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6:29 AM
Q: Grub not showing debian partition

birdmanI have a hard drive sda with 3 OSs: Windows 10 Debian Ubuntu After installing Ubuntu, Debian partition is not showing anymore. I tried to update the grub from Ubuntu: sudo update-grub This is the output of this command Debian is correctly detected in the sda6. However it is not displayed...

6:44 AM
Can anyone tell me how to turn on Bluetooth on Ubuntu.
Here's what **sudo rfkill list** says
0: phy0: Wireless LAN
	Soft blocked: no
	Hard blocked: no
1: hp-wifi: Wireless LAN
	Soft blocked: no
	Hard blocked: no
2: hp-bluetooth: Bluetooth
	Soft blocked: no
	Hard blocked: no
Bluetooth does not turn on, no matter how hard I hit the ON button
7:12 AM
@AkashKarnatak Better ask a question on the site and give us some hardware details.
Then you can always come back here and post a link to your question.
@Fabby okay I'll do that. btw is their any command to get details of bluetooth hardware
@AkashKarnatak sudo lshw -class communication
7:37 AM
@terdon AFAIU it's because of history: Ask Ubuntu has received help from Canonical Ltd, which has allowed the site to use their trademark. Canonical Ltd has also helped in the designing of the site, ensuring that Ask Ubuntu's theme follows the Ubuntu brand guidelines.
As Canonical was supportive of AU, AU is supportive of Canonical and it forces end-users to upgrade or to pay for extended support (which is where Canonical makes its money)
Talk to Oli in the mod's back room: he's an old fart been around since forever.
0:-) ;-)
8:05 AM
@Fabby did you mean to reply to something else?
@terdon Erm, no. Just truying to figure out why this community is so adamant to close as off-topic the day a release goes OEL.
(trying to read in-between the lines)
@Fabby Why would that be related to Canonical?
@terdon Because they set the EOL dates?
It's just an opinion! We do have a case of the 4 monkey syndrome here, so just trying to figure out myself why it would be an uphill battle trying to still give support after EOL.
IMHO: Canonical was supportive of AU at its inception, so AU is supportive of Canonical and forces users to upgrade or to contact Canonical for (paying) service.
So trying to change that mindset would be very difficult. (to say it mildly)
I think it's something of this community. Canonical wouldn't be this fanatic about not providing help to EoL releases.
Q: Bluetooth does not turn on

Akash Karnatak Bluetooth does not turn on, no matter how hard I hit the ON button. Here's what sudo rfkill list says 0: phy0: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no 1: hp-wifi: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no 2: hp-bluetooth: Bluetooth Soft blocked...

2 hours later…
10:31 AM
Hi, may I ask a git question here?
if I have a fork of a project, and I want to make a pull request, do I need to create a new branch and make a pull request of that new branch? or I can make the pull request from the master branch of my fork too?
10:47 AM
This seems to be a dupe of this or the other way round. But I can't vote to close since that answer was neither upvoted nor accepted. If a mod can close the earlier as the dupe of the latter (cc @terdon @ByteCommander) or upvote my answer (just for closing the question)? Any action would be highly appreciated :)
11:04 AM
@aderchox This isn't really a programming chat, you'll get more knowledgeable people on Stack Overflow chat. But I would expect you can indeed issue a PR from yur master branch. I don't see why not.
@Kulfy Thanks. But please use flags for this next time. When you use flags, any of us can deal with it.
Ugh. And I have no idea which one to choose...
The first one. Close it as dupe of second
Thanks @terdon. I actually Flag for mod attention occasionally when it's a "serious" issue. I got one flag declined yesterday so I was unsure whether to flag or not.
@Kulfy Please do. Getting one declined doesn't mean anything. It's normal to have a flag declined every now and then.
But flags are the best way to get our attention because when you use chat, there is no record, and only the person(s) you pinged will be able to see it.
yeah .You have 1284 helpful flags and 12 declined. I think you're OK :)
11:36 AM
@terdon I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for the figures though. ^_^
@Kulfy You can see them in your profile too.
Yeah I know. Just trying to mention how hardworking you are :P
11:50 AM
Everyone of us has declined flags, that is the nature of the beast if you ask me, people are simply not agreeing with you all the time, so that's perfectly normal. But that should not keep you from flagging if you think the question/answer/comment has an issue which should be looked at.
12:14 PM
@Videonauth Wow 800+ spam flags. O_o
Yes when youre involved with the smoke detector team you get alot of them :)
if you wonder where this page can be found you need a tampermonkey script for that.
@Videonauth How do I get involved?
@Videonauth I do have tampermonkey. Give me the script ;-)
you need an account on their website, say hello in chat here chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/11540/charcoal-hq
sec i look if i have the bookmark still for this script
Q: Stack Exchange Global Flag Summary

