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1:20 AM
back. On 16.04 this time.
1:43 AM
so hows the browser address bar + enter now?
well 16.04 has FF 54, so not sure that's relevant anymore.
Not a good sign though, I had to reboot because the file manager wouldn't open. Not sure why I'm experiencing so many bugs all of a sudden.
Ubuntu hates you because you talked about Arch
arch is good
@TheWanderer I don't like Arch
and Ubuntu hating me would be counterproductive.
A likely story
2:12 AM
I was Arch-crazy for a year a few years ago, but then I got tired of rolling, always newest distro blowups. I've gone the other direction now and am more interested in enterprise-quality stability.
so in other words, you run Windows 98
win 98 was not enterprise-quality stable. Ubuntu LTS, RHEL/Centos, OpenSUSE 42.3
and OpenBSD
and Ubuntu current and Fedora
@TheWanderer It was SUSE
2:40 AM
3:25 AM
Well I asked a question.
4:05 AM
2.1 now eh? ;)
4:22 AM
Q: OpenVPN error, and can't connect to internet while using

Ryan FaschingI recently installed openVPN and configured it with my client1.ovpn file: client dev tun proto udp remote 1194 resolv-retry infinite nobind user nobody group nogroup persist-key persist-tun key-direction 1 cipher AES-128-CBC auth SHA256 comp-lzo verb 3 script-security 2 up /...

1 hour later…
5:28 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL-only title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, +4 more: gomusclebuilding.com/vitalix-male-enhancement/ by janetacour on askubuntu.com
6:24 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: La Mer Timeless Compare the price they're pestering by fgfderesern on askubuntu.com
7:01 AM
Not enough flags on this one: askubuntu.com/questions/496186/…
@Seth Ah... :(
@muru Flag as SPAM?
7:17 AM
@Fabby abusive, IIRC. I think such nonsense posts can be seen as abuse of the platform. (also: nick is rude)
Yeah, I think it's reasonable to flag deliberate nonsense posts (where the text is completely meaningless, on purpose) as "rude or abusive." Shog9 has said that any of several flags are okay for this sort of situation, and that "rude or abusive" may be the best choice:
A: Why don't we treat rubbish the same as spam?

Shog9 I'm assuming that's not what "abusive" in this reason is referring to Abusive means what it says. Don't overthink this. Look... The problem folks have with these is that they see the pile of nonsense and try to extract meaning from it. "Surely if I can determine what the author's intent was...

thx. flagged as such and closed now.
8:04 AM
@karel New answer
:-) ;-) :-)
8:19 AM
@ByteCommander You made me laugh so hard!!! :D :D :D
@chaskes Yes, it's giving me grief at the moment (especially because the GPT partitioning software on the ISO doesn't actually work properly any more)... :D
But generally I prefer it to Ubuntu, more control and better (actually up-to-date) security most of the time.
It's actually generally quite stable, we go through so rough patchy periods sometimes, but the Arch people respond normally on the day to bug reports so it all gets fixed quite quickly.
@Fabby He edited his original question a few minutes ago, so you should follow up by checking back on your answer again.
Q: Boot partition 93% full with only one kernel unpacked

MickI have a problem cleaning up my boot partition. I have tried the usual commands (sudo apt autoremove –purge, sudo purge-old-kernels etc.) but no success. It seems that the files that are in there are not being recognised as old kernels. ls /boot abi-4.10.0-26-lowlatency memtest86+.bin...

8:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body, repeated URL at end of long post: go up against an activity schedule by hjoepdhjop on askubuntu.com
8:44 AM
@karel That's just file-open... :D
9:01 AM
I hope it stays open and there won't be any more massive changes made to the question.
9:46 AM
Q: Why are there so many entries in modules.dep?

Dj DacI wonder why there are so many entries in modules.dep when I don't have that many drivers? I have a plain vanilla Dell Latitude E7450 running Ubuntu 16.04 and my modules.dep lists hundreds of dependencies. Are really that many necessary? All thos can't be drivers so what is it more that is implem...

