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12:04 AM
@DougSmythies OK I update the Q&A. Rather than using --no-lines I used the --ascii-lines which uses "+-----+" for box drawing rather than the line-draw extended character set. SSH should be happy as long as "+", "-" and "|" can be displayed on your machines which I'm sure they can.
netboot is officially awesome.
Is that what you use on IBM PC/AT's to boot from network card to Novell file server and get boot strap loader from?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix : O.K. I tried both earlier, --no-lines and --ascii-lines. Myself, I did not like --ascii-lines.
but it worked fine.
I'll add that to the comment then. I think ascii-lines looks better.
can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm ditching Ubuntu for Server 2008
I really need to work on my essay...
12:12 AM
inside joke, I guess
I don't think you have to install Server 2008 to create a document... I think Ubuntu has word processors to... LibreOffice Write maybe? :p
Wow. Who knew it was such a pain to configure a nodejs instance to run nightwatch. I'll probably write unit tests faster than it took be to get all the wobbly bits of the environment nailed down on my home pc ;)
12:15 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix : O.K. finally done. All was great. Doing 8 more.
ew nodejs
The interview was at a node shop. They do everything in node. Websites in ember. Testing in nightwatch on top of selenium. At least it's not php.
PHP kinda sounds better here
12:18 AM
@Seth remembers the pic from @NathanOsman
Nexus 2 thumb?
Oh I remember it quite well.
Hahaaaa there he is
@RobotHumans hahahahahaha
He who shall not be named has been summoned. Wait thats the other one ;)
12:19 AM
Switching between Go and C++ really messes with my head. The type declarations are inverted and no semicolons to terminate Go statements.
Did Google kill the Nexus line because the Nexus 7 already exists?
@NathanOsman lol I imagine it would xD
Q: User Permissions with Node.js - System Commands

Brett ReinhardHypothetically, if we had a system running Ubuntu, with the default user dan. Then if dan were to start the node.js server via : node server What permissions would commands have when they are called through child_process.exec or child_process.spawn and will they have the same ability to a...