Floern This is a userscript that provides a networkwide flag summary for all Stack Exchange sites. If you are logged into the Stack Exchange network and you have this script installed, you can visit the flags tab in your Stack Exchange profile: How does it work? The script scans your network p...

you can only see your own flag summaries with it
Do they still accept volunteers when it's still having many people involved?
@Videonauth I got about 1.5k flags over... 6 years on SU?
12:22 PM
@Kulfy asking is your best course of action
Now I think folks do it in a year ;p
@JourneymanGeek :D well you should have a look at zannas flags she probably has many more even
@Videonauth I can't really flag much on either site I'm active in ;p
@JourneymanGeek Mods don't flag I guess
took me about 3,5 years for 2600+ flags over the whole network
12:24 PM
@Kulfy yup
@Videonauth doing it the old fashioned way is hard
@Videonauth Yeah.
@JourneymanGeek yep especially spam flags as spam sometimes not even lasts over 30 seconds
@Videonauth tell me about it.
@JourneymanGeek Over the course of 1.25 years, I have ~1.3k helpful flags
@JourneymanGeek I fact it is proof that the smokedetector script works nicely
and nobody really wants spam
2 hours later…
2:02 PM
@Fabby We are spending so much time on this 1 point user's question I felt compelled to upvote him so he can vote himself soon (hint): askubuntu.com/questions/1159060/…
@WinEunuuchs2Unix hint taken.
2:23 PM
@Fabby Thanks for upvoting the poor guy. Also thanks for that thread in general because I'm seriously considering new project of doing full on-line backups daily via cron. If so I will create a new self answered Q: My laptop has SSD, what do I do with the HDD brick?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix :D :D :D
2:45 PM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I'm very impressed with this answer Let's see what happens.
^^^ 3 not an answer flags in a row for 1 point users with community bump in the middle.
@Fabby Upvoted although I don't use LVM
Q: need help to get the processes running more tha 2 hours

VinodI have this command and this will provide the output of the processes and running time. I want only the process running more than 2 hours. can someone help please? ps -efo pid,comm,etime | grep 'process name' | awk '{print $3} This is for solaris. Or can someone help how to create a scrip tha...

2 hours later…
4:49 PM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Huh?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Me neither: It's great for servers, not that great for PCs....
@Fabby My point is it's extremely rare to have 3 answers in a row from 3 different 1 rep point users that are all "Not an answer" flags.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Aah! :-)
2 hours later…
6:35 PM
OK this is odd. OP asks a question in 2017. Accepts an answer and award bounty. Comes back after 2.5 years and adds "Changing that helps" as an answer which goes in LQP queue.
@Fabby yay! When/where in Amster?
7:24 PM
@Kulfy got a similar one: q in 2018. answered. OP came back to comment I got it wrong and I should not answer since what I said was already in the question. Told him he was wrong and it was not (as it wasn't). And then said he already tried what I said and then got aggro on me :D
@JacobVlijm he has not invited us for a meeting :*
@Rinzwind This?
he really should use the [homes] element :X it is made for that but hey ...
his party :P
you now. 0 upvotes. might as well delete it _O-
A: Samba could not change the permissions of folder "Network"

René V.I get an error when trying to use the Samba GUI. From a terminal: sudo system-config-samba [sudo] wachtwoord voor *******: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/sbin/system-config-samba", line 45, in mainWindow.MainWindow(debug_flag) File "/usr/share/system-config-samba/mainWind...

