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11:00 PM
Is this translation for the whole app?
Do you have a Spanish one?
BTW, it will look something like this:
(Pardon my lack of French.)
Can I try making one?
@Edity which language, BTW?
@Zacharee1 Sure.
11:01 PM
@NathanOsman Les Crédits
I'm serious
@Edity Ooh. Excellent.
I'm going to be AFK for about 20 minutes.
@Zacharee1 you can scroll up for instructions.
11:02 PM
@Zacharee1 Because...
i hate cliffhangers
oh, do I need to be in Ubuntu to do this?
are you not in ubuntu?
11:06 PM
terrible audio in Ubuntu
@NathanOsman I will be resuming after my glorious games.
I'm going to be issuing a release soon.
So if you want it to make the next release, please do it soon.
so I try opening the qm files and Qt Linguist just stops working
11:12 PM
@Zacharee1 Wait until you want something complex like analog loopback or 5.1 playback... :D
A couple hours maybe.
@NathanOsman it's just my terrible speakers that need special EQ
@Zacharee1 qm?
11:12 PM
You need to open the .ts file.
@NathanOsman the Windows translation files?
god fudging frack i hate systemd
.ts is an XML file with the translation text.
.qm is a compiled translation.
where are they in Windows?
or how do I get it?
You'll never be working with .qm files - the build system generates them automatically.
11:13 PM
@Zacharee1 You'll probably just want to clone the repository.
Do you have Git installed?
in Windows?
where is the ts file in the repo
@NathanOsman Almost completed the Application "chapter"
11:14 PM
@Edity Excellent.
got it finally
Now I will be AFK for 20 minutes.
@NathanOsman You should be ashamed that you are taking up my free time :(
11:21 PM
@NathanOsman how do I insert those paragraph things?
ah nvm
@ByteCommander would not be a good idea to send some of my pills to the us, firstly they are on the class 1 drug list here and over there they are even more controlled, it would get me into real trouble
o/ all
god, i hate systemd . restarting tty1 doesn't clear the freakin screen. are you kidding me ?
@Zacharee1 @Videonauth What happens when a noob doesn't know what he's doing in the Ubuntu installer? This:
Q: how do you disable the boot password?

Pat Howkwhen installing 16.04 I must have checked an option that added a password at boot and at login. I don't really want to password at boot just the log in password. how do I disable it

he probably encrypted his whole drive
no way to switch that off without re-installing
well I'm going to bed now, busy week this is not really had much time for AU
11:28 PM
@Videonauth That's what I told him in my answer.
well stop screaming
11:31 PM
'cause for a minute I thought there was a better reason for screams
goes back to Amazon Prime to grab a few last-minute deals
I have a good reason for screaming: systemd
@ThomasW. when does Prime Day end ?
probably within the next several hours
there's only two more deals on my radar I want
Back now.
@ThomasW. are the sales only for Prime members?
@NathanOsman Most of them are
Can anybody make sense of this?
Q: Can I send requests to another PC?

GodwynMy situation: I have one internet connection thus one home account. On my LAN there are a few PC's, a console and a server. My provider's router is setup that requests from outside go to my server's IP. My server is working as intended. My problem: When a connection on a certain port is made ...

11:34 PM
@NathanOsman happy to get you one if you pay me for it, and give me shipping details. :P
granted i'm milking my trial a ton lol
Does he want port forwarding?
I buy a few things on Amazon but not enough to justify paying for Prime.
@NathanOsman indeed. My sister and a close friend both have Prime - they offer to let me use their Prime shipping if I pay for the items/tax.
MY fingers hurt
11:36 PM
but I got the trial, to get the $50 gift card that comes with the opening of a prime store card
@Edity You're doing a great job!
@ThomasW. :)
$0 on the card. I just wanted a free $50 :P
11:37 PM
@NathanOsman Are you getting my translations?
I just want to encourage you :)
The Internet doesn't have enough encouragers.
@NathanOsman how do i send the translations
11:38 PM
do upvotes count as encouragement
haw uhhh
@Edity When you're done, save the file as "ko.ts" and send it to me.
your emai;?
I'll take care of putting it in the right place and crediting you.
@Edity Sure. nathan@quickmediasolutions.com
@edwinksl i usually encourage with comments, and if post is good then upgoat
11:40 PM
put me as "edity the pencil"
@Serg "Upgoat"?
Especially if OP needs to edit their post fist, once they edit, i might upgoat
Can't I just put you in as "Edity"?
11:41 PM
@NathanOsman you got a german translation already ?
@AndroidDev it's a pun on upvote
dat works too
@Videonauth Nope, no German translation yet.
maybe serg and i can provide chinese translation too
11:42 PM
I'mma eat some lunch, you ok with that?
im hungry
By all means.
@NathanOsman send me the files to be translated (guess you got language files) to my email
@Videonauth Do you have Qt Linguist installed - or would you be willing to install it?
cant promise to get it done quickly but i will have a look at it asap
thats part of qt-designer ?
11:43 PM
is there a way to prevent an app from listening to keyboard of mouse clicks ?
@Serg - Do we support crouton? askubuntu.com/questions/797930/…
@Videonauth it's in the qttools5-dev-tools package.
Not sure if Designer includes it.
You'll also need qt5-default if you install that package.
np i can install it
Then I'll give you the link for a ZIP file containing the translation (.ts) file.
@AndroidDev crouton is not official version of Ubuntu , but let me check meta posts first
11:45 PM
Om nom nom nom nomm
ok link it
like i said i have a busy week but i will have a look int o as soon i can
The file is src/data/ts/en.ts in the ZIP file.
10 chapters done
saving the settings for last
Once you open it, you choose the language you're translating to.
Then save it as "de.ts".
11:47 PM
Another one of these AGAIN. askubuntu.com/review/first-posts/590585
@AndroidDev added a comment, please see it
@Serg Great. Thanks.
well guys im off to bed, having a stressy day in front of me
@Videonauth get some sleep, have a good rest of the day/night
@Videonauth sleep well
11:51 PM
well :) if i can sleep, but resting for sure
@NathanOsman ETA?
I am nearly done.
I'll wait until you are done. Don't worry.
It's only 4:54 in the afternoon here.
so many setting translation
33 of them

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