hey whaddup goat man
@Seth it's "yo"
12:22 AM
no, @WinEunuuchs2Unix. NetBoot is a special very lightweight boot ISO.
@Zacharee1 @Seth, no you're both wrong. It's "BAAAAAAAAAAA."
@Seth I think it was "yo wassup" but hey :P
@Downgoat I'm not a plagiarist! ;p
my Chrome window restores itself every time I click out of it and then back in
12:23 AM
@NathanOsman Yeah. The distance between python and javascript is smaller than go and c++
@Seth but minor changes to avoid detection are exactly what plagiarists do
@DougSmythies How many file servers and kernels will be purged altogether?
Notes that Seth owes royalties for using a trademarked expression.
@Seth no, no... BAAAAAAAAAAH
Close, though.
12:23 AM
@Zacharee1 touché
@NathanOsman D:
royalties of $0.00?
Am royalties lawyer. Seth owes Nathan $-20.00
Mar 2 at 23:28, by Android Dev
Well, I'm afraid that I need to quote @NathanOsman for a sec: GAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
^--- and I am owed for that one too
@NathanOsman so he owes you -$40.00 now?
@NathanOsman That one is worth $-160.00
12:25 AM
anyway. I really like how in go you can do stuff like:
if _, err := someFunc(); err != nil {
	do something()
I just find it cleaner than try/except
wtf is that
@Zacharee1 that is Go.
And why I avoid that language.
Oh c'mon.
12:26 AM
@Seth O_o what is _,
With other languages you have runtime failures when exceptions aren't caught.
I can figure out Smali, but I have no idea what's going on there
@Downgoat That means to discard the value.
huh, Go smells like swift
@Downgoat Oh, you've done it this time, lol.
12:27 AM
Methods can return multiple values so that statement is saying "ignore the first value and store the second in 'err'."
@WinEunuuchs2Unix : One server. 47 kernels purged, and 13 kept. Keep in mind that one kernel bisection is typically about 15 kernels.
@KazWolfe >_<
@KazWolfe Just when I finished go-sechat :P
It can even do uploads to imgur now.
@Downgoat lol
@NathanOsman I use WolfBot-SE
12:28 AM
swift is weird.
WolfBot-SE is more user-friendly.
Better API for plugin developers.
ooh, I can take that out of context >:D
I have written maybe four lines of Objective-C in my life. Absolutely none in Swift.
@KazWolfe Swift?
12:29 AM
is Swift Objective-C?
@Seth O_o only weird part about it is bridging iom
@NathanOsman he means WolfBot
@NathanOsman dangit, I just realized I meant obj-c, not swift.
@Zacharee1 No.
@Zacharee1 Boo. Hiss.
@Zacharee1 They use same runtime but otherwise no
12:29 AM
so even Apple's own code steals other work? :D
If open source is stealing contributors work, yes
@KazWolfe Does WolfBot do all of this: github.com/nathan-osman/go-sechat#features
Isn't modern apple based on Linux in the first place?
so Apple uses open-source without making its own stuff open-source (besides Swift)?
Um, it's BSD with pretty pictures. Anyway...
12:30 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix UNIX
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Nope, Darwin which is Unix.
@NathanOsman Yes.
@KazWolfe Is there anything that WolfBot can do that go-sechat cannot?
does wolfbot have goat meme generator
@NathanOsman Go awoo.
12:31 AM
ur mum @NathanOsman
got eem
And Linux is based on Unix.... It all originated back in Bell Labs back in the 60's didn't it?
@NathanOsman Mod actions.
c.Send(201, "Awoo!")
@Downgoat ---^
12:32 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Eh, the differences is who pushes upstream and who doesn't i think...
@Seth this chatroom is great room
@KazWolfe Fair enough. Too bad you don't have those privileges.
@RobotHumans I haven't used github really.... just learning how to scrape websites yesterady.
@NathanOsman I do where I test things.
I'm fairly impressed then.
Although I think go-sechat is more reliable.
12:34 AM
Plus, wolfbot has a much more heavy-handed event-based engine for almost any type of event.
Plus, native command interface.
Instead of parsing JS with a regular expression, I actually build a DOM, filter, create a JavaScript AST, and then extract the data.
@KazWolfe Mine fully supports all known events.
I direct your attention to this file: github.com/nathan-osman/go-sechat/blob/master/event.go
12:34 AM
@NathanOsman btw, in case you were wondering, i parsed html with regex and it works just fine
@NathanOsman But you rely on the developer parsing events.
@Downgoat ...but JS embedded in HTML?
WolfBot does some event handling for you (commands and such).
@KazWolfe Huh? How do I do that?
@Downgoat we think so :P
12:35 AM
@KazWolfe Oh, so it isn't flexible?
@NathanOsman Hahaaaa, love the use of an enum in Go. Clearly, you were a C++ programmer first.
@NathanOsman No, that's why I have both event classes ready.
You can hook into raw events, or use my prepackaged parsers for ease of use.
@NathanOsman that would still parse as normal text, which is why you need to escape </script> in a <script> tag even if its in a JS string
@RobotHumans enums in Go can do some pretty neat things like increment in factors of 2 or powers of 2, etc.
I'll resume this "war" later.
^^^ stay tuned for war version 2.0
12:37 AM
Not a war.  I was reading
const (
	EventMessagePosted           = 1...
and it screamed C++ enum to me.
@RobotHumans @NathanOsman is having a war-of-the-bots with @KazWolfe
I know who my money is on...
I'm betting on the funeral director.... they always win in the end :p
@Zacharee1 This debate doesn't even need to happen, everyone knows best is Chatgoat
12:40 AM
My bot also supports profanity :D

Chatgoat really means it

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Bookmarked Mar 6 '16 at 6:37 by Downgoat

