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12:10 AM
@MarkYisri don't know if this will help but I found it whilst searching: askubuntu.com/questions/786537/suspending-every-10-seconds
12:21 AM
I'm on 1 bar of B12 LTE
Pity me
Huh, 1Mb down. Not bad
But like .1 up
This must be how @NathanOsman feels
Living on the edge of civilization. Hanging onto a thread of service. 1Mb speeds.
@MarkYisri do you have any magnets near the computer?
That took forever to upload
@Zacharee1 when I saw your image ^^^ I thought "that's the nicest Conky display I've seen" then I looked closer...haha
1:05 AM
@Zacharee1 no, but thanks for the suggestion!
@WinEunuuchs2Unix will try this now, then off to a tennis class
1:17 AM
@Zacharee1 - I remember a while back there was a post on meta linking to the old chatroom that was used before this one was created, but now I can't find it. Do you have the link?
1:27 AM
@AndroidDev this is the first chatroom created once Ask Ubuntu became a thing. I believe there was another chatroom once, while the site was still in Area51, but that would have been almost 7 years ago now.
huh, it looks like all the old area51 rooms were scrubbed somehow.
1:52 AM
mDNS is so complicated.
Wait... The last message was 2334 days ago. This means the counter is still live and will continue forever?
in Ubuntu on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Sep 28 '10 at 1:37, by George Edison
Perl is kind-of like GZip compression - saves space, but is often unreadable :)
@Serg surprisingly my ubuntu started detecting my wifi after an update. I just got a small upate.
But connection is very very slow.
Any way to speed up my internet like it was?
2:27 AM
@chaskes yes
2 hours later…
4:41 AM
user image
5:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL-only title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: slimatrexnorway.com/tacticlight-360-fi/ by user655900 on askubuntu.com
5:21 AM
Here's a masterpiece I have spent hours on: pastebin.com/hW73LYZS
Parsing DNS names is hard.
2 hours later…
7:22 AM
AMD's advanced media framework is unbelievable. I was able to record 1080p@60fps with absolutely no drop in quality or stuttering.
Take that, Nvidia ShadowPlay.
2 hours later…
9:20 AM
Why does DNS have to "compress" packets?
Is saving 12 bytes really so important?
9:38 AM
Can't sleep so I went back and read my first chat message ever. So much nostalgia. And cringe.
9:55 AM
It's nearly 2am and both Seth and I are still up.
Go sleep. Both of you.
^ Smoke on the water
1 hour later…
11:02 AM
@muru I hate this dupe! It is easy to chown /etc in recovery. I don't like that we dupe the chown questions to this. chmod is much worse. Recursive chmod is definitely a case for reinstall, but not stuff like that askubuntu.com/review/close/679649
@Zanna both seem equally easy on from live environment, but unless the OP feels like getting bitten by a file they missed out on resetting the ownership of, I'd suggest reinstalling.
I think not equally easy...
you can chown root: /etc in a live session or recovery and everything is fixed
whereas if you chmod -R / you are totally screwed
@Zanna from a live environment, you have a reference for the ownership and permissions
@Zanna not necessarily. Some apps use different ownerships for their configs in /etc, IIRC
And that could come back to bite you later, as I said
the answers to that question don't even have commands that would fix the chown issue...
AFAIC, reinstalling is the simplest solution.
For anything else, use a live system as reference
11:09 AM
yeah you are right there are some groups not root
@Zanna some owners as well, though those apps are not installed by default
I don't have anything but a VM now, will need to check which ones.
hmm it would be a PITA to check all possible packages haha
ok... I still don't feel right about it, but I don't have an awesome solution and I know you know a lot better than me, and I usually realise I'm wrong as soon as I start trying to rock any boat anywhere*, so I will stfu
*after already saying stupid things
@Zanna don't do that. Fabby does that and it is super annoying
Let's just agree to disagree - you can vote to leave it open.
hmm what did I do :(
I don't want to be annoying
The "you know a lot better so I'll stfu"
11:16 AM
but you do
I am just saying stupid things
I mean, I don't feel right about all the chown questions getting duped to the chmod question which isn't that helpful
but if I think about it properly, I know I am going to realise that you are right
I understand that, it's just that, for me, unless there's some overriding reason not to, it's just easier to reinstall
yeah I agree with that. But there is a lot of stuff in the answers besides "just reinstall", so couldn't we have a better dupe target that says "better to reinstall, but here's some things you could try if you are a masochist/risk taker/too lazy to reinstall like you really should" that actually relate to chown and not chmod
@Zanna we could.. if you find one, let me know. I'll use that as the dupe target then.
@muru I will try to look :) in the meantime, it surely doesn't matter much either way whether that old question in particular is closed or not, I was bringing it up as a general frustration I have about it
Ugh, my nvidia graphics is causing low graphics mode
11:33 AM
@ByteCommander dupe
Q: Problem with the review section

