
I can see it is replaced by netplan...but why?
9:24 PM
Q: Ubuntu download and upload speed drasitcally drop after a few hours

ubuntuaskdanidaniI have a strange issue. My computer is using gigabit connection and after booting, the download and upload speeds are very good (download: 800 Mbit/s, upload 600 Mbit/s). After a few hours, it drastically drops to around 10 Mbit/s for each. I have searched online and nothing seemed to help. The p...

2 hours later…
11:00 PM
Any webserver geniuses around?
I have a challenge that I need to solve ASAP.
It's very simple: my server is saying PHP is not installed/enabled, even though it is.
This is happening with Nextcloud.
11:24 PM
@RolandiXor If you don't find an expert in this limited size chatroom, I would post a question on the main board with a copy and paste of the exact command entered and error messages reported.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I'm not hoping to open a question since it will just be lost in the ether ;)
(Been on this site long enough to know)
Plus, it's really a simple (I assume) issue - upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04, with Nextcloud installed, and now it's spitting out raw PHP.
I was wondering about that myself a few times how random questions from years ago are unanswered.
I know the solution is probably super simple, but I'm trying to track it down.
So far, nothing is working.
Well as you say you can manually invoke PHP it's nextcloud that can't find it. Perhaps a path issue?
Not sure.
I'm going through a million tabs right now trying to find a potential cause/solution.
11:47 PM
My issue is very similar to this:
Q: Unable to change php version in ubuntu 18.04

bhawnesh dipuI am trying to change my php version in my ubuntu 18.04. i want to change from 7.0 to 7.2. I have updated the php to 7.2. changed the php version from sudo a2enmod php7.2. In terminal: $ php --ini Configuration File (php.ini) Path: /etc/php/7.2/cli Loaded Configuration File: /etc/ph...

Except, everything I can find indicates that everything is in place as it should be.

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