another thing I loved about go is that I can easily parse things into structs. e.g.:
type position struct {
	Title      string   `json:"title"`
	Candidates []string `json:"candidates"`
	Multi      bool     `json:"multiple"`
	Name       string   `json:"name"`
then I just hand json.Parse() an instance of position and boom.
ah, nostalgia
"Windows is loading files..."
@Seth oh damn that's nice
12:42 AM
and the Vista loading animation o_O
In computing, JSON (canonically pronounced /ˈdʒeɪsən/ JAY-sən; sometimes JavaScript Object Notation) is an open-standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs.
^^^ in case you were wondering
Does it support other data structures like Map?
(totally not stealing implementation details for cheddar)
@Downgoat not actually sure off the top of my head. I'm still very new to go
I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map
12:45 AM
I guess this server does have USB 3...
@Downgoat I like the name. eats mac & cheese
@Downgoat what about Actually?
@Zacharee1 for that you'll have to ask @Mego
12:48 AM
I know who Mego is :p
I forgot how long Windows takes
Why does it have to copy and expand files?
try doing apt-get install it'll uninstall kernel and then there'll be no OS which can be slow
(long story short I accidentally uninstalled kernel once running apt-get install)
I'm good at breaking things
and why does it have to reboot during the install?
@Downgoat how??
There was that time where I created a folder named ~, and I did rm -rf ~ to remove it >_<
12:51 AM
there was a time when I borked something and chown+chmodded recursively everything in home and completely broke my GUI
Another time, I broke CentOS by doing chmod -R 777 /usr/bin
u ppl
@Downgoat but why
haha, lemme see if I can find the chat exerpt where I did it
Oct 31 '16 at 22:10, by Byte Commander
No, doing chmod 777 is like drinking vodka. First it seems to solve your problem, but you'll soon wake up with a massive headache. @Zacharee1
12:53 AM
We all made mistakes. There was another good one where I changed local DNS server to global DNS server dropping all locally defined DNS entries, and it goofed with some CRM software, but got their internet connection back up. ipconfig /flush would have been a better idea though.
in The Nineteenth Byte, Sep 28 '16 at 3:34, by Downgoat
Wanna know how I got here? NPM wasn't installing packages in correct dir so without thinking I did what an SO answer proposed and did chown vihan:vihan /usr/bin
I remember the time I banned my own IP from my server..
@Seth LOL
12:55 AM
@Downgoat nvm is great btw. I like it about as much as RVM
@Seth XD
@RobotHumans are you talking about node version manager?
this is making me remember the time I was repairing a computer with my friend and he set the HDD on top of the video card
@Downgoat node has a version manager yes. that.
or when I deleted random files on Mac OS 9, trying to free up space, but ending up deleting boot files
@RobotHumans it's great but it only installs packages for the current user, so if I want a script, running as sudo to run an npm command, that will break
12:56 AM
@Zacharee1 you don't need system32!
@Seth On Mac OS 9? I'd hope not
@Zacharee1 did he.. break it?
@Seth yup
@Zacharee1 >_< I had a script that did sudo rm -rf bin/so @AlexA (member of PPCG) ran it at / and deleted his /bin
Graphics cards are expensive!
12:57 AM
burned out
i don't think it has anything like .rvmrc files either, where you can launch it globally and change your vm context based on what directory you're in.
@Downgoat lolol