Mostafa AhangarhaToday, I was reviewing new posts and came to a post titled as "Why does Ubuntu not ship with a way to fill in PDF forms?" which I found a low quality question and down-voted it. Surprisingly I got a notice that my review was a bad one since the question was a good quality question! This questi...

@Zanna @muru chmod has a --reference option:
A: Set myself as owner of /etc with chown command now getting all kinds of errors

terdonSince some of the files in /etc might not be owned by root, if you want to avoid reinstalling, you can do the following: Boot into a live system and mount the partition containing the /etc directory. For example, if your / partition is /dev/sda1, you would do this from the live system: sudo mo...

I thnk this is a better dupe target for chown questions in general @muru
A: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set

user10962As you'll read on this answer on SO, this problem is not as hard as people are making it. I got the sudo command working again without a reinstall by following these simple steps: Log out as the current user, then log back in as root. Execute chown root:root /usr/bin/sudo && chmod 4755 /usr/bin...

@terdon but what if the file modes have not been touched, and it's just chown we're dealing with?
@Zanna Not really. That i) requires that a root account exists and ii) won't help if you've recursively changed ownership on / since there are various different permissions/ownerships.
@terdon I'd probably do find ... -exec sh -c '...' **/* seems it could break the arg size limit on larger directories (unless bash does **/* differently in loops)..
11:39 AM
@Zanna Eeeek! Thanks, that should have been chown.
oh oops that's the answer
I meant the question
@muru I've never seen it break in a loop. It will break if you give **/* as an argument to a command, yes, but I don't think it ever will in a loop.
yeah the answer is not good
better answer needed haha
@terdon stick both of them in and we can use this post as a reference for all chmod/chown /foo questions
@muru Done
11:42 AM
I got back rolling by purging nividia*...
Now trying to let the additional drivers GUI install nvidia-378, as the one which crashed was 375
@terdon also, what does chmod/chown do if the reference file doesn't exixt?
Arg sorry, *exist. I'm not editing that again.
@muru Ah, good point. Changed to:
shopt -s globstar
cd /mnt/etc
for file in **/*; do
    [ -e "$liveSystem/$file" ] &&
        echo sudo chown --reference "$liveSystem/$file" "$file"
        echo sudo chmod --reference "$liveSystem/$file" "$file"
Q: How can a user with less than 2k reputation be allowed to review suggested edits?

LnuxIn a review, user are showed which user is doing which review task at right side if I'm correct. To review suggested edit, we need at least 2k reputation but i've seen that user has less than 2k reputation or in this post only 11 reputation user is seen in review task. How could it be possible?

@muru why the &&?
@terdon looked odd to protect only one command
11:54 AM
:35521377 gone
The 378 drivers work fine btw, now also my glitches in Chromium and Discord client are gone.
Let's just blame nvidia for their buggy driver.
raises Linus finger
@muru Argh! Of course, thanks.
I just copy pasted from the one command version.
@terdon bookmark it, useful demo of when you can be fooled by indentation
I am putting the final touches to a python script that is getting released to production today. Do not speak to me of indentation!
Like the classic for (...); stuff in C
@terdon Python is beauty. Python is love. Python is life.
12:01 PM
It would be, if only it didn't have that bloody stupid significant whitespace.
That's just enforced beauty.
You must make up your mind to recognize it.
Yeah. Right.
There are many wonderful things about python. The fact that its syntax makes it hard to copy/paste code between scripts is not among them.
@terdon do you Go?
No, not yet.
Talk about being pedantic about stuff
12:06 PM
Does that also do whitespace madness?
No, worse. It expects the opening brace to be on the same line
That's how I usually write it anyway though, so I don't mind.
I've always preferred this:

Over this:

Sure, that's personal preference. But since when does a modern language refuse to compile the former but not the latter?
Probably since Guido convinced everyone that having only one way to do it is better.
Guido shot first!
This one is on Rob Pike, I think
12:11 PM
17 secs ago, by terdon
Guido shot first!
Heh, I am inordinately amused by that, but I fear I'm not sharing it in the right room :)
1:08 PM
The user hasn't signed on since Feb 10th, but the bounty was awarded on Feb 17th after bounty grace period ended. Shouldn't there be a record of who awarded the bounty in abstention? askubuntu.com/questions/842386/…
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Bounties are automatically awarded to the highest scoring question if the OP doesn't do it manually.
OP == bounty setter
@terdon Oh... thanks for clarifying that!
> If you do not award the bounty within 24 hours of the bounty period ending, half the bounty value will be automatically awarded to the top voted answer posted after the bounty start, provided it has a score of at least 2. If no new answer matches this requirement, no reputation will be awarded at all, and the reputation used on the bounty will be lost forever.
Half, not the entire bounty, forgot about that.
@terdon half the bounty is awarded, and the answer needs a minimum of +2
@JourneymanGeek Um yes. I just said that :)
1:15 PM
I read the link it explains it all :)
Interesting idea I could have upvoted Jacob, down voted Serg and there would have been a three way tie at 4 points each (as of Feb 17th).
^^^ I've had those chocolate bars, they're not too bad :)
Not at all, but I always feel bad eating them :)
Yeh it doesn't help me loose the 20 lbs on my to-do list either :p
1:24 PM
I was thinking of trying out mySQL but wondered if there is a high-level development language to use with it rather than C or Python which would have a challenging learning curve?
I have an extra laptop (2007) where I would install LAMP and keep the SQL database there on the server side. Then write and run my apps on this laptop (2013) client side.
Perhaps others have already done this and there is a write-up on Ubuntu or a blog somewhere?
2:22 PM
After an hour of googling it appears for GUI the best approach is Ptython + QT Designer: nikolak.com/pyqt-qt-designer-getting-started and on the database (SQL) side it is Python SQL db : tutorialspoint.com/python/python_database_access.htm
^^^ Am I on the right track or did I veer off in the wrong direction?
um.... ok :)
I should ask @JacobVlijm ^^^ one of our two resident Python fanatics.
I think a lot of people/projects use sqlalchemy.org for db abstraction
@WinEunuuchs2Unix for GUI, I never used QT, only Tkinter, if it's for a quick & easy solution where the looks are no big deal (but ttk looks quite nice on windows though), and for more advanced stuff Gtk+ / PyGObject (gi.repository)
2:40 PM
@JacobVlijm But isn't QT popular in Ubuntu?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix yeah, I guess. Somehow, I simply rolled into Gtk+ / PyGObject, and I like the fact that it is not linked to commercial software in any way. Not the most comfortable to use, but I like working in "the root"
Are the options I found in the google search commercialized? I know LibreOffice also likes Python for external interfaces and it's open source? I'm not sure about QT and SQL though.
I kind of want to stay in mainstream for best long term support and largest number of other people sharing skill sets.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix at the bottom of this: qt.io/download there is the option to buy a license
...I believe gi.repository is quite unlikely to end
ohh.... I'll have to do more research then... I'd like to develop stuff that has no licensing restrictions.
...Exactly, that's what I mean. I also don't like pre cooked stuff, if the raw matter is simply available.
2:51 PM
Do you mean they are simply repackaging tools freely available already?
I must admit, I don't know that much from QT, but the fact that everything can be done with totally free stuff makes me less curious.
I agree with totally free... After all I like to post stuff here totally free and eventually the full-blown apps I write I'd also like to distribute without restrictions.
I think it's the same as (although I only speak from what I hear) using matlab, nstead of what is available in plain python, perl etc.
I've seen matlab name dropped around frequently. During search this morning it was revealed as a high level language but I thought it was for mathematicians. Are you saying it is or is not commercialized? I've heard perl has a steep learning curve but never looked at it.
Its kind of a specialised environment with its own language
and yeah, you'd need to buy it
2:59 PM
...and quite expensive
Weird thing about Python I've noticed is you have to type under_score under_score variable-name under_score under_score instead of $variable-nameI'm certainly not going to buy matlab... thanks for that heads up not to look into it.
Well, I am not here to bash matlab :)
I don't think we're bashing anything here... just honest observations.
but it's a matter of personal approach and taste I think.
Hey a bear
3:07 PM
That's not a polar bear it's a Python Bear :p
@Serg ^^
bear with him
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I bought matlab . . . It's quite alright , and quite useful if you're in engineering. Octave does quite a lot of things that are the same though and for free, so if you know how to use one , you can use the other
Student license?
Yup. I got student license and a bundle of couple packages for signal processing and control system analysis
Sure beats doing all control system computation by hand
No doubt, they should earn their money for doing something right :)
3:12 PM