10:44 AM
Q: Screenshot takes a long time

Nathaël NoguèsMy computer is on Linux 16.04 (Unity), and when I do screenshot using Screenshot (on my computer DELL Lattitude E5440 with French keyboard is Fn+Fin / Imprécran); I have to wait about 2 minutes for the screenshot to be taken. When I Use Shift+Screenshot, it's take about 2 minutes to show the cro...

Q: Where would I ask a question about port forwarding?

AmolithI have set up Ubuntu Server 16.04 on my home network and want to access it from my browser at . . . school, for example. I asked a question about prt forwarding to my Ubuntu Server on Ask Ubuntu and it was VedTC as off-topic and, after someone explained it, it made sense. However, I still have th...

11:17 AM
Q: Change GNOME terminal background color on fly

Tuomas ToivonenIs it possible to change the background (or window) color of open terminal window on Ubuntu GNOME environment? I would like to do this for tagging purpose when working with multiple terminals.

12:05 PM
I like how the Snazzy Labs guy makes a point of being Mac-exclusive, but his entire channel is basically dedicated to indirectly bashing Apple's hardware
12:42 PM
1 more needed open
1:03 PM
Hello all! This question has been deleted: askubuntu.com/questions/944276/… and I think it should be undeleted even though it's a bug as a workaround would be useful.
@Seth any thoughts?
2:03 PM
no answer though
it looks like a problem with the mirror :P
@Rinzwind Thanks, I'll take a look.
2 hours later…
3:59 PM
Hello from 17.10
hopefully there is time for it to gain back Ctrl-Alt-numpad shortcuts :'(
I sorta kinda can make do with the put windows extension but...
17.04 was buggy as hell
how is 17.10?
4:19 PM
is it as buggy as 17.04 was?
@ParanoidPanda It's true that Arch responds quickly.
Q: ext4 partition to iSCSI on Ubuntu

user246476Is it possible to convert an ext4 RAID5 partition to a iSCSI initiator under ubuntu? I would like to mount a storage ext4 to another storage that is set as iSCSI target in order to migrate the data.

