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9:01 PM
Stupid US Stock market
@ByteCommander I'm really sorry! ;-(
Youcould always ask on StackOverFlow...
@Fabby Which one is the general StackOverflow chat room? I can't find it - there are so many, but no one about bash!
I was talking about the site... Not the Chat room... Lemme look.
Or how can I redirect two lines of output into a variable?
No bash chat room... :-)
Let me look at U&L
log in is taking forever...


General discussion for unix.stackexchange.com. If you have a q...
There is one 21.5K user in there...
You could ask me in that room
and he'll butt in... >:)
9:17 PM
Thanks, I'll look.
I think I'm going to install Arch over my Windows 10 install.
But first I need to stop being lazy and retrieve my files..
Who voted to close this? -.-
@Oli Shouldn't you be sleeping now? :P
@Seth an idiot perhaps?
@Seth why would you have your files on a windows system in the first place
Oh really? ;P
@ThomasW. oh only my Win32 project files.
@Seth same question
@Seth pre edits it sounded like a dupe you know
if people would actually WRITE WHAT THEY MEAN CONCISELY... :P
9:33 PM
@ThomasW. If you haven't noticed Win32 doesn't run well on Linux ;)
Does anyone know if this is anything to worry about and what it means? :)
Q: Error when running aview, but no obvious problem

ToroidalWhen running aview, even though I get the image converted to an ASCII form successfully, I get this error in Terminal: XIO: fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0" after 1338 requests (1338 known processed) with 0 events remaining. This is the command that ...

@Seth separate partition / disk then
@ThomasW. I ran out of space for partitions :/
@Seth external disk
9:38 PM
don't have any.
not for that anyway.
*puts @Seth into /dev/failed*
and that slows down performance pretty bad.
@ThomasW. E: cannot access /dev/failed: No such file or directory
Upgoat request (and begging for a hint on how to improve the script in the end):
A: apt-get does not always ask for confirmation

ByteCommanderapt-get install new-package will ask for confirmation only if it also installs dependencies of the given package. If just the single package you specified is going to be installed without any additional stuff, it stays quiet as you already "confirmed" you want to have that one by typing it. Bu...

