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12:14 AM
Q: How to include server name into pac file

ajcgI have this proxy.pac function FindProxyForURL(url,host) { var hostIP; if (isIpV4Addr.test (host)) { hostIP = host; } else { hostIP = dnsResolve(host); } if (isInNet(hostIP, "", "")) { return "DIRECT"; } if (host == "localhost") { r...

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2:16 AM
@terdon thanks
5 hours later…
6:49 AM
7:25 AM
I always read that as “curriculum vitae”…
Nevertheless I vitae’d to curriculum this question. :)
7:50 AM
You'll be called for interview soon
2 hours later…
9:25 AM
Good morning, Zanna!
(or should I still say "afternoon"?) ;-)
@Rinzwind How is your knowledge of Dutch law?
10:06 AM
Its been a while since I read up on that but good enough :D but dutch law allows a lot on competition. Oh and everything goes both ways -even when not mentioned-. so a "6 months trial that can be ended within these 6 months by the employer" a judge will disregard the last 2 words and change it for "both parties"
3 hours later…
1:15 PM
Q: Wrong display output due to kernel 5.0.0 issue (?)

FantalyI have got 2 monitors, and everything worked fine with Lubuntu where i had 4.4.0-31 low latency as kernel, just installed ubuntu 19 with its new 5.0.0-generic kernel and now the second monitor gets recognized but doesnt receive signal. When i had 4.4.0 as kernel the second monitor got recognized...

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4:14 PM
Q: can you install nemo without using the terminal

AstroTech12Is it possible to install nemo for Ubuntu without using: sudo apt-get install nemo

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5:34 PM
Q: Add exception to UFW Firewall for python http server directory listing in Route IP Ubuntu?

Guilmer41i'm trying to list a directory using this python command: sudo python3 -m http.server --bind 80 But, ufw firewall blocks the traffic of the route ip, and the devices connected to the network for example: 10.42.0.*, can't have acess to the directory listing in the route ip 1...

3 hours later…
8:34 PM
Q: Is there a way I can copy logs from one directory to other in continuous fashion

Sumit SardanaI have a log file in some directory /A. Is it possible to maintain the same in /B directory considering the fact if the file in /A updates will update file in /B also, without re-writing the entire file?


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