@Avery depends on the kind of bugs you were experiencing
I wouldn't have described 17.04 as buggy
^--- launching in about a minute.
4:32 PM
@NathanOsman hooray for youtube dvr
@waltinator Link-only answers are not "Very Low Quality" flags - they're "Not an Answer" flags. Go read the answer and thread on Meta advising people how to flag correctly, please, before you file more VLQ flags.
to all others: greetings.
oh wow a lot of faces I haven't seen in a while.
waves at @badp
how's things
@ThomasWard new work laptop day
4:45 PM
heh nice
furiously settings everything back up
unplanned switchover :/
i know what that's like :P
'course my job, they let me have a Linux corporate desktop so... :P
I do wish I had a desktop
what I had at Google -- tower + chromebook -- was pretty much perfect
4:53 PM
Wat wat?
Naturally, I don't understand anything in the PDF.
I don't even understand what it is about yet.
Researcher claims to have solved the P vs. NP problem.
Hello everybody :)
The P versus NP problem is a major unsolved problem in computer science. Informally speaking, it asks whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified by a computer can also be quickly solved by a computer. The underlying issues were first discussed in the 1950s, in letters from John Forbes Nash Jr. to the National Security Agency, and from Kurt Gödel to John von Neumann. The precise statement of the P versus NP problem was introduced in 1971 by Stephen Cook in his seminal paper "The complexity of theorem proving procedures" and is considered by many to be the most important open problem...
this one?
5:01 PM
Wait, wat?
update on this:
yesterday, by Avery
> @aoz, this package was just a "quick and dirty hack". It is based on Scimmias package for chromium-widevine, which uses the approach for as long as I can remember.
Actually I wasn't aware of a standalone widevine download page. Thanks for that. I'll try to rewrite the PKGBUILD as soon as possible, but please don't expect any near-time solution, [...]
they updated pkgbuild to use the prebuilt binaries today~
I love aur
Wish Ubuntu had a similar concept
@ElderGeek OP personally requested deletion, saying the problem went away on its own.
@Avery nothing stopping us from making one, really.
5:11 PM
@ByteCommander PPAs are, well, personal repositories
AUR is just one huge repository
But practically you can achieve the same, right?
Like I said, we could start one, if we could get the hosting, but I'm not convinced one giant repository of user packages is better from a security standpoint
well it works out for arch
helps to read the pkgbuild beforehand though.
Partially as in Googling "(packagename) PPA" for all packages you need and checking if they're up to date and they're available for your architecture and ensuring that they're up to date and they're not some malicious package etc is much harder, much slower and honestly more insecure than it is on arch
but the responsibility for each package is still at each contributor
so it would be like just auto-enabling all available PPAs by default on Ubuntu?
5:15 PM
@ByteCommander exactly ! Hi Bytey ! :)
it'd be cool to be able to install as apt install vs-code-team/vs-code-insider, for example, vs-code-team being PPA/team/maintainer name and vs-code-insider being package name
@ByteCommander and that also ... :)
@Avery even cooler : appimage ! :)
Since when does 16.04 come with kernel 4.10??
5:18 PM
@TheWanderer since HWE stack ! :)
@Avery ooh, yes.
We could patch apt.
Eh, but apt is used on systems that don't really support PPAs.
that'd be really cool
I could consider (just consider) going back to ubuntu
but yeah without arch how can I show that I'm an edgy teenager smh
lol, PPAs drove you away? :p
@Avery even though you considered it to be buggy ? :D
5:20 PM
Nope, a little it of everything drove me away
@cl-netbox 17.04 is/was buggy
@Avery this is a fair point. Honestly people tease me for "still using Ubuntu" sometimes.
Can confirm.
But that just shows their maturity
Sounds like 17.10 will be better...
So I guess I will have to upgrade.
16.04 is very stable
5:21 PM
Yes, but outdated packages :P
@NathanOsman or switch to something else ... :D
I always need bleeding-edge versions of Node, Go, etc.
Rolling ftw :P
ooh yeah
@NathanOsman extremely outdated ! :D
5:22 PM
The only thing that really kept me from tumbleweed this time was Unity.
old versions of packages on ubuntu and needing to get PPAs for recent python versions was painful
and said PPAs didn't have arm binaries etc
There's no excuse for that now.
@Avery how recent did you need?!