@Serg The gist this conversatoin was to find a GUI designer, a high-level programming language and an MySQL database interface / API in order to develop full-blown applications--all for free on open-source. As it would be a 10 to 20 year life-span established tools that will be maintained going forward is key.
Initially I thought Python would be easiest but perhaps C++ might be best considering the kernel is written in it and it's been around since the 70's (I think) when it was called "A".
Java would be one choice, of the top of my head. Python is another - plenty of API's there
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Linux kernel is written in standard C, not C++.
That's a good distinction to make. I have 10 years of standard C, C# experience but haven't used C++. I just assume C++ would be the language of choice for full blown apps and backwards compatible bringing in kernel source when the opportunity presents itself.
C++ is language of choice of more or less serious GUI projects. Unity is written mostly in C++ , for example.
Hello all! I am now back from my week long holiday in a valley near Wales! :)
@ParanoidPanda Hey, welcome back !
We were wondering where did you disappear
3:20 PM
@ParanoidPanda Welcome back... we were a little paranoid the NSA got you !
@Serg If Unity is written in C++ then a good learning experience would be to download source code for System Settings and see how the window and applets are all setup.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I did that. I have the source code for figuring out certain functionality of Unity, when there's appropriate questions on the site. GUI stuff in C++ is kind of a distant topic for me right now, but it's indeed a good learning experience
@Serg Funny how sometimes I follow in your footsteps a year or two later :)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix There's nothing new under the sky and I personally follow a lot of other people in their footsteps ;)
3:31 PM
I think the real saying is "Nothing new under the sun" because sometimes people discover new things at night...haha
Yeah, that's probably the real saying. I'm basically saying it in English but with Chinese grammar
How many GB's is Unity Source? Do you have the link handy for downloading or the search phrase for google?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Ubuntu's Unity?
@muru Serg once downloaded it to learn C++ stuff and how Unity uses it. I wanted to follow in his footsteps :)
3:37 PM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix about 2MB, compressed
That's tiny.... I have 10 GB free on my 30 GB partition.
bzr branch lp:unity, or download from launchpad.net/unity
I didn't say anything about dependencies. :P
Ok, I'll stop
3:39 PM
@muru apt-get source , that's how i get it
@muru I'm not sure what dependencies will do to me, but I bookmarked your link for now.. Thanks :)
We never no what depency does to us.
lands us in "footstucks"?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix nothing unless you plan to compile the source
@Serg The only time I could see myself compiling it is if I changed the new suspend option in the power settings or something to fix difficulties on my platform.
Or perhaps change the reboot option to skip BIOS POST and skip straight to load MBR and branch execute.
3:44 PM
OK, I need to do an English online test now. Since our master education is officially in English now, they want to know iv wy kan spook ze Inglies leguage.
See you later
Enjoy learning English! although I thought you did it pretty well already :)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Haha, zenks :)
4:29 PM
@Zanna sounds like he's going to have a file with lines that occur 100 times and lines that don't. He wants to find the lines that don't.
But I've asked a clarifying question.
4:50 PM
GNOME, your errors are useless . . . go away, please
The GNOME listens and then ignores request.
@Seth or she or otherwise ;) your explanation is very logical but I am still clueless
5:07 PM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix or rather
The GNOME listens and then removes all error reporting.
maybe there is a debug level or error reporting level flag that can be set? ie only catastrophic errors are reported?
@Serg You are so slow askubuntu.com/q/884718/72216
@JacobVlijm You wrote that answer in 50 minutes... you already had code in your tool kit right?
5:23 PM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix actually in less time :) I had to push the button, and read that I had to sit there for 60 minutes (duration of the test). I decided I didn't feel like doing it now, fell asleep. When I woke up, I noticed the question, hence the action :)
@JacobVlijm they're making all adults take an English test?
@Seth Yeah, that is, if we teach in the master, we ar getting extra education if we fail :)
...Some of our teachers are very uncomfortable with English.
@JacobVlijm I am slow indeed, although I've linked pretty much same thing done like a year ago >:)
@Serg Yeah, I've done it before too, but only for one corner askubuntu.com/q/519102/72216
@JacobVlijm OK, well , good luck with this one. Here's a +1 to get you started
5:34 PM
Haha, thanks!
Not to be outdone... +2
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Now it looks like I am phishing. Someone downvote me, quick :). But I think you upvoted Serg somewhere Haha.
I've upvoted both of you a dozen times altogether I think.
and I know both of you have upvoted me but don't recall how many times :)
5:58 PM
@JacobVlijm oh you're a teacher. I didn't realize that :)
I thought they were making random people off the street do this kinda thing
@Seth, that would be fun too haha. No indeed the teachers. Students also need to prove they can speak English btw.
6:28 PM
While I was updating a messange said that some linux-headers files are missing how can i check this?
6:46 PM
A: "dkms: WARNING: Linux headers are missing" after doing kernel upgrade