from 2014. and got a new "answer" :P
@Rinzwind That's common though.
Answerer is not questioner at least.
@Rinzwind kind of, in the last comment here: askubuntu.com/q/1151383/72216
7:40 PM
that is just intent :=)
let's go into amster and ask people "ben jij Fabby" :=D
Haha, In Amsterdam, people won't notice it's weird.
We can say it's an art installation.
or they beat you up >:)
If they know Fabby, perhaps haha
7:52 PM
Q: Network configurations lost on reboot Ubuntu 18.04

geecWe recently bought a machine with Ubuntu 18.04 pre-installed. I configured the network interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces as previous installations but then I realised that is not working any more for /etc/resolv.conf. I then saw that we have netplan configured to work with NetworkManager my ...

@JacobVlijm I dunno yet...
I need to read 11 documents over the week-end to know all details of my new contract.
Then I need to book a meeting with my boss and discuss the notice period...
... so Monday I'll know.
@Fabby oh wow thats seems to be a lengthy contract then
Ah, our favorite action (read all details)
@JacobVlijm :D :D :D
@Videonauth 1 document is my contract
@Fabby did you throw away your phone again? :P
8:02 PM
1 is country-specific.
The rest are company handbooks etc...
@Videonauth Battery dead. Charging now. Too many phone calls to make.
ah ok well make sure you check skype when you have recharged it
@karel @Rinzwind Landed new job in A'dam...
@Fabby I know :=)
@Rinzwind I can pay you beers soon...
no you can't; I don't do alcohol
got a lease car? >:)
8:06 PM
@Rinzwind Proverbial beers: I know you don't drink alcohol and don't eat fast food.
(I drink alcohol, but don't like beer unless it's Trappist or Kriek.
I do fast food but almost only when its a larger group (like work) Maybe 2, 3 times a year
That's about it.
@Rinzwind I've been told I'm a great chef, so...
... you might enjoy home-cooked food.
@Rinzwind Starred!
Let's have a drink anyway the three of us when you get to Amsterdam @Fabby @Rinz
@Rinzwind (Told you so 1 year ago: you accrue more rep much faster than him!)
I was testsubject for a girlfriend. She often served blue icecream (that was not intended to be blue)
@Fabby ha. deleted
8:09 PM
But it lookd blue after you ate it to you?
@Rinzwind If I wouldn't have been banned from chat for posting the Feyenoord kid before, I'd post it again!!!
no it was blue when served
@Fabby lol
@Rinzwind There is "smurfenijs" that's blue. (tastes of chewing gum)
smarties ice too
What kind of ice cream was this supposed to be???
8:10 PM
I only do 1 though: after eight icecream
and I demand chunks of chocolate
@Rinzwind Never have made any of that...
I should try! (next time I get my hands on an ice cream machine.... Going to SMA Cathérine: she has one...)
@Fabby you can make icecream from blue coracou
not sure i got the name right
its a liqeur
@Videonauth :D :D :D
curacao ;-)
@Videonauth Blue Curaçao is the correct spelling... cc @Rinzwind
8:12 PM
tsk. look at him googling the ç
well :) i only know it has a nice effect if you mix it with orange juice
@Rinzwind [AltGR](c] on an US international keyboard.
AFK. Need another drink. BRB.
alcoholist :=)
BB2 need to watch DanMachi
You need three out of of the following five:
1. You drink every day
2. You NEED a drink every now and then
3. You'll drink alcohol out of any container (including bottles and coffee cups)
4. You drink more than 2 glasses a day (any: whiskey, wine, ...)
5. Can't remember the 5th one
to be an alcoholic
Star-worthy! ----^
@Fabby 5th you need to be a IT support operator
8:19 PM
@Videonauth :D :D :D no, it was smtg else...
Let's have a drink and try to remember.
@Fabby that is ;)
@dessert :D :D :D
Stop pinging me! I need another drink!
;-) ;-P
8:30 PM
Q: Site Analytics question

heynnemaI just passed 25,000 rep, and now have access to site analytics. On my profile summary tab, I see the following... What does the new score and answers numbers mean?

