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1:47 AM
Bit of a strange thing but...
@NathanOsman I can check, I have a syustem that runs 5.3
@NathanOsman what video?
I'm having trouble with 19.10 and an (older) AMD gpu.
I might want to downgrade (its a spare box) so I can run the non free AMD drivers
2 hours later…
3:56 AM
@NathanOsman 19.10 is running 5.3
6 hours later…
9:27 AM
Q: know if password in /etc/shadow is SHA or MD?

Batchen RegevI want to know my /etc/shadow password hash if its sha or md or somthing else. from what i read it is related to the $ sign, but i dont have any dollar signs. Im using ubuntu 16 example : user:0.7QYSH8yshtus8d:18233:0:99999:7:::

1 hour later…
10:29 AM
Q: aaPanel - Unable to exclude a directory / file from getting backed up using Cron Jab

Noor AhmedI am using aaPanel 6.5.2 on Linux 18.04 LTS. aaPanel is a free alternative to cPanel. aaPanel provides the facility to create Cron Jobs for taking backups out of the box. It's very easy. I have set Cron Jobs to backup databases, complete site and some specific directories representing a complete...

10:58 AM
@Fabby Fare thee well!
11:28 AM
please help, i have no questions any more for my ubuntu disco. :D
It is time Du upgrade distro
3 hours later…
@EliahKagan Why not protect the question?
That won't make the existing spam go away.
It's not unreasonable to protect it. The Community bot may do so automatically when that post is deleted. I don't think it would be wrong for me (or for you) to do so. You can go ahead, if you like.
Anyway, since that answer is spam, it should be flagged as such. The link does not actually point to the domain it looks like it points to. It's been reported to Smoke Detector, but it has still been around for a couple of hours.
3:18 PM
@EliahKagan it's deleted now
1 hour later…
4:41 PM
Q: Duplicity FilePrefixError When Including Absolute Path

KevinI am running across an error happening when I decide to include other folders in my backup, and I am wondering how I can correct it. My full duplicity command is duplicity \ --include='/home/MINE/Shareable**' \ --include='/home/MINE/Pictures**' \ --volsize 10 \ --s3-multipart-ch...

@JusticeforMonica Do I know you under another name???
@EliahKagan P.S.:
19 hours ago, by Fabby
I migrated to Manjaro, so Hello, Goodbye
(So Yes, Arch, but Arch for dummies!) ;-)
5:31 PM
Q: Provide way to link to headings from within both Questions and Answers and from comments

bgoodrUse-case: Intra-Question and Intra-Answer Linking As a user posting either Questions or Answers, I would like to be able to add a link within that Question or Answer to another heading within that, or different, question. Use-Case: Allow Linking from comments to specific headings within a Quest...

2 hours later…
7:05 PM
Q: Firewall rules based on Domain name instead of IP address

JineshJKI am running Guacamole remote desktop gateway test setup to manage access to cloud VM instances. As I got one strange POC request from one client to restrict Guacamole RDG access to one specific domain which doesn't have static IP, I am out of options. Client might be using services like dynamic...


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