the little rm that could

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also, i'm choking down a why would you ever run javascript as root.
LOL we keep bringing that up, @Seth
we're never gonna let @terdon live that one down are we :P
12:59 AM
@RobotHumans it wasn't JavaScript, I needed a init.d script to start a node.js server
@ThomasWard please note that I didn't ping him :P
and it wasn't technically terdon's fault you know.
@Seth where's the actual rm command though?
true :)
@Zacharee1 hidden behind mod lockdowns
1:00 AM
@Zacharee1 oh you guys don't see deleted messages in the transcript..
@Seth sigh
fricking password complexity requirements
I dunno why they don't show them to non modes.. makes no sense to me.
And @KazWolfe just got a star for the dragonforce parakeet video.
@Zacharee1 Password01 ;p
1:01 AM
*from me
@Seth because they're removed?
Hey, I can tell you what the command was :D
But I better not...
I mean I'm guessing it was rmrecursive $HOME
It's no worse than posting bash scripts from the steam installer....
oh yeah, anyone remember when steam deleted people's home folders when they tried to uninstall it? xD
1:01 AM
Can we agree to all vote for Downgoat as mod, next election so I can see deleted chat message
@Seth o_O
@Seth beat you to it
@Zacharee1 looks like he said to run rm -rf ~/ from further chat emssages
@RobotHumans nice xD
@Downgoat same thing
1:02 AM
@Zacharee1 idk if rmrecursive has -f flag inside of it
TIL rmrecursive function too
@Downgoat rmrecursive was a dummy command so I wouldn't actually say it
I wonder if anyone has ever patched the sl steam locomotive command to recursively delete the user's home folder at the end of the animation.
Question: is rm -rf ~ a bad word in front of server admins?
1:04 AM
@Downgoat people here are afraid that someone will come along and copy paste the command
deleting your home directory is bad
and for good reason it seems
That would make you homeless
and not everyone can take one look and understand what horrors they are wrothing
1:05 AM
@JourneymanGeek apparently your face isn't nice
500MB of updates....
To be fair, most important server stuff is not usually kept in home folder
especially since you should never be logged in under root
Tell that to the people that tell you to hotpatch VLC's root check out...
@Downgoat but if you forget the tilde, you bork your installation, and if you just copy a ramdom rm command you see in a chat room, I hope you don't own a server
@Zacharee1 haha, that reminds me of time in school I told someone they could speed up computer my doing rm -rf / --no-preserve-root in single user mode and I think they did it, not sure what happend after that
(if you don't know, if you boot up a mac while pressing command+S, it'll open a temrinal where you have root privledges)
1:12 AM
@Downgoat all about that user friendliness.
@Downgoat I know all about Mac and its temrinal
You can shoot yourself in the foot, but you'll use a diamond studded gold glock.
Macs are so shiny looking but when you peel that back and look at their CLI tools... Blech...
@Seth Pretty sure lead to the foot hurts as much as diamond to the foot.
D: mac terminals look 100x better than linuxes (can we all agree windows terminal is trash)
Yes, Windows' cmd is ugly.
1:13 AM
@Downgoat wtf are you talking about? Linux terminals can be themed
gets light saber out of closet
@Zacharee1 so can mac terminal :/
But I find gnome-terminal pleasing to the eye. Moreso than macOS's terminal app.
gets a chaos blade out of the armory
@Downgoat so your point is moot
1:14 AM
Retrieves composite fiber pole...
@NathanOsman No need for cmd.exe DOS box anymore... you have B4W (Bash for Windows) now :)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Yes, but we are referring to the actual interface of the terminal / command prompt.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix which is still inside CMD
@NathanOsman that's.. actually the point :p
1:14 AM
I'm sure it could be spiced up a bit :)
@Seth Oh, okay. Never mind. Carry on :D
10/10 such beautiful terminal
I'm fairly certain GNOME terminal looks like that by default
Windows is kinda confusing with terminology. cmd != console != shell
@Downgoat eh, Linux has tons of different terminal emulators.
1:16 AM
@Downgoat HOW did you get it to look that pretty?
oh like ubuntu isn't confusing? terminal, shell, bash, script, systemd, xorg, gnome....
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Yes, but those terms mean something narrow and specific.
it's still a six-month learning curve.... throw in grub and udev too.
oh yes and dbus.
@Downgoat that's pretty slick. What's your PS1?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix and Windows is a 100-year learning curve
1:17 AM
not if you avoid the registery :D
@Seth I'm using a powerline theme so it's:
%f%b%k%K{black} %F{011}vihan %K{blue}%F{black} %F{black}%~ %k%F{blue}%f
Ah, right. Thought it was PowerPoint.
Ah, right. Thought it was powerline.
Stupid autocorrect xD
1:18 AM
goes back to watching one of his most favorite Twilight Zone episodes
does like everyone here use vim?
What is the episode called @ThomasWard
@Downgoat NOPE.
nano for CLI and Sublime for GUI.
1:19 AM
@NathanOsman there's a question on this on SU
@Downgoat I use gedit, but I learned how to spell VIM once.
oh no nano
I don't think nano even has mouse support
@Downgoat I was waiting for the hate... :P
vote -1 vote. Vi just stands for Visual, as in Visual Editor. Vim stands for Visual Improved, as in Visual Editor Improved.Mar 30, 2014
@Downgoat It wouldn't be much use on a server if it required a mouse.
1:20 AM
@NathanOsman SSH protocol can send mouse data
Well, we all know emacs is short for "Even a Master of Arts Comes Simpler".
So there's that.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix "Death's-Head Revisited" - justice served upon a former Nazi at the concentration camp he once commanded long ago, by the people he killed at the concentration camp, which drive him insane and force his mind into unending torture and suffering like those at the camp had suffered. (Basically, total insanity for the former Nazi)
how is one supposed to get around the fact that you have to click arrow keys 1000 time to get from point A to point B in document in nano
I like the old ones: FORTRAN=Formula Translator, COBOL=Common Business Orientated Language
the idea of "Justice" that is served, plus the reinforcement that such evils should never resurface again, makes it one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes.
1:22 AM
RGP=Report Generator, BASIC=Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
@Downgoat +
...then you don't have to use the arrow keys.
If you want to search for something, use +
that is problem because nano doesn't show line number (i don't want to have to keep doing ^C)
@ThomasWard I'm going to find that episode and watch it after this Walt Disney Movie "castaways"
@Downgoat +
What's wrong with ^C?
it doesn't update as I type
1:24 AM
A: How to show line numbering in nano when opening a file