ARG"linux-headers-generic" package may not be installed. You can check using apt-cache policy linux-headers-generic and fix it using sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic

try that.
7:11 PM
stylishly done...
good evening!
hi @IanC how are you doing?
Does anybody know how to get a system similar to cron working on Arch?
@Zanna all good, all good! Had some exciting news yesterday, bank approved my financing and I'm signing all papers in 3 days, another 2 weeks and I'm in my place :)
@IanC evening
7:14 PM
what about you, how are you doing this weekend @Zanna?
@Serg hey Serg! All good man?
afternoon here actually, but anyway
@IanC awesome!! congratulations
@IanC all OK, working as usual, saving up the money
So Verizon's unlimited plan is $80/mo+taxes. T-Mobile's is $70/mo with taxes included o_O
@Zanna Thank you! I'm quite excited about it! Can't wait to start working at the place, cleaning it up, start moving my stuff there!
7:16 PM
@IanC doing great, last night as I was falling asleep I decided I would move back to my hometown at the end of the academic year. It will be a temporary thing until I move on to the next place, but I realised it's time to leave London for me
@Serg and how's this semester working out? Been having some time for yourself?
But yeah, just want to play some MP Factorio, but Steam won't work :(
@IanC I am excited for you
Can't reboot into my Win10 copy because I have a factorization job running
@Zanna That's a big decision! Hope you find what you are looking for in your time there! Are you in college right now?
7:18 PM
@IanC Congratulations!
@IanC sort of OK, but I'm behind in electomagnetic fields class. It's hard because I need to learn the math I've never studied before, so it's basically learning as i go
@IanC nah I'm teaching one-to-one, it's quiet at the end of the academic year
@JacobVlijm Thanks Jacob!
@Serg what kind of math? Calculus stuff? Been a while I don't study any of it, but who knows I might be able to help
@Zanna Sorry to hear...
@Zanna ooh, I think you mentioned it before! By the way, what made you decide to leave London? I remember you said sharing the place with your landlord had some bad sides, but something else made your mind about it?
7:25 PM
@JacobVlijm no worries :)
@IanC It's partly financial - the cost of living in London is really a grind, and yeah living with strangers is getting harder all the time. But mainly I am trusting my decision as it arrived calmly and felt right. I feel that I want to spend more time with my folks, and I just don't like to keep doing the same thing for a long time I guess
What area do you come from?
@Zanna I know what you mean, and believe you're taking the best decision! :)
@JacobVlijm was about to ask that! Where your folks are from @Zanna?
@IanC @JacobVlijm I'm from Lincolnshire in the East Midlands, and my mum is from there. My dad is from Liverpool
@IanC yes, calculus. DEL operator, line integrals, surface integrals, Coulomb's law, matrixes
7:38 PM
@Zanna Lincolnshire is like more of a country town in England?
@Zanna Google Maps sais it looks wonderfully :)
@Serg damn, would need a good review to be of any help I guess :/
Why can't the rest of the world stay up until 3am and get up at 11am like me? :P
@NathanOsman maybe there should be a law "one is only allowed to go to work after he/she wakes up without the help of an alarming clock"
7:44 PM
@NathanOsman hey, I stayed up till 2 and then woke up at 6:50 to watch the SpaceX stream :P