Launchpad offers ARM builders for all PPAs.
@Seth just the latest version
5:23 PM
PPA maintainers just need to enable them.
@Seth as I already said : give fedora a try - a combination of stability and current software. :)
3.6, basically
Fedora sounds alright but... I'm really tempted by Devuan.
I get to keep apt and best of all, no systemd.
xenial was stuck on 3.5 for a very very long time
@cl-netbox as I already said, I dislike Fedora ;)
5:24 PM
@NathanOsman check out fedora 26 workstation and I guess you won't look back. :)
I had to add yakkety repos to a xenial machine just to download 3.6
@Avery Couldn't you simply write a Bash function or so for that?
@ByteCommander probably, but it'd be better to have it builtin
it's not just something I want for my own convenience
How easy is it to get Plasma Next up and running in Fedora?
@Seth which was the latest edition you tried ?
5:25 PM
@cl-netbox 24 or 25 iirc.
Arch is what's really tempting me.
I think it was 25.
@NathanOsman why?
Very very weirdly, arch is just... stuff just works.
really surprises me, but it does
@Seth Arch is as "rolling" as it gets.
So much work to setup and get working and then you have to love with Pacman..
@NathanOsman Check out OpenSUSE ;)
5:27 PM
I've set up Arch a couple times - it's not that hard to get up and running if you know what you're doing.
it's just 10-15 mins of work if you know what you're doing
Not if you have cheap Nvidia..
Pacman, well - love it or hate it but it gets the job done
honestly I like how pacman allows me to risk destroying my setup
stuff doesn't work? I can --force if I decide to take risks
@Seth 26 has many many improvements. :)
5:28 PM
It is better than ubuntu at ignoring the errors iir(ubuntu)c
I have Arch running on one of my Pi boxes which is taking weather samples.
32 days of uptime so far.
that reminds me, I need to fix my weather thing
sensor is too close to board
shows wrong data due to that
Yeah, I had to move mine around a bit to ensure it was getting an accurate reading.
I had it resting on an object that was absorbing heat.
...and that was skewing the result.
I'll use jumpers probably
@cl-netbox I'm sure it does
5:31 PM
Which reminds me, I should write that blog article about my setup that I keep talking about.
say, we should organize another 0 A.D. game. Alpha 22 added some cool new maps and features.
My brother isn't too fond of the game. I wonder if that has to do with the fact that I beat him so handily last time...
It wasn't even close.
I had him surrounded with catapults and siege rams before he could expand at all.
It's kind of annoying that you still can't host the game on a headless server though.
5:52 PM
@NathanOsman dude, how did you manage that? Catapults requires city phase and a whole lot of stone.. and he hadn't expanded at all?
@ByteCommander dead
@Seth He was careless and spent too much time reinforcing the tiny city he started with.
5:54 PM
I just kept expanding and building new civic centers.
I think the only statistic he beat me at by the end of the game was trade.
my sensor doesn't get detected when I use jumpers
even though current is going through fine
Loose connections?
Mine is connected at the end with jumpers but I soldered the sensor wire directly to the end of the jumper.
6:19 PM
I just used an 8pin extender
should keep it going
6:30 PM
Hi, first time in this chat, not sure how it works but I was told it's a way to reach and communicate with the community apart from the usual interactions in questions-comments-answers
Thanks :)
The resaon I'm here today is about this question: askubuntu.com/questions/945878/…
Would some of you high-rep Ladies or Gents be so kind and explain a few basics things to that user? Me and the other person are definitely not getting through...
And my patience fuse just burned out
aaaaaaaaaand I'm getting accurate readings
@MichaelBay Sorry to hear. Questions like that sometimes go in that direction... nothing you can do, really. You correctly pointed them to the no longer existing Wubi - that's fine. If they don't get that you may not be able to help them further.
I'm SURE I'm unable to help them further... Hence my request here in the hope that perhaps they respect/listen to someone with high rep
6:44 PM
Usually this would not be worth the effort. Telling somebody how to install Ubuntu is like re-inventing the wheel. It is extremely easy to install Ubuntu (if only people followed the routes that were designed for them).
Q: How can I calculate the average of multiple columns with the same value for the first two columns?

