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12:19 AM
@Mateo See you later.
3 hours later…
2:57 AM
but can you recognize Chinese from Korean? Or worse, Japanese :P
That's chinese
korean and japanese are more angular
Also, we had a ton of those damned fake degree spams on SU
I can tell the difference, I was just commenting on the bot saying it was Chinese ;)
@JourneymanGeek ouch. Does the bot report them in your room? That's something that can be set up if you want.
naw, I think we got a temporary block on posts completely in chinese or something
oh nice.
(dev/cm level stuff)
Good thing tho. We've a lot of new (clueless) users cause of the windows 10 release ;p
3:08 AM
I'm sure :/
it's like all the new Ubuntu releases, but much worse xD
Bigger for one
(and well, a good chunk of windows users arn't technically inclined. You need to at least be smart enough to prepare your own install media for linux)
3:37 AM
Q: AskUbuntu can only log in via GMAIL LINK, but not by typing in email-pwd combo

FreeSoftwareServersSo I am trying to log into AskUbuntu with my email/pwd combo, and if I click GMAIL and then click on my email it logs me in, but if I type the same email, it says there is no account associated with this email. I would like to be able to: A) Sign in via email-pwd combo B) Change email and mov...

1 hour later…
4:38 AM
Morning all :)
3 hours later…
7:08 AM
Q: How to deal with potentioaly illigal / hacking software reccomendations?

mark kirbyI was checking out this answer today, when I clicked the link given, Firefox reported an untrusted site, so I left the OP a comment "Firefox says the link you provided is untrusted" and the OP replied "Yes, because it is a hacking program called ufonet, it uses botnet to DDoS you target server" ...

1 hour later…
8:19 AM
@Seth might be prudent to actually delete this: askubuntu.com/a/655914/15811
8:37 AM
Morning guys! \o :)
@GeorgetheDev: Hi!
@ParanoidPanda Howdy!
9:24 AM
Q: EXT4 requiring twice as much storage space - Ubuntu / Beets

Chris FinlaysonI have a question i'm struggling to research an answer for. I have am building a Ubuntu media server at home and decided to carve up my 2TB bulk storage disk into various partitions. I created a 700GB partition for Music and formatted EXT4. Then migrating ~370GB from an NTFS external HD, usin...

9:37 AM
Q: I get a blank screen

oshirowanenMy laptop is displaying a blank screen today, instead of the normal login window. I am using LUbuntu 14.04. I can get into the terminal and login, but how do I start lxde after that and how do I get the normal graphical login screen back?

[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer: Applying a 3-Tier Architecture by user435948 on askubuntu.com
This guy and their comments really wind me up...:
Q: Can't start computer

ManuelManningtonTheThirdI know this isn't the right place to ask this, sorry about that. But I had a dual boot machine with Windows and Mac OSX on separate hard drives... But I think from memory Windows had to be installed first, so the boot drive was the drive with Windows on it. Now that drive has failed and I can't s...

@ParanoidPanda and gone
@Rinzwind: Good! >:D
9:50 AM
I just found their comment rather rude... :D
And incredibly annoying!
10:05 AM
Is there any way to delete a project on LaunchPad by the way? :)
And if so, how?
@ParanoidPanda you need to file a bug
@Rinzwind: Ok :)
10:18 AM
I understand that YouTube processes the videos so that you should not be able to get viruses from them, however what about custom thumbnails? Are they processed too?
10:44 AM
Er, just realized having a translation is part of the ubucontest, I think I'm going to put getting more images into my scope on hold an finish what I have... Then see if I can do that bit
10:54 AM
@Mateo: Oh yes, I have heard of that, but what exactly is ubucontest? :)
12:20 PM
Oh, the star disappeared...
1:00 PM
@A.B. \o
1:51 PM
This should be a necromancer :D askubuntu.com/a/656055/15811
@GeorgetheDev is it hammertime?
@A.B. \o
@NathanOsman Mark Gravell was seen in the sandbox recently. Now's your chance to ask him a question.
2:09 PM
Under which package in Gnome do you think that I should report a problem with dragging windows?
@A.B.: You suggested that I should report it as a bug didn't you? :)
Which package do you think I should report it under?
again gnome-shell
Ok, thanks! :)
2:43 PM
VTC this EOL.
why are you @GeorgetheDev ignoring me?
Q: lpc_ich: Resource conflict(s) found affecting gpio_ich

Vitor MazucoI use Asterisk 11 in my Ubuntu Server 14.04, but I Have some problems with my Dahdi Driver, with conflits Please see the dmesg (null) [ 11.804460] Adding 2052092k swap on /dev/mapper/asterisk--vg-swap_1. Priority:-1 extents:1 across:2052092k FS [ 12.027643] systemd-udevd[327]: start...

