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4:51 AM
Q: Is the nvidia gtx 690 and the ryzen 5 1600 cpu compatible with ubuntu 18.04 LTS?

Jouhn codeit is my first post on this forum i hope that i did not create any confussions. I have already built this pc: NVIDIA GTX 690 X370 MSI MOTHERBOARD AMD RYZEN 5 1600 16GB DDR4 planning to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS i'm gonna make 4 questions 1- Is the Nvidia GTX 690 compatible with linux/ubuntu 1...

5:11 AM
Q: Running python file leads to Seg Fault

ChrisI have a python3 script to connect to a database using pyodbc but every time it runs or if I run it from a interactive python prompt via the terminal I get a Segmentation fault. The error message is as follows: python3: Relink `/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libsystemd.so.0' with `/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu...

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7:30 AM
Q: Ubuntu can't read repository

guestI ran the command on Ubuntu 19.04 sudo apt update Hit:1 http://fi.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic InRelease Hit:2 http://fi.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-security InRelease ...

8:06 AM
8:48 AM
Hey guys, I did flag about this 2 comments, please help me to remove this 2 comments at my answer here How to install updates via command line? there was a good comment with +9 that describe that is a very good approach and now its gone and instead there are the 2 new comments. Help to remove them if you agree with me that is can be removal.
@Benny you need a mod to do that
unless it has one of the list of inwanted words
what do you mean mod? iiiirc?
iirc = if I remember correctly
Mod means moderator. Those guys with diamonds...
(Not me, I'm a moderator elsewhere)
so just flag and wait
Thanks @JourneymanGeek
1 hour later…
10:21 AM
@Benny could you explain what's wrong with those comments? They seem reasonable to me. Why can't you run sudo -- sh -c '... apt-get dist-upgrade --auto-remove -y?
And if you run apt-get dist-upgrade is there any reason to also run apt-get upgrade? I admit I haven't used a deb-based distro in a few years now, so I may be remembering wrong, but doesn't dist-upgrade do everything that upgrade does?
Isn't dist-upgrade a superset of upgrade, I mean?
11:09 AM
I have gnome-terminal 3.28.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 and on Kubuntu 18.04. gnome-terminal --title="Something" or gnome-terminal --title "Something" works in Kubuntu, not in Ubuntu. Any idea why? I'll be trying Xubuntu 18.04 in a while to see what happens there.
Q: What does `swapaccount=1` in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT do?

Martin ThomaIn the question Limit memory usage for a single Linux process it was mentioned to change the file /etc/default/grub so that GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT contains GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="cgroup_enable=memory swapaccount=1" What does swapaccount=1 do? Is there any risk or drawback in applying ...

11:50 AM
Q: How to show GRUB menu instead of command line?

nc404I am trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 on a Lenovo ideapad 320, but the installer always hangs at installing the grub2 package. So I ran the installer with ubiquity -b (no bootloader) and it installs fine. I thought this way I could install grub manually. When I boot, grub drops to the grub> command...

