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4:41 AM
Q: How to set a static ip on Ubuntu 18.04

justinnoor.ioThis was asked here, but for Debian Wheezy, and the respondent answered the question with a question. It was also asked here, but the answer is not working. The goal here is to set a static ip for a wifi device on a machine called myhost, which is running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The device name is wlp...

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11:06 AM
Q: create dev node from Live CD

DannyI have a Intel tablet with corrupted android bootloader located in /dev/mmcblk0p1. I deleted it via gparted but I don't know how to create a dev node from Ubuntu Live CD.

11:53 AM
Q: How to run tmux cmds in nodejs

Sahil AggarwalIs there any way to run tmux cmds like tmux kill-server, tmuxinator attach etc. through nodejs. I have searched online but not able to find anything useful which can aid me to remove my error. I was trying this through shelljs npm module but it didn't help me. I am getting this error :- Pseudo...

12:23 PM
Q: Md5 crack find help

grigorovici234I tried many methods to crack this code 9143c17904d3ff45ab3d35b4e42add2c but no one else worked.. can u help me to find the string? this is a md5 encryption i need the string

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1:41 PM
@PerlDuck Well, yours is... err... very creative ;-)
in reference to:
@pomsky Wow! I've never seen such a perfect match of a Winter Hat and an avatar. :-) — PerlDuck 4 mins ago
@pomsky Yes, I wear the glasses as a bra.
3 hours later…
4:33 PM
Q: Can software recommendation still be used?

LynobI need a free vpn that works on Ubuntu 16.04 and connects to UK. The old questions about that subject are obsolete. I'd like to ask the question on this site, since it has a big community, definitely bigger than software recommendations. Would my question be accepted here or will it be closed a...

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6:06 PM
Q: Where can I go for live chat support?

C MillerI got Ubuntu installed few years ago and never got any training on how to use this system so I am looking for live chat for questions I may have as they come up. Is this available?

@Seth can I borrow you for a moment?
1 hour later…
7:32 PM
I wonder why someone uses a "Reichskriegsfahne" as his avatar.
Hi Zanna. Well, given his name (contains 1914) it could also be the jack of the war navy at that time. Still, puzzling.
quiet in here
People are gone shopping or changing their presents. At least in Germany because the shops were closed for a long time now.
7:45 PM
@dessert LOL. Just replace $command with $command; echo "some output" and – BANG – there is some output.
8:09 PM
Q: Editing race condition?

wjandreaOP and I both edited this question at the exact same second. My revision is shown, but the revision history says OP's is the most recent. I think this is a bug, since the most recent revision should show, no? It seems like a race condition.

Hi guys Im working on adding photos to this site, what should i add next? www.bashtwits.com
2 hours later…
9:50 PM
@Dale https security
10:15 PM
:48262071 lol
I missed the title!

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