3:03 PM
Honestly youtube. I've got all this "buffered", but you keep pausing playback. STOP TRYING TO BE SMART GOSH DANGIT!
3:15 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Relax... Breathe in deeply... Now breathe out deeply...
keep on repeating until you get giddy by too much oxygen and then laugh about it! ;-)
Cuteness to help
"Eat it" "No.", "Eat it." "No.", "EAT IT!" "NO!"
3:27 PM
@RPiAwesomeness: Where did you get that from? That is just so cute! :D :D :D
@RPiAwesomeness Looks like my cousin's youngest son when you give him vegetables...
3:46 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: SQL modeling and design tools? by tommygerex on askubuntu.com
@ParanoidPanda Reddit man. Reddit provides me with most of my awesome stuff :)
Also, whoa. Tony Stark/Iron Man in salt & pepper...
4:28 PM
VTC this as off-topic.
@RPiAwesomeness Those Germans are crazy! (@A.B., @ByteCommander, @Takkat )
>:) ;-) :)
@Fabby: I may have asked you this before, but do you use or at least know of Etherape? :)
I use WireShark...
I'm old-fashioned: WireShark allows me to capture packets and analyse them myself...
No need for money-business graphing stuff around me...
back to job-hunting!
4:36 PM
Ok, I use Etherape just to easily see what is going on, if I nice anything odd, then WireShark. Anyway, the only reason I was asking was because I recently submitted a patch for Etherape to fix a bug that I found. :)
@Fabby have you learned something from my answers today? :P
@NathanOsman: Are you sure that George Edison is not in fact Doris Edison, because after listening to the video more and more because it won't go away, it really sounds like Doris...? :D
@Fabby from the German Gründlichkeit? :)
Was going through my pics and found this, had no idea I even took it!
@RPiAwesomeness: It's beautiful though. :) I kind of comical! :D
4:47 PM
Thank you :)
@RPiAwesomeness: Have you seen @GeorgetheDev's Windows review videos by the way? :D
And heard of the trouble which they are causing me?
Win98? yeah :D
Not of the trouble though
Yes, I watch it many times a day!
Thanks to this! :D
4:49 PM
Q: Unwanted startup page on Firefox keeps on coming back

Paranoid PandaI recently watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5La0XhLIaY And now every time I open my browser, it is one of my startup pages (although not replacing any of the existing), I have looked in my settings and it is not marked as a startup page. I have also been experiencing other si...

@RPiAwesomeness: And I can't get rid of it! It is driving me insane! :D
My suggestion would be to try setting up Firefox Sync, letting it sync to another device, then apt-get purge firefox && apt-get install firefox
Just what I would do
But that's just life ay...
@RPiAwesomeness: I already tried purging and reinstalling, still got the annoying penguin though! :D
Are you sure you did apt-get purge firefox?
4:54 PM
Very sure.
I have even checked in my history of commands.
Huh. Bizarre
Indeed! :D
But that's just life, bizarre! :D
5:30 PM
@NathanOsman \o
Now I can't remember the question I had... :(
Q: Strange dependency error in installing package

Archisman PanigrahiI am trying to install an app we made in Ubuntu (with Quickly) to Raspberry Pi Raspbian. However, it has a dependency python:any (>= 2.7.1-0ubuntu2) which is unmet in Raspbian although it has Python 2.8 installed. However, the app runs fine throughout Ubuntu 12.04 to 15.04. Is this due to the ...