My ubuntu is working well. How can I fix it? :D
just start deleting random things and mixing repos ;p
@terdon properly - dist upgrade is when you change your repos to a new version
so it checks a few things better, and upgrades some packages that might be held back IIRC
but certainly won't hurt
@terdon dist-upgrade is simply as well be able to downgrade packages if needed which a normal upgrade can not do. I usually only do dist-upgrade as update command and fared pretty well with it.
okay, I'll try :D
@JourneymanGeek @Videonauth yes, exactly. That's what I'm saying: if you have already run dist-upgrade, then what's the point in also running upgrade?
12:02 PM
@JourneymanGeek well it can hurt if you have packages which might get downgraded on your machine but that is for the user to know, as if we all not can know what they have installed or not
If you've run upgrade, then running dist-upgrade after that could make sense. But the other way around?
@terdon makes no sense at all
@terdon cargo cult ;p
Yep :)
12:03 PM
Oh, I know I upgrade bionic dirrectly to eom. this should work
aswell it makes no sense to run --autoremove with that together as it can end up in an unclean state
That's why I don't get why @Benny thinks those comments are wrong.
rather do the dist-upgrade and then apt autoremove --purge
Why purge?
to not have leftover config files on the machine piling up
autoremove usually not removes configuration files
purge does
12:09 PM
Hey =) I am not sure if they wrong, I just didn't like to see that someone probably a moderator has removed the comments with +9 and instead this 2 new comments that seems unuseable. anyway, Thank you all.
@Benny Hey, I'm not sure they are correct either! That's why I asked. Why are you saying they're wrong?
@Videonauth Yea, that's a bug not a feature for me :) I often want to keep configs in case I install again. So I wouldn't use purge unless I'm 100% sure I will never want it back.
@Benny Why unusable? They seem like valid suggestions you could incorporate into your answer. Are they not? What am I missing?
Because according to comment #1: If someone will try to add it to the 3 ways command I supply, I think it will fail. and comments #2: I disagree because If dist-upgrade after upgrade did some upgrade so what he is saying not true.
@terdon well for that i keep usually backups of all config files but want my machine except that clean up everything which is not in use anymore
for example, try to add #1 to this: sudo bash -c 'for i in update {,dist-}upgrade auto{remove,clean}; do apt-get $i -y; done'
12:24 PM
I think like this:
sudo bash -c 'for i in update {,dist-}upgrade\ --auto-remove autoclean; do apt-get $i -y; done'
@Benny not for that one, no, but you can add it to the other two approaches.
And (assuming it does the same thing as apt-get autoremove -y), if you do add it, that's one less command to run.
@Benny Sorry, I don't understand the second. If you ru dist-upgrade, then why would you also run upgrade?
dist-upgrade is basically a more complete version of upgrade. So why run upgrade at all if you are going to run dist-upgrade anyway? Is there ever a case where that will be helpful?
I am really not sure about it but I remember I test it and found useful to do it. but now I am confusing.
12:44 PM
when you make a release upgrade without this do-release-upgrade thing, then it makes sense first to make partial upgrade.
@Bahamut why?
No, hang on, do you mean release-upgrade or dist-upgrade? Those are two different things aren't they?
The question is whether there is any benefit in running apt upgrade before running apt dist-upgrade. I had always understood that dist-upgrade will do everything the simple upgrade will do, plus extras. So if dist-upgrade does everything, why run upgrade first?
It will upgrade nesesary packages like apt dpkg and others. I always upgrade debian and ubuntu that way. never had problems.
@terdon sort of ... but... bahamut is correct.
your update can fail if apt has an outstanding update though it is unlikely
I am not a of friend of do-release-upgrade. I'am old-fashioned
1:07 PM
All of this is in the context of this specific answer:
A: How to install updates via command line?

BennyExecute all the commands by typing sudo once: sudo -- sh -c 'apt-get update; apt-get upgrade -y; apt-get dist-upgrade -y; apt-get autoremove -y; apt-get autoclean -y' or sudo -s -- <<EOF apt-get update apt-get upgrade -y apt-get dist-upgrade -y apt-get autoremove -y apt-get autoclean -y EOF ...

In that context, is there any reason to run both upgrade and dust-upgrade? @Rinzwind
normally not.
how are u guys updating your PC? (I am using one of the methods suggested).
1:28 PM
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo apt autoremove
Q: How to add / include "screen shot" directly from clipboard to "Body" of post?

Jan HusI like to renew / re post my question about Bluetooth menu. Since single question / answer is norm on this forum, allow me to start with asking administrative question first. I can get "gnome-screnshot" and copy it to clipboard. How do I add such screenshot to this "body" of my post? In o...

