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1:52 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix, Sure dude <3
2:04 AM
@Benny Haha you heard me tell @Zanna dude is a derogatory word implying the guy is a criminal and drug user?
2 hours later…
4:19 AM
Q: devices on genymotion cannot be started

Shanon.Sagawhen I want to start the device a warning like this appears what should i do to fix this?

@WinEunuuchs2Unix Given that you just need to have a cup of coffee or tea or smoke a cigarette there are very few people who are not drug users.
4 hours later…
8:13 AM
This question was deleted but now has an undelete vote. Meanwhile, OP has reposted leaving out mention of Mint: askubuntu.com/q/1180983/248158
he is correct :=)
removing mint from the question can make a question valid.
2 hours later…
10:21 AM
Zanna is a beautiful name =)
@Benny :) :)
@dessert People can get high on religion too.
1 hour later…
11:47 AM
Q: How to list the packages from 90-updates-available?

Zumo de VidrioThe script /etc/update-motd.d/90-updates-available provides a summary of system updates, for example: /etc/update-motd.d/90-updates-available 281 packages can be updated. 209 updates are security updates. Is there any way to list this 209 security updates? Apparently, this script comes from...

1 hour later…
12:48 PM
Q: New LCD screen with random black screen

Nick123I bought a new LCD screen and my computer's screen goes black for 1 second randomly while using Linux distributions. I was using dual boot having windows 8.1 and Ubuntu. Windows 8.1 worked without any error. My old LCD screen didn't have any kind of this problem on Ubuntu. I have tried another ne...

Q: Docker IP forwarding for bridged container with Apache

Thomas KolasaI am using LAMP image for my DOCKER container and in my apache access.log all of the requests are from same ip address: This is bridge ip. My question is: is there a possibility to forward ip from Synology to Docker container? Or maybe I am doing something wrong here and I am missing ...

1:38 PM
@EliahKagan was that you who upvoted my answer as well? :P
@Rinzwind, please see my comment responding to your comment: askubuntu.com/questions/1180817/…
The original question had no mention of any cloud.
@zanna, the edit you made obscures the fact that most of the responses were made before I edited the question to include the comment about the cloud. Now, it reads as if the cloud bit was there from the beginning. In that case, my answer becomes invalid. I've deleted my answer because now @Rinzwind's answer becomes appropriate.
2:02 PM
@ThomasWard That answer? Yes, I believe the first upvote on that was from me.
looks like your answer and mine ended up at about the same time
Yes. I hope you don't mind that some of the information I added when I edited my answer was already present in yours. I couldn't really think of a way to include the stuff about gleaning meaning from the way binary packages are named without talking about how to get the list of binary package names on Launchpad. :)
@EliahKagan Nope, all's good :)
they also wanted some additional details, like a command line way to get "How are these built" but that's beyond the scope of an answer and delves into the larger "HOw to Package for Debian" discussion
so I just linked em to those documentations as well as point them at the debian/rules in the source package :P
2:48 PM
@DKBose ah I did not check that :D sorry\1
@DKBose oh feel free to UNDELETE and copy MY part into your answer. It is a good answer. It is even better than the question ;-)
it is a waste of good upvotes :-)
3:00 PM
@DKBose come! undelete it! :=)
@DKBose perhaps I shouldn't have edited the question like that. I also think that there was no need to delete your very useful answer
It's a good general question and I'm not aware of any similar one that isn't specific to a version that a very small minority of Ubuntu users are working with (I assume anyway)
Oh I've just seen you pinged me about it
Feel free to edit the question any way you think would be better
Usually I don't try to preserve the story of how the question evolved, but make the story of the situation as clear as possible
agrees with Zanna! :=)
So I remove stuff like "edit 6 ..." if I feel I can make the question more accessible by writing the sequence of events in a more concise way
Anyway I think the Google cloud part isn't very important and can be de-emphasised somehow
Someone once added a bounty to the highly upvoted question about how to hibernate on 16.04 because they wanted an answer for Btrfs
it is for the TS. Not perse for the relevance of the question. Removing it from the q and adding my part to dk's answer seems perfect to me: the answer covers all bases
3:15 PM
I like that idea :)
3:37 PM
@Rinzwind what is TS? I thought that since the question was edited and reopened, the focus was now on the cloud aspect and so my answer wasn't relevant anymore.
topic starter @DKBose
@DKBose did you undelete it ? :-)
@Rinzwind yes I just undeleted. Now, I'll point to your answer for the part of the question that relates to the cloud. That way, the question should be fine as it is now. Okay?
copy mine over to yours
@DKBose there
Okay, I was just editing to put a link to your answer re. sourcing cloud images at the top!
naaaaaaa that answer now is all yours
3:46 PM
Thanks to you @Rinzwind and @Zanna. Sorry for the confusion.
I was not confused :=)
3:57 PM
@DKBose I think it was my fault if anyone was confused
Thanks for undeleting:)
@Zanna NP, I didn't realize the question, which was so vague, would get so much attention! And now I have TS as an elegant variation for OP.
2 hours later…
6:15 PM
Q: dpkg and egrep on Ubuntu 18

linuxnoob69I am trying to use the dpkg command and egrep command to list the packages whose name start with q. I have tried: dpkg -l | egrep -l q dpkg -l | egrep -l ^q dpkg -l | egrep q dpkg -l | grep q What am I doing wrong?


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