And good bye for today! o/
@ByteCommander Thanks, and goodnight! :)
@Seth maybe on yours
@Seth its a symlink to /dev/null here
Well um...
> "Cameron said at an event in the East Midlands on Monday that such a move would be "absolutely right" for a modern liberal democracy, reported The Independent."
He's right. And that's why I'm a Conservative.
What about https?
Or, DRM?
Sending encrypted communication is more than just messages between people...
10:09 PM
Just goes to show you what happens when clueless politicians try to write tech legislation.
If they really would ban all encrypted communications I suspect that there would major outcry, well I hope that there would be anyway.
I would complain, if that helps.
Or sensitive government information - I'm sure the will be extra sure to exclude themsevels in that ban...
But this would mean that not just they could read our messages etc, but so could anyone else.
There would be chaos.
10:13 PM
Yeah, it's not gonna happen.
@Toroidal Well then. And we thought the NSA was bad.
But the ignorance bothers me.
@Toroidal And I thought the US was screwed up.
I think that it's also unlikely that the Tories will get re-elected, so hopefully this will not happen.
At least our government is doing it in secret an getting things in place so thy are the ones spying on us ;p lol
10:15 PM
Anyway, getting late, goodnight! :)
10:16 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Okay, you win.
10:17 PM
@NathanOsman Why? For bashing himself on the head repeatedly?
@NathanOsman Thank you :)
The animated version isn't mine, but I claim responsibility for the creation of the animated version.
Ah, the fun of stickman rave parties
Yikes think of what would happen to launchpad, do you think Ubuntu would move headquarters if that went through?
@Mateo Oh goodness O.O
Basically all tech companies would be forced out if they can't secure communication
Then they could come to America! Yay!
Ubuntu gear would get soooo much cheaper, which would be awesome :D
10:23 PM
Well they might shift over to a nearby country...
America's next @RPiAwesomeness.
@Seth Yeah, if it does occur :P
Like. Argh. Stupid lazy politicians who apparently know less than zero about technology
@Seth Push back from gov't agencies would get that not working - a lot of government organizations use encrypted communications and banning them outright would kill everything
there'd be explosions everywhere
and probably revolt
@ThomasW. I very much doubt that. If US society can accept the Patriot Act, they can accept pretty much anything.
I hope I'm wrong.
I think I've finally got the basic gist of how Vim works.
10:29 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Well done! Now, start learning how to use a real editor.
@terdon ... but ... but ... I thought Vim was a real editor
cries in the corner for not being l33t enough
@RPiAwesomeness Pfff.
@RPiAwesomeness Hey, you have just officially joined the editor wars, that makes you l33t by definition. Even if you are using the wrong one.
@ThomasW. so they just allow gov't to use encryption and no one else.
The UK did it with guns.
@terdon lol. I take it you're an emacs fan
@RPiAwesomeness How'd ya guess?
@Seth Not even government. There's an armed division of police but normal cops are unarmed.
10:33 PM
“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”
Very true in many different situations.
That was Ben Franklin right?
@terdon Indeed.
Slightly different from what I remember
@terdon Please share, I just grabbed that off goodreads
> Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
10:35 PM
@terdon US society doesn't know this, but even society knows encryption is worthwhile, especially for CC data being transmitted to federal banks and such
@terdon Especially since there's federal REGULATIONS enforcing encryption of those kinds of communications
banning encryption breaks banks then
and then you have anarchy
@ThomasW. I wonder if that's true. I'll bet you more people were aware of the Patriot Act than are aware that there's such a thing as encryption.
@terdon agreed with that point, but I know for a fact the regulations exist
can't reveal my source but i know they exist
I don't doubt that, it's whether that is general knowledge that I'm unconvinced of.
@terdon i know you can find the regulations if you look for them, but... yeah, it's probably not 'common knowledge' outside lawmakers, etc.
but that's a different discussion
@terdon Similar meaning
10:43 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Same difference, yeah. It just wasn't the one I remembered and I wanted to check. You went (are going?) to an American school so I figured you might know it better.
@terdon Yes, currently :)
Waffel time!
@terdon yes I know that, but the armed forces are still.. armed ;)
So if the UK can do that the US can ban encryption for most people.
@Mateo yum!
@Seth With tea cosies and dry irony only!
@terdon true of any society. And don't forget that the USA was founded by a bunch of slave-owners who wanted "freedom"! ;-)
10:57 PM
@Fabby Oh, absolutely. More countries than you can shake a stick at have passed some horrible "terrorism" law.
None quite as horrible as the PA I think, but still.
@terdon Look at what was happening a few months ago to the country that invented democracy! ;-)
Months? Look at what's happening now. Or 10 years ago, or 20.
Greece started going downhill after we murdered Socrates.
:D :D :D
Good night everyone!
11:42 PM
@terdon Tourist based economies are hard to maintain.
@ByteCommander - if you still have that python question...
I'm attempting a full backup of my Android phone over ADB in case I can somehow capture everything, factory reset the phone, and then restore the backup. (The factory reset is a side effect of unlocking the bootloader.)
@hbdgaf No, thanks. terdon helped me by finding out that I had python 2.7 and 3.4 installed and I tried to fix the one while the program used the other or something like that... It works now, I think.
Okay, I was taking a nap.
I want to try out i3, but the last time I installed a DE, it became a virus and messed everything up ahem, GNOME3)
Time to break out the VM
I installed it beside xfce. I don't know if it would break anything next to unity.
11:49 PM
Stupid nominal vs. real in economics. That's screwed me over on at least 4 questions :P
And the facepalms. Hind-sight is 20 20 :P
more human than human we all make mistakes
@hbdgaf Too true. One might even call that a turistm.
Touristonomics. The way to say "We don't really produce anything, but it's nice to project a vacation lifestyle. Come here and see it... Pay no attention to the people urinating in the streets."
Pretty much.

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