Roxana Radufile (of about 13 million lines) Lat Long air_temp sst wind_speed wave_height wave_period 65.3 7.3 4.3 8.8 7.7 4 8 61.6 1.3 -9.99 8.8 9.8 4 7 61.2 1.1 -9.99 8.8 7.7 3 7 61.1 1 -9.99 8.8 8.7 3.5 7 61 1.7 -9.99 8.8 10.8 4 7 60.6 1.7 -9.99 8.8 8.2 4 1...

@Takkat Thanks anyway.
You're welcome :)
Sometimes helping can get frustrating but most of the time it is just great.
Left a comment trying to clarify the things he keeps getting wrong or refuses to understand. Can't promise whether it will work though.
> I hope this question is closed soon because literally it's nothing more than an ignorant rant about a non-issue. And AskUbuntu is a Q&A site, not a forum. You may try at Ubuntuforums.org where you'll have the same answer but in a forum "format" which, unlike SE, is proper for discussions. Feel free there to vent your frustration about the missing Windows software that is dead for years and couldn't be used anyway in any Windows 8 or newer. – MichaelBay
@MichaelBay I know working with people gets frustrating but please watch your tone.
That comments serves 0 useful purpose and only creates tensions.
6:53 PM
Oh, right. I wanted to mention that too. Guess you better remove it.
Coming here and asking other people to step in was a good idea though :)
@ByteCommander already done.
@Seth this one askubuntu.com/questions/945878/… should go with it then. It's the not much friendlier reaction
Already removed (by someone?). Good, thanks and sorry (that was when my patience fuse burned out...)
@ByteCommander good idea.
I've also edited the question to remove the inflammatory remarks.
@MichaelBay No problem, you're welcome. I can totally understand you getting annoyed by that thread, but it doesn't help to react in the same way. We all sometimes have to hold back.
6:58 PM
I usually move on very quickly after a thread is going to get loose.
@ByteCommander Of course and thanks for adding to the discussion. With that 38K+ rep you're probably at a genius level so I hope the information sinks now.
Meh... I just pretend to have a lot of free time.
@Takkat So, if I get you right, sometimes it's better to just ignore it and let it run its course?
You are not obliged to help anybody, it's all voluntarily. If dealing with a specific question or user makes you feel bad, you're free to move on without feeling any guilt.
@MichaelBay definitely. You are under no obligation to help people. If they start getting testy it's easier just to move on. Why let some random stranger on the internet ruin your day :)
7:00 PM
@MichaelBay that depends... If I feel somebody needs help and needs my patience too I might stay. But as soon as I get a feeling that I won't be of much help any more I just move on. It is them who need help anyway.
If you want to be nice, try to get someone else's attention to the post of whom you think they might be more able to deal with it than you, like you did by coming here.
Ok, makes sense.
You can also flag the post if any of the criteria for flags are matched.
I don't think we have a flag for "user refuses to undersand"
Jun 23 '11 at 18:39, by htorque
if you don't help me i'll shoot my leg!
It is an old problem... unsolved.
7:03 PM
I never touch these: If you don't help me now I am forced to use Windows again.
@Takkat advice to live by
I better let them use Windows.... >:)
Come to the dark side. We have Windows.
but don't windows let the light in? :P
7:07 PM
They only want you to believe that
no logic
nogos not logos
They should let light in, but .... there is this bug... Installing update 86 of 167. Don't turn off your computer
(no I won't. I just switched it on)
7:09 PM
anyone noticed how Windows got progressively ruder with those messages?
no warning at all
@TheWanderer 1 of 2 is an all win situation.
because Windows?
don't turn it off >_>
don't do it
I usually see this for a quarter an hour or so,
7:12 PM
Windows 2000 was the worst I think
really tho, that XP loading sound was always way louder than you expected.
@TheWanderer I don't remember the sounds from pre XP so well.
imagine having your volume at 100
7:14 PM
@TheWanderer That's no imagination, that's a memory...
@Seth oh my
My Windows 3.11. computer did not have speakers attached. That's probably why I have no memories.
@TheWanderer YAS. This one is the best.
7:20 PM
@Takkat I am not sure if it came by default or whether somebody installed it manually, but the 3.11 machine I had used Arnie's "Hasta la vista, baby" as shutdown sound :D
Not bad.
@Seth That would be something for @Zanna's toaster
No ping for Zanna?
nope. She stopped coming to this room.
For a particular reason or just some vacation time off?
I don't know.
7:26 PM
1 hour later…
8:28 PM
@ThomasWard But they do both end up in the same queue. Don't they? So what real difference does it actually make apart from in the world of paperwork accuracy to the letter?
Don't argue. Just obey.
@Seth That would be nice, especially if we could get a few more involved than we did last time.
And Arch uses my RAM better than Ubuntu did so hopefully it won't just freeze half way in. Also an annoying Intel related kernel bug to do with CPU limitations got fixed so my performance doesn't go to hell any more with graphical applications.
8:44 PM
@ParanoidPanda I think the various site bots use the stats
@TheWanderer: For what?
Which bots?
Is it just for statistics then?
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