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1:22 AM
@dessert I posted comment "Can't you add the alias to .bashrc as planned and also define it back to your parent shell at the same time? "
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6:24 AM
A: How can I use docker without sudo?

RinzwindGood news: the new docker (version 19.03 (currently experimental)) will be able to run rootless negating the problems that can occur using a root user. No more messing with elevated permissions, root and anything that might open up your machine when you did not want to. Vide about this from [Doc...

my top answer just got a big update :D :D
@Rinzwind Already upvoted, but you got an edit instead...
cool an extra o <3
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8:25 AM
Q: Filesystem got corrupted overnight

RARvoltOS: xUbuntu 18.04 LTS. I have my OS installed on 256GB SSD: /boot on ext2 / on ext4 (encrypted) That works fine. I have installed the second 1TB HDD recently for storage and backup. Model: WDC WD1002FAEX-00Y9A0 /data on ext4 (unencrypted) - single partition on the whole drive Last night I left ...

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10:20 AM
-40 7 hours ago reversal Voting corrected (learn more)
called it :=)
I was expecting a -80 though
Q: WiFi authentication timing out (Linux Mint / Thinkpad)

JamesI woke the laptop up form hibernation, as I have done 1000 times before, but this time no wifi... it appears to be some kind of authentication time out. I've done a load of research and tried various fixes (rebooting, disabling iwlwifi 11n, restarting network-manager etc) and despite almost iden...

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12:22 PM
Q: How do I start a tmux session on a remote machine and also run a command in said tmux session

craigI have the following code which I have been using for years but has broken recently when I upgraded my systems (from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04) _SNAME=$1-$2 TERM=xterm ssh x.y.z.com -t tmux new-session -A -s $_SNAME \'ssh $1\' What this did for me was: If the tmux session exists, connect to it ...

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3:01 PM
Q: Sort unique lines based on one field, and decide which lines to output based on another

BrunoFantThis is more about finding an elegant solution to a problem, I think I have a working solution. I have the following input file format, tab-separated: AC003665.1 17 47813266 AGCAGGCGCA 83 RIOK3 18 23453502 GCAAGGCCCC 52 UBE2Z 17 48910880 CTAAGGATCC 48 CSNK1D 17 82251379 ...

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6:09 PM
@Benny @edwinksl @JourneymanGeek @ByteCommander @dessert ---^
(pinging 5 people seen in the last minute)
Just use the flag, please, no need to downvote or press the delete button.
@Videonauth Cool!
@Fabby with that above i have flagged it as i told smokey that it is a true positive
@Videonauth Understood...
6:13 PM
@Fabby still working?
@Videonauth No, done for today.
Just finished dinner.
Ok wanted to tell you more eralier but did not write because you said youre at work
6:27 PM
Q: 20 minute per question limit

Mike PetersonPlease remove the rediculus 20 minute wait time for each additional question. I often have more than one question and do not see any reason to waste time. You are disrespecting the members of this forum with this unessesary restriction. And this Ubuntu Meta is even worse a 40 minute restriction i...

6:39 PM
Q: Where does rasdaemon record its logs?

Ray Butterworth/var/log/syslog contains: Jul 31 13:45:01 ray-desktop CRON[5667]: (root) CMD (command -v debian-sa1 > /dev/null && debian-sa1 1 1) Jul 31 13:45:50 ray-desktop org.gnome.Shell.desktop[1689]: [2036:2054:0731/134550.778035:ERROR:socket_stream.cc(219)] Closing stream with result -2 Jul 31 13:47:51 r...

7:06 PM
Can we just reopen this and re-close as a dupe of this? IMO that is a good sign post.
I see nothing unclear there.
@Kulfy In cases like that I add a comment like that: To reopen voters: explanation, dupe link etc.
@dessert Thanks. Commented :)
@Kulfy +1, typo “doesn't looks” for “ doesn't look”
@dessert Edited in grace period. Thanks.
7:29 PM
@Fabby sure about that? What makes you think so exactly? I'm hesitant to nuke it. After all it lasted for 6 hours with not enough attention so far...
@ByteCommander I can tell you why i classified it as spam as it links to a blog which is not google directly etc and it does not states affiliation.
And in the best intentions it is still NAA at least
I see no hints for affiliation though.
deleted as naa now.
@ByteCommander Windows only software.
@Kulfy reopen cast.
7:45 PM
@Fabby Thanks :) 2 more to go.
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10:16 PM
Hey... I'm back to having issues with the Lenovo E585 again... launching in recovery mode works, but we can't adjust the brightness (and it's too bright!) Any suggestions?

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