fossfreedomThe keyboard combination to display the current line number whilst you are using nano is CTRL+C. Alternatively, to display the line & column number position you could just use the -c parameter when launching nano i.e: nano -c [filename] To make this permanent, nano uses a configuration in you...

Then it will stay on the screen.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Keep in mind the episode tries to drive home a point about the atrocities done by the Nazis, that they should never have happened, and that they're just trying to make a point. I have other favorite episodes too, but I've studied World War II a lot so it's kind of interesting to see "retroactive justice" shown in such old shows, because this was still fresh in the world's mind when that episode aired.
(it's the original Twilight Zone series, the black-and-white one)
@ThomasWard We're the Nazi's now bombing nations all over the world and pretending we are doing good deeds just as their media probably told them in 1918 and 1942.
we can agree to argue that at a different time, it's a discussion not suited for here. And not suited for when I'm drinking :)
drinking is the only time you can understand the atrocities.
1:28 AM
And with my diamond power i'mma say "Let's change the subject"
i'm not in the mood for a military-political philosophical discussion :P
and i don't want to offend anyone here today :)
never argue with a drinkiing man with a big mod hammer :P
not to mention 1 of 500 ubuntu membership
@ThomasWard ...subject changed to LASERS.
Seth wants to join that club too you know... he has my vote.
Seth is already an Ubuntu member.
mDNS is hard. Just thought I'd mention that.
@Seth ^^^ didn't you say you were running 48 hours ago?
1:33 AM
Greetings to @user666335
64k for short
no that's his brother 63353
no wait 65536, but mixed up with cousin bob.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I've actually been an Ubuntu member for almost 2 years now, I just didn't get the certificate until now for various technical reasons.
@Seth All the Go people are coming from C and Python, exactly as I would have predicted.
Oh, and Java.
1:35 AM
@Seth Hi Seth sorry to wake you.... It's Nathan that thinks you are a member and me that thinks you are running.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I haven't gone to bed yet. It's only 6:30! :P
But yeah, I've been an Ubuntu member since November 2015.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix WA
I meant sorry for pinging you from your studies.
oh yes WA.... I think I told you how nice Republic, WA was / is.
Oh. No problem.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix yes, it's very nice :p
1:39 AM
@NathanOsman The java folks don't count. They would have gone anywhere to get away from that monstrosity.
On Hiway 20 you can buy a little kit to build your own wagon train.
Well at least you could 30 years ago abouts :)
covered wagon not wagon train
^^^ um "model" not life-sized :p
shower time.
@Seth, that article had me rolling
zat graph
your identicon changed @muru
@Seth It did? Last time we had gravatar problems, I uploaded my gravatar to SE
Is that it?^
1:57 AM
> "There is of course a really big probability that people just stay with a certain programming language. But I’m ignoring this because (a) turns out search results for things like stay with Swift is 99% related to Taylor Swift..."
@Zacharee1 guess who just got Android 7.1... :D
Welp. So long 34 days of uptime.
And what the heck - I can't post links in XDA.
@muru Yup, that's the one.
2:24 AM
Then it's fine. I have gotten used to it now. Miss the old one sometimes.
2:57 AM
Ugh my meta answer is in negative land, so stressful

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