sometimes also autoclean. I run some janky systems
Thanks, @Zanna consider using autoclean as well, no? :)
haha you asked what I do, I didn't ask for advice :P
I mean I do that too
1:41 PM
nothing has ever happened when I use autoclean
autoclean is mostly useless unless you are rediculously short of space
I think apt does some clean up itself
@JourneymanGeek sure, my comment was to Benny haha
@JourneymanGeek yeah!
I'm running windows 10 on a cheap chinese tablet whose bottleneck is the onboard storage
so I run all the software off a SD card
my onboard storage is super limited too :(
@JourneymanGeek isn't it slow?
(yes, it could run linux, but the touch screen is exquisitely wierd)
@Zanna its faster than the onboard storage.
1:42 PM
hahaha ouch
but it was about 50 usd so...
2:26 PM
If I will just change from dist-upgrade to full-upgrade ... it can be better from the current?
Q: Ubuntu: execute a terminal output inside Makefile

user3810036I have a command that spits as an output another command. I'd like to run this output in a makefile script. The simpler command I could reproduce is awsecrpush: VAR=$$( sudo echo "ls -lah" ) | bash -c "sudo -s $$VAR" What are my results: Running make $ make VAR=$( sudo echo "...

2:50 PM
Q: sudo sshuttle without password

yopuzazeI find an aricles http://superuser.com/questions/611511/how-to-launch-sshuttle-without-superuser-pwd-prompt, when I try ps auxwww |grep sud, I get output a bit different root 2846 0.0 0.1 79104 4328 pts/0 S+ 08:27 0:00 sudo -p [local sudo] Password: PYTHONPATH=/usr/lib/python3/...

2 hours later…
4:56 PM
@terdon always dust your machine :P
Dammit! I was hoping nobody would notice that! :P
In my defense, I was on mobile.
but do you have more or less dust after a dust-upgrade?
depends on the cleaning tool :P if you use software cleaning tool not a lot of dust gets removed.
you need to use a duster :=)
@ByteCommander You have better dust!
electric dust :=)
5:18 PM
I tried sudo apt dust-upgrade like @terdon suggested but my laptop still runs at same temp :(
Maybe you're already fully dustgraded.
oh right. I forgot I put dust-upgrade into my rc.local so I'm clean as a whistle all the time :)
Q: Running a whole bunch of Files and changing it's parameter four times

RellyI have 8,000 files, within those files, for each file I want to change it's parameters about four times? Is there an easier way I can so it can start running files ?

5:59 PM
@Rinzwind you 218k reputation (well done my friend), why u not become a moderator? is it not happen automatically after X reputation? you don't like to have the diamond? =D
Q: How to use a SOCKS5 Proxy in Unix

Ayush MishraI have a python bot which works on UDP Protocol. I know that only SOCKS5 Proxies support UDP, but how do I use them? I have seen many tutorials but they're using ssh to connect to remote and that's something I don't want to do I think some Proxifier might work but proxychains is not working. Som...

@Benny making me a moderator has been proven to be a bad decision.
and I will be #1 on AU w/o becoming a moderator :=)
6:21 PM
:D You already #1. Today I just realized that there is such thing calls moderator =D
6:36 PM
nah Oli still is but I have better traction (my rep on older q's is better)
7:09 PM
@Rinzwind Pilot 6 joked you and Oli should be banned so everyone else can make points :P
Everyone else should make an effort :=
Some of the new users should do less effort and more watching and learning before posting :)
2 hours later…
8:54 PM
nicely, only 12 moderators
So we only need 12 less then? haha
If your answer gets accepted but bounty isn't awarded, and no one has any votes, what happens? askubuntu.com/questions/1157215/…
9:29 PM
Q: Screen Never Sleeps (And Turns On Automatically)

ConnorMy xset settings keep getting reset. This is causing my monitor to never sleep. Even when I try to force my monitor to sleep using the command xset dpms force offthe monitor almost immediately turns back on. I have tried unplugging my mouse to make sure that it isn't causing a mouse event to tr...

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11:29 PM
Q: How to log in via desktop enviornment?

Alyssa HuqueI am using Ubuntu for my terminal. I am unable to access my Desktop and when I type "ls" nothing shows up. How do I log in via desktop environment in order to access my desktop files? huque@RNB:~$ pwd /home/huque huque@RNB:~$ cd Desktop -bash: cd: Desktop: No such file or directory huque@RNB:~$ ...


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