no sleep for the young haha
@IanC it is a county, a region. My hometown is Gainsborough
> My question at this point is do I really need secure boot? What do I get for it? protection from rootkits?
@Zanna well I was in bed from 10:30 to 2, I just didn't get any/much sleep.
I don't think anyone ever responded to me on that...
@Seth that sucks :(
7:47 PM
@Zanna it wasn't too bad
@AaronHall I personally think secure boot is useless, but others disagree
Is that why they recommend disabling it?
@JacobVlijm :) it is flat and dull really, but home always has a certain something
@AaronHall I recommend disabling it as it's not worth trying to work around the issues it causes, but I am biased because my system won't boot at all with secure boot and I think it's just a cunning plan by Microsoft to make it harder for us to use Linux ;)
7:50 PM
ok, executive decision - for reasons of getting crap done, I'm disabling secure boot.
I'm inclined to agree with Zanna's assessment...
gonna reboot now, ciao!
@Zanna I think part of us will always be in our hometown, I've been away from Bahia for 13 years, and though I'm settling myself here and being happy where I'm, I still have that feeling that I belong there
damn, it's been a while I don't visit it :p
guys I need a better way to organize my project
I have files everywhere
vou.... vou pra Bahia eu vou
you're going to Bahia?
it's a capoeira song
7:55 PM
ah lol
@Zacharee1 mkdir projectname; cd projectname; mkdir src bin tests; touch README Makefile; and you are ready to make your "organized" mess
@IanC heheheheh not that simple :p
I'm dealing with multiple models of the same phone
idk how exactly to describe this
@Zanna you might have been in Bahia more recently than I! haha
@IanC it was 2008
@IanC look at you useing über-proper grammar :p
7:59 PM
@Zanna oh, I think last time I was there was about 4 years ago
@Zacharee1 you gotta get one right after a while right? hahaha
@IanC hmmm, jealous.... I hope I can return to Salvador some day :)
8:16 PM
alright, I got my VM running, just tell anyone with my issues that I fought it for too long and gave up "secure boot" for "actual boot"
same story for me ^_^
I think I might have too many adblockers...
Windscribe, ABP, Provacy Badger, uBlock Origin
@Zanna things are probably so different now, but I want to return there soon too :)
gotta go try to fix my bicycle, see if I can make a trip without having to put the chains back every 100 meters haha
see you later!
hmm boa sorte!
I haven't tried secure boot or UEFI yet.... sounds like I'm not missing much from what you folks are saying.
8:29 PM
hahaha nope
@Zanna do you actually speak Portuguese?
no I just remember a few words
I can sort of read it off the page convincingly as I got the pronunciation more or less down
but I don't really understand what I'm saying
hmm maybe I remember more than I think... when people ask questions here in Portuguese I can understand them easily
I like written Portuguese because it's similar to Spanish
8:44 PM
I never thought I'd say this, but thank you, Sprint!
They actually kept the AOSP icons on the V20, which means I can probably copy some Smali files to get proper coloring
ack no
I'd have to figure out how to trick it into thinking it's a Sprint phone
file sizes are the same but integers are different
well time to copy random files and see if it works
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