@GeorgetheDev: Hey Doris!
5:43 PM
@NathanOsman: I have forgotten what it is called, could you remind me please? :)
What was called?
@NathanOsman: That's what I'm asking you! Sheesh...
Now, I will get to the point.
@NathanOsman: I used to know a Firefox plugin which would try to force HTTPS on every site, do you know what it is called? As I want it, but have forgotten the name...? :)
@GeorgetheDev: Do you know?
5:47 PM
I think it was something like "HTTPS Everywhere"...
Oh yes, that does sound familiar...
Thanks! :)
@NathanOsman: Do you know anyone who uses Etherape?
How about your penguin? Not even Etherpenguin?
5:55 PM
Anyway, I submitted a patch I made for Etherape, and they are reviewing it now, so hopefully it will be accepted... As it fixes a bug, and seems to cause no other problems I think that is likely. :)
Are there any Easter Eggs in Ubuntu by the way? :)
1 more duplicate vote please: askubuntu.com/q/652140/367990
@ByteCommander: Do you have Unity?
@ParanoidPanda Easter eggs
6:09 PM
@ByteCommander: So does the free the fish command work on your system? Because it's not doing anything on Gnome...
@A.B.: Does the free the fish command work on your system? :)
@NathanOsman: You should probably include some Easter Eggs in @GeorgetheDev! :D
There already are >:)
@NathanOsman: Cool! :D Does the free the fish command work on your system by the way if you do it in ALT + F2? :)
I don't have Gnome.
6:16 PM
I know, that's why I want you to try it!
Because I want to know if they just phased it out, or whether it is only not present in Gnome...
Because it's not working on my system, so I am wondering if it could be just not present in later versions, or just Gnome, so I ask someone who has Gnome, and someone who does not... :)
@NathanOsman: You are they guy who does not.
6:18 PM
@NathanOsman: Do you know what it is meant to do? Because I am not sure? :D
Is that it?
I have no idea.
6:26 PM
@MuditKapil: Why you keep coming and going?
You entered chat, you left chat, you came back!
And you have said nothing!
@ParanoidPanda Do you find some weirdness in this account linkedin.com/in/ramkapil
@ParanoidPanda in five minutes education changes to gbsss and gone then again emerge
A few co-workers: You haven't upgraded to Windows 10 yet??
Me: I haven't had a reason to boot into Windows yet :)
6:32 PM
@ParanoidPanda Is this person is in cyber trap by law agency
@ParanoidPanda I will check this tomorrow :)
Close as broad or opinion-based maybe? Not sure! askubuntu.com/q/656151/367990
6:52 PM
Does anybody have experience with Inter-Process Communication?
I would be interested if Linux pipes or zeromq/nanomsg is more efficient and faster?
@NathanOsman You as probably most experienced programmer in here could know anything about it maybe?
7:18 PM
Aww... deleted.
I wanted to leave that comment:
> The tool is aircrack-ng. The site where to ask about this is security.se. The keyboard button not to use here is CAPSLOCK! Thank you.
8:00 PM
Removing old kernels is annoying... Just decided to get rid of 3.19.0-16 to -18
I'm trying to achieve this:
A: SSH to server behind firewall

Kerrek SBThis is fairly simple if you have control over the server. I'll give the command-line version, and you can work that into any framework you like: server$ ssh -R 9091:localhost:22 client.example.egg client$ ssh -p 9091 localhost The server establishes a connection to the client first which sta...

But I keep getting Permission denied (publickey,password). How do I proceed?
@Fabby You know the joke about how women are like web servers?
It's also useful to refresh your German a bit, because I could not find it in English...
@ByteCommander I hear you there about the extra kernel remove. Accidentally remove too much and no boot. :(
400 Bad Request - Frage ohne Blumenstrauss
401 Unauthorized - verheiratet
402 Payment Required - Abendessen bei Kerzenschein
403 Forbidden - Finger wech da!
404 Not Found - heute Abend mit Freundinnen unterwegs
405 Method Not Allowed - Neee, von hinten is' nicht...
406 Method Not Acceptable - ...blasen noch weniger!
407 Proxy Auth. Required - muss Mutter fragen
408 Request Timeout - Weisst Du, wie lange Du nicht mehr angerufen hast?
409 Conflict - Wer war die da?
410 Document Removed - will Scheidung
@Terrance Nah, I still have 6 kernels left... ;-/
That should be more than enough.
8:15 PM
@ByteCommander =) That's good. I dropped to 1 kernel, and had to add back the last one, just to keep 2 on hand.
3.13 kernel for me
I actually thought autoremove would get rid of them.
Sometimes it does, but sometimes not.
You know on what it depends?
A: How does 'apt' decide how many old kernels to keep?

TerranceThere is a file that is auto-generated that tells apt-get what kernels to autoremove and which ones to keep. The file that tells apt-get which kernels they are is /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove-kernels which is generated from /etc/kernel/postinst.d/apt-auto-removal. Usually what happens is th...