8:47 PM
@ByteCommander @Rinzwind You beat me to the punch line!!! ----^
+1 to both!
we sure did :=)
@Fabby being over 25k obviously bring you in the top 100 range not the top 1000 range :)
and NONE of you even mention gold :=)
@Videonauth top 0.12% of users is top 1000 in my book...
25k. noobs. all of them.
8:48 PM
editing to make that clearer!
@Rinzwind Starred!
now ir says 225k :D
@Fabby well i am at place #77 actually of all time with a bit over 26k
26k is a noob with 1k extra >:-D
@Rinzwind being a noob is like being a child, and I never inteded o grow up anyways ... so thank you for your compliment :D
8:54 PM
@Videonauth Ah! I misread that as #7...
all time stats
@ByteCommander It hurts being told I waste vertical space when I consistently save space in chat when I link to pics instead of posting them...
(No it doesn't.: you know I have a stone instead of a heart...) ;-) :D
I'm a 43K chat user???? :O
Ah! Cooking and Linux!
@Videonauth Reading... (before starring click-bait)
9:15 PM
@Fabby :)
So finsished reading... Unlikely anyone has to worry about it, but good PoC code...
@Videonauth (if you keep to standard repositories *and don't install maffia.it PPAs...)
@Fabby well the attack verctor would be most obviously either email, or even the gnome extension repo
as long you not install everything you not know
you will be safe, same with emails, i not even open them if i not know the sender
and especially not opening files i get sent from unkown senders
@Fabby You know I don't mean it in a bad way. :P
Also I have nothing against embedded images in chat unless they're disturbing. Chat is off-topic. But the main/meta sites are focused and should maintain a high signal:noise ratio.
9:37 PM
@ByteCommander by your command
You're too young to remember this one though...
But when I was 12, it was the hottest thing ever!!!
(no, subtract 1 year from that to get my age: it was 1 year later in what we call the EU today...)
@Fabby But he will probably know the series which came in 2003-2009
@Videonauth Yeah, where Starbuck is a woman...
@Fabby yep but to be honest the actress has fit the role perfectly, but on the other side the whole very abstract religios accent the later episodes got where a bit to much for me, i never watched the series to the end because of it
@Videonauth I did but deleted the entire series afterwards: not good enough to keep lying around to watch again.
I still have it archived but every time i try to watch it to the end the pseudo religios touch of the later episodes throws me off completely
9:53 PM
Q: Ethernet to USB adapter on Linux

Engineer999I've recently bought an Ethernet to USB adapter. When I plug this into my computer running Linux (Ubuntu in my case) , this just works automatically, and I can see an internet connection over this interface without doing anything. What I want to know is, how is this working without installing a...

10:06 PM
@Videonauth Yeah, I get you...
Don't forget that the Europeans exported all the religious nuts to the colonies and that the now ex-colonies still contain the descendants of said religious nuts...
**Note:** The above is a personal and 100% subjective viewpoint and should not be taken as 100% accurate according to your beliefs...
well IMO it completely overthrows the scifi character of the series
but if i have to name a SciFi movie which I was totally blown away by i have to name two, 1st one is 2001 - A Space odyssee, and 2nd one is the first Alien movie
11:07 PM
Nope, haven't seen Battlestar Galactica.
But due to your influence I've watched most of Babylon 5 :D
Q: bash.bashrc not loading when doing a su to another user on ubuntu 19

Patoshi パトシWhen I switch to another user using su myuser it doesnt load any bashrc it seems. As my command line only has the $ symbol as I want it to have the username in the command line like how when I login as root. I know I can just copy my root's .bashrc file, but I want to have a default .bashrc s...

@ByteCommander BG was amazing :) :)
11:43 PM
@Fabby I'm not sure how Europeans exporting religious nuts to Canada has much to do with the modern day of makeup of Canada. The new religion has taken over, NSA, Fake News, Police and Prison for the sake of Police and Prison, etc.
11:54 PM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Good night! Shutting down now...

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