Ah, thanks. Reading...
No problem
Sometimes I write answers up here so I can remember how to run commands in the future. I was just looking at it to clean up extra kernels on my system. :)
Erm...??? Close for extreme use of decoration? askubuntu.com/q/656181/367990
8:21 PM
@ByteCommander :D I got most! (though not all)
@A.B. Not yet... Starting now!
@Fabby Which one do you have problems with?
The first one!
(That's about it!)
400 Bad Request - "Frage ohne Blumenstrauss" = "Question without flower bouquet"
@Fabby So you asked her something without having offered flowers to her before. bad mistake! ;)
Ah! >:)
8:48 PM
@Fabby I could have deleted that community wiki answer as soon as the OP wrote it himself. He has not have done that when he notified me with his comment, so I did not delete it yet. Then I forgot about it - until you reminded me.
:D I'm your external HDD...
Not to upset anyone...
uhuh! :D
Is it me or is the main site slow?
@Fabby Nothing slower than I would expect it from my router anyway... Seems like everything's normal here.
9:02 PM
I had a few pages taking forever to open in a new windows until I pressed [F5] and then they went ahead full blast!
9:18 PM
It really is quite a nice device
You had to play a game to be able to order one???
Yep, clicked on little crosses for days ;)
Well, once per day, three chances in every browser I could install...
A lot of effort for a phone!
1/ play games for days on end
2/ contact some bozo who gets you the wrong PO BOX
3/ get it from the wrong box to the right box
4/ get it shipped over
I'm pretty happy about having a 24GB SD card in my slot on my BQ...
5) arrive all OK - totally worth it ;)
9:34 PM
Is it just me or has YouTube updated their UI? :)
YouTube has updated their UI.
I wish I would have got debuild to use all four CPU cores...
no kidding.
@Seth It's a bit more white, a bit more Google-ish...
Ah the man I needed to be awake! :-)
Is there a way for me to play with George's code?
Meaning: I used to be a dev (but am not any more) and I would like a mentor who guides me a bit into how Open Source works...
9:42 PM
@GeorgetheDev Where is your code?
Money-wise I can't offer you much (still looking for a job), but experience I have a ton of...
@Seth :D
@NathanOsman: My favourite parts in the video are the parts where he shows of most of his belly! In future videos you should show more of him, he looks cuter that way! :D
Like here:
9:43 PM
@GeorgetheDev your favourite code is "https://github.com/nathan-osman/george-the-dev-bot"
@GeorgetheDev What is your favourite code?
@Fabby I don't have a favorite code.
@GeorgetheDev your favourite code is "https://github.com/nathan-osman/george-the-dev-bot"
@Fabby I don't have a favorite code.
@Seth Yeah, but how do I upload, change, ...
Stuff like that...
Or is there a manual somewhere..
You mean how the code works or how GitHub works?
9:47 PM
@Fabby: I don't think that you can tell him what his favourite something is... I think it only works if you tell him something you like, then he can repeat it back to you.
@GeorgetheDev: My favourite colour is Orange.
@GeorgetheDev Who is my favourite developer?
@Seth Your favorite developer is Nathan Osman.
@GeorgetheDev: What is my favourite colour?
@ParanoidPanda Your favorite colour is Orange.
9:47 PM
@Seth how github works...
@Fabby ah.
That's not hard.
@GeorgetheDev: what is my favourite position?
You can't modify the code directly because that is Nathan's repository.
9:48 PM
How do people collaborate then?
You have to "fork" it and (basically) create a copy of his repo.
I thought github was one huge CVS repository...
So log in and click "fork".
@Fabby um, no. It's a huge git repository.
Hence the name.
And then I work on my own version and then propose to Nathan to get stuff back in when it works?
9:50 PM
I need to read some more manuals! <Sigh>
@Fabby yup
@NathanOsman: I am spreading the word about your penguin's YouTube channel by the way, so you should get more views soon! ;)
@Fabby That will teach you git, which isn't bad, but it won't teach you how to use GitHub.
A: What is the process to get those pro-forma-comments into the "central script"?

SethAre you talking about the remote sources? Those are hosted on GitHub for all to contribute to. The project's page is here: AskUbuntu / ProFormaComments. I must admit, it was my addition that caused that last parse error and made everything stop working ;) Thanks to AmithKK for finding an...

the steps in my answer there are still mostly accurate, although the UI has changed quite a bit.
@Fabby Also check out try.github.io
@GeorgetheDev: You are my favourite type of cute!
9:53 PM
@GeorgetheDev: What is my favourite type of cute?
@ParanoidPanda How should I know?
@Seth 404?
@GeorgetheDev: Because I just told you!
@GeorgetheDev: My favourite type of cute is you!
9:53 PM
@Fabby try now?
@GeorgetheDev: What is my favourite type of cute?
@ParanoidPanda Your favorite type of cute is you!.
oh weird
9:54 PM
I think Mark broke chat links.
lemme try something: google.com
@GeorgetheDev: My favourite type of cute is me...
@Seth favourited! I'm going to start there!
@GeorgetheDev: What is my favourite type of cute?
@ParanoidPanda Your favorite type of cute is me.
Finally! :D
9:54 PM
oh, no I'm just an idiot lol. Fixed.
Thanks... Not to open my security a bit for it to run...
@Seth Looks cool! I'm following that!
no prob.
Git and github aren't hard.
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